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Self-guided meditation


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Meditating helps us to reason better. Often we tend to have our mind too scattered in various worries and thoughts. When we give ourselves the opportunity to meditate we clear our head of unnecessary thoughts and with this we can achieve more clarity and focus.

This is one of the best courses at Platzi. I immensely loved this exercise ❤️

Great experience!!!

A great exercise to learn how to hear ourselves, how to imagine a good future scenario, and what things have to happen before reaching our goals.

It really felt great, but at the end I fell asleep 😅

I can say that it worked for my, It was hard at the beginning but after some time, I finally flowed with the meditation and I still cannot believe that I visualized my score in my job and at the end of the day I got the score I had visualized during meditation 😍😍😍😍😍

Amazing class! Really helpful to understanf that meditation doesn’t take much time to do it, and the benefits are huge


amazing experience!

¡Wow! I had stopped meditating for couple months and this lesson helped me get back in track.

Wow, I can't believe how fast these 6 minutes went!! Never experienced like this. Love it.

I Love this excersise

This course has something very special, I have taken several courses but this has been the most special for me, thank you very much dear.

Thanks!! It was perfect!! I feel relax, confident and not just now, I can see my future in confident way. Thank you Sam! Good Experiencie!!

An hour after this class, I am going to have an interview in this company I’ve been wanting work for the last 6 months. It’s a perfect opportunity for me to relax and meditate before this interview.
Thanks, Sam!

The only type of meditation I have practiced so far was the quite sitting.
This visualization type of meditation is new for me and I think I like it more than the quiet sitting.
I also want to try the other type of meditation, the contemplation one.