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Injuries and actions: What happened to you?


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Sprained = esguince
Swelling = hinchaz贸n/inflamaci贸n
Queasy = mareado

In the following image, you can see the use for so.

Swelling=hinchaz贸n Hurt= herir sprained==esguince painful=doloroso anti inflammatory=anti inflamatorio queasy= mareado

Hello Doctor
good morning, tell me how you feel
my head hurts
I will give you medicines to calm the pain

in the past I always went to My grandmother I went with sister we rod茅 a bicycle when we went back Home we were Going to past the bridge so suddenly we felt and I cut My chin and Had too much bood around My t-shirt but I didn't feel nathing so I was worry to My sister and got up as soon as possible and I went to get up her but I was glad that My sister didn't happen nathing and then a lot of things I went to see a doctor and he gave me medicine

What happened to you?
When I was a kid, I like to play in the garden.
And, one day I was running and fell, so I started crying.
It wasn鈥檛 anything serious, I just scraped my knee.

Me: Good morning doctor.
Doctor: Good morning. How may I help you?
Me: I fell and hurt my right arm six days ago, so I can鈥檛 move it very well because It麓s very painful.
Doctor: Let me look at it鈥kay, it is muscular, so you need a strong anti-inflammatory injection for the swelling and take these pain pills for 7 days. If you don鈥檛 feel better in 15 days, I want you to have an MRI (magnetic resonance imaging), so here is the recipe just in case you need it.
Do you have any questions?
Me: No, all is very clear to me, so I hope I will be better soon.
Doctor: me too. Have a great day.
Me: Thanks, bye.

Last weekend, my daughter pressed her hand into an exercise machine and cried a lot. I putted cold water so calmed their dolor.

  1. Swelling鈥攁nti inflammatories
  2. Hurt
  3. Sprained
  4. Painful
  5. Anti inflammatory.
  6. Queasy.

Hello doctor good morning.

Hello Olivia, how are you feeling today, why are you visiting my office?

Excuseme doctor, I have a painful on my fingers, I fell yesterday, so I think I broke my borns.

Let me check your, lend me your hurt hand, mmmm your borns are ok, but you need to take some medicine, I will receipt you some anti inflammatories for your swelling. Take it each 8 hours.

Thank you doctor, I feel better after I visited you.

You are wellcome, It鈥檚 a pleassure to attend you, Get better soon.

  • Swelling (inflamacion). I have my ankle swelling
  • Hurt (doler, hacer da帽o a, lastimar, lastimarse). My legs hurt.
  • Sprained (esguince). I had a sprained of ankle.
  • Painful (doloroso). My lesion was very painful.
  • Anti-inflammatory. You have to take an anti inflammatory.
  • Queasy (mareado). I feel little queasy.

Sprained = Esguince
Painful = doloroso
Anti inflamatory = antiinflamantorio
Queasy = mareado

Swelling = inflamaci贸n
hurt = da帽o

I was holding the door to keep it from closing, but my dog jumped at the door, and I ended up outside the house without keys. So, I had to think a way to get back inside. It ocurred to me that the best way was to climb the garage gate and try to reach my mom麓s room window, which was open. I scale it, and walked along the edge of the two houses to get to the window. As I was sgetting close to the window, there was a gap and I fell, broke a tile, I bounced off the car, an ladned on my dog麓s bed. I was inside, bit the impact was tough. I had to headed to the clinic, and the doctor found out I had sprains i n my arms and legs, they gave me injections but it was funny and I laughed to this history.


  • Now write your own in the space below. What happened to you?
  • Me: Good morning Doctor.
  • Doctor: Good morning. How can I help you?
  • Me: I fell and hurt my left arm seven days ago, so I can鈥檛 move it very well because it hurts a lot.
  • Doctor: Let me look at him鈥 okay, he鈥檚 muscular, so you need a strong anti-inflammatory injection for swelling and take these pain pills for 7 days. If you don鈥檛 feel better in 15 days, I want you to have an MRI, so here鈥檚 the recipe in case you need it. Do you have any questions?
  • Me: No, everything is very clear to me, so I hope to be better soon.
  • Doctor: Me too. Have a nice day.
  • Me: Thanks, bye.

Today I went to the dentist because I had pain in my tooth and my gums were inflamed.

My practice:
When I was 12, I loved rollerblading. One day I fell down trying to perform a new trick and hurted my knee. I screamed out loud and cried. I was in a lot of pain.
Later at night my knee was swollen, so my dad took me to the doctor. The doctor bandaged my knee and the next day he used a huge syringue to drain the liquid that had accumulated around my knee because of the swelling. He said that my knee ligament was broken, so I had to wear a cast for several weeks.

I had lots energy so I went to the gym.
I hurt myself and So I wen home.
My leg was stilll hurting so I decided to come and see you.

Me: hi, doctor
Doctor: good morning, how can I help you?
Me: my left wrist hurts to make some movements
Doctor: let me check, you have a sprained wrist
Me: what should I do to recover?
Doctor: you should place ice on the wrist, keep it bandaged, avoid making hard movements and take anti-inflammatories.
Me: thank you doctor, I will do that

Write your own role play situation based on an experience you鈥檝e had going to
the doctor.
PATIENT: Good afternoon doctor. Excuse me I need your help, 15 minutes ago I was bitten by a dog.
DOCTOR: Well, OK don鈥檛 worry. Let鈥檚 have a look. Where did the dog bite you?
PATIENT: It bit me in my leg.
DOCTOR: OK, and did you wash your leg ?
PATIENT: No, I didn鈥檛. I decided to come here a.s.a.p.
DOCTOR: Alright, I鈥檓 going to disinfect your wound with alcohol, then I鈥檓 going to vaccinate your wound so that it won鈥檛 get infected.
After that I鈥檓 going to need you to vaccinate four times yourself with a rabies vaccine.
PATIENT:All right doctor. Thanks for your assistance.
DOCTOR: Sure, you will also need to medicate yourself with an anti inflammatory for the swelling in your leg, and of course if you feel any pain in the affected area; you can use ibuprofen.
PATIENT: Thank you so much.

  • swelling

  • hurt

  • sprained

  • painful

  • Anti inflammatory

  • queasy

  • when i was a child i climbed a tree and jumped hurt my leg

tooth/ tooth pain

The teacher indicates that all students must bring their homework for the next day.
The student asks for more time to turn in the homework.
The teacher authorizes him that he can deliver for the following week.
The student leaves satisfied and confident.
The teacher worried that he no longer has time to grade the assignments and cannot deliver final grades on time.
The conclusion was, Both ask for more time to turn in homework and grades.

Patient: Hi

Pharmacist: Hello, How may I help you today?

Patient: Yesterday i went to the gym, when I was running I feel a sprain in my foot, so I
stopped my training. I take a short rest waiting for the pain to calm down but the pain didn鈥檛
calm down, so I decided to come and buy some medicine.

Pharmacist: Of course. Let me see your foot. Don鈥檛 worry your foot doesn麓t have a fracture
it鈥檚 only swelling. You need to take some analgesics like ibuprofen for the swelling and
the pain.

Patient: Thank you! I thought it was something severe.

Pharmacist: Peaceful! So here is your medicine, take it once every eight hours.

Patient: Thank you!

pharmacist: it鈥檚 a pleasure, have a wonderful day

One day in the morning I woke up very late, so I got up very fast and I got queasy.
Then I ran to the store and again I got queasy.
I haven鈥檛 been to the doctor lately.

Doctor, I visit you, for today in the afternoon, I began to have a pain in the lower back and the pain is very sharp, this start from one moment to another.

Sprained, esguince
Swelling, hinchaz贸n/inflamaci贸n
Queasy, mareado


  • Sprained= Esguince

  • Swelling= Inflamaci贸n

  • Queasy= Mareado

algunos tipos de lesiones: ![](
The last month I decided to learn swimming for the first time in my life, so I started very motivated, but 3 weeks later of that, my ears started to hurt, I tried to ignore the hurt but a couple of days later my right ear started swelling, I was very frustrated and had a lot of complication to keep my swimming routines, so I went to the doctor and he told me that I had and ear infection. The doctor gave me a prescription of anti inflammatories and instructions to continue with my swimming routines without don't feel pain.
Injuries and actions: What happened to you? Can you remember the role play from the class? Read over it one more time and then write your own role play situation based on an experience you've had going to the doctor. Scene 1: Talking to the doctor Patient: Hi, doctor. Doctor: Good afternoon, how may I help you today? Patient: Well, doctor, I had lots of energy today, so I went to the gym. Doctor: Sounds great! So, what seems to be the problem? Patient: Well, doctor, like I said, I had lots of energy, so I went to the gym, but then I hurt myself, and so I went home. Once I got home, I sat down and tried to rest, but my leg was still hurting, so I decided to come and see you. Doctor: Okay! Now I understand. Sadly, your energetic morning has resulted in an injury! So you decided to come and get it checked out! Very wise! Now, let's take a look, shall we? Patient: Yes, please, doctor. It's very painful! Scene 2: Getting the prescription Pharmacist: Hello! Patient: Hi! Pharmacist: So, the Doctor has told me you have sprained your leg during an accident in the gym this morning, and so you are going to have to take anti inflammatories for the swelling. Patient: Yes, thank you. Pharmacist: Perfect, is there anything else I may help you with? Patient: Yes, actually. I鈥檓 still in a lot of pain, and so I would like to order some Ibuprofen too, please. Pharmacist: Certainly! Remember because you are taking two different medications, you need to eat regularly and leave 4 hours between them, so that you don't feel queasy. Ok? Patient: Yes, of course! I won't take too many at a time, so that I don't feel queasy! Pharmacist: Perfect! Have a wonderful day and get better soon. Patient: Thank you!
" with body parts: 1. **Her eyes are so beautiful.** * "So" intensifies the adjective "beautiful," emphasizing the attractiveness of her eyes. 2. **His hands are so strong.** * "So" emphasizes the adjective "strong," indicating a high level of strength in his hands. 3. **The aroma is so pleasant, it tickles my nose.** * "So" intensifies the adjective "pleasant," indicating a high level of enjoyment of the aroma. 4. **She has so many freckles on her face.** * "So" emphasizes the quantity of freckles, indicating a large number on her face. 5. **His voice is so deep, it resonates in the room.** * "So" intensifies the adjective "deep," indicating a low and resonant quality to his voice. In each sentence, "so" is used to intensify the adjective describing the body part, emphasizing its quality or characteristic. Let me know if you need further clarification!
Once at a time, I had gone to school, and suddenly I hurt my stomach, so I decided to return home where my mom saw me and said to me you should visit the doctor, so I took the decision to visit him. Me: Hello, doctor. Dr: Good morning, how may I help you today? Me: Well doctor, today I went to school, suddenly I felt hurt my stomach. Dr: Have you eaten something last night? Me: Yes I have, I ate some chips and a soda. Dr: OK, How often do you eat chips and soda? me: um, I usually three times a week eat chips, soda, and different kinds of candies. Dr: You need to eat more healthily for now you have to take this medicine ... (I don't remember which are) Me: OK Doctor, thank you.
Patient: hi doctor DR: Hi, how can i help you? P: I was returning to the gym after two weeks, so i decided to train with the same weights but I think, i get a shoulder injury because I have a lots of pain to move my right arm DR: I see, probably you have a rotator cuff injury, Now, let's take a look, shall we? P: Yes sr, it's so painful DR: Well, I will prescribe you therapies and anti-inflammatories for pain, see you in one week P: Great! thanks doctor
I was playing soccer with my team, in a jump play to block a shot at the goal, but unfortunately the ball hit my foot so I landed badly and twisted my ankle. I went to the doctor and he prescribed some anti-inflammatories for my ankle.

One time I fell and inside my mouth I hurt myself and they had to take me to the doctor to sew my mouth 馃槩馃槩馃槓





Anti inflammatory


I'm feeling queasy, LOL
The use of so is to tell what happens after a certain situation, basically the consequence of something. If she doesn't want to feel queasy she needs to take the medicine separately, additionally, if she wants to get better, she needs to take anti-inflammatories.
  1. I went to walk, so I queased
  2. My father played soccer so he had sprain.
  3. My sister gave birth, so she had painful birth.

Hi Doctor, I feel strong pain in my feet and my toes are very swollen. Do I need an anti-inflammatory to this or do I need another thing, for example, studies medics?

On some occasion, I was working carrying heavy boxes, approx. 50 kg, and one day, I went overtime, that is, I did many hours of work and I injured my shoulder, now every day my shoulder hurts, I can鈥檛 lie down or I can鈥檛 carry such heavy things on the right side

Vocabulary: * Swelling * Hurt * Sprained * Painful * Anti inflammatory * Queasy
painful= doloroso Hurt: da帽o antiinflammatory: antiinflamatorio
Vocabulary: Sprained = esguince Swelling = hinchaz贸n/inflamaci贸n Queasy = mareado
Yesterday I went to the pharmacy because I had a lot of pain in my back. So they gave me some anti inflammatory.

hello have a good day . i like wich say each detail of the vocavulary

swelling 鈫 hinchaz贸n queasy 鈫 nauseas (mareos respecto al 谩rea estomacal, no confundir con dizzy que este 煤ltimo se refiere m谩s al v茅rtigo) sprained 鈫 torcido
I was all morning sitting on my desk and I felt a lot of pain in my back, that hurt a lot, I went to the doctor, so he prescribed me anti-inflammatories for the pain.

Swelling = Hinchaz贸n
Hurt = Herir
Sprained = Esguince
Painful = Doloroso
Anti Inflamatory = Anti inflamatorio
Queasy= Mareado

Hello doctor good evening, I come to consultation. that hurts you. My shoulders and chest hurt. You exercised. Yes, and quite a long time. Well I will give you anti inflammatory medication. Don鈥檛 take too much medicine so you don鈥檛 feel dizzy

Me: Hi doctor
Doctor: Hi, how may I help you today?
Me: I ate sushi and I think I鈥檓 allergic.
Doctor: Why do you think so?
Me: Because 20 minutes later I started scratching my face so now I have hives.
Doctor: I see. I鈥檒l prescribe you a cream put on twice a day, so you鈥檒l need to take this medicine too.
Me: thank you, doctor.
Doctor: I hope you feel better.

one day i was playing soccer with my friend and one of them pushed me and i felt down, i had an injury to my arm so immediately they took me to the hosp铆tal and the doctor ask me, what happend to me so i explaned him all what happend
the doctor checked me so he determined that i have had a fracture. my bone was broke, the doctor said that he needed to make surgery, which it consists hold the bones with a screw plate.

Usually, I do CrossFit, and I feel a sprain in my leg because I exert too much force.

Five years ago, I innjured myself during a stuns training. I was jumping and making flips, when I landed wrong in an frot flip, I fell hurt in my right ankle, It was painful and I hear the crack sound. So I kept practing some triks like flip flat, but when we finished. I came to home, my ankle was swelling and It hurt me a lot. So I searched on internet about this injury. I passed 2 days without walking well, and my ankle lesson lasted 3 month.

  • What happened to you?
  • Visiting the doctor.
  • If you have hurt yourself.
  • If you鈥檝e hurt yourself.
  • If you have had an injury.
  • If you鈥檝e had an injury.
  • We鈥檙e going to begin by listening to an audio-role play.
  • Try to pay close attention.
  • How may I help you today?
  • What seems to be the problem?
  • I sat down and tried to rest.
  • My leg was still hurting.
  • I decided to come and see you.
  • It鈥檚 very painful.
  • The doctor has told me that you have sprained your leg during an accident in the gym this morning.
  • You鈥檙e going to have to take anti inflammatories for the swelling.
  • I am still in a lot of pain.
  • I would like to order some ibuprofen, please.
  • I had lots of energy, so I went to the gym.
  • I hurt myself, so I went home.
  • My leg was still hurting, so I decided to come and see you.
  • Take anti inflammatories for the swelling.
  • I went to the gym and I hurt myself.
  • They had an injury.
  • They were hurt.
  • You have sprained your leg during an accident.
  • So that you don鈥檛 feel queasy.
  • Take a pause.
  • Don鈥檛 forget to share it in the comments.

Injuries and actions: What happened to you?

Perfect! Now write your own in the space below. What happened to you?

A few months ago, I had an injury in my knee, I was cleaning my bathroom, and I slipped and hurt my knee hitting the sink, I had an open wound in the kneecap area, so I had to go to see the doctor. He disinfected my wound, put a patch on me to bind the skin, and covered the wound with bandages. Then the doctor prescribed anti-inflammatories and an antibiotic so that the wound would heal better. So, I went to the pharmacy and the pharmacist gave me some anti-inflammatory pills and antibiotics for 7 days.

I am ready__

What happened to you?
Doctor: ! Mr. Pedro! How are you? What Can I do for you today?
Me: Hello doctor, thanks for meet with me, I鈥檓 here because, I feel sometimes tired, sometimes depressed and my performance in my work that鈥檚 not very well at all.
Doctor: Hmm? Tell me, what would you handle your stress? Are you sleeping well with good sleep hygiene? Are you Frequently lift weights at gym or do another kind of sport?
Me: Yes, doctor in the week I lift weights and running between 5 to 8 kilometers in each session, usually I鈥檒l go hard and heavy when I lift weights.
Doctor: Well, Pedro and How many sessions of training you do in the week?
Me: Around 4 to 5 sessions in the week.
Doctor: What is your work, actually?
Me: Domestic work and hotel manager at my own business, that鈥檚 a lot of work from time to time.
Doctor: And what about your nutrition, you daily eat enough calories to maintain, fulfilled, sharp and resolutive in your life every day?
Me: Well鈥. Not all the time, sometimes I go very obsessive with workout and caloric control, and those facts plus, my work and my studies, stresses and overpass myself.
Doctor: Ah ok, look Pedro, we are going to solve this situation. First go train hard but no more than 4 days because you need to recover your body, NCS, hormonal system and briefly your physiology.
Second: Less time in your workouts, warm up some sets and lift weights in this structure:

  1. Top set then Back off, top set is the maximum load In your exercise, 6 or plus reps but not more than 10 reps and in the back off you鈥檒l go equals or plus 12 but less than 20.
  2. No more than 3 effective sets per multijoin exercise like (Squats, Bench press, chin-ups, deadlifts, military-presses, and other stuff you know).
  3. That would be: Top set, back off, back off.
    Third: Go to sleep with a previous digestion after your latest meal, around 2 to 3 hours, before you go bed and sleep, that improves your sleep quality and directly your recover.
    Fourth: take 2 or 3 days with totally rest or at least with minimum physical activity which is not very demanding for yourself. That would be enough for your to recover your body and mind.
    Fifth: Very important, your nutrition, remember to consider the best quality of your digestions. Modulate the Volume in each meal. That鈥檚 important.
    Pedro: Thanks Doctor for your recommendations, I鈥檓 going to follow these instructions. Really appreciate your time, help and wise advice.


My practice:

A few months ago and went to the doctor because my mother fell down and broke her ancle. A month later she fell again!!! It was terrible!!
At that time, she had broken her ankle and left shoulder!!!, she had to take some medication including anti inflammatories for the swelling. My sisters and I spent time taking care of my mom for three months. Now she is very well.

A ten years ago. I goes to go the car of my work, when down a ladder my right foot began to hurt, I don鈥檛 put attention in this, but in the night my foot painful a lot. I went to the doctor inmediatly, he saws me and inffortunatly i had a sprained. Today i learn to know how to said in english 鈥渟prained鈥. Thank you.

I was going to cross the street, and I was hit by a motorcycle.
I fell on top of the biker and hurt my hands and knees.
I went to the doctor and he examined me, he said there were no fractures, but my knees were swollen and my hands were just scrapes.
He prescribed anti-inflammatories and rest for eight days.

it is a real role-play between my mother and i.
me: Mami, I fell of the motocycle. Can you take me to the guard?
Mom: Daugther, how did you fell? Are you ok?
me: yes, Don鈥檛 worry. I Just hurt myself the leg. and I am bleeding a bit. but I am fine.
mom: let鈥檚 go right now to the doctor. Maybe you have the leg broken. It鈥檚 swelling!

This is my practice about this lesson:

  • One time, I sprained my arm, so I decided to be very carefully at gym.
    I feel queasy because I didn鈥檛 have time to lunch.
    My hand feel swelling becuase I use the drill without the apropiates gloves.

Here is my brief history with the doctor:
When i was 8 years old i used to take swimming lessons. One day as usual, I went to my swimming lessons, when I was going to enter to the pool I accidentally hit my chin with the edge of the pool, I hit so hard my chin that it was bleeding a lot, so I went to the doctor of my swimming school quickly, the doctor had to sew me 3 stiches, it hurt me a lot!.
Thankfully I didn鈥檛 fracture my chin and i recovered pretty fast!

My real life experience

Three months ago, when I went to work, at the company鈥檚 entrance I fell down and hurt my ankle, I tought it was not interesting so I went to my desk and I started my work day, during the course of the day I felt unwell and I felt painful in my ankle, so I decided to go seeing a doctor.
The doctor check myself and said: Your fall produced a sprain, so you must take anti inflammatories for six days and you must take rest for a few days.
Also, the nurse helped me with an injection for the painful and the swelling, but the injection produced me a little queasy.
However, the next days I felt better and now it is only a memory.




Well, my experience with a injury, it was when I did training Jiu-jistu and suddenly I listened a noise from my knee, the good thing is that I recoverd quickly

I remember when I was a kid I would always trip and hurt my knee and I would get a lot of blood.
I would go to the doctor to be cured, the doctor would give me some anti-inflammatories to calm the pain because it hurt so much.


Vocabulary learned:
Sprained = esguince
Swelling = hinchaz贸n/inflamaci贸n
Queasy = mareado
painful = muy doloroso
hurt myself = hacerme da帽o

Swelling鈥攁nti inflammatories




Anti inflammatory.


Can you please sell me something for my back pain?
I have something that is very painful.
Maybe I got hurt when
I went from a hot place to a very cold place without a coat,
so I have to be careful in these situations since it is not the first time.

I. Good afternoon doctor,
D. Good afternoon.
D. What happened to him?
I. I was playing volleyball when I jumped and when I fell my foot became twisted and swollen a lot.
D. Let me see it.
If it is inflamed, we will take an X-ray
D. The x-ray shows that he suffered a grade 2 sprain
so it is necessary that we put a plaster on him and inject him for pain and anti-inflammatory, he will also have to take some pills for 5 days.

Doctor: Hi Jhon tell me what happened to you? Me: Hi doctor, yesterday I went for a ride on my bike , I was pedaling a little quickly when suddenly I started to feel a strong pain in my right ankle everytime I pedaled so I went back to my home and I took a pain pills and I put a ice pack on my ankle to calm pain. I felt better after that but later the pain got back and my ankle looks more swollen so that I decided to come with you today. Doctor: Well, let me check.... Jhon as I can see you hurt yourself when you were pedaling quickly and you sprained your ankle so I'm going to give you an anti-inflammatory drug and some pain pills, you will have to use a walking stick while you get better and try don't move you a lot.
  • Swelling
  • Hurt
  • Sprained
  • Painful
  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Queasy

Me: Hello Doctor.
Dortor: Hello Braylin. What i help you?
Me: Doctor, I was playing basketball with my friends, and It was so much funny, but the ball bounced and hit me, now, i have a strong headache.
Doctor: * Checks my head * (Action).
Doctor: I see that the superficial head it鈥檚 good, but inside the head, it moved your brain and caused the headache. Take these tablets once a day, for two days and, you鈥檒l be fine.
Me: Thanks Doctor.
Doctor: Your welcome Braylin.

Good lecture

helios i am a Doctor. i am study more parte of the body, so is verry importan.

My goodness! 馃槴

Some time ago I was in an MTB practice and I did crash my bicycle into a tree, my parents carried to me to a doctor and he recommend some x-rays of my chest and hips, everything was okay, so he gave me pills for muscle hurt and pain.

When I have a toohache I have face swelling.
I hurt my leg when I was running because I sprained my foot and that was too painful. After that I had to go to the doctor and she gave me anti inflammatory, I ate and I feel queasy. Today was a bad day for me. 馃槮


  • Swelling.
  • Hurt.
  • Sprained.
  • Painful.
  • Anti-inflammatory.
  • Queasy.
  • I had a lots of energy today. So I went to the gym.
  • So what seems to be the problem?
  • I hurt myself and so I went home
  • My leg was still hurting so I decided to come and see you
  • Im still in a lot of pain and so I would like to order some ibuprofen too

What a good class

sweelling: inflamaci贸n Hurt: hacer da帽o Sprained:esguince painful: da帽o anti-inflammatories Queasy:mareado
Hello Doctor hello good morning Doctor: How can I help you? good doctor I come to you since the day of now, being in my house when running to close a key of the rotoplast I didn't realize that a table I had a nail pointing up, I tripped and stuck it in my foot. in such a way that my mother proceeded to remove it. When I took it out I felt great pain, it hurt me a lot. so my mom seeing that I was bleeding, arranged to bring me here And I come until I review it Doctor: it was excellent that you came patient I come to see you check me. pharmacist hello hello the doctor says you hurt your foot I'll give you an injection against cangrena and amoxicillin how to reduce inflammation in the affected area thank you so much bye

Swelling - hinchaz贸n
Hurt myself- lastimarme
Sprained - esguince
Painful - doloroso
Anti inflammatory - anti inflamatorio
Queasy - mareado


Back in school, I remember a time when I was playing tag with some friends, but then I suddenly fell and hit my hip bone and my head. A few days later, I had a huge bruise in my hip. It was super dark in some spots, and also red and green. It was a very weird and painful bruise. Thankfully I didn鈥檛 hurt anything else, nor had any kind of sprain / fracture.

One day, I woke up with stomach pain and a little queasy, but I didn鈥檛 say anything to my family until the pain was very intense so my mother went to the pharmacy to buy medicine.

take anti inflammatories for the swelling
I went to the gym and I hurt myself
You have sprained your leg during an accident
Yes please, doctor. It麓s very painful.
Anti inflammatory
You are going to have to take anti inflammatories
so that you don麓t feel queasy.

using so
I had lots of energy, so I went to the gym.
I hert myself so I went home.
My leg was still hurting, so I decided to come and see you.

Swelling=hinchaz贸n Hurt= herir sprained==esguince painful=doloroso anti inflammatory=anti inflamatorio queasy= mareado

Last year, I was on the roof taking some photos. And then, I decided to get on a base but when I was going up I slipped.
My left foot hit the roof and I fell immediately. I hurt myself, it was the worst feeling I had ever had in my life.
I was feeling queasy and immediately my knee was swelling up

In 2014 I was lifting 50 pound of weigh at the gym, so I was distracted, I hurt myself in the knee with a bad step, it was painful, so I had take some antiinflamatories for the swelling. over 6 months I was still feeling pain, so now I鈥檓 carefuly when I鈥檓 working out with weigh.