Proyecto: Preséntate profesionalmente en inglés



It’s time to review the topics of this workshop by creating your own professional presentation. Create one paragraph where you answer the following questions:


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Hello, my name is Urkia Rodriguez
I’m accountant
I work independently
I prepare declarations of taxes and help companies in the analysis of their financial states.

My name is David Fernando Prieto.
I am system engineer.
In this moment I work with a government company
My responsibiities are:
Analysis of data and do script for help the automate process

Hello everyone!
My name is David Mosqueda.
I’m a Geologist
I’m unemployed now
A geologist studies the compositions and structure of the earth, including rocks and minerals.

My name is Diana Torres
I am System technologist
I am mother
I ´m not working in profession
I´m working as a mom
My company is my home
My responsabilites are:
tidy up the house
clean the house
cook food
take care of my children and my husban
do market
among others

Hello, my name is Nancy Gonzalez
I’m Web Developer
At this moment I do not work for any company, I am looking for my first job in the area of programming
Probably my responsibilities would be to create and support web pages

Hi, my name is Maritza Rodriguez
I´m marketer
In this moment, I´m loking for a job
I have great experience in customer service, so customer experience and custommer retetion rate.

Hello; my name is sabrina, I´m a gestor of automotive.
I work at my brother’s car dealership since ten years. I am in charge of vehicle´s documentation.

Hello, my name is Luisa Gaitan
I’m marketing Student
I work independently
My responsibiities, well, I created content to promotion political ads

hello, my name is carlos mendoza
i,m Physical therapy
i work independently
I am responsible for taking care of patients and being able to give them the best rehabilitation to do their activities

Hello, my full name is Diego Benitez, I’m a biologist and I work in a consultant services. My responsabilities are the analysis of biological data and make a surveys for take a data in the biological context.

Hello there! 👋
My name is Felipe Reyes.
I’m a manager, and at the moment, I’m working in my own business.
My responsibilities are to manage the company.

Hi platzi community! My full name is Neicer Vásquez and my profession is not defined, but I want to be a professional in machine learning. Currently I don't work for any company, but in the future I want to work with Microsoft and I would like to have a position as a machine learning engineer.
Hello, My Name Is Daniel Ariza. I’m student of engineering mechatronics. I'm not working but I'm looking. My responsibilities are: study and be happy. :)
Hello. My name is Milena Mendoza. I am a Social Communicator and I work in my own company called THECLOSET.CO. My responsabilities are manage the ecommerce, do networking, plan marketing activities and get new customers.
Hello, my name is Daniel Castro, I am TSU industrial administration, I am working at Mondelez as a team leader
My name is Geordy Reyes, I currently working as a front-end developer in JDK Outstanding Technologies, some of my responsibilities are developing statics websites and testing the user experience.

Hello, my name is Robert Zuñiga
I am computer technology
at this moment i work in a logistics company

My name is Juan Rios
I am an Industrial Engineer
In this moment I work for Manufacturing Company
In this Manufacturing Company I should administration production for will build product just time and have customer glad.

Hello, my name is Rodrigo.
I’m a creative producer.
At the moment, I work for the web3 industry.
I have a podcast and I produce digital content for the web3 ecosystem.

Hi, my name is Alejandro. I am a frontend developer with 2 years of experience. Currently, I work using technologies such as React, Node and Sass. I work at Books&Books, where my responsibilities includes creating “OVA” (virtual learning object) using the tools I mentioned earlier.

What’s your name?
R/ My name is Gerly Velez
What is your profession?
R/ I am an System Engineer
What company do you worlk for?
R/ I work in a banck
What are your Responsibilities?
R/ my Responsabilities is Develop software, and I team work with my work partners

My name is yannist Londoño
I’m unemployed
my profession in chemestry
I work doing laboratory tests in the water

hi, my nane is Christian Basante, i am an electronic engineer, i work in a industrial plant in the maintenance area, sometimes i revised the machines and others times i repair them.
What’s your name? My name is Solange Teresa Martínez Salgado What is your profession? I'm a Graduate of Plastic Arts from Basic and Middle School, I'm an Art Teacher. What company do you work for? I work for the Secretariat of Education of Facatativá What are your responsibilities? My responsibilities are to prepare classes from grades six to eleven, teach classes, and grade assignments, take exams, etc.
![]()**My name is Diana Monroy** **i´m professional in bussiness administration** ,**I´m Work in the industri of refrigeration and conditional air**,**Well, I'm commercial executive and I sell the equipments**

Hello, my name is Yosimar Reyes
i´m a systems engineer student
i´m not working
but my responsabilities are do my university work

Hello, my name is Scarlett Arias Armas
I’m copywriter
I work independently
I write stories and learn about tech world

My name is Aleja, I am Audit and I work for a Company that sells cars. My activities are to verify different processes and write reports.
Hi, my name es Aleja, I am Audit and I Word for a Company that sell card. My activities are to verify different processes and writing reports.

Hi, happy day

  • What’s your name? My name is Blanca Avilan
  • What is your profession? My profession is business administrator and Senior manager Speciality
  • What company do you work for? I am not working at this time
  • What are your responsibilities?I have ten years of experience in different areas, selechion people, intervius,administration, financial, logistical and administrative assistant.
Hello, my name is Juan Chacon. I’m a professional in marketing and advertising. At the moment I work how freelance. About my responsibilities I have planning the opportunities to increase the revenue of my clients with paid media and owned media.
Hello, my name is Daniel Mendoza, I´m Engineering of logistic, and I work in a medicaments company, my role is verify the rigth achievments of the supply chain.
Hello, my name is Melina Villacís, my profession is Community manager, and i work for a digital agency and my responsabilities are: create and manage online community on social networks, schedule post, etc.
Hi, My name is José Meza. I'm UX/UI designer, i'm work with a tech company, my responsabilities is to create the e-shopping experiences for the client's users.
Hi, my name is Daniela Flórez, I´m a industrial design enginner. I work in a company from Brazil. I create 3D and 2D designs and share information for manufacturing.
My name is Maria Jose I am an engineer in human resources profession I work as a talent analyst in a company, my responsibilities are to attract new talent to the company, I am 38 years old and I live in Santiago, Chile.
Hello, my name is Laurens Ríos, I´am a university student, I don´t have a job but i want to learn more english.
Hello my name is Noldia Chavez, I'm software developer and I work at a small software company called PINSUH. I'm responsible for the entire software creation process.
My name is Nelson Londoño , I'm Body guard , in the company security VIP .My responsibility is comprehensive and physical care

Hi, my name is Juan Esteban Carrillo,
I’m a system engineer,
I work independently
I manage databases.

Hello, my name is Arnold Villodas I am a programmer, and I have worked in EXD my responsibilities are from analysis to code.
Hello Everyone! my name is Pedro, I'm a Product Manager I work for a Technology Enterprise. I'm the voice between Client and Development Team, for building apps.
Hello, my name is Sebastian Parra I'm a bussines major student, I work as a administrative assistant on a small bussines taking care of some responsibilities like: paying to the workers and the smallest suppliers, supervise the workers in a small period of time of the day and other small and medium chores like those I mentioned before.
Good afternoon my name is Nancy Mosquera. I am a lawyer . I work for ethnic communities as legal advisor.
Hello, my name is Santiago Hernandez, I live in Colombia, I am student of Systems Engineer,, I'm looking for my first job :(
Hi, I´m Carlos Ramirez, I'm System Engineer and work as a Senior Salesforce Developer in Tech company in Spain, my responsibilities are develop differents components of software for differents companies
Hello, my name is Andre Felipe nuñez chaparro, I’m iOS developer, I work in bank developing features to the app
Hi, my name is Camila Fernández, I’m a publicit and a multimedia producer. Now, I work for Effie Colombia that is a program that rewards effectivenes in marketing. My responsabilities are: design pieces for social networks, and provide operational support throughout the registration and award process.
My name is Andrea Mallea and I am a business administrator, I work in a consulting firm and there I see finances.
My name is Andrea Mallea and I am a business administrator, I work in a consulting firm and there I see finances.
Hi all. My name's Luis García, I'm telematics engineer with two years of experience work in Security Operation Center. My position is Tier 1, I create reports on security events, investigations and action taken.
Hello, my name is Elias Mladonado, I am a sales manager at Carsolution. Some of my main activities are reviewing monthly sales, assigning activities to collaborators and supervising customer behavior.
Hi, my name is Carlos Ardila i'm a visual designer, i work from a retail company in Colombia thats call Alkosto, i design the part visual of every storein Colombia, create all the pieces and visual details of their stores. its a funny and complicated job, but is great!
Hi everyone. My name si Yuliany. I am accountant. I work for Celsia . My responsibilities there are elaborate financial statement, consolidate and analice financial information

Personal presentation!
Hi everyone!
My name is Yulieth Triana Tobón
I’m professional in sustainable tourism
I’m working independently
Some of the responsabilities that I do are: Planning territories, guiding people, serving people and managing marketing and publicity.
Never stop learning!

Hello, my name is Genesis Abreu. I have a degree in social communication and I currently don't have a job
Hello! I'm Russell Moreno, a dedicated student passionate about continuous learning. Currently, I'm not affiliated with any company, as my main focus is on my academic development and acquiring skills relevant to my future career. My responsibilities include efficient time management, constant research, and active participation in academic projects to strengthen my knowledge. I'm committed to personal and professional growth, always seeking opportunities to expand my skills and positively contribute to the world around me.
Hello, m*y name is Teddy.* *I am a Software Engineer.* *I work for a company called Codeable.* *My responsibilities include teaching, organizing meetings with students, and preparing classes.*
Hello! My name is Mariam Rosal. I am a Frontend Developer and Systems Engineer. I do not currently work in a company, I am looking for work. In my previous jobs, I was responsible for web design and frontend development of web applications and websites.
Hello, my full name is Moises Carbajal, but you can call me Moi. I’m computer technician. I work for the 4 stars company, and I repair computers.
Hello, my name is Lizeth Churaira. I'm System Enginieer In this moment I work with a government company My responsibiities are: Front-end developers .
Hello, my name is Esteban, i'm psychologist, i work for the government and independent clinical psychologist, my responsabilities are personal recruitment and psychological therapy. Thanks.
Hello everyone my name is Luis Angel, I studied international trade, and I would like to work in mazda, maybe in the logistics area.
Hello, my name is Brandon Galvis, I'm software developer on c/c++ and python, I not working for nane conpanies.

Good Morning, my name is Emanuel Hernandez
I am a system ingenier
I´m work independently
I´m work with difren companys in proyectos whit ERP (enterprice resource management) SAP, colavorate whit support and maintenance users, security and rol´s (access)

HI my name is Saul, I am firefighter and i work to my city. My responsibilities are fight fires
OK my name is Carlos My profession is IA I'm independent I have no responsibilities as such
hello, my name is Bryan Ramos my profession is chef I work for Riccioli experience with sensorial food and desconetion and connection with you my responsibilities is that administration and develop the menu for the experience food .

Good morning

  • What´s your name? My name is Ana Vivtoria Valencia and i am 34 years old.
  • What´s is your profession? At this momentt i am a consultant, but i am studying to be a software developer
  • What company do you work? I currently work for a call center
  • What are your responsibilities? customer support
Hello! My name is Karen Ramos. I am a Spanish techer. I work in a public school. I teach spanish to children and create material to achieve this goal. :)

This is my presentation 😉

Hi platzi community !! My name is Luis, i'am Developer, i work in a bank, my responsbilites are: develop software and automate reports

Oscar Amaya
I’m Barber
I work in inversiones dayos
my responsabilities are cut hair

My name is Fernanda Gabriela Martinez Blanco. I am an accountant, but now I dedicate myself to logistics, I study engineering to know more and understand my work more. I work at FiberHome, a telecommunications company, in charge of providing internet I am in charge of logistics, unit management, and ensuring that the material arrives in a timely manner.
Hello, my name is Gloria Sepúlveda, I am an industrial engineering student. At the moment I don't work for any company.
Hello, my name is Gabriel Gutierrez, I studied Business Management buy right now I'm working as a purchasing agent at a Bank here in Colombia, I'm encharge of negotiating prices with possible providers for the needs of the supply chain of the bank
My name is Raquel Quelca. I'm a Systems Engineer. I work at Seth Solution for more than year. My resposibilities are: the ckeck the assigments in the ClickUp then program the asigments.
Hello, my name is Nayrack Arevalo, I'm medicine student, I don't work at the moment but i'd like to get a job and my responsabilities are: study, learn and fulfill my duteis.
Hello, my name is Brian Rico, I´m civil engineer. I work for an agricultural fertilizer company, I have control of the inventory and the order of the warehouses.
Hi, everybody My name is Fernando Fula, I am mapping engineer , work in the geografic Institute. Im Make de maps.
Hello, my mane is Emerson, I am software Developer, I don't work at the moment
Hello, my name is Eduardo Minga, I'm a Business Analyst, I am currently unemployed but I have 4 years of experience. My responsabilities are cleaning, analizing and visualization of data. I help comercial teams to make decisions based on data.
Hello, my name is Federico. I am website designer. I work in freelancer. I create, besides maintenance and update websites
Hello, my name is Bernardo. I'm a programmer and I work for a private company that specializes in e-commerce projects.
Hi mi name IS Michael Richard Cardoso Caviedes, i am web designer, In this moment i work for META company my responsabilities are Analysis of data and design the Page web
Hello, my name is Stephany Aldana Martinez, i am student accounting, At this moment, i am woking as a finances trainee, my responsibilities are Assist and support the company's financial area.
Hello, my name is Stephany Aldana Martinez, i am practice contability, i work treene finances, my responsabilities are Assist and support the company's financial area.
Hi everyone, my name is Angel Ramos, I'm a student, (I don't have a profession actually), but I study in a school in Bogotá, Colombia. My inspiration is be a software engineer, and get a good state.

Hello, my name is Vladimir Farrera, I´m developer and actually i work independently, i programer in frontend with javascript and typescript

hello mi name is allan perez,i am salesman,mi compani is it called inmobiliaria nuevo mexico,my responsabilities are sell real estate
My name is Edinson Castillo. I'm a Teacher. I'm working in the Angeles School. I'm teach in 5 grade.
My name's Josu Wick 
My profession is data sciense 
Actuallity i work in my Startup about AI
Create and analysis of date for testing  AI models
Hello, my name is Alberto Rojas. I am a technology teacher working in a high school, and my responsibility is to ensure an effective and enriching educational experience for the students.
hello, my name is anderson pol. i am teacher, i work in the university of state.

Hello, my name is Justin Aldana
I´m Mechanic
In the automotive workshop
Fixing cars

Hi. This is Simon. I'm a political scientist. These days I work for a company called TeleMed. I provide bilingual financial assistance to the company's customers by answering their questions, fixing their issues, and handling any other concerns they have.
Hello everyone! My name is Lizie Flores, I'm a graphic designer. At this moment I am not working, but normally my responsibilities are: I work to help companies improve their visual and corporate identity. Sometimes I focus on creating graphic art for their social networks and sometimes I help manage them, I also have experience in UX/UI design and basic animation.
Hello, my name is Elvis Garcia, I am pizzaiolo and I work in my own pizzeria as a cook.
Hi everyone, my name is Joel Garcia, I´m Software developer. I just started the onboarding in a private company and I´m very excited to learn new things everyday.