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Potencia tu perfil profesional en inglés


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I'm ready to start this new course!!

Is it me or is this the best presentation of a Platzi English Academy course, with this introduction I feel good and I want to start and never stop learning
Thanks Teacher Kyra

interesting course

Let’s do it! 🤓

I am ready to start this journey with you, teacher… Thanks so much… ❤️

A pleasure Kyra, Greetings since Perui

Excellent indroduction!

The quality of the new courses are fabulous, I love Platzi.

Let’s go!

I’m starting this course. I appreciate the teacher’s expression, attitude and energy. It keeps me interested in the lessons.

Good lecture

I´m ready to start this journey!

Teacher, I think you got me with Rocket League, let’s start this learning journey!

In this course, you will learn:

  1. Vocabulary related to résumé, job applications, and much more.
  2. Email formats, to you can network online
  3. Behavioral interview questions.
  4. How to express your job experience in English.

I am ready for the new course.

OMG! This will be an awesome course!

I’m excited to start this new course to apply in my new position so I have great expectations to learn more about Business English. Let’s get started!

excited to start this course and learn more to continue improving my performance at work

Cool! Vocabulary!!!

Wow! What a great presentation, looking forward to starting this course!

Thank you for this course. I need to improve my pronunciations 😃

i´am ready… you are a excellent teacher