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How confident are you now?


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o inicia sesi贸n.

" The clear your vision and meaning for life, the more confident you鈥檒l become".

Wow! All of it was spectacular.
I have a Phrase. "Not important what do you learn, It important applicated your knowledge in your life"
Greetings from Colombia, thank you for all

What a way to finish the course! I loved every story, but I think this one is applicable to many scenarios of my life!

Al principio no quer铆a hacer el curso debido a que esta en ingl茅s, pero tengo el objetivo de acabar la Ruta de Autoconocimiento y me dije 鈥淓l idioma no puede detenerme a alcanzar este objetivo鈥 as铆 que me puse manos a la obra y ac谩 estoy en la 煤ltima clase. Muchas gracias a Platzi por darnos este gran curso que no solo me ayudo hacer crecer mi confianza sino que me hizo salir de mi zona de confort y a superar obst谩culos

I really liked this course, I feel more confident. Lesson 3 is the best for me because it helps to think about your fears, most of us try to forget them to feel better but in the activity you should acknowledge them and accepted.
"It鈥檚 okay to have fears, the important thing is how you face them"
and the positive self-talk phrases are and will be very important to change our lives and the way we feel.

" It doesn麓t matter your situation, it鈥檚 how you respond to it".

I cannot express how worth this course is. Thank you so much dear teacher Sam!

Kind regards from Honduras 馃挍馃憦馃徏馃挭馃徏馃殌 never stop learning!

Confidence is something we need to build daily.

Excellent the last story to close with a flourish, each story in each module was fantastic, I like to know that what you teach you apply it and it鈥檚 observed.
A phrase that, I carry with me:
鈥淚f your life purpose is aligned with your desires, you鈥檒l always live in gratitude, you鈥檒l live in abundance and you鈥檒l never work, as my grandparents used to say - with patience, prudence and courage you鈥檒l achieve everything you set your mind to鈥.

  • 鈥淚f you visualize it and make it yours, it is yours鈥.

If at any time I doubt my ability to achieve my goal, now I have a clear vision鈥 馃榾

I really appreciate all you knowledge It was so clear but I guess the hard party is apply all of it in my live. I going to take this as a challenge! Thank you so much!

Thanks for this great course.
I learned important tools to continue increasing my confidence and turn negative statements and thoughts into positive ones.

I liked this course. I learned a lot. Thanks very much.

Thank you professor Osbourne.

Hello Teacher, thank you for the ideas. I learned thinks that helps to be more confident, now I am in a job change and I need to feel sure, I have a lot of dreams to achieve and I am on the way.
I will apply all knowledge from this wonderful course!

i feel that i鈥檓 better than the begining, thanks a lot.
Good course.

thank you very much

Thanks, I loved this course! 鉂わ笍

I have learned som much by Taking this course on my Platzi \_\_ Channel, I really like the way hi drove this course along the meaningful examples and worthy values that he shared with us, I will have to apply all of this new knowledge to my own life and learning path in order to show the best version of myself and unleash my actual FULL POTENTIAL TO THE WORLD.

Thank you.
This course helped me a lot.
I was in a career change process where at first it was very hard and since everything was new I felt without confidence and very nervous, but thanks to this course and its advice to organize and prioritize I was able to face all the challenges. until I achieved good results. Later I regained the confidence that has always led me to excel in the activities to which I dedicate myself.

### Summary * The clearer your vision and meaning for life, the more confident you'll become * Make sure you know why things are meaningful to you * Vision and meaning set the conditions for confidence to grow

Thanks for this great course Platzi and Sam

Love this guy histories, key point during one of the classes is that it has not necessary to be true but carry the message

Thank you so much for sharing all your knowledge with us, Mr. Sam. I found it particularly fantastic how you presented each of the lessons. It was really great! 馃槉馃憣
I truly appreciate the dedication and passion you put into your teaching. Your way of explaining the topics is excellent; you kept me completely captivated! 馃挴
Thanks to you, I have learned so much and gained a deep understanding of the concepts you shared. I can鈥檛 put into words how valuable this knowledge has been for me. 馃専
I also want to highlight how enjoyable it was to follow your explanations. Your friendly and warm style made each class a true pleasure. 馃槃馃帀

It doesn鈥檛 matter your situation
It鈥檚 how you respond to it.
Thank you, Sam 馃槂

Thank you Sam by your course, I think it was a great adventure. I hope I can apply some of your advices. Thanks a lot! 鉂わ笍

Quisiera escribir este agradecimiento en ingl茅s, pero a煤n me falta para ello鈥 Couch yo tambi茅n quiero servir a las personas, soy profesora y sin ser muy consciente uso algunas de las estrategias que nos ense帽aste. Ten铆a un sue帽o algo dormido por una capa de inseguridad, una que se ha esfumado, por completo, hoy y gracias a este curso. Ayudo a estudiantes que se divierten aprendiendo, y as铆 quiero seguir ayudando, en eso se basar谩 mi siguiente aventura. Gracias, muchas gracias por ayudarme a conectar de nuevo con mi sue帽o.

Gracias profe por el curso muy motivacional y gracias por que acaba de florecer mi motivacion y mi confia, aunque este en ingles no me detiene mi ganas de aprender y derrumbo la pereza no es un obtaculo para mi.

How do you want to see the problem? it was a very nice story. It teaches me a lot and learns to approach a problem. This story and The lion were my favorites but in general, all stories were really impact meaning thanks for sharing. Thanks for the course!

Thanks for the class. At the begginnig I felt some of fear because this is my first course in English. But later鈥 with all the knowledge about how to be more confident, it doesn鈥檛 become a problem. I enjoyed some much the course. Now I鈥檓 taking notes like the class " how to me more confident with your writing"

It鈥檚 amazing the change I have noticed inside me. Great course. I wnant to end this course with a phrase related to the story:

You can鈥檛 control the wind but you can adjust the sails<

It鈥檚 impossible to us to manage all the situations of our life, but we can control how to deal with it.

Great teacher, great lessons! Thank you!

Vision and meaning = Confident!

Thanks! I learned why I did not have confidence, now I understand why and I need to follow all lesson of this course. Thank you Sam!

Muy probablemente ese caf茅 era Colombiano jajajajja

Amazing course, Sam. Thank you for everything!
I recommend the Sam鈥檚 YouTube Channel.
Thanks again!

Before, I felt bad with myself, but now, after taking this course I feel really for any chance

I am putting this course in my list of favorite courses to play it again and again.
Thank you so much


The clearer your vision and meaning for life, the more confident you鈥檒l become.

En lo que m谩s agarr茅 confianza es a hacer cursos que est茅n totalmente en otro idioma. En este caso es en ingl茅s, aunque tambien estoy planificando aprender portugu茅s y alem谩n.

Creo que mi motivaci贸n me impulsa no solo a hacer cursos, sino tambien a ver charlas en otros idiomas.

Nutrirme de lo que diferentes personas tienen para decir en diferentes lenguajes, es mi motivaci贸n para empezar a aprender portugu茅s y alem谩n

I have taken almost 100 courses on Platzi, and I can safely say that this has been one of the best, it is in my top 10.
What a great course and what a great teacher you are Sam. 馃挴

thank you so much, excellent course!

Thanks for this course, it鈥檚 amazing!

very good

Awesome course!!

nice course, the way you tell an history and linked to the topic is the best way to remember the main idea.