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Foreign Words in English


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WOW! I鈥檓 learning a lot! Thank you teacher! 馃槉

I need be more zen

It鈥檚 great to learn words that had been adopted by English! Here鈥檚 my recording:

this is my recording!

bon appetit! = from France
no G眉ey : Mexico. USA: No way.


English in a language conformed by several others languages. Another word that come from France is 鈥渆ntrepreneur鈥. I liked this class!

Thank you

My recording
It was a great class, I didn鈥檛 know that all these words came from those languages.

You can listen to my recording, playing it here.


  1. Proposing at a basketball game is such a clich茅.
  2. I had a strong sense of d茅j脿 vu when I entered the room.
  3. Worst-case scenario, we retake the text.
  4. Have you heard the opera 鈥淐armen鈥?
  5. Stop acting like a diva!
  6. She is being followed by the paparazzi because she鈥檚 famous.
  7. A mosquito just bit me!
  8. I would love to try this delicious homemade sushi recipe for date night!
  9. Tornadoes are common in springtime.
  10. They lost their house in the tsunami.