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I do not work because I am 12 years old but I am a student

i am a graphic designer

I am a software developer!


  • He is a UX- Designer.
  • He is a Computer Engineer.
  • He is a Lazy & Undisciplined Teenager (Influencer) or maybe a neighbor.

I am a sexologist, couples therapist and teacher

I am Frontend Developer 💻

I’m jobless right now but I want to be a graphic designer, an illustrator or a psychologist

I am computer system engineer

I am a psychologist

I am Environmental Engineer

I’m a biomedical engineering student ❤️

I am a Learner

He is an UI Designer. She is a Frontend Developer. He is a Telecomunication Engineer.

I’m an economist :3

I am a speech pathologist

✍🏻 It’s my turn:

  • He is a UX Designer.

  • She is a Computer Engineer.

  • He is an Influencer. (maybe xD)

I am an economist, statistician and data scientist,I also love programming

At the moment I am a student, so I don’t have a job.

I am nothing yet

He is an Auditor.
He is a Computer Technician.
He is a Youtuber.

  • He is a teacher.
  • She is a UI designer.
  • I am a Android Developer.

Good Evenning! 😃
I am a Software Enginner.

I am psychology and student
I'm a manicurist

Practice: Professions



  • I’m a fullstack web developer.

I am an Industrial Engineer

I am a lawyer

He is a UI/UX Designer.
She is a Front-End Developer.
He is an Influencer.

I am a Data Scientist.

I am a student

you are a business consultant
he is an E-mail marketer
she is an photographer
They are Ux designer

  1. He is a systems engineer.
  2. She is a psychology.

she is a doctor
He is an architect

I am a Fullstack developer

I am a backend developer

She is an ingenier systems I am a digital content creator
i am a martial artist learning english
I am student
he is a sales executive he is a an deportist

I’m an Industrial Engineer. At this moment, I don’t have a job, because I want to first study English so I will be able to an International Company.

i´m a systems technologist

I'm an international business administrator
hi to everyone I'm a Telecommunications Engineer.
he is teacher. She is a computer engineer. he is an Android developer.
I am a future fashion designer.
* i am tailor and designer * oscar is a architect * she is an chef * we are clowuns * juan is a actor * they are singers * he is an soldier

I am a craftswoman

I am a logistic manager
I am a mechatronic engineer

I am a photographer

I’m a English stundent.

I am bartender

She is an engineer

He is a cashier
She is a teacher
He is a influencer

He is a teacher.
she is an analyst data
He is a sturt up

I am a teacher

I am a visual designer 😉

I am a Business Manager

I am a Filmmaker

I’m in customer service

He is a Designer
She is a Software Engineer
He is a Tiktoker

I am teacher

I´m Technologies seller

He is actor
They are architecs

What´s are their Jobs

  1. Picture: He is a teacher
  2. Picture: She is a software Engineer
  3. Picture: He is an Actor

Btw I’m a systems engineer student, I’m learning about software development and also, I’m improving my English skills because it’s important for me to learn this language since most of the documentation of the recent technologies are in this language.


When specifying someone’s profession or your own profession in English, you typically use the verb “to be” followed by the profession in the form of a noun or adjective. For example, “I am a software engineer” or “She is a data analyst.”

Here are 20 common professions found in the IT context and example sentences using each profession:

  1. Software engineer - “He is a software engineer at Google.”
  2. Data analyst - “She works as a data analyst for a healthcare company.”
  3. Web developer - “He is a web developer specializing in front-end technologies.”
  4. Network administrator - “She is a network administrator responsible for maintaining the company’s servers.”
  5. Cybersecurity specialist - “He is a cybersecurity specialist who conducts penetration testing for large corporations.”
  6. Project manager - “She is a project manager overseeing the development of a new software application.”
  7. Database administrator - “He is a database administrator responsible for managing the company’s databases.”
  8. IT support specialist - “She works as an IT support specialist helping employees troubleshoot technical issues.”
  9. UX designer - “He is a UX designer working on the redesign of a popular e-commerce website.”
  10. QA analyst - “She works as a QA analyst testing software for bugs and defects.”
  11. Cloud architect - “He is a cloud architect designing and implementing cloud-based solutions for clients.”
  12. Data scientist - “She is a data scientist analyzing large data sets to identify patterns and trends.”
  13. DevOps engineer - “He is a DevOps engineer responsible for automating the deployment of software applications.”
  14. Technical writer - “She is a technical writer creating documentation for software applications.”
  15. Front-end developer - “He is a front-end developer creating user interfaces for web applications.”
  16. Back-end developer - “She is a back-end developer responsible for building the server-side of web applications.”
  17. Systems administrator - “He is a systems administrator responsible for maintaining the company’s computer systems.”
  18. Mobile app developer - “She is a mobile app developer creating iOS and Android applications.”
  19. AI/ML engineer - “He is an AI/ML engineer developing machine learning models for predictive analytics.”
  20. Product manager - “She is a product manager overseeing the development and launch of a new software product.”

I am a social communicator.

I am Labeling Empleyoment

At the moment job in one gigantography, but I study to be a graphic designer

I am a ux designer and student english.

I’m a Graphic Designer!!

I am a System Engineer

ºHe is a programmer
ºShe is a dentist
ºHe is a photographer


I am a TV producer and filmmaker

I am a software developer

what are their jobs?

  • I am entrepreneur

use sentences like:
She is an accountant
he is a doctor
she is a nurse

I’m computer specialist and i have year and half working remotly for some companies the Argentina 😃

I am a Start Up Co-Founder and student english.

i am a Software Enginer

He is a teacher
She is a computer engineer
She is blog writer

I AM Data Analyst

hi, i am a software developer

He is a UX Designer
She is a Software Engineer
He is a Influencer

he is an actor
she singer
they are football players

I am a psychologist

I am psychology student Ψ

I am an Industrial Engineer

I’m unemployed 😭

i am a security guard

  • I am Operation Manager

I am a software developer

I am a teacher

I wrote it wrong

I am a Student English

She is a Business Consultant
He is a E-mail Marketer
She is a Start up founder
He is a UX Designer

I am student english

I am a student and a software engineer.

¡Hi everybody! My name is Gonzalo and I am a data analyst in the government of the autonomous City of Buenos Aires.

  • He is a UX Designer
  • She is a Software Engineer
  • He is a Influencer

i am a Systems Engineer