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Valores personales y corporativos en inglés


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I work from home, So, my professional values are:

  1. Discipline
  2. Respect
  3. Adaptability
  4. Honest
  5. Integrity

I’m looking for a job that matches my values.
-Integrity: take decisions and make our moves always thinking about how it affects others.
-Teamwork: a team is strong than its weakest link, and teamwork is strongly related to trust and loyalty. Working together, being honest, and helping each other can solve this vulnerability.
-Growth: I like to improve my abilities, learning and practicing are such important as ambition and motivation.

This is our values in the company, that I take like mine.

  • Be Kind.

  • Team Player.

  • Excellence in your work.

  • Constantly Innovate.

  • Have fun.

  • Think Big.

Besides, I have some values in addition:

  • Respect

  • Integrity

  • Never give up! ❤️

My professional values ​​are:


On the other hand, I can say…

Never stop learning too.
Fake it until you make it…
Never give up…
You can do everything…

I analyze data to add value to my professional commitments and comprehensively advise my clients.

With the results of my professional performance, I seek to help my clients and benefit them given my extensive knowledge in issues related to the accounting, tax, labor, commercial and administrative fields.

I always hope to contribute my knowledge and my professional career to clients or employers whom I can help to resolve the issues in question. I also find it relevant and fundamental to have their support and appreciation for the good work done.

I work at Fresenius Medical Care and our values are:

  • Collaborative
  • Proactive
  • Reliable
  • Excellent
My professional values: Strong work ethic Self motivation Confidence Responsibility Integrity

My values

  • I don’t have the answer for all, many times I have to listen.
  • Fight with our under-feelings
  • Understand that all what I do it have an effort.
  • No one is unvalue, each one have their own time to learn.

The compant where Ximena’s work, they don’t value their employees, they value money over people.

My professional values:

  • Growth

  • Flexibility

  • Proactive

  • Colaborative

my professional values are
i never give up
im very discipline
gowth never stop learning

I am a System Ingeneer I work at Combustibles de Colombia S.A., my professional values are, growth, communication, flexibility and integrity.

I work in a wonderful company, our values are:

  • Trust and Integrity
    -Commitment and Responsibility
    -We go the Extra-Mile
    -Passionate and Exceptional Attitude
    -Our People are at the heart of our company

In addition to my personal values are:

discipline, respect, integrity, adaptability

My own values are:

Common sense

The company values I look for are:


My own values are:

Common sense

The company values I look for are:


In my school, my values are:

  1. Discipline
  2. Resilientnes
  3. force to adaptation to new things
  4. Acceptation when the thing not going well
  5. Positivism

Good lecture

Keep learning
High Quality
Looking for business ideas
Respect others
Make exercise every day
Be the best boyfriend

They are mi values

I work in hybrid way, my values are: Flexibility, adaptabiity, integrity, communication and team working.

My professional values are :

  • Integrity
  • Flexibility
  • Dedication
  • Respect
  • Team spirit
    I do work from home and sometimes directly with clients or compagnies

At work, I wear dress shirt or pants, but when working remotely, I do wear t-shirt and short or long fly dresses

I am very accountable. I have agile communication and I am flexible because We work in an IT Department, and we need to solve any situation very fast. Finally, Excellence is another important value because the solution must be good.

This is my task about workshit:

Why do you do what you do?

a. Why do you code?
I code because I am an application developer. I love to convert a necessity in code lines.
b. Why do you design logos?
The logos identify some things. Usually, a logo represents a company, an idea, or a project. It is important to show the company, idea o project between an image.

c. Why do you analyze data?
Today, Data is a principal asset for many things. People, banks, companies, and governments use this product to take decisions. However, we should analyze the Data that we are receiving because we need to confirm if this information is good o bad. If you do not analyze the data our decisions can be destroyed if the data is not good.

Who do you do it for?

a. Who do you want to help?
I am a manager of IT Department. I support many users in the applications services. I help the user of financial, administrative, and HR processes on different countries like Colombia, Panama, Honduras, US.

b. Who does your work benefit?
My job benefits several companies in Colombia, Panama, Honduras, Puerto Rico, Guatemala, US.

What was the last time you?

a. Were angry or prideful at work?
I love my job. I think that attitude is very important to work. I love my job because a like it. I know that I have good days and bad days. However, I believe if I work with passion is easier to do things.

b. What upsets you?
Really, I don’t upset me. However, when people are not organized, It is possible that I will be affected.

c. What do you expect of an employer?
I love to increase in my company. I hope to be to Director or CTO. I am working on that. By now, I lead a team. I am working with them, and we help many users together.

In my job I gotta be able to help everyone and always be care with what you say, in other hand I have to develop projects, it suppose there are people to do it but anyway I end up making projects

Hi Kira, currently I work from hybrid way, two days at office and three days at home.
At work I wear pants, blazer, blouse, boots or heels, necklace, earrings, watch, overcoat and I´m make up.
At home I wear jeans, dress, t-shirt, sneakers or flat shoes, and I’m not make up.

My professional values are:

  • Growth
  • Excellence
  • Work-life balance
  • Integrity

I work from home, so i considere that my values are

  1. growth
  2. communication
  3. self-educated
  4. respect
  5. discipline

Ximena’s values are empathy and curiosness, the clothing company values are efectiveness and fastness

I working in a office and my professional values are:
Respect my partner and customer
Honesty towar the customer
Working teams efficient
Talk always with truth.

My values are growth, and want to learn more and be a better person, honesty and flexibility.

The values I found in Ximena at first sight are adaptability, respect and honesty. The value I found about the company is the dicipline to deliver their products on time.

My professional values are:

I work from home and sometimes with my client’s, my professional Value are:
1- Dicipline.
2- Empaty
3- Curiosity
4- Focus Time.
5- Self Mangement

My professional values are:
work life balance
Respect person

I do field work. My values are: Integrity, Adaptability, Respect, puntualitiy, honesty, efficiency

Your professional values and company’s values that you want to apply to it. Do they match? This is a question for you when applying for jobs ( I think that this is the best teaching of this class. It’s not only English !!).

This course is excellent, i´m so happy because my english isn´t good but I can understand almost all.

My professional values are:

My Own professional values

  • Work-life balance
  • Honest
  • Integrity
  • Confiability
  • Never give up

DiDi’s values
-integrity: be honest, fair and loyal
-win win: all win customer, owner, company
-work with data: Read and analyst data always generate clarity
-diversity: inclusivity

My professional values are: Integrity, Discipline, Growth, time management, Flexibility, team player, reliability, empathy and self motivation.

My values are:

My professional values are:
📈 Growth
🧠 Innovation
👩‍🎨 Creativity
⚖️ Work-life balance
👍Problem Resolution
💪Never give up

These are company's values: 1. Respect, 2. Confiability, 3. Be part of constumers's solutions,

I consider myself as a person that I have many values, I like standing out for my very good outcomes, for my dedication, for my effort of to do the thing excellent, I am very good for group work and so if i fine work only. I always have a great compromise with the company where i work, I tryng to line up my goals with the goals of the company for this form feel that if I achieve one, so I achieve the other.

Day to day I care about growth and flexibility, learning new things that companies require for I keep relevant. Also, I care about excellence to develop products of high quality and I try to divide my family and work time.

I must improve my communication doing networking and my integrity assuming challenges.

my professional values are:

  • Discipline
    -Balance life because something I work remote.
My values are: Integrity Proactive Respect Flexibility

I’m a person that likes growth, learning about new topics that can contribute to my knowledge, besides communication is mandatory for me, in order to express correctly my ideas to others not only at my job but also with other people which whom I interact with.
Ximena’s values are flexibility and work-life balance.
That company has bad values, such as integrity, and work-life balance for their employees.

Here are my notes of the class

What are values?

  • Not tangible
  • Worth
  • Care

Values vocabulary

  • Growth: you care about learning new things.
  • Communication: you care about how you connect with others.
  • Flexibility: You care about being able to adapt, change in any circumstance.
  • Integrity: you care about trust and accountability.
  • Excellence: you care about high quality.
  • Work-life balance: you care about the divide between work time and personal life.

Platzi’s values

  • Never stop learning.
  • Our community comes first.
  • Own the outcome.
  • Honest feedback takes courage.
  • Teams> Heroes.
  • In metrics we trust.

My personal values are:

  • Growth
  • Flexibility
  • Adaptability
  • Learning
  • Discipline

These are the values of the company that I work.

  • Ethics above all
  • Value the diversity
  • We don’t know anything
  • We do it together

Here are some of my professional values:

  1. Integrity: I always try to do everything transparently.
  2. Growth: I love learn everyday.