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Repasemos lo aprendido en el Curso de Inglés Básico A1 para Principiantes


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Thank you so much Kyra! You are the best teacher

Thank you Kyra, all this is very helpful.

PS: I love your pronunciation.

Thank you so much, dear teacher. Now I can go to the supermarket to buy my favorite sardine cans. See you 👋

I liked! You are a dynamic teacher! Thanks for everything ❤️

Thank you teacher, this is my favorite emoji from platzo!

Thank you so much Kyra for this course! The course was very interactive.

Thanks for everything, teacher! It was a pleasure!😊
Excellent course! ✨

Thanks a lot, Kira! 😄

cool, excellent, i like this course.

Hey!!, thanks Kyra for your class!! are funny and interesting! thanks! 😄

Good bless you.

thank you so much, Kyra!!!💖

You are the best teacher!!.
Thanks for everything

Fantástica actitud me ayudaba a no perder la atención en la clase… Muchas Gracias buena profesora.


Teacher Kyra, thanks for you time in this course. I can say that it was amazing. Now, I haven’t got fear about my english pronunciation.
I made it!
More Kyra’s english courses!

Unfortunately, this is the end of the course. I learned a lot 🤓 I would like more teacher Sage's courses 💙 never stop learning 🚀☺️🥺

Teacher thanks so much, I learned a lot.

This is an excellent course, thank you Kyra

Thank you. It was a great course!

Thank you so much Kyra and Platzi team, this course was so good, dinamic and interactive. Hope more like this!💚

Thank you for improving the classes team platzi. 👏

thank you teacher Kira, i like it. it´s a great classs.

I liked! You are a dynamic teacher!

Thank you so much Teacher. I learn a lot in this course. Your classes are dynamics.

You’re amazing Teacher. I was going to take a review but I learned some new things.

There is/There are
How old are you?
Days of weekend

Thank you Kyra, i´m very happy with the course

It was a wonderful course. I learned a lot in a very didactic way.
Thank you very much teacher for your teaching

te amo

Thank you for teach us Kyra. I love this course.

I Love your classes♡

I’m proud that Emma Stone was my teacher for this English course. 😹

Thanks teacher Kyra, It was a great course.

Thank you and great teacher Kyra


Thank you so much teacher ❤️. It was a nice course.

The best teacher


Thank u miss

Kyra is a great teacher

Than you for be my teacher Kyra.

I like your course!.
Thank you Teacher!
Good bye!

Thanks for this course! Very interactive and funny. I like the pronunciation of our teacher!

Ok, you are so nice. Platzo was very important, very challenging jajaja, very creative. Thanks.

I think she is an excellent teacher, kind and very smiling

an profile = a profile
it are purple = it´s purple
there are 3 message = there are 3 messages
it´s orange = it´s blue
my hobby is writing = their hobby is writing
how old is you? = how old are you?

Excellent course

Thank you kyra, you rock!

Thank you teacher Kyra!!!

Amazing course!!!

Thank you so much for this course, it’s basic, it’s good

thank you so much

Thank you so much Kyra for this amazing course!

thank you so much miss, very good class. I am learning little by little.

Thank you very much teacher Kira 😃

Thanks for your knowledge

Thanks a lot, Kyra You are a great teacherr!

Thank you so much Ms. Sage. I can remember all the elementary English.

excellent course, easy to understand

Excellent course

I think your body language can help the beginners to understand better what your are trying to say or explain when this is about a new topic. Your great.

Thank you so much, dear teacher.

Thank you Kyra… Excellent course… I learned a lot!

Thanks for teaching us English. This is very important for us. Keep it up!

Thank you so much, profe Kyra.

Thank you teacher, excellent course , see you in the next course!!.

Thank you so much teacher Kyra, your the best!

This course is amazing!
Thx for everything, Kyra!

Kyra, you are a fantastic teache, really!

Thank you so much, excellent classes. I liked it too much

I fell in love with the teacher Kyra, I feel the passion in the way she’s teaching, she’s the best!

thanks so much for this course, i was really like to did.

Thanks teacher Kyra, you’re amazing. See you in other courses! 🎉

Thank you Kyra, you are a excellent teacher.

¡Muchas gracias Kyra! Usted es el mejor profesor

Amé el curso, fue tan dinámico y tan simple. Que se entendió todo a la perfección, por más cursos así!! Thanks Teacher

Teacher thx, Im understand all.

muchas gracias

Thank you Kyra! It was a great course!

Thanks teacher Kyra!!! You are an excelent teacher.

Thank you Teacher!!!

Teacher Kyra thabk you! You have a nice way to teach, I hope to see you again in other coourses.

Thank you teacher, excellent course, i loved.

is excellent . the teacher Your explanations are very understandable. 😁😁😁😀

Thank you so much Kyra!

Thank you teacher Kyra, you have an excellent attitude and the course is interesting and essential.

Thank you so much teacher Kyra your classes were really funny and very very interesting!

thank you for this course, it is very good and you are a good teacher,

You are the best teacher

  • Thank you teacher Kira you are very good at teaching

Thank you teacher Kyra Sage, very good course.

Very good course, I really recommend it, it teaches you step by step

thank you teacher Kyra, I loved learning with you and with Platzi.

Thanks for everything Kyra!

One more class and I fell in love with Kyra. ♥
I loved the classes, the visual content and the inclusion
Than you so much.
Great teacher!

Thank you so much Kyra. Excellent course!!

Thanks teacher Kyra Sage, excellent course.

I loved the way of giving the content, it was very dynamic. Thank you!

Thank you teacher, I love your metodology to teach english.