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Cohesive Devices II - Linking words for adding critical information


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  • Not only did the government not invest in education, but it also didn鈥檛 allow foreign investment to create new job opportunities.
  • I鈥檓 just here chilling out a little, moreover, I think I have some time left to even to take a nap.
  • It was beyond my understanding how someone could be so cruel; in addition, the fact that that same thing might happen to any of us made me fear for my life.
  • They didn鈥檛 even try to come up with a good product at the end of the day. Furthermore, the cost was too expensive.
  • The last time I went out with them, they had the 鈥済reat鈥 idea to strand me in the middle of the road, just out of spite. On top of that, I know very well that Marcus and Charles loath me.
  • She said she was ashamed for having halted talking to me for such a long time; but mind you, I don鈥檛 think she was really sorry. What鈥檚 more, she didn鈥檛 actually explain the real reason why she was absent.
  • Not only did they win the game, but they also set a record.
  • I was exhausted. Moreover, I was starving.
  • She was upset. In addition, she lost her purse.
  • I bought a new TV. Furthermore, I bought some new home elements.
  • Not only have they had some troubles but they also run out of money.
  • Not only did they improve the new audio system, but they also created new technologies for that company.
  • Not only did they win the game, but they also set a record.
  • I was exhausted. Moreover, I was starving.

Not only did I forget my best friend麓s birthday, but I also wasn麓t at her party.

I have been studying my writing in English, and on top of that, I have been practicing my vocabulary.

Not only is the internet useful, but it is also dangerous for our kids.

My mother is always worried about me; furthermore, she could be a little overprotective.

Not only did my college give me too much information about my career, but it was also a really good place to study.

Not only did we get a coffee but the employee also gave us a cookie I was so tired and on the top of that they stole my car and i walked home Did they bought a house furthermore a couple doggies

1- My wife brought me a present for my birthday. In addition, we went to have a romantic dinner.
2- I successfully completed the test. What is more, I got an especial mention.
3- He does not want to be in the company anymore. Furthermore, he has been having problems with the managers.
4- I renewed my Platzi suscripcion with a special discount. On top of that, the price will be the same as long as I keep my subscription active.
5- Not only did I got a new job, but I鈥檓 also getting paied better.
6- Not only was the game exciting, but it was also intense.

Not only did they win the game, but they also set a record.
I was exhausted moreover, I was starving.

Nice lesiones and pedagogo.

**Exercises **

  • I approved the interview for the job furthermore, they want that I started to work next Monday

  • My project had an excellent note moreover, It was the best of the class

  • She gave me her phone number what is more, we are going to have a date next Friday

  • I bought an excellent car in addition; they gave me the wheels for the tires

  • Not only did I receive a raise, but I also received a special bonus for my efforts.

  1. I found the job I was looking for. Furthermore, the salary is above my expectations.
  2. Not only the train is fast, but it is also very comfortable.
  3. Her dog is like his bestfriend. In addition, everyone in the family likes dogs.
  4. The business report is all done. Moreover, the team is working on the documentation.
  5. I鈥檓 usually really lazy on mondays. On top of that I have a headache.
1. Friday night I was really tired and exhausted, moreover, I hadn麓t taken my headache medicine. 2. You麓re fired. Your actions spoke for yourself, Furthermore, you were one of the meanest managers this company had in years. 3. In addition to Billy麓s point of view, I would like to address this issue with HR. 4. Our boss discounts from our salary taxes she should pay, and on top of that she forces us to pay our own ARL. 5. Not only did she force us to pay our own ALR, but she also force us to assist meetings at 8 pm
  • Not only has a big restauant, but also it鈥檚 the best of the city.

  • She has a good job moreover she did a entrepreneurship.

  • In my first day of work I learned a lot of things in addition I demonstrated my habilities.

  • They traveled to Asia on top of that they did it in a camper.

  • The singer did a lot of concerts and what is more the agenda it鈥檚 full for the next year.

I got distracted watching movies. Furthermore, I didn鈥檛 finish the task.

My friend was very sad today. In addition, his girlfriend was not in a good mood.

People were scared when entering the horror house. On top of that, they enjoyed the experience.

Not only did I get a good job, but I also improved my programming skils.

We went on vacation last month. What is more, we had a great time.

My activity: 1. **Not only** was I eating a good meal, **but** I was **also** drinking a great orange natural juice 2. I did my homework with my best friend. **Furthermore**, we studied for the exam. 3. My boyfriend invited me an ice cream. **On top of that**, he bought me a burger. 4. The weather hasn鈥檛 been so pleasant today. **Moreover**, it has been raining a lot. 5. She hadn鈥檛 done the dishes when I arrived. **What is more**, she hadn鈥檛 cleaned her room either.
Noy only am I expecting the answer of my father, but also waiting Angelica's answer
  1. Not only did the meeting is enriched by the attendance of experts in the national care system. But also an authority of the French Government participated.

  2. One of the points of the table was the importance of NGOs in the care system formulation. Moreover, most of the attendants agreed on that.

  3. From my point of view, Not only must the NGOs take a relevant role in the care system development. But private initiative also needs to take its place in the system.

  4. The experts didn鈥檛 consider the great advances in the different ministries and their care services. Furthermore, they don鈥檛 recognize the social investment that we have already made in them.

  5. Finally, it is relevant to acknowledge the political willingness of the current authorities to impulse the state care system. What is more, there is no other state with similar budgets and programs for this objective.

  • Not only d I stay all they in my house. But I also sleep the whole time
  • I got a lot of work, moreover the client is pressing me
  • I won the lottery, in addition i find the love of my life
  • Not only has my brother a baby but he also marry his girlfriend
  • The class is really good. What is more i invite you too join it

-In addition
-On top of that
-What is moe

Not only is he a great guy, but he is also a great doctor. He has a very sharp tongue. What is more, he likes to use it. The project met the expectations. In addition, it brought extraordinary profits. The team was in high spirits. On top of that, the news said they were set to win the championship. The traffic issue has worsened in the las months. Moreover, this trend is expected to continue.
  • Not only am I learning english, but I am also having fun.
  • This summer is the hottest ever experienced, in addition, the forecast says it will not last a lot, thankfully.
  • I am determined to become a profesional full stack developer, moreover, I am going to take up a course of JavaScript by Platzi
  • I was granted a scolarship due to my great results, on top of that, my parents are very proud of me.
  • I love music, furthemore, I play guitar
  • In order to learn English, you need to study different topics, on top of that you also need to practice every day.

  • For having a good health you need moving during the day moreover rest and sleepy well

  • If you want that your sugar low, you need to take care of your diet furthermore doing exercise

  • Whereas you think that you can鈥檛 do it, you won鈥檛 do.

  • The happiness depends on you, in addition to the things that you鈥檙e going to do so as to get it. A new habit, loving yourself, made better relationships, etc.

  • My dog is sick, in adition there鈥檚 any vet close to here
  • Not only I lost my job but also I can鈥檛 find my keys.
  • I have a lot of homework to do, moreover I have to clean my house.
  • Not only I fell off but also I broke my leg
  • I just finished high school, on top of that today is my birthday
He broke the phone but he also did pay not for it You stole $500 bucks on top of that you want your job back They said you are a dumb and furthermore you are pretty cool to them You bought lots of stuff and adiditional you鈥檝e pay them with my credit card I don鈥檛 know why it鈥檚 raining but it also it鈥檚 cold
  1. When I was a child not only were crybaby, but also i was wayward

  2. I didn鈥檛 go to the party because I was tired, moreover, I was far awway

  3. They gave me a gift. Furthermore, they sang for me

  4. The money and the work are very important, but the health is on the top of that

  • This classes has been so interesting. Furthermore, the teacher seems to be a fun person!

  • I ate so much on the restaurant. Moreover, i obviously couldn鈥檛 leave the dessert alone.

  • The team has lost the game. Furthermore, they went 2 places down on the table.

  • It鈥檚 almost time to pay the credit card. In addition, we need to pay the place for the wedding.

  • Not only did the police stop us illegally, but they also wanted us to give them money.

Not only did the new President make a real chaged, but he also endeavor the economy situation.

I was really tired, nevertheles I couldn麓t sleep.

Not only did he wash the dishes, but he also leave them in the table.

No only dis she pass the exam , but she got the best grade.

We bought the a new place. Futhermore we bought all new furniture.

  • Not only did the improved economy bring a higher standard of living to the country, but it also created many new jobs.

  • Not only did the economy not improve, but it also did not add any new jobs.


  • Not only did they win the game, but also set a record.
  • I was exhausted. Moreover I was starving.
  • Not only has the economy been excellent, but jobs have also been easy to find.
  • Not only the economy has been excellent, but also jobs have been easy to find.

  • The economy has been excellent. Furthermore, jobs have been easy to find.

I will share examples with not only but also, because I find hard to remember the structures.

鉁旓笍 Not only has artificial intelligence helped to create content, but it also has contributed to correct texts.
鉁旓笍 Not only did Platzi increase its subscribers, but it also extended its content.
鉁旓笍 Not only did the finance department not complete the report, but it also didn鈥檛 achieve results.
鉁旓笍 Not only has the MKT department not created proper campaigns, but it also hasn鈥檛 measured the results.
鉁旓笍 Not only have people not invested in their education, but they also haven鈥檛 improved their quality of life.

Not only did the CEO not managed properly but also he didnt inspire anyone
Not only has the company made more profits but also has hired more employees.

I was hungry. Moreover I was tired
I was sleppy. Furthermore I was starving
Not only has the class been entertaining but it also has been funning.
I am happy. In additon I am healthy.
Not only did the class finish quickly but it also showed a lot of learnings.

He was happy to see her. In addition, he wanted to hug her.

That test was hard. Moreover, we didn鈥檛 know anything about those questions.

Not only did my cat find my house, but he also was happy to see me.

Not only have I felt great, but my health has also improved.

Not only did my sister not do her homework, but she also didn鈥檛 clean her room.

*I believe that all this exercises are very important for our growth furthermore to put in practice all what we learn in class.
*Since my point of view English to open many door with opportunities in addition help you to earn much more money.
*Improve the country is possible but need first that the leaders take better decisions on the top that worry them the situation of the others people.
*Each person can choose the life that want to live moreover of able do all for able construit it.
*I have many goals in my life in addition I know that I鈥檓 able of achieve all what I purpose.

  • It was a completely stressful day. Moreover, I had to keep in a meeting with my boss.
  • I enrolled to that course because it was obligatory. On top of that, I don鈥檛 get along with that professor.
  • She wanted to find a job as soon as possible. What is more, she needed the money to pay a loan.
  • My friend is making a small party for the new year. In addition, everyone who will arrive, have to bring some food.
  • Not only is the dress fashionable, but it is also made with good materials.

Not only ++is ++he running a lot, but also he is gaining more resintence.

Traveling braoud is exciting. Furthermore, it鈥檚 exhausting too.

  1. Not only did they win the game, but they also set a record.
  2. I was exhausted. Moreover, I was starving.


  1. The internet has improved people鈥檚 lives. It has facilitated several chores at home and tasks at work.
    Not only has the internet improved people鈥檚 lives, but it also has facilitated several chores at home and tasks at work.
  2. The environmental issues have been increasing the past years. In addition, economic situation worse the panorama for the coming generations.
  3. Pandemic affected the world economic situation. And non-development countries lost more lives and money than development ones.
    Not only did the pandemic affect the world economic situation, but it also lost more lives and money in non-development countries than in development ones.
  4. After this water waste treatment, not only did the water not improve, but it also didn鈥檛 let sea animals live inside.
  5. In order to improve English skills, we must practice everyday a bit. Furthermore, speak with native speakers.
  • I have gotten a B2 level of English this year. Furthermore, I can understand most of the dialogues from series and movies.
  • The company鈥檚 customers increased. Moreover, shareholders are gaining interest in it.
  • I鈥檓 taking Platzi lessons to improve my English. In addition, I consume a lot of content in English to apply my knowledge.
  • I didn鈥檛 have enough sleep. What is more, I didn鈥檛 have the chance to eat.
  • Not only did the books fall down, but my computer also wasn鈥檛 working.
  • the inflation this year has been higher tan ever, moreover the cost of life increase.
  • Argentina won their third world cup, what is more messi became one of the greatest football players in the history
  • not only the war in ukaine this year has been bad for the economy, but it also the covid pandemic is still spreading
  • Not only did the sanctions against russia not work, but it also didn麓t show a soon end to the conflict
  • Not only did my friends buy the videogame, but they also got exceptionally good at it.

  • I just got my room organized. In adition, i found some toy that was long lost

  • My RC plane runs out of battery pretty quick. Furthermore, it is very fragile, so it can鈥檛 withstand crashes under any circumstances.

  • Not only does Connor not feel comfortable with Gus around, but he also get a lot of anxiety when Gus speaks to him.

  • My favorite toy was broken. What is more, it was burned to ashes later.

  • Not only did I eat pizza, but I also ate some cake
  • I got a promotion, moreover, my salary will increase greatly
  • I got a B in physics. Furthermore, I got an A in English class
  • I bought some jeans last weekend. In addition, I bought a boots to match

not only did i not untestood the structure of the cohesive devices but also i don鈥檛 know how to use them.

  • They charged me one hundred bucks for my car鈥檚 repair, furthermore, they said me that I have to return to the car shop because the fix that they made is temporaly.
  • I had to walk five kilometers to the close gas station because I ran out of gas, in addition, I couln鈥檛 arrive on time to the party.
  • I had to lend her a shirt of mine to she could back her home because her shirt got torn, moreover, she said it was my fault because I wasn鈥檛 more careful.
  • Today was a wonderful day, I got a new job on a foreign country on top of that the company gift me a new car as a benefit.
  • If I were you, I would buy this phone of this brand because his camera is amazing, the screen is sharp and what is more his battery lasts one week using it all day.
  • Not only did I adopted a cat, but I also adopted a dog.

  • They want to study english in the US, and what is more, they want to travel all around the world.

  • She was exhausted. Furthermore, she was sick.

  • Me and my friends are cooking pizza tonight. On top of that, we are going to bake some chocolate chips.

  • Not only did the new apartment has a reshaped kitchen, but it also had a huge family room.


  • Furthermore
  • In addition
  • Moreover
  • On top of that
  • what is more

The economy has been excellent. Furthermore, jobs have been easy to find

The improved economy brought a higher standard of living to the country. It created many new jobs.

  • After watching this class not only did I practice, but also I learned new terms

  • The fridge stopped working. On top of that, all of our ice cream cakes melted!

  • He forgot to bring an umbrella. What is more, I had to lend him mine.

  • Not only did we finish on time, but we also got all the answer right!

  • It started raining in the night when we were reaching home. Furthermore, we got all wet when we arrived to the front door.

Cohesive devices for addition

  • What is more鈥
  • Furthermore鈥
  • Moreover鈥
  • In addition鈥
  • On top of that鈥
  • Not only 鈥 but 鈥 also鈥
  • Not only has the economy been excellent, but jobs have also been easy to find.
  • Not only did the improved economy bring a higher standard of living to the country, but it also created many new jobs.
  • Not only did the economy not improve, but it also didn鈥檛 add any jobs.
  • Not did only they win the game, but they also set a record.
  • I was exhausted. Moreover I was starving.
  • not only have you been disrespectful, but also you have been mean
  • in addition to the recent floods, power outages have been reported by the comunity
  • I鈥檝e enjoyed a lot this course, what is more, so far Cristopher is my favorite teacher (honestly)
  • Not only did my father not buy the cookies, but he also didn麓t bring milk.
  • I didn麓t go with you because I was tired, moreover, I didn麓t even have time.
  • My dog hadn麓t been eating because his food wasn麓t good enough, furthermore, his bowl is dirty!
  • Not only my girlfriend brought me some candies, but she also brought me an entire pizza!
  • I went there by car, in addition, I went at night.
  • Not only did I work out every morning, but I also go for a run at night.
  • I鈥檝e been saving money the last few months. Furthermore, I practically didn鈥檛 spend money.
  • Not only did I not prepare myself for the interview, but I also didn鈥檛 get on time either.
  • I had a really productive morning. Moreover, I plan to keep the pace in the afternooon.
  • Not only did I complete this lesson challenge, but I also did it greatly.
  • Not only did she arrives early in the morning to the work, but she also got out late.
  • The food has been delicious. furthermore, the price is accessible.
  • He has a good level in programming. In addition, he has a good English level.
  • She is beauti. Moreover, she is smart.
  • He studies hard every day. Furthermore, he works.
  1. Not only did they fall, but they also got stucked.
  2. Not only did she cry, but she also got mad.
  3. Not only have I failed science, but also math.
  4. Not only have I lost, but also no one is answering my calls.
  5. Not only does he know it, but he also has told everyone.
  • The school is very interesting for my child, in addition, the teachers are proud of it.

  • You have to do all this homework before tomorrow, moreover, there are some exercises from the other class.

  • The last business news apparently is good news for us, furthermore, the weather looks amazing for today.

  • Not only did I learn English but also learning Data Scientist is another class important for me.

  • You鈥檒l have several tasks to do on top of that you won鈥檛 have any help.

  • Not only did they play the best game of the tournament, but they also win the cup
  • Not only did he can finish the book, but it also become in bestseller in different countries
  • The report of inflation in the United States was 9.1 %. Moreover, it鈥檚 possible that the interest rate increases

The questions

  1. Not ____ they win the games, but they also set a record.
    B) Only did.
  2. I was exhausted, ______ I was starving.
    A) Moreover

The challenge:

  1. Not only they swept, but they also did the dishes.
  2. The government not care the country. On top of that, they it鈥檚 staying with all the money of the taxes of the person鈥檚.
  3. The big companies not it鈥檚 leaving money to the mini company鈥檚. Furthermore, they it鈥檚 felling the forests.
  4. The construction of the cities it鈥檚 not only its felling the forest. In addition, they it鈥檚 leaving to the animals without house.
  5. Not only they played in a great team of soccer, but they also win the game.