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I鈥檓 taking this class just a few days after the release of the news that Biden鈥檚 administration is going to forgive millions of federal student loans, this is happening and I鈥檝e seen a lot of different opinions on social media. But I haven鈥檛 seen any debate though.

Thanks Teacher!!

Personally, I think that institutions could forgive student loans for those students with high grades. In other words, if you are an excellent student, you could receive a reward, but it needs to be controlled as all institutions need money to keep functioning. Being a good student certainly has its advantages.

Im sorry to interrupt, but I agree with defend the rights of students. Honestly, there are a lot of countries that not have free education, furthermore, the universities are extremly expensive, for example Estados Unidos, Chile, Japon, etc. The people evidently cant pay high quantities of money. In other words, being poor, not allow to you have access to education. Whereas being rich is over easy. Realistically, I am totally agree in that the institutions should forgive students loans.

Starting with arguments in favor of forgiving student loans, it is important to recognize that the burden of student debt can have long-lasting negative effects on individuals and society. Many students are forced to delay major life milestones such as buying a home, starting a family, or pursuing entrepreneurship due to the financial strain of their loans. By forgiving these debts, we can alleviate this burden and provide individuals with the opportunity to invest in their futures and contribute positively to the economy.

Furthermore, forgiving student loans can help address social and economic inequalities. Student debt disproportionately affects low-income individuals and communities, widening the wealth gap and hindering upward mobility. Forgiveness would provide relief to those who may not have had access to higher education without incurring significant debt. By leveling the playing field, we create a fairer society where everyone has an equal chance to succeed.

Additionally, forgiving student loans can stimulate economic growth. Many borrowers are trapped in a cycle of debt repayment, which limits their ability to contribute to the economy through spending and investing. By eliminating or reducing this financial burden, individuals would have more disposable income, which could lead to increased consumer spending, entrepreneurship, and innovation.

On the other hand, there are valid arguments against forgiving student loans. Critics argue that forgiving these debts would create moral hazard, as it could incentivize future students to borrow irresponsibly, knowing that their debts might be forgiven eventually. This viewpoint emphasizes personal responsibility and the need for individuals to consider the consequences of their financial decisions.

Moreover, opponents of student loan forgiveness argue that it could place an unfair burden on taxpayers. Forgiving student loans would require a substantial amount of public funds, which could be seen as unfair to those who have already paid off their own debts or did not have the opportunity to attend college. Some argue that these resources could be better allocated to other areas, such as improving the affordability of higher education or investing in infrastructure.

Lastly, critics contend that forgiving student loans might lead to unintended consequences, such as an increase in tuition costs. If colleges and universities know that loans are likely to be forgiven, they might be incentivized to raise tuition fees, further exacerbating the issue of affordability in the long run.

In conclusion, the debate on whether institutions should forgive student loans is multifaceted and nuanced. Supporters argue that forgiveness can relieve financial burdens, address inequalities, and stimulate the economy. Opponents stress personal responsibility, potential unfairness to taxpayers, and the risk of unintended consequences. It is essential that we weigh these arguments carefully and consider alternative solutions that strike a balance between addressing student debt and maintaining accountability.

This topic is interesting as it is complex because we are discussing the close relationship that capitalism has built between education and money. Personally, I'm afraid I have to disagree with the fact that knowledge is no longer available for everyone, your social class shouldn麓t determine your access to a high-quality education. Education should be for everyone, and governments should finance our futures with taxes and well-extruturated educational programs. That being said, I麓m all in with freeing the youth of their student loans, life should not be about paying infinities debts.

Forgiving student loans can provide relief to many graduates burdened by debt, enabling them to pursue their goals and contribute to economic recovery. In addition, it can also promote higher education and a skilled workforce. For example, many students would have a better financial education after this. By eliminating student loans we can expect students to reach their goals without the specter of student loans looming over them.

Morover , being aware of economic implications is essential. Given the problem of COVID 19 pandemic, many have been affected economically, and forgiving student loans would give a relief to many people.

Furthermore, is is important to consider that education is a very good investment in the future. If sutendt loans forgiveness is implemented, it can be an incentive to people to pursue higher education without worrying about debt.

I had to study my Bachelors degree and my MBA with students loan, honestly, the interest rate was to high, compared with others loans. Definetily, I think that this situation represent a big problem for a lot of people, that couldn麓t pay the loans fee with their salary.

Education is the engine of society. If young people can have access to education, they鈥檒l become professionals with a brighter future and, **not only** **will** **they** have more possibilities to get a decent job, **but they also** will be capable to contribute their knowledge and skills to society to help it become better and better. **Moreover**, the illiteracy rates would decrease and the quality of life of society would **definitely** improve. Despite these benefits, many young people don鈥檛 have access to education and it鈥檚 because of money. More parents **would鈥檝e** **paid** the education of their children, **but for** the high prices of universities. **Due to this**, forgiving students loans is a proposal that should be considered. **Undoubtedly**, education is a primary right. **That is to say**, that every person should be able to study regardless of money. That鈥檚 why the students loans have **concerned** many individuals and organizations around the world, and the possibility of forgiving them has been raised. This debate seeks to invite various organizations from around the world to **resolve** this situation, and find a way to expand education to more people. **As a result,** we hope that the cost of education will no longer be an impediment for the majority of young people when making the decision to study a profession.
Students loans. - Students having been helped with loans, we are starting our lifes, and in many ocasions we don't have the encouraged of our relatives, by the sale token I honestly belive that being helped with the loans is pretty good.

Undoubtedly institutions should forgive students high performance loans, definitely anyone who wants to learn, deserves the chance, even their economic situation. Being that many of the mexican student have to work, it鈥檚 very common to quit school because of their culture, familiar economy, etc. As a result all the governments should boost education at all levels, whereas that having good education will have a positive impact on all social development.

Around the world, many individuals and organizations have argued that institutions should forgive student loans.

Before you move on, let me interrupt you for a moment. Education is certainly the most important social mobility tool for low and medium-class people. In other words, if you as the Congress promote private universities to forgive student loans, you鈥檒l allow more and better students to get grades in even elite schools.

By the same token, In my opinion, scholarships must be increased. Certainly, If I hadn鈥檛 gotten CONACYT鈥檚 support, I would鈥檝e not had the opportunity to move from Monterrey to Mexico City and get a Master鈥檚 degree in CIDE.

Nevertheless, we have to take into consideration that, being private universities are in fact businesses, the public sector must offer enough public education with the highest coverage and quality.

Being that Monterrey鈥檚 Mayor shared He wouldn鈥檛 be a source of division in the opposition, moreover, declaring their children were young and they needed it, he did not want to be the party candidate. In contrast, the Governor has told publicly that our country needs a young president, with new ideas, a fresh image, and a futurist vision of the country. In other words, both of them are young candidates and have young children, however, they also have different conclusions about that.

Before you move on I鈥檇 like to add something. I agree with forgive students loans . Personally i had contact with young people in the USA , and some of them had huge loans to pay, being a debt almost for life. In other words , it is an act of compassion, considering that it is an institution that needs profits. Ideallystically, the knowlegement need to be free, but it is not. As a result, this can be a great step for students, to start his life with no debts.

Being finished this course, we should give to you thank麓s you for all the information, furthermore your the incredible behavior

To start with, I am going to give some reasons why institutions should forgive studen loans, in other words, make stutend鈥檚 life easier, as it is already hard.
Firstly I would like to mention the situation in which some young students are, and that situation is, not being able to afford to go to university (having a great level of intelligence) and for that reason, they have to work hard and look for a job which helps them pay the loans. Everyone in this world should be given the chance of going to university.

Furthemore, goverments should provide help for this kind of people who can not afford education.
Education is the most powerful weapon that a society has, so goverments must invest in it.

On the other hand, if I have to mention arguments against insititutions forgiving loans, I have to say that, obviosuly, It is a point to bear in mind that a lot of people will waste these oppotunities, making goverments to fail in this situation, so it seems that if someone really wants to study and get a form in any area, they must deserve it and work hard.

Personally I think students loans are very important cause lots o people that they want a specific career sometimes it鈥檚 expensive in other word not everyone has the necessary money of starting the career they like, then being that student鈥檚 loans are necessary to get through the school

I believe that it is a great initiative that should to continue go ahead because more than useful it is necesarry, the interest in the loans is heavy, and if we have in count that many people in each country no count with the possibility of pay their career in one cout this idea it became in a good option if we landed to the reality, this can be one transcendental decision for all the humanity because we would form a people that have all their life a moral debt with the world.

*Having been cleared that this possibility is a pros and not a cons we can say that we pointed out to a good future, because for have a good 鈥渁fter鈥 is very important take good decisions 鈥渏ust now鈥

*In conclusion, to me have been exciting able to be here, I鈥檓 very grateful with each person that as I, came here to this discussion, and I hope that all the comments facts here can to be listened for the ears of manys and that also can to be been in count for take decisions in relation with this topic so important for alls.

I happily recommend this course!
Thanks teacher Chris.