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Ximena bought a blazer, a pink dress shirt and glasses.

Aileen is wearing a purple jacket ūüß•, with black pants and colorful scarf. She wears black flats. Jess is wearing a white dress shirt, black jacket, blue jeans and tennis shoes.

Aileen is wearing a some kind of blazer, flat shoes, a blouse, an analog watch, and a big tie.

Jess is wearing a Jean Jacket, Jeans, flat shoes, a shirt, and using a beard.

I work as an ingeener, doing field work. I wear boots, jeans, long sleeve shirt, and sometimes a Helmet.

I work remotely, and I wear joggers with t-shirts, very comfortable.

I wear tennis shoes, when I wear joggers.

Sometimes, I wear blue jeans and t-shirts or blouse very large, and I wear boots.

  1. Jess is wearing blue snikers, pants, a white t-shirt and a blue jacket. On the other hand, Aileen is more formal. She’s wearing a flats, pants, a purple blazer and a blue scarf.

  2. Usually, to go a work, I dress dress shoes, black pants and polo t-shirt

Aileen is wearing something formal, using a blazer, pants, and a couple of comfortable flats, in the other hand, Jess is wearing something more informal but not at all using a t-shirt, jacket, jeans, and a couple of snickers. Fortunately, I have the opportunity to have a hybrid job, and I like to wear sometimes a pants, t-shirt, and casual shoes, and some other times using jeans, t-shirt, casual shoes, and a blazer or a sweeter.

I like to use long sleeves to protect myself from the sun.

I wear sweatshirt, sweatpants and sneakers
Jess wear a jacket, pants, sneakers and a t-shirt. Aileen wear a formal pants, women shoes, watch, blazer and a scarf I wear a fresh clothing for work like a short pants, normal polo and sandals, obviously because i work at home.

I am a music teacher, so I usually wear jeans, a blouse or t-shirt and a jacket, with sneakers. I need feel comfortable with my clothes.

Aileen: She’s wearing a blue t-shirt and a blazer, she also has a blue-yellow scarf around the neck. She has black pants with black -flats shoes. Finally, she wear a smartwatch.

Jess: He is wearing awhite dress shirt with a black jacket and dress pants. He would prefer comfortable shoes, he is wearing tennis.

If I’m not wrong, Ximena purchased a dress, with high heels and bracelets

In my last work. I used to wear sneakers or flats, jeans or pants, T-shirt or sweater, and I used to wear a white smock because I worked as a teacher in high school

Ximena is wearing pijama and socks.
She purchased a blazer, a pink dress shirt and glasses.

Jess is wearing sneakers, navy blue pants, a white T-shirt and denim jacket.
Aileen is wearing a pair of flats, pants, blue T-shirt, a purple blazer and a colorful scarf.

Jess is wearing black flats, black pants also she is wearing a purple blazer, a blue blouse, small earrings, she is wearing a watch and a colorful scarf as accessories. Aileen is wearing a pair of sneakers, a black pants and a belt, green jacket and white shirt.
Y use to wear at work, formal clothes like skirts, loafers, pants, and blazers

Jess is wearing a blazer, a couple of flats, I’m not sure if is a blue blouse and pants. For other hand Aileen is wearing pants, a couple of sneakers, dress shirt and a jacket.
I work as freelancer, so I pass lot of time in my home, work remote is an excellent choice and I always wear shorts, socks, t-shirts and if is cold I use a hoodie, for my meetings with videocamera I use to use a collared shirt.

I prefer to wear a formal jacket

Aileen and Jess are wearing business casual clothes. Aileen has elegant black pants, and her blazer perfectly matches the outfit. At the same time, the colorful headscarf offers a unique detail to her professional attire. Jess is wearing neutral colors, and his clothes are perfect for an office day.

  1. Describe what Jess and Alieen are wearing in the comments section. ūüďĚ
    Aileen is wearing a blazer with a scarf around her neck, black pants and flats, Jess is wearing a black jacket with a white shirt, jeans and gray tennis shoes.

  2. What do you wear to work?

    I Usually wear a T-shirt, with jeans and tennis shoes, very casual ūüėÖ

Aileen is dressed in a colorful scarf and a brown blazer, and black pants. She also wear a watch on her hand, tights and black shoes.

Jess is dressed with a fashionable green jacket, and white shirt. He also wear a black belt and pants with grey shoes.

Aileen is wearing a blue and yellow pattern scarf, purple blazer, blue blouse, black pants, flat shoes and a smart watch.

Jess is wearing a deep blue jacket with a withe dress t-shirt, black belt, deep blue pants and dark shoes

Aileen in wearing a dressing blouse, with a blazer on it, also flats on her shoes, and dressing pants. To accessorize, she’s using a colored scarf and some ear rings.
Jess on the other hand is more casual, he’s wearing a white t shirt and a casual jacket on, On the bottom he’s wearing blue pants and blue snickers.
During my job I use casual, usually a t shirt and short with some snickers.

  • Aileen is wearing a purple jacket with a blue blouse and a colorful scarf, she also is wearing a black pants with flats and one smartwatch

  • Jess is wearing a dress shirt with a blue jacket, in his hips he is wearing a black pant with gray sneakers and a beautiful belt

Jess and Aileen are wearing blazers and pants. She also wears a scarf and flats and he wears sneakers.
What do I wear to work? I work remotely, (as far as my laptop’s camera can see) I’m wearing formal dress shirt, shorts and sandals.

Good lecture

I’m usually wear suits with tie and dress shoes.

Shorts and T-Shirts is the best outfit to work remotly

blazer purple, blouse blue, jeans black, colored scarf, shoes color black and one beatiful wach.
jacket, dress shirt white, pants black, shoes grey and black belt.

I don’t work but at home i’am always in jens, t-shirt and tennis shoes.

jess wear a purple blazer with blue blouse, black flats, black pants and her wrist she wear a watch. finally jess in her neck wear a beatiful blue scarf.

Aileen wear a black jacket with white shirt, black pants and his feets he wear sneakers. Finally Aileen has a cute beard.

I work in home remotely and i usually wear short and t-shirt, in my feet i wear sandals or runners is very confortable for me.

In my case, I usually wear shit, pants, glasses, and shoes. On Friday, is prefer tennis. Always wearing a watch on my right hand.

Ms. Aileen is wearing a blue blouse, a black pants, and a black jacket. She has a watch on your wrist. I think she is wearing tights and dress shoes. Aileen is wearing a necklace and hearing. Finally, Aillen is wearing a colorful scarf.

Jess is wearing a white shirt, black pants, a blue jacket, and black tennis. Jess has bread in your face.

Ximena bought a blazer, a pink dress shirt and
some glasses.
Jess is wearing a black jacket, white shirt, black pants, black belt, and gray sneakers.
Aileen is wearing a purple blazer, blue blouse, black pants, black flats, and a smartwatch.
I work wearing shirts and jeans because I work from home.

Hi, Kyra, i work remotely, and mostly i wear jeans, with a t-shirt and sneakers.

Sometimes it’s confortable to wear joggers, but not in summer.

Jess is wearing a dress shirt, pants, smart shoes and a jacket, and Aileen wears a blouse, blazer, pants and flats

Hi, Kyra, i work remotely, and mostly i wear jeans, with a t-shirt and sneakers.

Sometimes it’s confortable to wear joggers, but not in summer.

I working in an office, I wear Jeans, long sleeve shirt, socks, suit shoes and blazer. I don’t wear a tie.

Since I work remotely and weather where I live, is hot. I wear shorts and t-shirts or sleeveless shirts

In my job we have a dress code … a jean and a blouse with slogan and boots. it does noit look very professiona but is necesary for the kind of work

Jess is wearing a blouse with a blazer and a scarff, and she is wearing a pant, a flat shoes and a smarthwatch.

Aileen has beard, he is wearing a dress shirt, a jacket, a pant with a belt, and a runners shoes.

I usually wear to my work, necklace, jean, blouse, jacket or blazer and tennis shoes.

I wear jeans, blouse and jacket.Those are my favorite clothes for work from home ūüėÉ

I work remotely in a warm city so I wear shorts and T-shirts.

Aileen is wearing black flats and pants, she is also wearing a blue blouse and a purple blazer, she has a necklace, earrings and on her left hand, she is wearing a smartwatch. On the other side, we have Jess who is wearing sneakers and dark blue pants, he is also wearing a white shirt and a sports jacket, and he has a belt too.

I work as a logistics coordinator so we don’t need a special dress code. I wear jeans, T-shirts and tennis shoes. I also bring a hoodie because is very cold.

Jess wears a black pants with a belt, blue sneakers, a dress shirt and He also has a black leather jacket.

  1. Describe what JESS and AILEEN are wearing in the comments section:
    Alieen is wearing black flats without socks and black pants. On her chest she has a blue blouse and on top of it a violet blazer. Around her neck is a large scarf and on her wrist is a watch.
    Jess is wearing blue sneakers with blue pants. On her chest is a white shirt and on top of it a blue jacket. He has a beard.
  2. What do you wear to work?
    I work most of the time remotely. I wear comfortable clothes to work. I don’t have any preferred choice. I generally wear a t-shirt, jeans, socks and sneakers. I usually don’t change my clothes when I communicate with a person from my company. But if I talk to a person from another company, I might wear a shirt.
  3. What types of professions would it be useful to wear dress shoes?
    It is useful in all professions that you need to be presentable to interview other people. For example: international relations, judicial power, sales, customer service, among others.
  4. Do you wear a tie to work? Is that something common in your country?
    I don’t wear a tie to work. But some professions are important. The professions mentioned in the previous question.
  5. Do you wear long or short sleeves to work, and why? Is this related to your work environment?
    The mandatory use of long sleeves is a matter of personal safety. For example: laboratory of chemical products, mechanical workshops, among others.
  6. Are you allowed to show your tattoos where you work?
    I think that the employees know in which situation you do not show their tattoos. For example: an interview with a client.

Ximena bought blazer, dress and glasses.
Jess is wearing purple blazer, black pants, multicolor scarf and a smartwatch. Aileen is wearing white dress shirt, black casual jacket, black pants, belt, and grey sneakers.
I am wearing grey pants, brown dress shirt, blue jacket, green tie, smartwatch, glasses and brown sneakers.

When I work remotely I wear shorts with t-shirt and tennis shoes and when I work in the office I wear a jeasn with t-shirt and tennis shoes

Aileen is wearing a purple blazer, with black pants, colorful scarf and black flats.

Jess is wearing a white dress shirt, black jacket, blue jeans and tennis shoes

Ximena bought blazer, dress and glasses.
Jess is wearing purple blazer, black pants and scarf in the meantime, Ailen is wearing white shirt, casual jacket, pants, belt, and sneakers.
I usually wear blazers, pants and boots.

1.- describe what jess and alieen are wearing in the comments section
jess is wearing a blue pants and jacket and a white shirt with a gray tennis shoes
alieen is wearing a purple blazer with a smartwatch on her wrist in addition some black pants also with a shoes of the same color and an beautiful scarf and finally a blue shirt

2.- what do you wear to work?
i’d like to wear comfortable to work right away with a shirt and some pants in general black and white also with a tennis shoes and bare my wrist

For work I use to wear a blouse, pants and blazer or a dress with boots or dress shoes

I work part-time remotely and other time in the office. When i stay at home, i dress very comfortable, i use
short sleeve t-shirt, jeans and tennis.
When i go to the office i dress more formal.

Other clothing items could be:

  • scarves: mainly in (artificial or natural) cold environment
  • hoodies: I‚Äôm thinking on a call center, the operators look very relax when talking about clothing
  • gloves: definitely in cold environment, and the fabric will vary from industries
  • helmets: in constructions environments
  • rubber boots: I‚Äôm thinking on fishery and food processing plants

I wear blue pants, white shirt and dress shoes.

Aileen is wearing flats and a scarf, and a purple blazer. It seems like she is also wearing an analog watch. In addition, She is also wearing a black blouse. On the other hand, Jess is wearing a dress shirt and a jacket. Besides, he is wearing dress shoes as well as a black belt. In addition, he has a beard and wears blue pants.

I thinks Ximena needs the next professional clothing:

Dress shirt with long sleeves

I use to wear blazers with basic blouses. Additionally, I like to combine my clothe with jeans or pants according to the situation with fantastic heels.

Aileen is wearing a purple blazer, a blue blouse, black pants, and black flats, also a colorful scarf
Jess is wearing a blue jacket, a white shirt, blue pants and gray shoes.
I work from home so usually I wear comfortable clothes as hoddies, jeans and sneakers.

I work remotely and I wear pants, sport and sandals, very comfortable

Aileen is wearing a blazer , blouse, scarf, pant and flats on the other hand Jess is wearing pants, belt, sneakers, a dress shirt and a kinda jacket…

for Work I don’t have a dress code , the only rule is no holes on the clothes neither sandals must be close shoes, like sneaking or dress shoes, so I normally wear jean with. a t shirt and sneaker, some shirt but colorful ones.

Where I work I always wear an uniform ūüėĀūüėĀ

Am I the only one who dresses up elegant in remote work?.

In my previous job, We used to wear withe shirts. Since that time I only use white Shirts. Even at home office

Jess is wearing a jacket, a dress shirt, pants and dress shoes and Aileen is wearing a blazer, a blouse, a pashmina, a watch, pants and flats.
I usually wear short skirts with a blouse and jacket also like to wear black tights and boots.

I work remotely and usually wear sandals, shorts, and a t-shirt.
In the office, it’s still a casual dress code, but I wear pants instead of shorts and sneakers instead of sandals, of course.

Since 2021 I’ve been working from home so I wear a t-shirt with shorts and sandals because that’s how I feel comfortable working remotely.

  • Jess wears a jacket with dress shirt, jean and dress shoes
  • Aileen wears a blouse, watch, pants and flats
    I work remotely, and I wear shorts, t-shirt and sandals, it’s so comfortable.
Jess: She is wearing: Pants, a Blue jacket, and.. There is a "pa√Īoleta" but I forgot its word in English. About him, He is more informal. He is wearing jeans, runners, a black jacket and it seems as a dress shirt under his jacket.
Hi everyone! In my case, since I work in a large company, they gave us uniform to wear. It is compund by a blu t shirt, with short sleeves. A pant and dress shoes. I miss working from home and wear joggers almost all the time ūüėč

Fortunately, in my job our boss respects our dress form, but obviously there are limits that everybody respects. For example, nobody uses sandals or shorts in the office, although if someone wishes to wear it, for me it¬īs okay. Personally, I wear with jeans, a polo shirt, and sneakers. When I need to meet with a client, I use formal pants, dress shirt and a blazer.

Professor and classmates, I will appreciate your comments about my writing. Thank you.

I work in a oil field and I wear boots and overall

  1. Jess is wearing a blue jacket with a dress shirt and jeans with a belt and sneakers.
    Aileen is wearing a purple jacket with a blouse and a scarf, also she wears a smartwatch on her wrist, and she wears pants with flats.
  2. When I work from home, I wear a t-shirt and shorts. When I work in the office, I wear a dress shirt and jeans.

i work remotely, and i wear shorts and t-shirt.

in the Ximena history bought a blazer, a pink dress shirt and glasses

  • At my job I use short sleeves because I work as a designer engineer, so I work from home and sometime in the office, so, the dress code for us is relaxed.
  • At my job, there is no problem to use clothes that allow you to show your tattoos.
  • No, I won‚Äôt use a dress shirt in a remote work setting, only if it is mandatory.
  • Ximena and Jess are dressing for a formal environment, using pants, a blouse, a shirt, a blazer, a jacket, a belt, and a smartwatch. Without a doubt, they‚Äôre dressed for a formal situation.
    I work from home, so I used to wear shorts and short sleeves or t-shirts in other words, I love to dress all time with those two.

Aileen is wearing earrings, a colorful scarf, a blazer along with a blue blouse, a white watch, pants and sandals.
Jess Is wearing a jacker, and white shirt, a black blue, blue pants and sneakers
On our feet we can wear




Dress Shoes




Tennis shoes

If in the UK Runners

If fashionable Sneakers

On our neck we can wear



Bow tie (these are seen in the US as very formal pieces of cloathing )

On our wrist


if you like classic you can wear analog clock


Long Sleeves - Short sleeves

In or on our ear

Hearing aid


Tattoo (They can be on the face or all over the body. Important question (Are you allowed to show your tattoos were you work?))

Beard (Normally not allowed in some works like chefs)



On our chest



Blouse / Dressing blouse

Dress Shirt


On our hips






Aileen is wearing a purple jacket with black pants and she is also wearing colorful scarf and I think a smartwatch.

Jess is wearing a tennis shoes a black jacket with he is also wearing a white dress shirt.

I use dress shoes to work,but sometimes I use flats.

Aileen wears a blue blouse, with a scarf and a purple blazer. Of course, I think that Aileen wears black flats.

Jess, by the way, wears a blue jacket with a white dress shirt. Jess wears blue pants and tennis shoes, and of course, a black belt.

I work from home, usually wear jeans and a t-shirt, flats shoes o sneakers, and rarely wear dressy pants and a dressy blouse or heels.

I wear a bob the sponge pajama and flip flops really fancy outfit ūüėéūüć∑

Aileen wears a blue blouse, a purple blazer, a cheerful scarf, and dark pants with flats.
Instead, Jess wears a white dress shirt with a blue jacket, the same color pants, and runners.
I usually wear dark blazers and dress pants for work, I like flats but I prefer dress boots.

Aileen is wearing a Blazer with a blouse, scarf, pants and flats.
Jess is wearing a jacket with t-shirt, jeans and tennis shoes