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Excellent course, I learned a lot, Thanks Mariana!!!

Thank you, teacher Mariana. This course is great!

Excellent course , excellent teacher, In this course i learned

  • Slow vs Fast Speech
  • Connected Speech:
    Assimilation, Elision and Ellipsis
  • Formal and Informal
  • Strong and weak Forms
  • Stress, intonation and conversation
  • Foreign words in English
  • British and American vocabulary and slang

I suggest to read out loud but a text that is very interesting for you or it is according to your interests or goals.

This can apply to podcast, series, movies, conferences, etc.

I loved this course! Thank you very much! 馃槉

We made it

Great course Mariana! We learned a lot! Thanks 馃槃

Thank you very much Mariana!

Thank you Mariana, it was such an excellent course, hope to see you and learn more from you in future courses.


The English language is becoming more interesting after this course saga and pronunciation challenge. Thanks a lot, teacher Mariana, you did it awesomely. Now, it鈥檚 time to practice it for the whole of 2023.

  • #nsl$$$
Thank you so so much Mariana for make this very special course, I've learning many good knowledges and tips for my English level.