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Types of Paragraphs I


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I miss her my beautiful dog.
I will always remember her, she was so funny kind of spoiled, and definitely not a normal dog, when the night arrived she used to sleep with my mon then at midnight she changed into my bed after that with my brother so, we couldn鈥檛 sleep but she had fun. I know that referring to a dog as she is weird, just some Spanglish here.
Anyway, we all loved an animal. Sometimes better than loving humans, but not quite possibly coherent.

This is my Narrative Paragraph. It鈥檚 actually a long paragraph but if you read it, I hope you like it

Maybe this will sound kind of a sad story, in some part it is, but at the same time, is connected with one of my unforgettable experiences I have ever had. This is the story about how I had to decide to apply euthanasia for little angel, Tita. Ten days after my 19th birthday, one of the days that was going to change my life came, November 19th. A couple of days before the event happened, Tita got sick because of (or apparently) a tick, she was extremely anemic and couldn鈥檛 be able to produce her own blood (after the transfusion), walk, relieve herself, keep her own head and sometimes even breath. Was terrible for her, and for me to presence that. Was impressive the way she just got sick one day to another, she was healthy. After having her in a vet hospital for four days, and not seeing any signal of improvement, they big moment came. By seeing how expensive everything was becoming, including, medicine, hospitals, medical exams, transport to go and see her, but especially seeing how much pain was Tita going through we started to consider give her some real rest, as she deserved. Of course the decision was tremendously hard to take, I was desperate, my mom too, we didn鈥檛 know what to do, but I consider myself as an spiritual being, and that day wouldn鈥檛 be an exception. While minutes were running, I was so scared, but I tried to keep myself focused in thinking about what Tita really needed, so I decided to leave her in the hospital one more night and then take a real decision. Internally, when I was crying I asked the Universe for giving me a signal, by showing me a daisy flower within the next 24 hours if the solution for taking Tita from her pain was euthanasia. Then my mom and I left Tita there and go home. We were so quiet all the way home, but something happened. My mom just wept and say 鈥淚 don鈥檛 want Tita to die, I want to have her at home鈥 then I replied 鈥淢om, this is not about us, is about her, she is constant pain and If she needs to die to be in peace, I would give her that鈥 then I instantly received the answer, we were walking next to a florist, were all the flowers outside were daisy flowers. I immediately started to cry but felt a kind of a revelation and freedom inside myself. At night, once I went home, I received a call from my boyfriend he was in front of my house so I went to open the door, and then I noticed, what he had on his hand, a bunch of daisy flowers. Again a signal. A couple of minutes after that, my brother, mom, boyfriend and I sat down and toke the decision of giving her another opportunity under the condition of seeing improvement. The next day, November 20th, my mom, bestfriend, boyfriend and I went to the hospital, but we didn鈥檛 get good news, she wasn鈥檛 good, and we noticed it on Tita鈥檚 face. We take her from that placed and decided to give her rest, but before that, we at least wanted to give her a wonderful day away from vets, hospitals, etc. We took a taxi and went to the park where she used to play, we lied on the grass, stayed with her, tried to give her some food, but she didn鈥檛 want it. A couple of hours later she just threw up, so we realized that the time came. I put her in my arms and went to the vet, she was afraid, she didn鈥檛 wanted to be there with needles again, but I calmed her by making a sound I tended to do with her to stay relax, so she was. A final injection was applied on her harmed paw, and got her eternal rest. Finally, I think I don鈥檛 have a real conclusion, I just miss her so much and she didn鈥檛 have idea of how thankful I am with her for saving my life. 馃挅馃尲
Look at the image (the last photo we had) and see my sweater:)

Yesterday I went to visit an aunt and a cousin, they live in the USA but came to vacations.
I don鈥檛 know is just have felt uncomfortable energy when we are with they like rare with us.
My mom expressed this in other occasions, but really I haven鈥檛 pained attention till yesterday.
The families supposed to be lovely, trustworthy and are taken account to do different things however in my family no, is crazy their behavior.

Descriptive paragraph:

Platzi is a digital learning platform and is a great tool for lifelong learners. In Platzi you can find courses about business, computer science, engineering, design, soft skills, among others. When a user logs into their account the first thing they see is a dashboard that shows a weekly summary. It includes the study time, the number of courses taken and the points earned during the current week. Other relevant sections that users find while scrolling the main page are the courses that were recently watched, current active challenges, learning paths, blog posts and suggested courses. The main colors of the platform are blue and green, and each school has its own logo. It has a well designed interface because users can easily look for courses, pick up at where they left, and search for specific content. In conclusion, the designs helps users to have a better learning experience and there is always new courses, making it useful for being at the forefront of the latest developments in technology.

I would like to tell you about my experience to reconnect with the spiritual world (not religion).
All started when I broke a friendship with someone that was quite important to me. This person had many problems that was necessary that she fixed it for herself.
Since this moment, I know that I needed to learn more and become the better person that I could.
Started to read many book of psychology (I was considered myself as agnostic and didn鈥檛 believe in God) So, with the time and feel uncomfortable with my life, finally I found the book 鈥淒eja de ser t煤鈥 this book not only opened my mind, also showed me that was possible a real change.
Before that, arrived to me many books more, I started to meditate and a take time to feel confident of myself. With the time and support of the universe, I could shine with my own light without need for friendship or relationship in order to feel full.
The biggest advice that I can give you is that you reconnect with the real person that you are, as you can improve in all areas that you want if you do it.
It is difficult to explain the feeling but in other words is feeling peace.

I gonna talk about my fanaticism for the Club Atl茅tico Argentino. That's my chilhood football club. There was where I lern everything about friendsship, love and football. Neighborhood football clubs are important by two main things. First, help childrens to play football and, on the other hand it serve them to make friends and generate strong ties with other childrens. When I was a boy made many friends that I still have until today. That's why I insist and I will do until I die with the importance to hold all this organizations that help society to grow.
I didn鈥檛 feel a state of emotion about the dogs before Sasha came to my life. I can describe to Sasha like the untypical dog because is a breeding of Husky with German shepherd. She was the unique female in a group out of 7 puppies. However, she was the last adopted due to people preferred male rather than female dogs. When I adopted her, she was very ugly, but over time, she showed an amazing blue sight, the face of a typical Husky, and the body of a German Shepherd. As I mentioned before, she is unique, you couldn鈥檛 imagine how energy she has, she is like a battery, and you need lots of time to play with her whatever moment she wants. Nonetheless, when she heard something unusual, she adopts a position like a watchdog, protecting everything around her house. Definitely, I believe she could be a real police dog, however, her passion for playing is bigger than her discipline. That way, my beliefs changed when she arrived in my life, bringing so much more love to me.
**Descriptive** * Lollipops, rounded beauties, delicious wrapped delights waiting to be unwrapped and to be sent directly to one's mouth. We all know(including me), that the kaisers of the great city of caramellin, the tsar of St. sweetsburg, the emperor of the great Rosweet empire are lollipops. These precious rarities were invented by the great George Smith in 1908, and baptized after a recognized racehorse name Loly pop. This rounded irresistible shiny little candy can be described as a ball buried in a pole. Wrapped the ball and a little petal as its hair. I love lollipops. Lollipops are in conclusion, the greatest sweet ever made. **Narrative** * Today I had the greatest experience in my whole life at home. First, my mom came to my room saying that she had a little gift for me. Then, she moved her arm towards me, and opened her hand. She had a lollipop in it! After that, I skimmed and grabbed the delight with my hand and thanked very much my mother. 5 Minutes later, the candy was in my mouth. Oh the dopamine surrounding my brain, oh this unwrapped mistery going through my mouth. It was in fact, the best experience i've ever had, and it was at home! * Yep! You heard it right! You nailed it! You've just read about lollipops hahahaha. I hope you liked these paragraphs as I had so much fun making them!
1. It took place today. The experience lasted 5 minutes. 2. At my sweet sweet little home. 3. My mom gave me a lolipop and I enjoyed it. I remember the sweet flavour of the sintetic lulo. The great charge of dopamine that surrounded my brain at each lick. 馃槄馃憤

The most uncomfortable road trip

I took a road trip to Medellin by bus in September. I went with my family and some friends. When we arrived at the meeting place, an enormous green two-story bus was waiting for us.
We stepped into it and sat on its old reclining chairs. At first glance, they looked comfortable and cozy, also, there was a fresh air conditioner and dark blue curtains. It seemed the perfect scenario to get some rest during the trip because it was night and I was a little bit tired.
However, everything turned around when the chairs started to feel rigid and uncomfortable. After 2 hours of the trip, I could not sleep. Additionally, the person who was in front of me reclined their chair so much that I was not able to move very much, and I had to continue the rest of the trip in that tense position until we arrived at Medellin.
So, despite that discomforting trip, I did have a good time in Medellin.

Descriptive paragraph. I have a watch that means a lot to me as it was the first one I purchased when I started working. I promised myself when I was just a kid that I would someday have a really nice watch. One of my uncles used to wear amazing watches every day. Therefore I fell in love with them. I was 18 years old when I started looking for my first job. Eventually, I found a position as a waiter, and with the first payment I received I bought a beautiful Tissot. Stainless steel, sapphire crystal, and water resistant. Basically, it's a nice watch for a reasonable price. I am happy because it still looks excellent, It means a lot to me cause it makes me feel that if I work hard I can focus, and I can get wherever I want. Narrative Paragraph. I had the best time last year while I was traveling with my friends in Cancun. We visited several places during our trip, made some friends, and created lifetime memories. We stayed in a beautiful hotel in Quintana Roo called Selina where we met some people from Mexico and US, there was a party at the hotel and we bonded immediately. The next day we realized all of us paid for the same tour going to Chichen-Itza. It is beautiful by the way. we all had a great time sharing and laughing all day long. At the end of the day, we said god bay share phone numbers to keep in touch. Then, we went to a park and enjoyed the days at the beach or the hotel. Last but not least I would like to say people in Mexico are very kind and treat us as locals which was amazing. in conclusion, it was a great trip full of landscapes, adventures, and beautiful people I hope I come back soon.


I love swimms and for that reason I got crazy when I saw one pool.
When I was a child my aunt and me went to a acuatic park, when we arrived I changed myself a rapi pace and I rushed my aunt to did the same. Finnaly we got outside and I could see the pool, I just remmember that I didn鈥檛 think just ran, and jumped into the pool, and I started to drown myfelf, afortunaly a men saved my life hahaha. That was scared but also hilarious. I learned to wait and be patient, but I didn鈥檛 stop love pools.


I love music. Music is special because with just sounds you can feel a lot and move your mind another place. It鈥檚 incredible that you never stop learning about music and always you鈥檒l have oportunity to get new ideas. For that reason I鈥檓 considerer a fan of music. I hope learn and learn every day something of music and learn to enjoy and love music.

Descriptive text of a beach
The beach is my favorite place to enjoy the summer. It鈥檚 great, there鈥檚 water to cool off, the sun shines a lot and there鈥檚 also a breeze that makes the hot days not so hot. When I go to the beach I love to play sports: I like to play ball, swim in the sea, play paddle tennis or practice handstands.

the descriptive paragraph is to describe. How is the woman dressed? Where is she? Have you ever seen someone dressed like this? describe her clothes: baggy, traditional, old-fashioned, colorful. structure of a descriptive paragraph. topic sentence in which you have introduced the topic, you introduce what you want to describe. in the supporting sentences, you give information about the background of the topic. You can describe that element in more detail, telling the reader the characteristics it has.



The smartphone is a powerful device that allows people to be interconnected and get information in milliseconds. In many cases it is small, compact and handheld oriented. This technological innovation is proof that as humans we can change the world for the better.


The two brothers who fell in love with the same girl.

In 1964, in a small town called Mistyc Falls, two brothers meet the prettiest girl they had ever seen, she was funny, spunky and very persuasive. But, she was just there to have a good time and enjoy the two of them. In the end, in a tragic situation, they died for her and it wasn鈥檛 worth it, because she was trying to protect herself all the time.

I would like to tell my experience as a big Cruz Azul fan when they lost the final in 2013. I was eleven years old and loved soccer: either watching a match or playing it with my friends and family. In my family there was a preference for two teams, America, the most popular team in Mexico, and Toluca, the team from the city where I lived. However, I fell in love with the colors and emblems of Cruz Azul, I knew all the players and lineups and watched almost all the matches. In the closure season 2013, the team performed an amazing regular tournament, that is, the 17 games that determine which teams qualify for the quarterfinals.They won the first leg of the final by one goal and in the second leg, they took advantage with one goal, which means the score was 2-0 on aggregate in favor of Cruz Azul. I also clearly remember an amazing fail by Teofilo Gutierrez hitting the post with no goalkeeper after a counterattack. It started to rain cats and dogs and the worst was coming. The team was struggling with the offense of America and, then, after a corner and a cross, Mosquera scored the first goal of them at minute 88. Those final minutes looked like hours for me. The referee added four more minutes. In the last corner, the last play, after making a tremendous season and about to break the league drought of sixteen years with three lost finals, the America鈥檚 goalkeeper Moises Mu帽oz went up to finish off and, as if it were a movie, he scored. Nobody could believe it. The America鈥檚 supporters at Azteca鈥檚 stadium and all over the country went crazy. In the other hand, we could not believe it. There were only a few seconds left to end the curse and they tied. The match went to penalties, but almost all the Cruz Azul people, including the players, were shocked and afraid, therefore, they fail two penalties, and Layun, from America, scored. Finishing with my saddest night as a Cruz Azul supporter. I could not stand anymore and turned off the TV, went to sleep crying and thinking how could have that happened.
The next days, all the people laughed at me because almost everyone who interacted with me knew how big a fan I was. The team repeated this kind of match where we were winning easily, and for some reason, they ended up losing. They have always come back against us. Nevertheless, I never quit and I still being a big Cruz Azul fan. Being champions in 2021 was totally worth it. I cried with emotion. This club has shown me resilience and never give up no matter what people say.

Chule had been my dog for three years and I love and miss her so much. When I was sixteen years old, my mom brought home a pug puppy, she was barely one month old and, thus, very small. We named her 鈥淐hule鈥 because in Spanish it is a way to say cute or beautiful. She is beige with a black muzzle like almost all pugs, unlike all of them, she has never been as fat as them. I think her shape is due to the fact she is female, however, I have seen a lot of fat female pugs. Maybe the alimentation influenced her because she always liked to eat vegetables such as celery, tomato, and broccoli. We can say she is a healthy dog. Obviously, like all the pugs, she has breathing problems. When we played with her to throw the ball or any other game, she was very agitated and tired quickly. Then, I investigated and turns out this is a very serious problem for this dog breed, among other health issues. That was one of the reasons I decided never to breed her to have puppies. This was not an important thing, almost every afternoon we went for a walk and play with her toys. The time happened and I entered college, consequently, my time was limited; in addition, we moved to a new house where the garden was smaller than the old house鈥檚 and it had neither ground nor grass. The combination of these factors ended up making me realize that she would be better with another person so she now lives with her all-life vet who has a lot of time and love for giving her. I promised myself not to have any other pet unless I have the time and conditions to give her an adequate life. She was an amazing friend: loyal, friendly, cute, and playful. I will always love her.

Ozzy is my old cat and a I called him after Ozzy Osbourne. He has 12 years old and he is totally white. Such a cat as he is, he really enjoy sleeping. He sleeps the most part of the day. Also, is very independent but kind and loving. When he stays in home, he is affective, and when he stays out, in the yard, he enjoys sunbathing.
I think that all people must to have a cat in their lifes.

My childhood books
When I was a child, I always remember that every night before going to bed my father would read me a book, one specific night I realized how special and the unique moment we had together. First, my dad would tuck me into bed and let me choose the book we were going to read. After, I always interrupted him with my questions or read along with him. Finally, when we finished we would kiss and hug and it always reminded me that I was extremely lucky.
Those moments for me are gold. In conclusion, I love every effort my dad would make just to read to me and I aspire to be a great parent because of him.

My lovely stuffed animal
I owned a stuffed animal that was my very first one because my parents bought it right away after I was born. When I was 6, I used to bring it with me every time, and I noticed that it didn鈥檛 have a name so my dad told me to name him Osito and so I did. After that, I realized that I loved Osito too much because I couldn鈥檛 sleep if I didn鈥檛 have it near to me. I remember that it was my best friend in second grade because I was shy. Until one day, in my teenage era, I decided it was time to let go. To sum up, I will never forget how Osito made me feel, I plan to tell this to my future children and of course give them a stuffed animal in which they can find comfort.

Luciana is very happy with is new cup. Every morning she drinks a coffee in her favorite cup, but a few days ago it fell and break. Luciana was sad the whole day. Her sister, Sara, knew about this accident, so she went to buy another similar cup. White with some red flowers and a circular handle. Luciana can鈥檛 believe this gift, she was very grateful with her sister,

The telephone rang, it was Luciana calling to Sara to tell her about how did her cup break. She knew about how much love Luciana had for her cup. Sara starts the morning, and she went to her work as every day. She always walks toward the office for the principal avenue in her city but, in this opportunity, for some reason, she chose another street to walk a little more and think. She got exited when see a cup in a store very similar to Luciana鈥檚 cup and without doubt she bought it. After the work day, Sara went to Luciana鈥檚 house without wasting time, and she gave to her sister her new cup.

My favorite mountain is the Alpamayo peak. It is located at the White range mountain in the department of Ancash, Peru. This mountain is considerated the most beautiful mountain at th whole world, because it has the most perfectly geometric shape of pyramid, and is really very photographable place. This mountain is near to Huascaran peak. It has an altitude of 5947 meters above sea level. Access to Alpamayo lasts approximately 5 to 7 days. The snowy peak got its current name from the hamlet of Alpamayo , while its local name in Ancashino Quechua is Shuytu rahu (shuytu = thin and long, oblong upwards; rahu = snowy ).
It is the mountain more favorite by put in your pics album. I love it

getting the dreamed job.
when i was finishing the high school , i start searching a call center job in English (because it is that i was preparing during 2 years ago). after a time trying get a interview , i concluded that my english is not very good that i thougth :c . so i will take it the most important decision of my life , and it decision was learn all about websites(html,css , javascript). after this time learning. one day a recive messeage from my sister. asking if i want work with her in a proyect in react(framework from javascript). learn react at the moment was it another one odddyse in my life. but i overcoming the duel life.

now i am a good programmer and i have a nice job. and have they have me. learning english for pleasure

My first traveled was to london and I remember how I met my girlfriend staying in the national musueum of the art I remember how we ate hot dogs near of the museum and the our first Kiss happened was so awsome .

My experience in Sierra Minca. When I was 28 years old, my boyfriend and I decided to make our first trip together. Our destination? Minca, Magdalena, a natural reserve on the top of a mountain. When we started the reservation process we noted that it was a route of more than 4 hours and effectively it was. We leave my home in Cartagena at 4 am and we get to the hotel at 12 noon. During the route, we were a bit nervous because first, we had never traveled together before and second we were heading to a very unknown place. When we get to the mountain my fear just disappears and we really start to enjoy nature. The only way to get to the hotel was by motorcycle, a 50-minute ride up the mountain. I heard the most beautiful natural noises and breathed the purest air, it was so green every way I looked and there were very large bamboo plants, that you could hear the water running inside. I understood why foreign people came here and they don鈥檛 want to leave after. Minca is one of the most beautiful places away from the city, I will definitely go back again.

When i was in the high school happened something very important to me that mark my adolescenthood. In my school we were a tournament of soccer play, one for all high school and other for primary school. In those times, i was the captain of selection of my school and also i was the captain of the team of my classroom. In that tournament my team get to final match against the last graders. In the begining of the day i was very happy for the match but when i arrived to school, my teacher director of classroom have a bad news to me, i could not play the match because the others teachers were said that 鈥渋 don鈥檛 gave them all the tasks that they ordered us鈥, but it wasn鈥檛 true, and i could proof it. To finish, i can play the final match and our team were get champion of the tournament school. This was a beautiful day to me, i remember this day with great joy.

DESCRIPTIVE PARAGRAPH: The first necklace my husband gave me. On our 10th-month celebration, we were walking by the jewelry stores in the mall, he saw my empty neck and told me, 鈥渨e can put something beautiful on it鈥. After we walked in, in the store we saw a beautiful and delicate silver chain. also has a silver heart with 20 shining stones on it, and in the middle of the heart the letter 鈥淟鈥, refers to his name, Luis. That becomes our first family jewelry and has the best sentimental value to me.

  • Descriptive paragraph example:
    Studying at Platzi was one of the most wonderful things that has happened to me. I feel very happy studying on this online platform.
    Platzi organizes my studio. Now I feel more satisfied with what I am studying and I know what courses I will take later. Before Platzi, the organization of my study took me study time.
    Platzi continually informs you about the types of jobs and training that are needed in the labor market. Its advantages and disadvantages. With this data one can make a more correct decision according to their tastes.
    Platzi is constantly updating his courses, which makes the courses more interesting.
    In addition to technical courses at Platzi there are soft training courses that help you improve your professional profile.
    The fact of studying from your home, avoiding going to a specific place to do so, avoids wasting time traveling.
    For all these reasons, studying at Platzi is very pleasant. Platzi adapts to your life. I can learn every day, I am very grateful.

  • Narrative paragraph example:
    The Moroccan soccer team is the great revelation of the 2022 FIFA World Cup. I am very surprised how far this team has reached in the championship.
    The Moroccan coach began his work three months before the start of the cup. I can鈥檛 believe with so little preparation how well they play.
    All the statistics said that this team did not pass the group stage, but Moroccan qualified first. Leaving in this instance the great selection of Belgium.
    For any country with little participation in the World Cups it would be something magical, but it was only his first goal. In the final phase they beat Spain (the former world champions) and the Portugal ( team where Cristiano Ronaldo plays).
    Now they will play the semifinal against the world champions, the powered France. I hope Marrocan has a great game. I have my sympathy for them but France is very difficult.
    But regardless of the result, Morocco was the great revelation of this world cup. I am amazed because they broke all the predictions.

  1. Descriptive paragraph: it is about describing. We use descriptive words. So, some of the adjectives we can use to describe. What words can you think of to describe?
    Each paragraph has its own structure. Let鈥檚 analyze the structure of a descriptive paragraph.
    Let鈥檚 start by the topic sentence in which you introduced that thing that you want to describe (item). Then you may also include your general feeling or opinion about that item.
    Then in the supporting sentences, you give background information about the item (describing in more detail).
  2. Narrative Paragraph: we focus on events, stories, experiences, anecdotes, etc. Think about an experience that you want to write about.
    Topic sentence: the author tells the reader what the story will be about. Also he can include when and where that story took place.
    Supporting sentences: the author tells the readers the details about that story. He can also include the sequence of events and his feelings.
    Concluding sentences: He wraps up the story and he can also include a comment about that experience.

My dog was the smartest dog.
She was so kindlye with everibody, she can felt you, she felt your feelings, always she brings you love, like kisses or huhg or only stay with you., she brings you calm. when i was with her to walk, always she being alert to the enviorement, she was very protect from diferent risks.
I feel to sfety with her, when she dies, I has a depression, was very dificult to me but i think she stay in the heaven and some day could be together again.

My cellphone.

In my birthday, I received a new cellphone, the last one was worn, with problems in its system and even, was small. Nonetheless, this new cellphone was certainly different, it had the last camera, an amazing processor and furthermore, it was extremely big, but loose as a feather. I would have to say my cellphone is the best that I could have, not only for its quality but also for the person who gave me it, my mom.

When I was 15 years old, I remember that I had a great and awesome experience near Bogota鈥檚 airport鈥 In 2014 it was the Fifa soccer cup, and in that Cup Colombia had one of the best performances that the Colombian people have ever seen in their history. The team didn麓t win but all the people were pretty excited and were waiting for the team in the national airport very proud and anxious for the feelings that they had given us during the cup. I remember that I was with my dad and my sister near to the airport waited for the team, it was supposed that they were going to be in a covertible bus, and went over througth all the city waving all the fans.
Finally the moment has come, and the bus passed in front of my eyes, I was very happy, I couldn麓t believe that I had seen the soccer stars infront of me, besides I remember that I was wearing a Colombian T-shirt and I took off and threw it to the top of the Bus, Adrian Ramos took it and he made to others soccer players signed the T-shirt and finally he returned me the T-shirt signed by 7 different players. I was in shock, it was one of the most excited moments in my life


  • Silver
  • Delicate
  • Round
  • Practical
  • Useful
  • Convenient
  • Worn
  • Colorful
  • Silk

My trip to Tlaxcala:
These summer vacations were some of the best ones that I ever had. First of all, I visited the post-graduated college in Texcoco where my cousins work as investigators. On the second day, we woke up early to travel to 鈥淧iedra canteada鈥, a Tlaxcala small town, where we prepared everything for the 5掳mushroom carnival. I met so many investigators and. I helped them in whatever they asked me to do. On the 3掳 day the carnival took place. In the morning, I helped my cousin to sell her mushroom mugs. Then I learned a lot during the 鈥渕ushroom tour鈥, which was a walk through the forest whit an explanation of all sorts of things related to mushrooms. In the end, we had a 鈥渃hampurrado鈥 and sweet bread as dinner. I enjoyed so much every single day of that adventure.

Dead鈥檚 day in my town:
Dead鈥檚 day is a Mexican cultural tradition that has passed through generations, mine it鈥檚 not the exception. In my town, it is celebrated in a particular way. First of all, buying flowers for the 鈥渁ltar鈥 is necessary. We usually choose the freshest, smelliest, and more beautiful ones. And we also collect some of them directly from a camp in our backyard. After that, we begin to set everything on a table, fresh fruits, soft bred, heme-made tamales, white mezcal, and many other delicious aliments are placed as an offer to our dead, next to their pictures.

Descriptive paragraph:
The pastry is a passion of generations
Since I was a little girl, the pastry is my way of reconnecting with my family and showing my love to others. The people who instilled this art in me were my two grandmothers, by my father鈥檚 part, my grandmother Luz taught me the classic pastry, the technique, accuracy, typical flavors, and secrets of the subject that helped me to improve quickly. On the other hand, by my mother鈥檚 part, my grandmother Feli, she supported me in the sense of clinging to my Andean roots and showing the Peruvian gastronomy on my desserts. Both of them taught me that food comes out better if you do it with love and these moments that we shared strengthened our family. Therefore, I want to keep this custom alive for future generations.

Narrative paragraph:
My first time at the Candelaria party
When I was thirteen years old I participated in the incredible festival of Candelaria in Puno - Peru. Years before, she had already witnessed this party, but she had never danced. In the beginning, I wanted to dance the Caporales but there were a lot of people so I decided to change to another group that danced Tinkus (Warrior dance) and if I鈥檓 honest this was the best decision I could make because everything was more fun and energetic, the vibe of the group was very positive and I liked that a lot. Later, the day of the presentation was very exciting and hard I鈥檓 not gonna lie, just imagine dancing for 4 hours straight without breaks, It sounds crazy but all the way people support you and enjoy with you, and believe me it鈥檚 a unique experience worth participating in. This helped me overcome my fears of being in public and meet new people.

Being chosen as a captain, in any sport discipline, is something remarkable! I remembered being the captain of my soccer team, in the early 2000鈥檚. My coach believed in my lider skills and commitment among others to get to the victory every weekend. The responsibility of taking care of the choices at every aspect of a match, such as taking the best side of the field at the beginning of a game, raising your voice towards the referee if any injustice was present in the match againts your teammates and even taking a penalty, all these were part of our weekend routines during a match. You feel honored and confident when people around you trust in you! Even other players and the fans look at you differently when you are wearing the captain鈥檚 band on your left arm. Being in charge,especially is sports, is something you do not forget as a captain, no matter what!

  • Descriptive paragraph: My best friend
    I have a pet dog which name is Zeus. It鈥檚 a male labrador breed, it was born on April 30th of 2012, so it has 10 years old. Its fur is black with some spots painted in white. Zeus loves walking with my parents every morning, it does not use a leash for a trip, it just runs and joggs by itself. Since I own zeus, I feel very happy spending time with it, it鈥檚 loyal, corageous and intelligent, I only buy it purine so it remains healthy and strong. Zeus is a great company, and I don麓t change it for nothing.

  • Narrative paragraph: My travel to San Andr茅s
    When I was fifteen years old, me and my family traveled to the archipelago of San Andres, Providencia and Santa Catalina here in Colombia. My father drove the car from our natal city until the main airport near it: 鈥淓l Dorado鈥 in Bogot谩. There we took a direct flight to the archipelago, the view was incredible, we saw the andian mountains, the Magdalena River, the caribbean sea and even Panama, we had never taken a flight in our lifes, so for that reason this travel was so special. There we took a taxi to the hotel and we felt asleep when we arrived because we were very tired. Next day, we visited Jonny Cay, it is a small islot close to San Andres island, we could even passing from one cay to another just by walking because the water was not very deep. The next day, we visited the Aquarium where we saw dolphins, otters, and even sea lions, these animals are amazing. Finally, we enjoyed a walking next to the beach, this was also the first time that we went to meet the beach and the sea. I have a very good memories of that time with my family.

When was the first time you get a lot of excitement about seeing a movie, well for me was this time when I watched my first 3d movie, and to make it better it was the concert of the band that would be my favorite band of all time.

It was 2008, I was a kid that was starting to listened music, but not being to attached to it, only listened things that were popular around other kids, but that change when my dad took us to the movie to watch this film called U23D, the first thing that caught my attention was the fact that I need to wear glasses to watch this movie, but then when the first song started, when that amazing riff of 鈥淰ertigo鈥 filled the room, I knew that I鈥檝e better put all my attention to this because it would be a great thing to remember, song after song I was thrilled about what was happening, all the emotion that I was seeing in the different locations of the concert, and when the last song 鈥淵ahweh鈥 ended my mind was in plan like 鈥淢ovies were always this cool?鈥, that was a great memory from my childhood, I鈥檓 still waiting for this movie to be released in order to rediscover this amazing gif that was my first 3d movie

Problem Solving
Solving problems it could be a very challenging task if we don鈥檛 take precaution about it, if when facing troubles just attacking without a plan we might end up wasting time or failing without a chance to see why we fail, so in order to face a problem properly you could follow this steps.
-First, define the problem with a phrase that make sense, use this to set realistic goals
-Second, be sure that you understand the problem, take this as deep as you need to, all this in order to make sure that you are seeing the full picture
-Third, brake down this problem in smaller blocks, so that you can easily solving small pieces of a bigger problem
-And the make your way up from the bottom, so with this you鈥檒l be able to solve any kind of problem that you might face.
Of course solving problems are not an easy task, because if this is true the world would be a better place but this kind of approach can give you a great starting point, so is worth to try it and it鈥檚 better than ending up being eaten by problems

Taekwon-do is, in my opinion, a spectacular marcial art from South Korea. There is a very much long history behind Taekwon-do. It was founded by a South Korean militar called Choi Hong Hi in 1955. The Koeran art Taekkyon and the Japanese discipline Karate-do both worked as bases to this ancient marcial art. Taekwon-do is characterized by the exclusive use of hands and foots to its execution, also as Karate-do, possess a system of color belts to identify both the fighter鈥檚 expirience and range. Personally I see Taekwon-do not only as a sport made to increase body鈥檚 capacity in a determinate context, also a think you are able to aply the Taekwon-do values on a lot of aspects of your life.

Narrative paragraph:

A couple of years ago, I started learning how to bike again. Biking is a great sport that has increased its popularity in the last 2 years, especially after the pandemic lockdown. I really like this sport and I learned to ride a bike when I was five years old. I always biked with a very simple mountain bike, and I really liked to go to the mountains with it. However, two years ago I decided to buy a road bike. In the beginning, I felt that it should be easy to change to this kind of bicycle. But, not only was not easy, it was a bit tricky for me. The position you adopt is completely different, the way you move is different as well and of course, you must respect all traffic signals. All these factors make I had to learn how to bike again. Thus, biking a road bike is quite a bit different compared with a mountain bike. You should practice quite a lot to learn how to ride correctly and in a safe way with your road bike.

Descriptive paragraph:

Starting a new sport is always challenging, so my first Brazilian jiujitsu belt is very important for me. Starting something new in life is not easy. There is no difference when we are talking about sports and martial arts. Brazilian jiujitsu has raised a lot in popularity in the last few years and loads of people are starting to practice it. In the beginning, you wear and tie a white belt. It represents the very beginning of your path as a newbie in this martial art. Therefore, my white belt represents the way I started to understand the movements, the way to think properly while rolling, and the hard times and resilience that you must show if you want to advance to the next level. This belt has 4 stripes and each of these stripes stands for that you are improving correctly, that鈥檚 why these stripes mean more than a simple piece of tape. To sum up, my white belt is very special because of its meaning beyond the belt.

The spines of some cactus are famous for their painful ability to grab onto the fur, clothing or skin of a passing animal or human. These are sharp and dangerous if something touches them. I鈥檝e seen many types of them, and I find them really amazing, but I take precautions. Their spines could grab onto my clothing or skin if I don鈥檛.

Once a day, I saw a video on a social media a video that showed how they pranked a guy, said " Catch it" and threw a cactus at him. The guy reacted and with his hands took the cactus, I think it is the worst joke I have ever seen and at the time it made me feel worried about the guy.

Narrative Paragraph
Last weekend, I went to the zoo with my son on an education outing from his school. First we saw the flamingos, next we went where the monkeys were, then we could see the bear, my son really liked seeing how it swims in the water. We saw the lions, zebras and the turtles too. Although we had already gone before, this time, my son has enjoyed it much more. We were very happy on our visit to the zoo.

Descriptive paragraph:
Crystal is the name of my family鈥檚 pet, it is a crazy dog. All the time it is running with my children, when it is hungry, it starts barking at my husband, if he doesn鈥檛 listen to it, then it starts biting his hands and feet until he goes to give it food. Crystal is black color, it is middle size, it is a cross with Jack Russell breed. My sons love to play with it, they play with it with a ball, with a rope too, they really play with anything with it. All my family love Crystal, although sometimes it is uncontrollable.

If you come to Venezuela, you have to visit Colonia Tovar. It is a little piece of Germany in Aragua and is just one hour from Caracas, passing El Junquito. In Colonia Tovar, you will find traditional German food and charming architecture. Even you can go paragliding, The weather is fresh, and you can see beautiful flowers everywhere.

Once, when I was still a child, my family and I went to Colonia Tovar. We arrived around 9 am, parked the car, and took a long walk through town. Mom, dad, and I have gone to the church and some interesting antique places. At 2 pm we took lunch: potato salad, German sausage, and bread. After that, we went to the strawberry plantation. There were many plants, flowers, and a stable with horses and other animals. By the end of the day, it was cold, and we drink a hot chocolate cup. But the best part of the day was that we ate a lot of strawberries with cream. I love strawberries with cream.

Descriptive Paragraph

The neighbourhood where I was born and brought up brings me nostalgic memories of the surroundings which saw me growing. I can hardly remember clearly how it looked, since it has changed a lot throughout the time, but still, some pictures remain in my memory. For example, the Roc铆o stream, which divided the neighbourhood up into two places since it crossed throughout it. The stream came from the top of the mountain where my neighbourhood was founded, where I used to gathered with my friends after school, and where I also would play with my cousins every weekend. Another thing that I remember is the long stairways which took me to my aunt鈥檚 house to eat some delicious cakes every day in the afternoon. From the top of the stairways, I could view all the south-east part of the city, it was stunning. The gloomy memories which come up in my mind, but which once seemed endless and unforgettable, make me wish I could be born again in this same neighbourhood.

Narrative Paragraph
The first and only shooting I have experienced occurred when I was like seven or eight years old. It was late at night, and I had just arrived with my father to our neighbourhood from a trip to a little town located in the outskirts of the city, we had spent all day there. So, we decided to get in a bakery to call home in order to know if mom would need some things to make dinner. Whilst my father talked to my mother on the phone, I was playing with a little boy, who was actually the son of the bakery鈥檚 owner. Suddenly, I listened to some shots coming from the supermarket which was located right on the corner across the street. Yes, a shooting has begun, and it was the first time I experienced something like that. My father immediately left the phone off the hook and pulled me down to the ground, whereas the boy whom I was playing with remained kind of confused, almost outside the bakery on the street. So, my father got to go out for him, and bring him back inside. Then, we could realize how some shooters headed towards the bakery where we were, but fortunately, they never got in, but rather they made some shots towards the supermarket and then fled the place. I don鈥檛 think the shooting lasted more than one minute, but it was really tough and intense. The next day, we all knew what had happened, it was an attempt of theft, and the men we saw shooting towards the supermarket were the thieves. Luckily, no one got dead, but there were some injured people among the supermarket鈥檚 workers, the clients and other people who were crossing the street at that time. An episode like this hasn鈥檛 happened again in my neighbourhood, and frankly, I鈥檝e never experienced such a horrible thing like that again, and I honestly hope I never do.

  • She is using a white loose-fit blouse and comfy pants because she鈥檚 pregnant. She鈥檚 in her apartment drinking tea in the morning because she loves to see the sunset while drinking something hot to start the day in a good mood.
    I鈥檝e seen other pregnant women dressed like that, because is too comfy, and they feel happy using that kind of clothes.
  1. delicate, expensive, shiny.
  2. Expensive, detailed design, useful, fast.
  3. Comfortable, loose-fit, tight, warm.
  • Was a party that occurs 8 years ago. That party was in a normal building in Bogota, to be more specific, in the conference room of the Bosque Hospital. I remember that was the 15th birthday of a friend, and in Colombia is too famous to celebrate a woman when she gets that age with a huge party. The hilarious part was that wasn鈥檛 enough food for all the schoolmates that she invited, so, when the trays went out of the kitchen with the different nuggets and the side dishes, all the people run to get something to eat, and because of that, some people fall into the floor.
    Basically, that was the hilarious and also the disappointing part of the party, because as Latinos, food is an important part of 15th birthdays.
My excersise My biggest dream聽 When i was kid, my biggest dream was about becoming an astronaut. I was so excited to learn and practice how to travel to the moon and beyond, like in the movies. I remember that one of my neighbors was an aspirant for NASA training and he shared wonderful stories about the topics that he had to study and his dream also. He gave me some of the more precious photos that I've ever had. One of those was the spaceship into the launch platform and he was stood by that amazing machine. Unfortunatelly i never had the opportunity to apply to that training because i was in very bad physical shape to pass the exams and test that it required, and also because it was so expensive and exclusive. Besides all the obstacules i was happy watching others achieving my dream, and i never lose a Space program in TV or in Internet regarless i could not do it, somebody else could and that count to me.鈥
Electronic devices: Portable useful smart advanced expensive