Episodio 1: Un nuevo trabajo


**Welcome to Episode 1:

Make sure you download the map mentioned by the teacher.
This map will help you track your journey and see how far you have come!
If you did not download the map, please do it now!

Interactive classes focused on listening and vocabulary
This course has 4 special classes (episodes) at the beginning of each module. They tell a story of Ximena and they provide a great opportunity to practice listening & vocabulary. Please download the worksheets for each of those episodes from the resource section of each of these classes.

The idea is for you to follow the conversation and fill in the gaps.
This will help you in practicing listening and learn new vocabulary at the same time!

The worksheet will be named: 鈥淟istening & Vocabulary Practice鈥.
You can check your answers from the full scripts provided in each class too!

All the best! Make sure you have everything you need to make the most from this course.

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o inicia sesi贸n.

So that鈥檚 how it feels to hear your name in an English exercise haha Loved the acting! 馃槂

Here鈥檚 a new expression to me:
They value money over people

What amazing class!! Kyra, you are a great great actress and the production team made a great job! Congratulations.
This is a very catchy manner to learn English!

Loved the episode 1. And鈥 i feel like Ximena sometimes haha. I鈥檓 exciting about the story.

Es para pedirles que agreguen cursos de nivel C2.

Hello Platzi!
It is to ask to add C2 level courses.

Thanks 馃槂

very nice course!! interresting!!

the bills are problems everywhere鈥!

Bills, bills, bills鈥 馃槮

I麓m starting my job hunt too鈥 and in a new country!!

Nice class, I鈥檒l start my job hunt too鈥

heels: tacones
wrist: mu帽eca

What a great role-play!

Money makes caching 馃馃馃

Bills make 馃槰馃槰馃槰

Good lecture

Ximena has a lot of professional ambition. She wants to change the world with her code, help future devs and be a web3 innovator, but this time she doesn鈥檛 have any job and she has many bills to pay.
She has a good friend called Jess and Jess wants the companies to always improve the life of their employers.
Ximena likes to buy clothes on the internet. It is her favorite hobby.
Ximena sometimes talks to herself. She is worried about the state of her actual life. She tells herself that she has to order her home mess and put her professional experience on paper.

first thing first Ximena鈥 nice way to start.

I think Ximena Berkeley is very intelligent but messy and her priorities are misdirected.

What kind of impact do
you want to make in this world?
驴Qu茅 tipo de impacto quieres hacer en este mundo?
I just wanna change the world with my code
Solo quiero cambiar el mundo con mi c贸digo
help future devs
ayudar a futuros desarrolladores
and be a web3 innovator.
y ser un innovador web3.
驴Qu茅 es web3?
La Web3 se ha convertido en un t茅rmino general para la visi贸n de un Internet nuevo y mejor. En esencia, Web3 utiliza cadenas de bloques, criptomonedas y NFT para devolver el poder a los usuarios en forma de propiedad. Una publicaci贸n de 2020 en Twitter capt贸 mejor la esencia: Web 1.0 fue de solo lectura, Web 2.0 es de lectura-escritura, Web3 ser谩 de lectura-escritura-propiedad.

I loved this class format, please, we need more courses with this kind of lesson.

I think the history, the ideas and the way of teaching in this couse will be incredible, this course loooks like a game

I think about ximena, she is a woman very intelligent but she has not a plan for reseach her goals. Also I believe she need to coach for optimize her time and dont waste.

She must cleaning up that mess because this action will allow her many confort for thinking.

It was a great way to start the course. I felt the vibe to keep learning.

I want to change the world with my code 馃槑
Classes like this are very funny 馃槃

Great episode to learn more about vocabulary to share what you want to achieve, some of your 鈥減rofessional goals鈥, also to highlight what鈥檚 important inside of a company (something that the company in which you want to work, should take care of their employees)

Listening!!!! My favorite, because I have to improve itto

Ready for the job hunt

  • yes i鈥檓 ready
    On a learning journey episode one
  • where is my life goin ? all time we make this question