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Types of Paraghraphs II


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How you can quickly immigrate to Canada?
First is possible for whatever person wants to explore other country or live in because perfectly before finish the year you could be living in whatever city of it,
The easiest way is study and the best part is applying all ages.

  1. Obviously, you have to speak French or English.
  2. Demonstrate to Canadian government that you have the money to live at least the first year(about to 20.000 Canadian dollars)
  3. Select the providence you want
  4. Start the process to ask for Canadian student visa is better with professional help.
  5. Choose the college(In this country was taken account like an university)
    Those steps are basin to continue this adventure that when you are studying automatically you can work 20 hours per week and full time on vacations, additionally after 2 years you can get the permanent residence demonstrating the Canadian experience, it takes approximately 1 year.
    You follow working in your field and the benefits is in less than 8 years have the citizenship.

I clarify all is a journey to achieve it, but it鈥檚 worthy and value.

Why you should build from know your personal brand?
Today a CN not is enough, a degree is only a decoration when you want to entrepreneurship, content creator or work in different areas of medicine, law.

Nowadays, the university if they want to update their academic programs, they will have to waited at least 5 years to receive government approval and launch to the market with obsolete information because every day is changing whatever field.
This is the advantage of digital course, certifications, mentoring or the new education, you can study in real time what is happening in your branch whenever you decide and even so get a certificate that you can show to society.

Besides today, the important is what you know to do, what do you have experience in? Plus the social media you can develop the most powerful asset in your life is the personal brand, demonstrating your work, share your knowledge with the people and the startups come to you.
One fact is about to 2025 this industry will be generating more than, 25000 billion dollars.

At the of the day I was loving study, but the experience of others like mentors or professionals that are sharing their mistakes to save us little time and don鈥檛 forget with a computer and Wi-Fi you can study whatever you want,

Hey folks! I made a detailed analysis of the Persuasive Paragraph presented during the class. Take a look and feel free to give my feedback, just in case you find some flaws :) ![](
Do you know how make asado in Argentina? Well, if you come to Argentina you can't leave without eat a asado. That's why here you have the recipe: 1- First, you need buy meat. I recomend you that you choose a tipical meat to asado like costillas or vac铆o. 2- Then, you need buy le帽a (it's the wood to make fire) 3- With all this things you only need turn on fire in the grill and wait until the embers fall. 4- When the embers falled, you have to salt the meat and put it on the grill. 5- The next step is wait that the meat cook about one hours. 6- To end, you have to serve the meat with some salad and enjoy your meal. Then to cook this plate you can arrive to home and say "I ate a asado in Argentina". You will see that you won't regret.


how to apply artificial intelligence to daily tasks

  • Go into the specific tool
  • interact with some features.
  • Find how that tool can use with any task you want to aumate
  • Create a model to execute every time you have to do the task.

The benefits are automate the boring stuff and be proactive.


Invest in my system.

My system allows you to put your daily meals into the day so you can maintain a diet for better nutrition. The basis of this is the AI recommended tool that you will interact with as the personalized assistant will support you with the requirements and goals you want to achieve. The system integrates a machine learning model to stay up to date with the best products on the market.

How to do an overnight oat?
An excellent option for a healthy breakfast, the base of the overnight oats consists of five ingredients rolled oats, milk, yogurt, chia seeds and maple
syrup. For a single serving. It鈥檚 super easy to make overnight oats in a jar!
First, stir it all together in a small jar. Then, place the jar in the fridge to let the oats soak for at least 2 hours, though overnight is best. Finally, the next morning add toppings and enjoy! You could put anything you want but a recipe that I love is the carrot cake version, it has 1/4 cup shredded carrot: 1 tbsp of shredded coconut, 1 tbsp of raisins, 1/2 tsp of vanilla extract, 1/2 tsp of cinnamon, 2 tbsp of chopped nuts. Just let your imagination for this delicious breakfast.

Why you need to take cold showers.>

The bes t way to start your day its taking cold showers
in the morning. For many reasons there are a highy
studies about the matter. Its proven that cold water
stimulates your ability to focus and strengthens the
dopamine muscle during the day however its not
easy take the shower in the morning due to a that
hour the water Its more cold. I recommend you take the
cold shower during the day at the begining, I mean when the sun is hottest
then your body gets used to it will be part of your routine.

The electric car is the future of the automtive world. Whay a old technology is now relevant? that is because the batteries didn麓t have the capacity to save a lot of energy, but now thanks the cellphone evolution this is not a problem anymore, because the batteries cells have evolutioned. The electric car also allow to have a better experience to drive because the torque of the electric motors is much better than the combustions motors. An last but not least important, the maintenences of the electric cars is cheaper than the combustions car. To conclude, the technology of the electric cars have more opportunity to evolutionate and offer us new things than the combustion tecnology.
How to tackle TOEFL? Learning a new language is important in these days. To demonstrate our ability to communicate effectively, an international certification asserts our proficiency in English in four skills. To overcome the TOEFL, I will provide you some steps that were necessary to get the result I wanted. First, reading academic lecture will improve your vocabulary because that way, you will learn new words, or identify the real context of those words. Using webpages such as Breaking News English that is useful to identify new words or Magoosh that has a list of words from beginning to advanced vocabulary totally free. Second, to practice the listening section, it is very necessary you watch videos about different topic such as Biology, Psychology, Business, History, Art, or Environmental Studies. I know that some stuffs are hard; however, TED ED helped me a lot during this process and the good news is that is free. To enhance in your listening, apply the three-time technique. It means that when you see the first time the video, do not watch the captions. In the second time, activate the captions, see the words you don鈥檛 understand and try to identify all the context in that. In the meantime, in your third time, heard and watch the video, following the context. This technique is magnificent for improving your listening. To practice with real audios, go and practice on and the good news, as well is free. For practicing the writing part, I recommend to you use Writing and Improve that is a webpage with an enormous quantity of exercises with different levels and show your level of writing base on the CEFR. The speaking part was the most challenging for me; however, ETS has incorporated the implementation of a new tool to analyze your speaking in real time. Using all this tools, I鈥檓 very sure that people can overcome the TOEFL, pursing their dreams. To conclude, the usage of is fundamental because they provide real test that were taken before. Do not forget that English is not only grammar where we must merge the 4 skills to chase one dream.
PZ Persuasive paragraph聽 Example of a persuasive paragraph.聽 聽 聽 Walk: The best exercise for everybody聽 聽 During the last 60 years the scienties try to figure out what is the best way to workout with minimal impact for people of varied sizes and weights. There are many options, one of those is swimming but not everybody has a pool close by. The next option is running but it generates a high impact in the joints. Next and best option due the cost benefit is walk. It is the cheaper option because it only requires a pair of shoes and comfortable clothes. You can start by doing at least five minutes per day. It is聽a simple exercise and beneficial for the entire body and mind. The benefits are several, these can help you to improve your mood and immune system. Your blood pressure and glucose levels will decrease to a normal level if you suffer from any sickness related like diabetes and high blood pressure. A simple walk cannot change your life but can open your mind to try repeatedly until it becomes a healthy habit and after that you will see more changes around it.
Example of an expository Paragraph聽 聽 How to make coffee in an electric coffeemaker with coffee powder.聽 聽 Coffee has become a daily drink in many countries. It is often consumed in the morning. The electric coffee makers make the process to obtain this marvelous drink easier. First, you must decide how many cups of coffee you want to make. The ratio is for a spoon of coffee powder you will need a one cup of water. Then you must put the water on the session designed by the machine. It normally comes on one side or the back part of it that is called reservoir. Then you need to put a paper filter before putting the coffee powder, the quantity decided should be on the filter. Next put the聽carafe on the warming plate. Next procedure is to connect the coffeemaker to the electric supply and turn on it. As soon as the machine starts the heating of the water, it will start to pump the water to the filter section and the coffee will be mixed with the water and finally it will pass through the filter to be collected by the carafe. It is important to mention that each time the filter should be changed after the use.
Teacher, you blink a lot ! I am getting distracted by that

Learning English from a book or a song
Getting new vocabulary all the time can be challenging and boring, however, you can change that by reading books of your interest and listening to your favorite songs.
First, choose a page from the book you are reading, or a small part of a song you enjoy the most. Then, identify what words or phrases you do not understand to look up their meanings. After searching all the meanings make sure you comprehend everything in their context, some words have different meanings in other situations or areas, it鈥檚 up to you if you want to explore more than one meaning per word. Finish this learning process using what you learned to write something about your life, start a conversation, or explain it to a friend.
Finally, do not forget to have fun which makes this process enjoyable and helpful. I recommend you understand all the words and their role in that book or song and include them in your daily life.

Persuasive paragraph

Taking a break from social media

Social media might be toxic and overwhelming. There are lot of negative information, aggressive comments, and general hate that can get you anxious if you spend most of your time on apps like Facebook, TikTok, or Instagram. For that reason, a break from social media is a favorable decision to make for people who are tired of useless content, wrong information, immediate happiness, etc.
It can be amazing how much it reduces stress and anxiety levels, maintains a work-life balance, helps you to give up posting compulsively, infinite scroll, and social comparison. By reducing the time, you spend on social media, you could learn a new language, read lots of books, or start a blog.
In essence, taking a break from social media can be convenient to be mentally healthier, spend your time on valuable things, and grow personally.

**Expository** Have you ever wondered how are the products we have at our disposition made? The materials economy has an answer for this question: The economy of materials is a linear process that says about the whole history of a product, from the extraction of its components, passing through its comercialization, to its disposal. This brings a new question. What are the stages of this industrial process? It's compound by 5 fundamental stages 1\. Extraction: This level refers to the finding and extraction of raw materials that compound our product. 2\. Production: In this stage the raw materials are going to be compacted into the product, usually at industries or rarely by manufacturing hands. 3\. Distribution: In this phase the now made product is going to be distributed all the way long through stores and places where it can be used. 4\. Consumption: This stage goes from the purchase of the product to its disposal. 5\. Disposal: This one is self-explanatory. It's important to say something about the last stage: Due to the materials economy being a linear process, the lifespan of the product ends right at the fifth stage; So it's wasted, with no concern about ecological effects and enviormental consequences. Now we know the life of a product, and by such, we can deduce how non-sustainable this process is and how much damage it causes to our planet. * **Taken from:** The Story of Stuff Project **Persuasive** To learn computing is like learning a new language. First of all, studies have shown how the same structures activate when learning a new language and while programming. Then, we have linguistic evidence: A language is the way a live-being comunicates. So we can deduce programming is like learning a new language due to this being a form to comunicate with the computer. Finally, through language we can express and learn logic, the same process aplies to programming. In conclussion, due to different linguistic, neurological and conceptual evidence we can state that learning a new programming language is like learning a new language. * **Taken from:** El impacto positivo de la programaci贸n en el cerebro humano -
The era of globalization has penetrated almost all regions of the country. The earth remains round, but the world becomes flat very quickly. It is supported by the existence technology increasingly accessible to almost all geographic ranges. These conditions make it easy for a person to access existing sources of information in a faraway place, either by means of sound, images or writing with a positive impact and the negative. Reading is a useful activity to stimulate the brain to continue to be active. Insights and knowledge gained from reading have the potential to stick in memory for a longer time rather than gain by any other means because when reading one is encouraged to visualize it alone. By reading, we can catch up or benefit from the exploration of others and can develop and share it with others. Reading is also one of the recommended ways to relax the brain and calm the mood, of course, by choosing reading material first. Because of the many benefits of reading, let's create and improve it culture reading children by succeeding in school literacy programs and making books as one of the entertainment materials for children at home.
Living in a town close to a metropolitan city is a perfect choice. Let me start by saying that I have lived in the city, and a town far away from it, and to be honest I did not like one or the other. First, I lived in a small town far away from the city and it was peaceful, pleasant, and beautiful, but every time I needed something let's say not conventional I had to travel for hours to find it, but when I was living in the city everything was easier to find. Also, traffic was horrible in the city and lighter in the town. I have many examples, however, once I moved to a town that was 30 away by car from the capital everything was just great. It was close enough to the city with better prices, and easy access to everything a city offers without the notice and the heavy traffic. If you are moving, think about it. I did it, and I have not been happier ever since.


Unrequiered love is such hard.
The worst part is when the person get a girlfriend, you don鈥檛 know how to react, because he is also your friend, besides people think that you are falll in love for him, so when he comes with her grilfriend going to be weird, hard, and uncomfortable.


Feeding Nami.
I鈥檒l leave the keys o the house under the bin next the main door. then you have to be careful, because Nami will try scape. Once you are inside, search the food in the kitchen drawer and full the aluminun container with the foos, finally ask for the hand of Nami and feeding her. Thanks a lot for he excellent work.

expository paragraph

washing process for percided white clothes
Add 陆 cup of baking soda to your wash to get whiter clothes. To treat spot stains, mix baking soda with lemon juice and apply directly to the stain. Let it act and then wash the garment normally in the washing machine.

persuasive paragraph
the power of language
The power of language is immense, but it must be used well. When speaking and writing it is necessary and convenient to know how to argue and reason and also tell the truth and not manipulate what is expressed, in order to achieve what is intended, in any act or process of communication.

There are different types of language. There is, for example, the professorial language that can be very technical, with the purpose of specifying the ideas and theories, but with the appropriate explanations it can be understood. The so-called natural language is the one that is used on a daily basis, although it is evident that as the years go by it changes, since the language or language is alive and is no stranger to the transformations and new uses of some expressions.

The expository paragraph and the persuasive paragraph expository paragraph. In this paragraph we explain something or give instructions about something. think of a process, and what you would like to write about to help your readers. The persuasive paragraph focuses on expressing an opinion. Express something that you would like to argue, something that you want to convince your reader of.

Beginning to invest at an early age is one of the best things you can do. There are many reasons why investing is crucial in order to get healthy personal finances such as inflation, which consists of the loss of purchasing value of money, that is why everything goes up in price, some things more than others, but on average, the index of inflation is 4% (at least in Mexico). However, there are years, like the last one, where the inflation index is 8%. In other words if you would have left $100 on a bank account that does not generate anything for the entire year, at the end, you still have the same $100 but you could not get the same products because the purchasing value is of $92. This is the main reason why investing is much better than saving. Besides, while we invest we are taking adventage of compound interest. Some people can say it is not worth it because if you start with a little amount of capital, you do not get high returns but always that you keep constant and disciplinated, it works as a snowball, little by little growing. That money invested can make your retirement possible in the future. The sonner you start investing, the less time you will spend working.

How to begin to invest in cetes?
Let鈥檚 start by defining cetes, which is the abbreviation of Certificate of Treasure of Federation, it means you will be investing in the Mexican government. It is considered the safest investment to do as a beginner and that is the reason why I will explain the process. The first step is to download the app called 鈥渃etes directo鈥 or go to the official website. Then we open an account, it will be neccesary our data, an email and an official id. After entering the data and info requested, we are going to sign a contract which basically says the terms and conditions of investing in this product. Now that we have our account, we can deposit from our bank to our cetes account by clicking in 鈥淚nvertir鈥, then we select the product according to the time of the investment that we desire and will be shown a CLABE number, this is the number we are going to send the money to from our bank, it could be made by either a deposit or an electronic transference. Onnce we have deposited the money, it will appear invested on the product we selected.
As I mentioned before, it is considered the safest investment in Mexico which also means, according to the basic rule of investments that says lower risks give lower returns, we are not going to get the best performance but it is the best way to start as beginner, then, we can study and try other ways.

Persuasive paragraph

Bergen is the most beatiful city in Norway. And I麓m not the only one that say that, cause this City is the second largest city in the country, and recives a lot of visitors every year; especially for the summer or spring. But in attumm or winter many visitors choose them for practice snow sports. Also, the city is between the fjords so have amazing landscapes. The most popular is the Floyen Mont, where you can enjoy magnific views on the city and arround. At the port, you can visit Hanseatic museum and in one of these older wooden building you can see how the merchans of the hanseatic league used to live. This buildings were built in 1704; with Bryggen, Bergen鈥檚 Hanseatic quay, this district, is known worldwide for the colorful little houses that form the traditional image of the city. This area, is maybe the most popular in the town center.
An if you are intereseted about food you should not missed to know 鈥淔ikestorget鈥, Bergen麓s famous fish market where you can find whale meet and a lot all kind of fresh fish you can imagine.
Definitely, Bergen is an amazing place to visit.

Why English can change your life forever
Since I was a kid, I have studied English as a second language but I never realized until now, that that tool change my life completely.
When I started making friends from different cultures, understanding Eminem鈥檚 lyrics, and talking fluently, I realized that English is a powerful tool that helps me to change the life I have in seconds.
I know it鈥檚 not easy starting from scratch, but trying and practicing are the greatest allies when it comes to learning.
In conclusion, I hope you want to change your life too, learn English to improve your growth.

How you can become an elite athlete
Becoming an elite athlete takes mostly discipline, commitment, and passion. If we don鈥檛 have any of these, it will be a hard task to accomplish.
First, you will need to establish your goals, diet, and plan to get where you want to be. You must accomplish small tasks that add value to a bigger one.
After that, you鈥檒l have to practice every day, to master whichever ability you chose.
In my experience, I have seen many people who put in the work but don鈥檛 control their diet. It is not enough just to work on that part. It has to be a complement of body, soul, and mind.
To sum up, to be an elite athlete, you have to be committed to the sport, so the sport will commit to you.

Investing your money is easier than you think. First of all, you need to save it. Without that, you cannot invest and earn interest with your investments. The next step will be finding a good and secure platform. You should have research about different platforms and ask for recommendations. It will be difficult to transfer your money the first time to this platform. Start with a few dollars, to give you more confident to invest your savings. Investing in good financial mechanisms and learn about it will be important to ensure your money and earn some money. Don鈥檛 forget, do your own research and don鈥檛 trust anybody.

Buenos Aires is one of the best cities in the world to visit and work as a digital nomad. Its gastronomy, weather, and, above all, its society is the highlight you can find in this city. The Argentinian meal is famous around the world. Heat in summer and cold in winter, beautiful springs and falls. Argentines are nice people and always ready to help. Buenos Aires could be an excellent city to visit, it should be in your list to visit someday.

Expository paraghraphs:
How does a plane fly?
The four Newton forces that intervene to create the movement of the apparatus in the air are:

Thrust: Generated by engines, either jet turbines or propeller engines.
Resistance: It is opposite to the previous one and is given by the friction of the air with the fuselage of the plane.
Lift: It is the upward force that originates in the wings.
Weight: It is opposite to the previous one and is generated by gravity.
Keep in mind that the balance between push and resistance results in inertia and the continuation of the movement as long as the conditions are preserved (law of inertia). While the proper balance between lift and weight allows the plane to be level and straight.

As you can see aerodynamics and the perfect combination of the four forces explain the secret of how an airplane flies. The basic rule of thumb is this: when thrust is greater than drag and lift is greater than weight, takeoff and lift occur.

Airplane taking off
If you are a fan of airplanes and want to be a pilot, it is important that you know how an airplane flies.
The explanation leads you to approach the world of science, specifically physics and dynamics. To learn how an airplane flies is to apply and understand Isaac Newton鈥檚 laws.

In the movement of the airplane, the thrust and lift are the positive forces that make the ship advance and rise. While the first depends on the power of the mechanics, the second is purely physical and is based on the aerodynamic shape of the wings.

Now, the wing profile called airfoil has a design that when colliding with the air generates a pressure difference. More pressure below and less pressure above results in lift.

In addition, it is important to take speed into account, since the higher the speed, the lower the pressure and the more lift for the plane. But that鈥檚 not all, technology and the human factor are the other essential part of making planes fly.

PERSUASIVE PARAGRAPHS: Game of Thrones is the best series of all time. This series is based on a novel, like many others, but what is so special about it? The production behind. To elaborate a production like that takes a great team, starting with the cast and ending with the visual effects team. This is a production of more than 1 million dollars per episode, which makes you love and hate the characters, feel excitement and disappointment in every season, and keep the audience waiting for the story for the eight years that were on air. This series combines history, governance methods, and fiction. A very interesting fact is that in the story everybody was important and at the same time they were not because the writers had no qualms about eliminating the most significant characters and continuing to keep the public hooked.

How to prepare chicken pasta.
To start the process you need to choose the best and fresh ingredients to obtain the greatest flavor at the end. These are the principal ingredients but you can add more by choice: Pasta, chicken breast, garlic, onion, salt, pepper, parsley, milk cream, oil, cheese, and water. Start marinating the chicken by adding salt and pepper and cutting it into small pieces. In a pan add the water and add the pasta when the water is boiling, also add a bit of salt. Please don鈥檛 add oil to it, that鈥檚 the secret of this recipe. In a frying pan add oil and the chicken until it is cooked, then reserve it away. In the same pan cook the garlic and the onions. Once they are translucent add milk cream, cheese, and chicken. Then incorporate the pasta and put some parsley on the top, taste, and enjoy.

  • Expository paragraph example:
    Dear platzinautas , today I will show you the recipe for a delicious Cocoa Brownie.
    Firstly, I will give you the list of ingredients necessary for the preparation: 2 eggs, 150 grams of cocoa powder, 150 grams of butter, 1 cup of sugar, 50 grams of wheat flour, and water amount needed.
    To start the preparation, we dissolve the cocoa with water. Do not use a lot of water so it should be a homogeneous paste. Next in another bowl beat the eggs that later incorporate them into our mixture. After we melt the butter in the microwave and mix with the sugar. Then we add the eggs, the dissolved cocoa and the wheat flour. Next we mix everything with a wooden spoon. At this point We grease and flour a square tray and pour the preparation. Then we take the oven to 180 掳 and bake for 25 minutes. Finally we take it out and let it rest, and then cut the squares.
    The Cocoa Brownie is an exquisite dessert to eat with the family or to look good when you are invited to a meeting with friends. I hope you enjoy it.

  • Persuasive expository example:
    The city of Mar del Plata in Argentina is a good place to take your well-deserved vacation.
    The city has an extensive coastline with sea beaches. You can choose from beaches with a lot of people to with few people. From beaches with all services to almost none. From beaches to go with your family to beaches for singles.
    In addition, Mar del Plata is a great city with everything a great city can offer: hospitals, security, hotels, houses for rent, gastronomy, parks, entertainment for children, nightlife, shows and much more.
    Many people from different parts of Argentina and the world choose Mar del Plata as a tourist destination. For this reason one can meet different people and make new friends.
    Mar del Plata is a place that may surprise you if you choose to take a vacation. The Argentines call it: the city happy. I hope you take your pick and enjoy this beautiful city.


  1. We explain something or provide instruction on something. We write about something to help our readers.
  2. Answer these questions (these answers will help us create our paragraphs):
    What is that process that you know that your reader might find useful? What steps does your reader need to take to get that task done? What are the benefits of doing such a task or process?
  3. Structure of an expository paragraph:
    Topic sentence: introduce the process that the writer will explain.
    Supporting sentences: you express these steps, the stages of that process. You can include background details and the tools that you used to get the task done.
    Concluding sentences: You restate what was said in the topic sentence in which you restate what was said in the topic sentence.
    Let鈥檚 see how this structure looks in a real paragraph.


  1. We focus and express an opinion. It expresses something that you would like to argument, something that you want to convince your reader about.
  2. For example: let鈥檚 imagine you鈥檙e moving to a new city and you want to persuade the reader that the city you鈥檙e moving to is the best city in the world. What ideas can you think of that support your opinion about opportunities in that city? Ideas about opportunities (climate, beautiful scenery, interesting architecture), cost of living (low unemployment, excellent colleges, world-class museums) and attractions (inexpensive restaurants, convenient public transportation, affordable housing).
  3. Structure of a Persuasive Paragraph
    Topic sentence: we introduce the topic and state your opinion about the topic.
    Supporting sentence: we give reasons that support your opinion. You can use facts, explanations and your personal experiences, as well.
    Concluding sentence: in the concluding sentence, you restate your opinion or what was said before, in the topic sentence.

Make a a hause
When you want to make a hause, you need follow diferent steps to has a efficient and good house. Yo need to contact an arquitect and tell him what you need in your new house, tell your ideas and he makes a design for your house, when you aprove the design later you contatc a construct workers and give the design of your future hause, and they make the house according at the plans. when they finished the house you will go to buy the items of the house, like beds, chairs, etc. When you finished all the things you have a complete house.
You need a help to make a new house. Thats becuause you need knwoledge and you get tah in the school and in the pratcice, you cant make a design of the hause, becuase you need about numbers, and structures, you dont have the knowledge about the materials waht you need for the house, you can see a lot of difeent materials, but every material has a diferent usefel in the house. that becuase you need a workers to make a house, you dont have the time for go to the school and learn everithing about houses.

How to cook some eggs.

The eggs are the most common food implement that we use in the kitchen. In this occasion, I would like to teach you how to cook a egg if you don麓t know yet. As first step, I recommend to purshase a egg in some market, afterwards, take a pan with a little of oil, meanwhile, you break up an egg and put it on the pan; in adittion, you can use salt as you want and finally, you can get eating an amazing egg. It麓s worth say that If you have any kind of question, don麓t hesitate in ask me.

How can you travel with a low prices on lodging?
Actually there are some apps in which you can find a lot of places to stay during a travel, but now I麓going to recomend you one that it will very useful if you travel with a low budget and you pretent save money.
How can you travel with a low prices on lodging?
Actually there are some apps in which you can find a lot of places to stay during a travel, but now I麓going to recomend you one that it will very useful if you travel with a low budget and you pretent save money.
If this is your case you can follow the steps bellow. Firts you are going to dowload hostel world app in your phone, in this app you麓ll find a lot of lodging with lowest prices around the world, once in the app you麓ll search your destinity for the dates of your trip, and then choose the best option for you. in this app tou will find lodging that you can share with other people, it麓s for this reason that the price is so low, but if you are an adventure person you know that the only thing that you need in a hostel is bed to sleep on since the idea is know a lot of places as you can.

2 easy steps to improve your English using comprehensible input

Think about how you learned Spanish, or whichever mother language that you have. Actually, you didn鈥檛 鈥渓earned鈥 the language, it鈥檚 not like you know every grammatical rule and the technical definition of every word you use by heart, right? What you really did was to acquire the language. That鈥檚 what comprehensible input is about, and I鈥檒l tell you how to use it to acquired English.

First of all, you have to acquire vocabulary. Familiarizing with the language is essential to start this journey. You can use many tools like Duolingo and Busuu (This last one is a paid service though), or you can even find easy exercises on the internet, educational material for kids and so on. Work on this at least for 2 or 4 weeks.

Then, when you are familiarized with the language you want to learn, and you know some basics, you鈥檙e ready to apply comprehensible input. What you鈥檙e going to do is to start consuming English content, whether it is with series, movies or videos on YouTube, it鈥檚 up to you, but it鈥檚 really important for you to use subtitles in English, because that way you can start training not only your reading but also your listening skills. Furthermore, it is also important to watch something you like and enjoy, because you will be forcing yourself to understand what they鈥檙e saying, why? Because, if you don鈥檛, you won鈥檛 know what the plot of that movie or series is about and if you really like it, you will want to know what鈥檚 happening.

Using these two steps, you will improve your English a lot, that鈥檚 for sure. Of course there are more things you need to know about comprehensible input, but I can鈥檛 say them to you here because the paragraph would be huge, so I will leave this link to a video that will give you more information to address the topic in depth.

Focus on a dictionary in order to achieve something cool! I would like to achieve a C2 level in the near future regarding any other language and a dictionary can make the difference. First, it does not need power supply to provide an answer to your doubt. Second, you can get examples and synonyms for words that you are interested in using. Also, you can learn from different aspects of a language like phrasal verbs and even sayings that can motivate you to get the best of a phrase and their respective context to be used. So do not hesitate and invest on a dictionary, believe me! It can be the best companion while getting master of a language and will be there forever鈥f you have a doubt about a particular word or usage.

  • Expository paragraph:
    How a construction project works.
  1. The owner identifies an oppotunity of bussiness
  2. He/she buys a terrain
  3. There is a comercial study to identify what bussines is better to hold in that terrain
  4. There is a pre-factibility study to demonstrate the viability of the project
  5. After checking the viability, the definitive desgins are hold.
  6. The project is then comercialized to the public.
  7. After reaching a certain amount of sells, the project starts the construction phase.
  8. After making the construction of the facility, the product is delivered to the client.
  9. Continue the phase of operation and maintenance.
  • Persuasive paragraph:
    Sleep 8 hours a day will make you feel better for performing activities day to day and live longer. A recent study held by the University of Sydney (2016) showed that people who sleep more than 7 hours a day have 25% more focus in their daily activities, 20% more productivity while working and 15% more willingness to withstand long journeys in a day. On the other hand, people who sleep well (8 hours) tend to live longer. The same study demonstrated that people who usually sleep the proper hours live 5 years in average more than the ones that sleep less than 6 hours a day. In sum, sleeping 8 hours will make you perform better day a day and have a longer live. And what are you waiting for sleeping well?

Being in your comfort zone is great, that鈥檚 the place where you feel secure and in control, but don鈥檛 you sometimes get bore of all that dull routine?, so what to do in this situation, of course there鈥檚 a lot of things to do but we sometimes end up doing things relate to what we know, human beings have this natural curiosity to try new things, sometimes we might have troubles and having this change of pace can help us to think in other ways that can solve problems or to help us develop new ways of thinking or finding new hobbies, meting other people, anyway I invite you to try other things that are very apart of the things that you know, you won鈥檛 regret it鈥.

We live in this time when you can get everything without getting out of your house, but what to do in order to don鈥檛 get scammed, buying things that you can鈥檛 see could be dangerous, so for me the best thing to do online shopping is:
First, be sure to know exactly what is the thing that your looking, and for what purpose you want that thing
Second, Sometime having a B plan could be very beneficial, because sometimes the first thing that you want it鈥檚 a more expensive than other thing that has the same function and it鈥檚 cheaper
Third, make sure to see the reputation of the seller, because you want to make sure that the thing that you bought it鈥檚 going to be deliver to your door
Fourth, Consider taxes of importation when needed
and finally, be sure that the deliver service has your contact information and of course keep track of the things that you order to make sure that you don鈥檛 miss the delivery day.

The food that be always in the Colombian meals. The rice is an easy recipe. First, you can saut茅 a green onion and a garlic clove in a pot, then you can add the rice and mix for 1 minute. In the next step, you can add water and salt until It cover the rice completely. Then, It should boil until reduce the water to the rice level. At this moment, you can reduce the temperature to low and put the cover in the boil. Finally, you only wait 20 minutes and the rice will be ready. Easy-peasy to make.

The math should be on the curriculum of all professions. The main reason is that the math help us to build neural networks that we then use to think. When children use the math to resolve a problem, they are developing analytical skills, that later will serve them throughout life to solve problems. Likewise, the persons that study any profession, needs analytical skills that only can be developing by studying this science. In the same way, in any profession, it is necessary to have ability to learn and understand all subjects, and these skills also achieve with study of mathematics. For all this, there is no doubt that study of mathematics is very important in the life of any persons

Wash clothes in the washing machine.
The first step is to put the clothes in the washing machine, it measures the weight of the laundry to calculate the amount of water it needs, the process of filling with water starts, the machine has a sensor that shuts off the water when it is at the correct level. Then it starts washing clothes at the schedule time. When the time is up, it trows all the water, and starts a new filling with clean water. Again, start the laundry movement, the schedule time until it trows all water. Then starts the spin cycle, until the clothes no longer drain water. At that moment, the washing ends, and you can remove clothes of the washing machine. It is best not to exceed the capacity of the washing machine and let it do the whole process.

How to have a great morning. First of all we generally use ours phones to set the alarm, in that case you have to let it in the bathroom, so in the moment you turn it off, you are already in the placve where you wash your face and brush your teeths. Then you can continue with your breakfast or a morning smothie, and after that yo need to make exercise for a while, in order to keep a healthie body. Is very important do these task continuously and make that the final of one make the beggining of the next one. Create habit is a good skill to give us freedom in the important thing of the day, doing the ordinary task almost without thinking.

One of the best places to stay in England is Bournemouth, a city located in the south of the country. First of all, the cost is low compared to other cities, such as London or Birmingham; the best part is that Bournemouth is just only a few hours away from these places. Even though England is famous for its bad weather, Bournemouth offers the opportunity to have a great summer with beaches and a hot temperature; furthermore, winter is not that cold and it rains less compared to other cities in England. Therefore, if you want to travel to the country, Bournemouth is the perfect place for you, It is cheaper and has great weather.

Become a Front-End Developer

If you want to work as a developer for websites, one of your opportunities is to start a process to become a front-end programmer. For that You should learn some skills:

  1. Learn the basics of HTML and CSS.
  2. Master the programming language javascript.
  3. Focus on a library such as React or Vue.js.
  4. Create your project on Github.
  5. Make a resume focusing only on the front-end.
  6. Start looking for a job website, for example, Linkedin, Upwork, Hired, and X-team.

If you follow these steps, you will not have problems finding a job as a front-end developer.


A vocabulary agenda is a suitable way to study vocabulary in your target language both easily and completely. First and foremost, as its name says, we need to get a little notebook where we鈥檒l write each word we desire to learn. So, now that you have chosen the next word which will broaden your vocabulary, you need to write it on the right superior side of the notebook. Then, if necessary, you can write the phonetic transliteration of the word on the left superior side of the notebook. After that, in the center of the page, you might either draw or glue a printed image that represents that word. Lastly, write as many examples as possible that contain the word. Once you鈥檝e done this, you鈥檒l be able to repeat the word and internalize it as you focus on the image, and you can come back and study your vocabulary as much as you want. This is a versatile way to learn vocabulary, since you can take your vocabulary agenda with you wherever you are, and study words whenever you got the time to do it. Allowing your brain to associate the words it learns with images or emotions will help you learn them faster and easier, up to the point of remaining in your mind even years after having studied them, and you can study a media of 100 words per notebook. However, remember that there鈥檒l be some words which won鈥檛 be easy to represent with images (such as connectors for instance), so you can replace the image by a phrase that contains the word. And last, but no least, remember that our brain keeps only we often use, so the word you don鈥檛 use, it鈥檚 a word that in the long run you鈥檒l forget, so remember to study every single time you can.


Kulkram forests is an excellent place to visit with your family for some weeks as a holiday. The spacious and cozy cabins you can rent, and the guided walks we鈥檝e prepared for you, will provide you an adventurous experience, in which you and your family will submerge in a natural environment with access to some of the most exotic animals such as bears, foxes, wolves, and beavers. You can either choose a cabin onto the top of the mountain, where you鈥檒l enjoy a wonderful overlook to the whole forest, and a peaceful place to carry out our yoga and meditation sessions, or one in the foothills along the river, where you鈥檒l be able to pursue some fishing or kayaking. According to the last survey by Holydii鈥om, Kulkram forests was the most visited place by tourists and their families in the Lushkan district. So arguably, this is undoubtedly the best place to have an amazing and unforgettable holiday season with the ones you love.

To implement SCRUM in your teams is important to know the ceremonies of that framework and how each of that help to improve the team. First, the Daily Scrum, I think that is the principal ceremony that describes the heart of this framework. In this meeting, which should last at most 15 minutes, the objective is that the team be synchronized, and each member makes sure that his task contributes to de goal team. It should be done every day.
The other ceremonies are the Planning meeting, Review meeting, and Retrospective meeting. These help to define what the team, is going to do on the sprint, show the result to the stakeholders, and most importantly, evaluate how works the sprint for the team. Finally, we have to see that as an iterative cycle. These ceremonies contribute to organizing and taking opportunities to change the things that don鈥檛 work in your team and constantly improve.

How to start a synchronous generator as a motor
To start an electrical generator as an electrical motor you have many options. In this paragraph, we鈥檙e going to center on the two principal ways to start an electrical generator as a motor.
The first option that you have is to use a variable-frequency driver, basically, you only have to do two steps.
First of all, you have to connect the variable-frequency driver to the electrical circuit in the primary coils. After that, the second step is to connect the motor to the exit of the electrical driver.
After completing those steps, you only have to start the variable-frequency driver and to turn up or down the speed of the motor.

The second option that you have, to start the generator, is using a primary motor, to do that you have to do the next steps.

  1. Couple a DC motor with the rotor of the synchronous generator.

  2. Connect the DC motor to the DC source and connect the synchronous generator to the AC source. (both sources must be in 0 volts)

  3. Turn on the DC power source, and start to increase the voltage in the DC motor (you have to reach the nominal speed)

  4. Check the voltage on the synchronous generator. If you reach nominal voltage, you have to start to supply the rotor winding with the nominal current and the stator winding with the nominal voltage. (This is to make the magnetic fields the stronger possible)

  5. You can turn off the power source of the DC motor, and now the AC generator must be operating as an AC motor.
    Remember that for the second way to start the AC motor, the first step is to start the DC motor, because if you omit that part, you can cause extreme damage to the windings of the AC motor.

  6. many jobs positions, quality of life, weather.

  7. The cost of living is cheaper, you can find rent places for an affordable price, and there is a cheaper metro to move around.

  8. Amusement parks, good restaurants.