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Web Packagers

🏛️ History

  • 1995: Born JavaScript in the war between Microsoft and NetScape for the internet market
  • 2009: Born Node.js a runtime of JavaScript in the server side
  • 2009: Release of npm a packager for Node and JavaScript
  • 2011: Browserify the tool for packaging arrives to JavaScript environment
  • 2013: Gulp show a new way for work with our JavaScript apps
  • 2014: Babel a JavaScript compiler

📁 What is a module?

Is just a file with code that we can call from the other files in the same way as we can import other modules to our file

What is IIFE?

Is a way in JavaScript for invoking a function immediately and stand for Immediately Invoked Function Expression


(function () {
  console.log('Hi from IIFE')

What is CommonJS (CJS)?

Is a alternative for create modules in JavaScript that born with Node.js in 2009

What is AMD (Asynchronous Module Definition)?

Is a propose for solve some limitations that has CJS for load modules in the client side

What is ES Modules (ESM)?

Is the native way implemented with Ecmascript6+ that allows you use export and import for can works with modules in an easy way

Web packager

It’s a piece software that allows have all the items (code, images, fonts, etc) in a single file, this is useful to reduce the size of the code.

✨ Most popular packagers

  • Dependecies managment
  • Tasks execution
  • Format convertion
  • Development server
  • Dependecies management
  • Tasks execution
  • Development server
  • Implementation diagnostic
  • Tree shaking (delete code pieces that don’t be used)
  • High performance
  • Tasks execution
  • Tree shaking
  • Support for ES6 and CommonJS
  • Easy Dependencies Management
  • Task execution
  • Tree shaking
  • Support for ES6 and CommonJS
  • Just the new fucking rockstar in the neighborhood!

Hace una semana Vercel anuncio TurboPack, un empaquetador que esta desarrollado en el lenguaje Rust.
En el anuncio dicen que es 700 veces mas rapido que Webpack y 10 veces mas rapido que Vite.

parece que vite va a reemplazar a webpack aunque siempre me gustó webpack, ojalá que vite no le quite mercado

Algo con esbuild es el hecho de que está usando Go por debajo lo que hace diferenciarse del resto en cuanto velocidad.

En mi camino use Grunt, despues Gulp, luego webpack, y desde el año pasado Vite.