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A different way of teaching English!! I like it a lot鈥

Thank you, teacher Romany 馃槂
This course is amazing.
I learned a lot.


thanks so much teacher.

Definitely an amazing teacher and a different way of teaching and learning English Excellent !!!

It麓s the best class, I learned a lot

Thank you very much for this course, it was very interesting.

I feel happy

Thank you teacher Romany!

Top tips for this advancing.

  • Look back over your notes.
  • Repeat all the exercises and worksheets.
  • Record yourself speaking yourself out loud!
  • Keep active! The mind learns faster when the
    body is engaged!

Thank you teacher!

it was an amazing course

  1. What else did you get from this workshop?
    I learned many new words and phrases about sports and the human body.
  2. Where do you think your English has improved?
    My English has improved a lot in the listening.
  3. What else would you like to learn about the body, dance, sports and physical activities?
    I would like to learn more about the different ways someone can explain his or her illness to the docotor.
  4. What was the best thing about this workshop for you?
    The best thing about this workshop was the way you explained us the different body parts and doing exercise as well.

I love course.
thanks techaer Romany

yes, tank you , teacher Romany.

This is an excellent course, it is very dynamic and easy to learn. 鈾


this is a very interesting course, because the activities if the body help us in everything we do

this course was amazing!!!


I have studied English for the last 50 years. It took me years to improve. In time, being able to understand English gave me real advantage when doing science work at the University. Learning a second language requires that the learner is located at the threshold where enthusiasm and opportunities run freely around. Just take the first steps and enjoy the process.
hello I learned in this course which and what with body parts verb to be with body parts parts of the body I learned sentences that use body parts with relaxation, running, walking and dancing.
Excelent class. Thanks a lot.
Thank you very much it was fun to learn in this course
Involving the body whilst learning was a great way to retain the information for me
i didn`t like this course

Thank you!

Thank you, for teaching English as a bit of yoga.

* You've made it! * You've done amazingly! * What else did you practice? * How was it for you? * What else did you learn? * What else did you get from this workshop? * I would love to know your opinion. * What was the best part for you? * What was the worst part for you? * What did you enjoy? * Leave me a review, please. * You did great!

I liked the course. I really enjoyed the worksheets and the examples. My favorite part was when the teacher did the physical exercises and routines. I like to be healthy and work out, I learned new vocabulary. Thank you, teacher.

This course was very fun and new as well.

Thank you very much

thanks for teaching me

!Hello everyone! IMO, this format of teaching everyone i find very useful because integrates the vocabulary with human body and each one鈥檚 physiology and permit everyone to integrate the body movement with, different kind of physical activities, go to the doctor and more. Thanks Teacher Romany for give us your best in this workshop. !Glad to see you!

In this course I learned some useful things that I can use in my day by day routine. Besides, I had the opportunity to master some knowledge I already learned. I like your optimism in every class and I would like to say thanks!!

I would like to learn how to name injuries while I am explaining something about sports.

los subtitulos en portugues creo que no corresponden a esta clase

This course was amazing. I learn a lot with Platzi and his team.


ty romany 馃槂

amazing course, thanks team Platzi and Romany

The teacher was very nice. I really liked her style of teaching English.

Good lecture.

Let鈥檚 certificated!



  1. What else did you get from this workshop?
    I learned many ways to warm up my body to get ready to exercise.
  2. Where do you think your English has improved?
    I improved my English with some new 鈥渁ction鈥 verbs and speech sense.
  3. What else would you like to learn about the body, dance, sports, and physical activities?
    I would like to learn about medical situations, just a few examples of doctor鈥檚 consulting or nurse attention.
  4. What was the best thing about this workshop for you?
    The best about this workshop was the 鈥減hysical activation鈥 class.

This is amazing course, thanks Romany!

Thanks for this course!

Thanks for this course!

It was great, thank you.

Thanks 馃弲

I am impressed with this new course and the teacher, the methodology used is very well structured, loaded with content and learning, Thanks so much Teacher Romany 馃槃馃挌

thank you very much teacher, I learn many things, thank you,

the roleplays on this course are amazing Miss Romany, I didn麓t know some words.

thank you teacher, I like this course

Thank you teacher, your way of teaching is very good

This was an interesting and different way to learn English. Thank you so much, teacher Romany!

great job! romany i have learnd too much about the body parts and verbs sense.
thank you so much.

I got self confidence watcching you and I got motivation to keep learning!

Thank You teacher !
Good Job
Good Class
Congratulations !! You 谩re a good teacher!!

Thank you for your top tips.

see you

Thank your very much for this course Teacher Romany!馃挌

This course was amazing! 馃殌 馃懆鈥嶐煔
I learned a lot of new things. 馃挭

Thanks for the course I learned a lot

Thank you very much teacher!

This course was amazingly.
Thanks teacher, you did so great. I really enjoy the whole course and i learned a lot too.

thanks so much teacher.

thank you Romany

Me encant贸 este taller

Look back

Thank you teacher Romany 馃槉
I loved your course 馃槃馃憤

I love your clases, you are an excellent teacher.

Thank you, teacher Romany 馃槂
This course is amazing and very informative.
I learned a lot.

Thank you, teacher Romany
This course is amazing.

His classes were very practical鈥 congratulations

I learned a lot in this class, thanks teacher Romany! 馃馃殌猸愶笍

Excellent class

Very interesting class

Fantastic class

I loved the cource

i would like to learn about swimming

Excellent course 馃挴

I will miss this course 馃ズ it was one of the best because I use different ways of teaching, I liked that 鈾ワ笍馃ズ

this course was amazing!!!

A fun and different way to teach English



Thanks for giving us more energy to do exercise!

It is a course very different from the others.

Thank you, teacher Romany. It was a different class, I liked learning English by doing physical exercises.

the class was great

this course was amazing, thank you

Thank you very much for this course.

thank you very much for this course I enjoyed it very much!!!

This course is amazing Thank You teacher 馃ズ馃帀