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How to deal with criticism and rejection


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o inicia sesi贸n.

鈥淭here is no limit to the meaning you can give your life鈥.

  • Ve al que te critica como un maestro.
    See the one who criticizes you as a teacher.

  • El rechazo no significa que no me quieren, sino que todav铆a no he encontrado mi tribu y a las personas que me valoran.
    Rejection doesn鈥檛 mean that they don鈥檛 love me, but that I鈥檝e not yet found my tribe and the people who value me.

Reframing criticism and rejection

Instead of viewing criticism and rejection as a negative experience, reframe it as support and guidance

Four years ago I had problems on my job, I was rejected by my colleagues, and I was fired. After that my confidence went down and I was very sad for months. Finally I found a new job, when my boos and colleagues recognized my skills and I had better performance, now I believe that was a good experience because this helped me to search and find a correct place to work.

鈥淭he limits of my language are the limits of my world鈥 馃槃

If someone criticizes you:

  • Don鈥檛 turn a deaf ear, listen, learn and improve.
  • Don鈥檛 take anything personally
  • Whatever they say about you, they have it in them.
  • You give what you are, every day improve and give the best of you.
  • Listen, listen and listen, then act accordingly.

Here the phrases from the Activity:

  • I鈥檓 not everyone鈥檚 cup of tea, and that鈥檚 OK.
  • An opinion doesn鈥檛 define me.
  • I鈥檓 the one who gives meaning to the words.
  • Rejection is just another opportunity to succeed.

If your crush tells you that he/she doesn鈥檛 want to be with you, it doesn鈥檛 mean that nobody wants to be with you, only that he/she is not the indicate to value you as you deserve.

鈥淭he limits of my language are the limits of my world鈥.

Take whatever that has been told to you as feedback, the more wisdom you will get.

Clase 11 鈥 C贸mo lidiar con la cr铆tica y el rechazo


  • Los l铆mites del lenguaje son los l铆mites de mi mundo

  • No hay l铆mite para el significado que puedes darle a tu vida.

驴Cu谩ndo vemos la cr铆tica y el rechazo de manera negativa estamos poniendo l铆mites a nuestra vida?

  • S铆.

驴Podemos cambiar los pensamientos negativos que generan el rechazo y la cr铆tica en pensamientos positivos?

  • S铆.

驴C贸mo podemos transformar los pensamientos negativos que surgen de la cr铆tica y el rechazo en pensamientos positivos?

  • Ver estos comentario y situaciones como formas de apoyo y gu铆a para nuestra vida.

驴Qu茅 pregunta podemos hacernos para cambiar los pensamientos negativos que surgen de la cr铆tica y el rechazo en algo positivo?

  • 驴Qu茅 acci贸n podr铆a realizar a continuaci贸n para mejorar?

hazlo hasta que te convenzas de lo que eres

there are no limits to what you want to achieve in your life that鈥檚 right

What others think of me does not define me.

To see the criticism in a positve way, we can focus on what the meant, on the advice, instead of concentrating on how or who said it.

  • If someone says that I am not good at something , I can understand that I can improve and do better next time.
  • We have to know how to deal with stress and worries.
  • Put your criticism and stress down.
  • Reframe criticism and rejection.
  • Use feedback in a positive way.
# How to deal with criticism and rejection > The limits of my language are the limits of my world 鈥 Ludwig Wittgenstein The story of glass of water: * it will be heavier as the time we hold it pass * it is the same thing with stress and worries ### There's no limit to the meaning we can give in our lives * We usually create the truth from a very little piece of information about a situation * We can reframe the rejection as guidance * Ask yourself: what can I do the next time to improve? * Rejection doesn't mean I'm not wanted: it means I'm yet to find my tribe and those who see my value Activity: write reframing phrases and memorize them
Hi, good afternoon. I like this: Put in the People麓s shoes when they was criticize and rejected me.
I think I could say something like: \- "Thanks for your feedback, I'll make it better next time" \- "I'll work on these points that you mentioned to improve"
You only fail when you stop to trying....If there is not struggle, there is not progress

I loved this quote: 鈥淩ejection doesn鈥檛 mean I鈥檓 not wanted; it means I鈥檓 yet to find my tribe and those who see my value.鈥

There is an Australian movie called 鈥淒anny Deck Chair鈥 where you can see how just finding your tribe can make all the difference. Danny was a driver for a construction site and nobody respected him. He was a joke even to his wife. Thanks to an experiment with huge balloons and a deck chair, he flies away to a small town. There is a misunderstanding and everyone believes he is a college professor. Now he is admired and his ideas are heard. He is the same person, but he is treated differently because he found his place in the world.

  • Maybe I wasn鈥檛 accepted at my dream University, but it should be a sign that I have to rethink what I want.

La cr铆tica no siempre tiene una connotaci贸n negativa, quizas recibas una critica para mejorar algo pero no necesariamente lo hacen para molestar o hacerte sentir mal; demosle contexto al significado o la interpretaci贸n de la situaci贸n. Pienso que es importante aclarar este punto.

I鈥檓 ready for the rejection!

My Activity. - Someone's "no" is not a limit, is my opportunity to grow. - I can always improve and learn new things in my job. Some years ago I didn't know how to walk either, and now my legs take me everywhere I go.

Reframing sentences and affirmations to counter criticism and rejection.

I will consider each of the people who criticize me as a teacher who has something very valuable to teach me.

Experiencing rejection only means that I still haven鈥檛 found the tribe to which I belong and that values me unlimitedly.

  1. Fixed: I don鈥檛 have the skills enough to apply to this job, I will keep searching till I find a Job that I will keep looking until I find a job that has requirements that meet my skills
    1.Growth: Maybe I don鈥檛 have 100% of the skills that the Job requires, but if I apply, at least I will be more aware about what skills I lack and if I鈥檓 lucky they will give me feed back in the recruitment process
  2. Fixed: I鈥檓 not good at making new friends and connections, I鈥檓 going to look ridiculous if I try
    1. Growth: I may not be good at making new friends, but if I try to talk to those people at least I will gain experience on how to make new connections and socialize