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Habits can change for better of for worse, there iis no middle point. According to James Clear, Author of Atomic Habit, we always are doing something that can consider an habits and we have to be aware of that, thats why create a list of the things that you do in your day its a good starting point to know if what you are doing its improving your life or getting it worse.

Education technology startups in Latin America are becoming more interesting for investors. According to Holon IQ鈥檚 Latam EdTech 100 index (2021), startups in education technology raised USD $299 million in Venture Capital, representing a 260% increase from 2020. In conclusion, the need for better learning alternatives is increasing the number of founded startups, therefore investors are becoming more aware of the region potential growth.

Platzi may change your life. According to the CEO of Platzi, Freddy Vega, 42% of its students increase their salaries after the first year. This platform is one of the most innovative sites for educational purposes. It was created by a Colombian guy who understood the learning process in a different way. The methodology used in Platzi has the power to certify many students day by day and keep the motivation up without using grades. Also by creating a great and safe environment, students feel more comfortable and secure about themselves and don鈥檛 feel afraid of incursions in new knowledge areas. Actually, Platzi counts twenty schools of the topics more required in the labor world. The best thing is that the students learn what companies really need and the way they need it, very different from universities and colleges where the educational content is unfocused. Another advantage is that the certifications are valid all over the world. In conclusion, the best inversion you can make is on your education.

Do sports is really important to your quality life. As Mary L Galvin states, sports serve to get older better. That means that we can get older with less injuries and pain. That's a fact that we need do sports. Any sport is good, it is important move the body. Humans are prepared to run, jump and make force. That is our nature.
Sometimes the innivations is not understanding by the people until thery see that this improve their work or life. Like Ford mentioned "If I would ask the people what they want, they would tell me that a faster horse"
By working during 8 hours by a week, reduce our time to spend in other things of our life. However, have you heard when someone says: 鈥淚 don鈥檛 get time to do exercise, read a book, meditate, visit my family, or hang out with friends鈥? If the response is yes, let me show how many hours you have in your week to complete whatever you want in your life. As stated by spokesperson on TED-talk called 鈥淗ow to gain control of your free time鈥, we get 168- hour to complete all the things, but first, we need to identify which of them are your priority because when you say: I don鈥檛 get time, it means that you don鈥檛 want to do this because it is nor your priority, nothing more. In fact, reducing the time you spend to sleep, the time in your job, and other activities that you do in your week, approximately, you could get around 50 hours to do more things. She declares that we get the sufficient time to complete all the things and even the things that are not our priority in our life. Therefore, the next time when you say: 鈥淪orry, I don鈥檛 get time鈥, change your mindset and be responsible about the real treasure you get in your hands: your time.
Tips: Don't forget to cite: "Like this" Verbs to include the citation: Assert, insist, report, suggest, claim, declare, mention, state. Use these expresions: According to... As stated by... As claimed by...
The writing equipment we use plays an important role in the forming of our thoughts. First, according to Nicholas Carr on his article "Is Google making us Stupid?" our beloved Nietzsche had passed through a severe sight-related problem. As a result, the philosopher had to brake dry and started to rely on a typewriter to make his works. Nevertheless, the machine had a subtler effect on his works! As claimed by one of his friends, his already terse prose had become even tighter, more telegraphic. 鈥淧erhaps you will through this instrument even take to a new idiom,鈥. Finally, as stated by Nicholas Carr on this article, experiments had demonstrated that readers of ideograms, such as the Chinese, develop a mental circuitry for reading that is very different from the circuitry found in those of us whose written language employs an alphabet.

Acoording with Jaime Altozano music just doesn鈥檛 notes, is a lot of sensations and feelings that every note produce in you.

The violence against LGBT community doesn鈥檛 stop in Colombia. According to a study from Corporacion Caribe Alternativo 145 members of LGBT community in Colombia was murdering in 2022. The study by CCA shows that the principal murdered victims were transgenders with 49 murders followed by gay men with 47 violence murders. It鈥檚 important that the government and citizens pay attention in this problem since queer people are humans like everybody else in Colombia and they don鈥檛 deserve a death sentence for their sexuality or gender identity.

You don鈥檛 have to go back or give yourself momentum (Lao Tzu)
A motivating phrase that advises to always follow our path despite the adversities

people have been gaining weight over the years, according to some world organizations such as WHO and others鈥 There is a tendency for more people to be overweight and with many diseases.

For many years there have been stereotypes in different professions, not only for women, but also for men. Big example that you can find is: 鈥渘eedle and the thread is for women鈥 or 鈥渃ars is for men鈥. Regardless, today is not so common heard these types of comments, the stereotypes don鈥檛 give up the mind of many people.
Tech industry, for example, is considered a profession for men and the percentage of women there is quite low. According to a survey by The Guardian, 73% of workers in the tech industry believe the industry has stereotypes.
The big question is why, why our parents learned that only a gender can do these things. For lucky I meet men who are excellent stylist and doing that my hair seeing better.
In my opinion, there are no gender for professions or activities, both can do it well if like it.

Artistic roller skating
I麓m artistic roller skater I麓ve been practicing since I was a child. So I can recommed this sport if you want to improve cordination, balance and concentration. The movements are practiced to envolved mainly legs and lower body, but thats not all. Also, roller skating is a very complete activity, because for another movements like turn, brake, jump or change direction, it麓s necesary to use the upper body frame, from the hips to the shoulders.
鈥淪kating not only contributes to improving a person鈥檚 physical condition, since it increases aerobic endurance, but also helps develop a sense of balance, especially in the case of children who start practicing it from an early age,鈥 explains Marisa Hernando, professional skating instructor.

Machine learning is subset of artificial intelligence that involves the development of algorithms and statistical models that enable computer system to learn from make predictions or decisions based on data. The primary goal of machine learning is to improve the performance of a computer system in solving complex problems through the use of data, without the need for human intervention.
A survey by Deloitte found that 90% of companies believe that artificial intelligence and machine learning will be important for their business in the next 3 years. It鈥檚 amazing how machine learning continues to evolve, it is likely to become an increasingly important part of our lives, with the potential to transform industries and improve the way we work and live.
Tony Tether Said 鈥淢achine learning is the next internet."

The importance of sleeping in the daily life of human beings is totally underrated, sleeping has a great influence on the performance of our brains. As the Netflix show Headspace says 鈥淭he mind is our most precious resource鈥 and powering naps and good rest at night are important for us.
The Observatory HR has discovered that 58% of Spain people can鈥檛 sleep enough and 46% do not do anything to improve their sleep habits. That affects the feelings like sensitivity, annoyance, and focus on our daily tasks.
To sum up, it is important to take our sleeping habits seriously and establish a bedtime to improve our brains鈥 performance.

There are several reasons to write in English, according to Ravee in his last Platzi post about how you can improve your speaking with help of writing. Learn English is difficult, above all our speaking skills. If you want to learn to speak in English more fluency, you have to write every day. When we write in English, we are creating sentences and using our knowledge to build sentences and explain a topic or tell a story. And that, it will improve your speaking skill to get more fluent.

The People depend nowadays a lot of the tachnology, but it isn麓t good. When you going out to the street you can see the teenagers look on the cellphone all, nobody reads books. a little people you can see to run by the parks or enjoy the nature. When they want to resolve problems more appeal to look at the computer that ask to the parents or neighbors, inclusive to subject matter experts. The influencers create a bad image about of the themes and the world. They make you believe wrong ideas about how to live and how to solve problems, some know things but others only lead others to ignorance.
This is a concept that is resonating in Silicon Valley and is known as human downgrading.

It was coined by computer scientist Tristan Harris and his partner Randima (Randy) Fernando, co-founders of the Center for Humane Technology (CHT), a nonprofit organization whose mission is to 鈥渞everse human degradation鈥 and " realign technology with our humanity".

During the last decade most people have had a discussion for choose the best player of the history, and i am in the side of people that say that that player is Leonel Andres Messi coccitini. Althought several opinions it have beed said that Cristiano Ronaldo is the best, i, for other side, sharing with the opinion of Ex-soccer player Thierry Henry who had said that Messi is for enough distance the best player of the history that he even seems isn鈥檛 of this world. To finish, i am identify with the opinion of Thierry Henry, so, i believe that Messi is the best player of the history.

According to the annual stackoverflow survey, the most popular programming language used the past 2022 is JavaScript. JavaScript during a long time has been one of the language most used by the developers at the moment to create their apps. And this has an explanation, It is a technology that is in the backend side and the frontend side of an application.

some people follow the nicolas maquiavelo thought that say it 鈥淢an is good by nature, but he becomes bad because of social institutions鈥 , and other people follow the Jean-Jacques Rousseau thought 鈥渕an is born bad and society makes him worse鈥 , this is acording a fast search in internet , that i make it in some minutes hshsh

Climate change in the coming decades will produce big losses of all kinds to humanity and the environment because today it is not being given due importance. According to 鈥淯nited in Science鈥 : fossil fuel emission rates are in 2022 above pre-pandemic levels, after a temporary drop due to lockdowns. The emissions reduction pledges for 2030 need to be seven times higher to be in line with the 1.5 掳C goal of the Paris Agreement.

Music is incredibly powerful and can be used to create a sense of unity or community. In a world that is often filled with darkness and violence, music 馃幎 offers a light that brings hope and piece. According to Wikipedia, music like any artistic manifestation, is a cultural product with multiple purposes, among others, music can arouse strong emotions in humans, and it can be used to evoke a variety of emotions, thoughts or ideas.

_ Bitcoin no est谩 regulado por ning煤n banco o gobierno_
This is very important, thats the fact of the coin, becuase you can use this coin in all world, you dont lose your value like in the regular money, this coin has a very low inflation. This helps to protect our money. We can see in all the world a lot of peolple who belives in this coin, their acepting this typy of money in his bussines. this give utility at this money, and that makes the bitcoin incrase his value.


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corruption is an issue in society, to respect, Say茅d y Bruce (1999) define corruption as 芦the wrong use or abuse of the public power for beneficial self personal and private禄, understanding
that this phenomenon is not limited to the public functionaries鈥

Using Platzi as a study platform to learn technology can boost your career, according to its website, 70% of graduates double their salary after one year, probing the site鈥檚 quality since it鈥檚 no required to know about technology.

Sport will give you a better quality life. Acording to the National institutes of health(2016), excercise reduced the risk of 13 different types of cancer, including breast, colon, liver and myeloid and leukemia. In other words if you make exersice is more probably have a life without illness than if you don麓t.

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  3. Quotations and statistics can be considered as facts.

Nowadays, the materialistic world in which we live is moving us away from spirituality.

According to Dr. Mario Alonso Puig, author of 鈥淩esetea tu mente鈥, he suggests that we are living in a world that is turning us into advanced intellectual machines but at the same time into nonspiritual beings due to our constant use of our left brain hemisphere, which is responsible for logic, calculation and reason. As a result, we are not using our right brain hemisphere, which is responsible for spirituality, the ability of seeing things beyond our material sight and to connect with supra sensitive realities. This could be the reason why mental illness has increased exponentially in the last decade, since our ability to feel that what you can鈥檛 touch, smell, see, or listen to is what add purpose to our lives, it鈥檚 what fills us up.

Concluding, we are letting the modern world take away spirituality and deep feelings from our lives, leaving us empty and unsatisfied about our existence, that鈥檚 something we need to think about.

We are running out of water

It is certain that we all know this truth, but why don鈥檛 we solve or get involved in this problem all as humanity?
Let me tell you the answer in Spanish we call it 鈥渟esgo cognitivo鈥.
As mentioned by DW ENTERTAINMENT, this cognitive dismissal is a natural behavior, psychologically speaking.
We all humans tend to think that everything is going to work out, any problem will be solved, when it is not our responsibility.

In my opinion we eat a lot of unnecessary meat. According to Dr. Graham, our organism not need a big quantity of meet, we must eat more vegetal origin food. As stated by Mike Jays, the earth will not support more time this avaricious consume of meat, it haven鈥檛 the necessary resources to stay in this way. In conclusion, I insist to be careful with what we eat cause it can affect our environment.

I thought, the people that thinking will be famous should read a lot about older philosophers. These were intelligent and consensus about realistic of their society and building a new style of life into their community, For example, Plato said: 鈥淕ood actions give strength to ourselves and inspire good actions in others鈥

I believe writing is one of the most difficult skills we have as human beings. Mastering it takes time and value from every aspect of the language we want to learn or develop. That is why we learn to speak (through imitation when we are kids) than to write. As famous writer Mark Twain one said 鈥渢he difference between the almost-right word and the right word is鈥 the difference between the lightning-bug and the lightning.鈥 At the moment of writing, we must pay attention to every detail, especially if we want to become a master of this particular and challenging skill.

English improve the quality of life of people in most counties. English has taken a huge relevance since it became the language of education, bussines, technology, science, engineering and so on. A recent study held by the University of California (2015) showed that 56% of the information in relevant areas is written in english. So, professionals need to learn english to keep them actualized with current trends in their specific area. Second, socially, english is also important to increase the quality of your life. A Poll published by a call-center company shows that people who uses english properly (above B2 according to the CEFR) increases their average income by 40% just by learning this language and even some of them earn as much as twice as they did if they did not know how to speak this language. To sum up, english is relevant for professionals and people who is just user of this language.

We as human beings are a very complex way of thinking, we are supposed to be the most intelligent being in all the planet and yet we sometimes end up doing things that aren鈥檛 much rationale, why is that?, that鈥檚 I think because emotions get the better of us, event if it is just for a second if the wrong emotion takes control of ourselves we might end up doing something that we regret later, so what is as important as logical or rational thinking, of course I鈥檓 talking about emotional intelligence. So with this in mind Daniel Goleman claims that our rational abilities are not the most important thing on our path to self-improvement and psychological growth.

So do you think that develop our emotional intelligence is as important as the rational thinking?

Excercise and metal health are both completly relationated. When we excercise, we stimulate the production of sveral neurotransmitters in our brain, a lot of them, like dopamine, norepinephrine, or seroronin, are deeply connected with our state of mind, therefore regular excercise can makes a positive impact on differents mental disorders like depression, anxiety, or Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). For example in case of depression, according to a test, realized by a medicine student from Harvard University, published in the magazine JAMA Psychiatry, running 15 minutes by day can decrease 26% the probabilities of suffer depression.

The Biotech Industry
The Biotech industry is growing now more than ever. We are in a booming market in this sector, especially after the pandemic. According to a study published in McKinsey 2021, after a brief downturn in the spring of 2020, biotech quickly recovered and is even increasing its activity with acquisitions, partnerships, IPOs, and fundraising. Then, we need to know if it is possible to maintain the growing pace inside the Biotech industry or not. In other words, are we in a new bubble or we are really betting on it? Anyway, the Biotech industry is currently growing more than ever.

An especial phrase from Abraham Lincoln was 鈥淲hatever you are, be a good one.鈥

According to the statistics, one car is stolen every day


To have a pet is a synonymous to mental health.
Different studies, say that the pets help us to maintain our health. According to the psychologist Harold Herzog, pets helps to have higher survival rates, better blood pressure, better psychological well-being, lower stress levels, higher self-esteem, better sleep and more physical activity.

Nowadays, the fake news was increased as consequence people don鈥檛 realize if news is only an opini贸n without evidence or proof that what it is saying in the news is true. According to Andr茅s Moncada at course writing English, giving information in a text must mention the fact with proof.

Programming should be included in the curriculums of schools in Colombia, for two main reasons. Firstly, there is a lack of developers in the country, as stated by the TIC Ministry, Colombia needs 112.000 programmers in 2025. It is one of the main reasons why they created projects such as TIC Mision where They offer free programming courses to the citizens. Also, learning how to code will allow the students to enhance their problem-solving skills, according to FDM 鈥淐oding can help you improve your logical thinking skills by allowing you to see problems from a new perspective.鈥 To conclude, programming has different perks for students in Colombia as upgrading their reasoning and It is a career with a deficiency in the country.

The social media is the new CV
Before in the development of industrial area, the people had sent their CV, have an interview, pass by a review process and the most crucial thing was the degree tittle, although today is similarly that operation. It was changed a bit.
Actually, doesn鈥檛 matter how much you know if anybody know who you are on internet and thanks to develop a credible personal brand the startups looking for the people have the know how demonstrating what are their real abilities.
Coral Mujaes mentioned that 鈥渢he digital presence on social media in professional way to 2025 is going to be more than 80% with the selling info products over 5 billion dollars鈥.
According to this fact, you are on time to start developing your digital online presence and take advantage of the new technologies to reinvent your professional life.

Mindfulness is becoming more and more popular nowadays, since more people are trying to look for the way to deal with the multitasking demands in the modern world. According to smartminds鈥i, even companies like Apple or Google are starting to implement mindfulness sessions for their employees. Mindfulness is a meditation activity with its origin in Buddhism, but currently is being carried out by many non-buddhist people in the world, since it has shown many benefits for metal health, and it has even worked for Criminality and Violence Decreasing campaigns in the USA and in countries like Mexico or El Salvador, as claimed by insightcrime鈥rg, which proves a positive impact on individuals and societies in general.

Nowadays it is a great opportunity to look for a great job, for those we work in technology. Motion Recruitment, a leading North American provider of IT Staffing Solutions, just released the Motion Recruitment 2022 Tech Salary Guide, the annual report highlighting technology salary data, industry trends, and market expert advice around hiring and job seeking. In that guide, we realized that the technological world is demanding more al more people, and for that reason, the companies have had to improve working conditions.
鈥淚t鈥檚 also about more than just salaries,鈥 said Matt Milano, President of Motion Recruitment. 鈥淭echnologists want the whole package. Alongside compensation, IT professionals list technical challenges and flexibility for hours or better work/life balance among what matters most in a job offer, as well as company culture and advancement opportunities.鈥


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    With these new options to get knowledge using different methodologies and content related to different fields and topics, there are some people that put limits on their minds to learn something new or increase their knowledge. Added to this, people sometimes complain about they don鈥檛 have opportunities or easy access to education. On the other hand, other people say that a college education not is an option for them, or even, in some cases, people said that technical education is enough and the university education belongs to the past century or vice versa.
    To have a better perspective, for example in the USA since 2000 their enrollment in college has been increasing, wherein in 2000 were 11 million people enrolled in public universities in contrast to 2020 with 14.61 million enrolled people. The forecast for 2029 is 14.89 million people enrolled. As we can see, the percentage of education generally growth, based on the UNESCO report, that rate in some countries could was be affected, however, the general trend is more education access.

Marshall Islands: Covid-19 cases surge
Throughout the pandemic, some Pacific islands have managed to manage the situation with the minimum number of positive cases.
Unfortunately, Health Secretary Jack Niedenthal said about 75% of tests across the country were returning positive results. This situation caused the government to respond by declaring a 鈥渟tate of health disaster鈥 closing schools, and introducing a range of public health measures.

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