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o inicia sesi贸n.

  • She was trying to fix her bicycle to go biking.
  • In the USA, in the last few years have been an increase in gunshots in education sites and public spaces.
  • In the end, the group was able to find two solutions in order to decrease the use of plastic bags.
  • Congress was debating changing the second amendment.
  • The refrigerator started to malfunction, especially in the cooling unit.

i love the practice sessions

  1. At this point in my life, I was frightened by the fact that I didn麓t know what to do if I had to finish my career or start over with a new one.
  2. After thinking a lot, I choose to start a new career in the tech industry, that麓s the path I麓m following right now
  3. as a result, I麓ve learned a lot about development and of course improving my English skills due to the fact that it麓s very important in this industry.
  4. I am so concerned about how many things I have to learn to become a frontend developer, it scares me a lot.
  5. but I resolve to keep calm, don鈥檛 be anxious, and take each course slowly without pressure.
  • Current automotive industry is facing several problems related to the dimishing in sales, in order to solve the problem, the industry had determinated to produce vehicles

  • Due to non compliment of payrol, the teachers strike is inminent. Stablishing payment loomings per mounth would prevent the strike in other countries

  • Micro traficking is becoming a mayor issue for public health, it since there are not the nessesary resources to deal with it.

  • According to the last statement form city mayor, increassing rates of crimes in the city, are representing a challenge for the authorities, which have to be reinforced.

  • As per our last meeting, board members of the company will lead social project spotligthed in first step education of the communities in our action area

fix / solution statement
increase - gunshots / problem element
in the end - in order to / evaluation statement
debating to change / solution statement
malfunction / problem element



I was trying to fix my personal life.

  • The headquarters agreed to have a meeting soon so as to evaluate the coming results.
  • Columbine school in north-west Virginia is thinking of bringing in more inclusive settings for disable students.
  • The police officers ascertained that the cause of the explosion was a careless treatment of reactive chemicals.
  • In the end, the conducted measures turned out in the improvement of the overall productivity.
  • The recent events related with mass-shootings have boosted both the weapon purchasing and also the demands for a new weaponry legislation.
1. The chief manager of the area was concerned about the fact that the team was not prepared to deal with the new design software. 2. Although not every specialist was happy to treat the river scour with rip rap, all of them accepted it as the solution that would have the least impact on towns downstream in the long term. 3. In the neighborhood, people agreed to buy an alarm system instead of suing the security company. 4. The Metro Line would have been built years ago, but for the political discussions. 5. As a result, the snack packages need to display a label with the sugar and fat content.
  • In my family we鈥檙e worried because the weather difficulty our vacations.

  • To solve this situation we need a new motor for the motorbike.

  • I have a big challenge in college with the project presentation.

  • We finish the meeting, in conclusion the next week we鈥檒l start with the new interface.

  • In my town the teenagers proposed a solution for the climate change in the department and how preserve the river.

  1. At the end of the day, they agreed to sell the house.
  2. As a result customers didn鈥檛 like the idea, so they lost money.
  3. The house was in danger, worrying the family.
  4. She choosed to trust on the woman that helped her the past days.
  5. In the end, they finally lived happy, and started growing as a family.
My activity: 1. Christmas season is coming and the company is preparing for late night sales 2. Lack of staff for the Christmas season is concerning the company directors 3. Managers have concluded that there鈥檚 not enough time to hire new staff 4. The marketing leader proposed promoting virtual sales and discouraging purchases in physical stores, to make up for the lack of staff. 5. As a result, the company sold half of its products in stock by internet before December and convinced their customers to visit its website due to the discounts
  • Our methods are not working properly.
  • I conclude leave the school of music.

The marketing campaign is facing difficulties with the posts about this big product launch.

In the end, Sarah rebalanced the budget, to provide more financial stability to the project.

My boss addressed the quitting situation in Boston, by replacing the manager of that branch.

By agreing to merch the to startups avoid bankrupcy.

HR is concerned about Daniel and Monica relationship.

  1. The lack of transparency in the voting process cause many issues.
  2. Having a moment to relax helped the writer to resolve his creative block.
  3. At last I was able to find a good place to rest after the long flight to Cusco.
  4. Music suddenly stoped and the concert goers started to worry about the lead singer.
  5. There is great difficulty in trying to find help for mental health issues in the public system.
  • She was in the mountain in order to see the sunrise
  • She say that she love him, at the end every thing was all rigth
  • They aproved the plan of Harry of see Voldemort
  • I鈥檓 worried I never had a girldfriend
  • Roni couldn鈥檛 come to work today, he was concerned about his car not working properly.

  • The presentation is going well but Richard is upset because anyone is asking any questions.

  • We decided to choose the first option because it is cheaper.

  • In the end everyone was raising their hands, so it was a success.

  • As a result of the change of command聽the team has improved their efficiency 20%.

  1. The difficulty with the volcano was the amount of ash falling all around the town and the public worry of respiratory diseases.
  2. Authorities order to stay at home and protect pets as a proposed solution against the volcano activity.
  3. The rain at the last days has work as a natural way to resolve and pause the ash rain.
  4. Popocatepetl volcano has been active since 1354 until today, which represents a risk for neighboring towns.
  5. In the end we鈥檒l notice how prepared gouvernment and inhabitants were facing the contingency.
  1. We all agreed to buy a new car because it was more suitable to keep the old one.
  2. I couldn鈥檛 find my tie. That was driving me crazy. It was a part of the school鈥檚 uniform.
  3. As a result, the new job brings him more opportunities to grow professionally.
  4. The Government approved new regulations. Those affected our business model.
  5. The soccer team decided that Hakimi is going to shoot the penalty.

Situation: There were 3 friends seated on the table watching the basketball play and one of the girls got mad with him.
Problem: He is usually very egocentric and is upset, she said to him a bad word and the like she not is like that, she felt sad.
Solution: Just because I wasn鈥檛 going to act in the same way with pray to him, I decided to ask to apologize.
Evaluation: As a result of that, we ended up normal again.

I am 36 years old and I was studying a mayor in Biology. I was quite concerned because it was not related to my current job the I really enjoy.
I made some deep thinking and determinate to start a new mayor in Foreign Relations and seek for my advance degree in English.
As a result I am now taking my English knowledge to the next level.

Last year started a new pandemic it caused a big disrruption in the global market. Some presidents chose to managed it throught vaccination programs as a result people had to change their lifestyle

Seattle鈥檚 government has evaluated the lastly issues in its cities and they are quite a concern about the bullying on schools it鈥檚 growing up, so the teachers have to get more attention on students and teachers are warned, so they gotta work on it

He always arrive late and this upset to the teacher

She agreed with my propose about the homework

In order to address to bad behavior of him, they met to discuss it

as a result the whole class now have a better attitude

The underfunding of higher education public institutions is causing a rapid decline in the quality of infrarstructure and some buildings are falling off by pieces. / The students decided to come together as a comunity and protest, while completely halting any teaching activities from faculty members. / As a result, the government increased the funding by. little, and the university was able to start the construction of a new building, as well as upgrading the classrooms that needed it the most. / This success set a precedent for the students, who learned that by acting as a team, they can improve how things work. / However, the violence used during the protests undermines the support that these movements receive from the outside, as the students start to be seen as criminals by fellow citizens.
  • I had bought a new laptop on late 2021, it was Gigabyte brand and very expensive.
  • 6 months later, I got concerned when suddenly it wouldn鈥檛 start up.
  • After going over many attempts, I chose to contact the manufactory and get a replacement.
  • In the end, all the process was successful and as a result, I am able to write this comment 馃槂.
  • After writing a real problem that I had, I started to worry because I was still missing a sentence.
  • Because of that, I concluded on adding one more sentence to give more context to my two problems now.
  1. Learning English is really important if you want to study abroad, distressed master鈥檚 students.

  2. They were determined to practice every single day.

  3. As a result, they improved their knowledge and accuracy.

  4. The challenge of having a newborn is understanding what he needs.

  5. Parents must be patient in order to raise their children properly.

  1. I鈥檓 constantly worried about my answers in the challenges of the teacher at the end of the class.
  2. As a result of my hard work, i reached a higher position on my job.
  3. After watching all the options, we choose the one which work better for us.
  4. My parents are worried about some problems in their house.
  5. I鈥檝e never been this determined on what i want to do.
  • I concern about my performance in the new job.
  • The clients are complaining about the ETAs of their services
  • We decided to give a discount to customers who use our services frequently
  • In the end, the personnel was benefited with an extra bonus for achieve the goals.
The last car stolen was it the new one so we鈥檒l have to pay for a new security system that works good for us She was arguing about the situation let us go to attend her and make her feel confortable
  • In the end, we decided to hire a tech company to support the department.

  • We resolved to keep all the employees to face all the client鈥檚 demand.

  • Those issues are challenging the inbound marketing department to think in more possible solutions.

  • The social media department was frightened by this new suddenly issue.

  • The new app is not working property.

  • In the end 鈥 improve (Evaluation element)
  • Resolved 鈥 plan (Solution element)
  • disruption (Problem element)
  • Evaluation element.
  • Problem element.

This activity was a challenging for me, but I did it.

  1. They were frightened of the idea of being fired.
  2. The mechanic is coming today to check why is the washing machine not working properly.
  3. We鈥檝e come up with a proposal for the marketing area in order to solve the lack of clients.
  4. The employees have solved the know issue regarding the glitch in the mobile app.
  5. The coach has determined the team needs to train 2 more hours a day in order to polish the strategies for the looming game.

All the IT employes were worried for going to work on the office.
The computer was not working properly because of the low space on it
All of them agree to go to the party with their wifes.
In the end, all the people was happy with salary increase.
As a result, all the family bought gifts for the party.

  1. The factory machines weren鈥檛 working properly.
  2. The council concluded that the best way to improve their sales was investing more money in marketing.
  3. Due to the failure in the marketing campaign, most of the customers weren鈥檛 interested in buying our products.
  4. The coach determined that we needed to train harder in order to improve.
  5. In the end, the movie was highly praised for its amazing story and cast.


  1. Evaluation element, because it uses 鈥榓s a result鈥
  2. Problem element, because it uses 'concern鈥
    3.1 Evaluation element
    3.2 Solution element
    3.3 Problem element

Here you have my 5 sentences:

Situation element
Joe had been working for the past 10-year in the U.S in a big restaurant. Once he retired, he decided to come back to his country: Ecuador. The money he gained during this time was invested to create a restaurant in Quito. Many years of glory, a lot consumers and profits. But sadly one day鈥

  1. The company decreased its profits the past three months, affecting the employees鈥 salary.
    Problem element
  2. Joe made a FODA strategy plan for the coming six moths, in order to improve its company situation.
    Solution element
  3. After these time, Joe and his employees made an exhausting evaluation. As a result, they decided to close the restaurant due to the fact that the sales were decreasing in the time.
  4. Many years later, Paul (Joe鈥檚 grandchild) decided to reopen Joe鈥檚 restaurant with a new menu, applying new technology and food created by AI.
    Evaluation element
  • I am concerned about my physical condition, since last time i went running i got tired after just 2 minutes.

  • I agreed to go to the gym 5 times a week.

  • Another way i adresed this situation was to begin practising Yoga once a week.

-I also chose to take a slight dose of creatine everyt day.

  • As a result, i became stronger, gained muscle mass and got aditional resistance.


  1. Situation: One common problem that many jobseekers face is not knowing how to stand out from the competition and impress potential employers.
  2. Problem: In order to get a job, you need to be able to effectively address the dilemma of how to present yourself and your skills in a way that will impress potential employers.
  3. Solution: One solution to resolve this problem is to create a strong resume and cover letter that highlight your unique qualifications and experiences.
  4. Evaluation: In the end, if you do well and also present yourself professionally, you can increase your chances of getting a job.
  • He was about going to date on his car, but he realized that his car had a flat tire and he got upset about this.
  • He was about to yell with fury but he preferred to try to ask for help to someone though nobody appeared at that hour.
  • To resolve this he searched videos about how to repair a flat tire.
  • He realized that he could do it for himself and he might fix any problem of his car.
  • Then he try to turn on his car but he couldn鈥檛, he saw that there was no gas on it.

After of the pandemic, many countries have been affected by inflation.
The government takes the decision to approve a tax exemption for all diesel fuel to help citizens鈥 economy.

  • Nowadays the economists think our country have resolved last debts issues.
  • Ecommerce industry has grown 200% due to the fact market conditions have changed since the pandemic beggining.
  • At the end of the day, the government is not boosting new social policies. The politicians are repeated the same history.
  • A lot people in the world are frightened for the recently war between Ukraine against Russia.
  • A new CEO will arrive this week to propose an groundbreaking strategy for the company.
  • In the end, we were able to improve the overall quality of our products. (Evaluation element)
  • They resolved to create a contingency plan in case they ran into something similar in the future. (Solution element)
  • The start-up was very likely to cause significan disruption in the ed-tech industry. (Problem element)

Interactive quiz

  • As a result, I was able to go on the trip and had the time of my life.
    Evaluation element
  • The looming deadline was a big concern for him.
    Problem element.

Evaluation element
problem element
evaluation element
Solution element
problem element

  • We agreed to stop sending messages to her.
  • Lately, all of our employees are worried about their salary.
  • She proposed the best idea I鈥檝e ever heard.
  • He chose to clear all his desktop.
  • In our current project, we have tested their logo with 3 mockups. We have found that, under experimental conditions, their logo does not work properly.

The questions:

  1. As a result, i was able to go on the trip and had the time of my life!
    C) Evaluation element.
  2. The looming deadline was a big concern for him.
    A) Problem element.

The challenge:

  1. The chair is broken for the weight of a box.
  2. He is fixing his fridge.
  3. In the end, they resolved utilize less electricity.
  4. They are fixing the bed.
  5. We鈥檙e so tall that we can鈥檛 go to the fair.

Evaluation element
problem element
evaluation element
Solution element
problem element

In the practice part between minute 1.40 and 3.25 the solution to the activity is already appears from the biginning. Cheers!