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I love programming. I was always fascinated for open source projects and i want to make a open source project for people can implement in their own projects. I want to make my impact by developing a big open source project about the learning of a mother tongue from Guatemala. In 5 years I see myself like a CEO of a company like Duolingo, but in the learning of lenguajes of Guatemala.

Where do you see yourself in five years?
When you answer this question, it is important to think about LONGEVITY and COMPANY DIRECTION.

    Employer or someone who runs a business: they are more focused on the amount of time it takes to train an employee and how long they are going to stay in the company.
    Employee of a company: the question is: how long do I want to stay with this company where I鈥檓 working or where I鈥檓 applying for a job ?
    Companies: direction can be changed. For example: Youtube in some moments used to be a video dating website.
    Employee: you are more focused on your career ladder, climbing up to achieve your career goals, but a change of direction can sometimes be good.

To make a strong future plan There is magic formula to follow:
VALUE: what you want to improve about yourself.
IMPACT: what you want to do based on your goals.
ROLE: the opportunity that the workplace offers you to develop and improve the previous items.

I enjoy to be roled in a finances topics and applied data analysis to improve the final decisions in a companies. I want to make my impact by helping small companies to take better decisions to improve revenues and utilities. My role in Deloitte is helping to know how finance areas in a big companies are management and get some knowlegde from them.

Ximena wants to change the world with her code, help others devs and beceome in and WEB3 professional.

I鈥檓 passionate about Nature and how our actions impacs in their quality. That鈥檚 why, that I鈥檇 love to become a Environmental Engineer, to bring the best from tech to apply in order to make our planet a better place, when we live in armony among the others species.

I love my career and I think that it is a career with a lot of information. I am QC Analyst, because I love analyzing the problem that a customer needs. I finally enjoy the process that evolve to test a software for a customer that finally enjoy the final product. This role at Globant would give me the opportunity to growth up like a QC, with the opportunity to become a great technical lead.

I really enjoy creating digital products. I have been a software developer for more than five years. I find it really satisfying to create products where the only things needed are a computer and an Idea. I want to impact companies by creating products that solve their problems. In 5 five years I see myself leading as a tech lead guiding developers to become the best possible version of themselves. This role at Amazon would give me the opportunity to enhance my leadership skills and become a great Tech Lead.

I enjoy Application Manager because I love helping users to solve their incidents or questions around their job. I want to make my impact by supporting the user鈥檚 process because managing my team allows us to generate value in the corporation because all users can finish their tasks.

In 5 years, I see myself managing a big team and beginning to develop important technical solutions to help the user work and reduce the time that they dedicate.

I hope that my company can see my effort and It can give me an opportunity to do that.

I love to learn and training people and help them to achieve their purposes. I want to make my impact by finding the best way to learn people how to learn efficiently. I 5 years, I see myself as a training manager or director of a team, running many different e-learning programs. This role would give me the opportunity to do my best in order to communicate with my teams, using different foreign languages and with people coming from other areas of the company where I would work for.

I like manager projects because I feel happy when my team and I create a new services or products. I want to make the people use this solutions. In 5 years I see myself as a product manager who participe in strategies solutions

I value persistence, I believe we can achieve something meaningful if we never give up and are really consistent with what we truly want.

I really enjoy writing, and write to be read. Write with objetives can simplify many aspects. I see myself in 5 years as UX writing and working in an UX team. This role could give me the opportunity to start writing to others and know and evaluate the impact of my writes in the people.

i love to be a project manager because i can learn from many diferent departments many diferents procesess and undertand the independant value chain of each. I want to apply this knowledge in mi day to day pm work to improve diferent process of my own or from others, My role in mi actual company will be the one that knows everything and can impact in all projects in diferents ways as a consultan.

The fact of working as an independent consultant offers me the possibility of enriching my knowledge and my professional career in an integral way, and in this way achieve my goals as an entrepreneur.

I would feel very satisfied and fulfilled at the moment in which I can consolidate the planned objectives as my entrepreneurial idea in the medium term.

I highly value the real expectation of having the concrete possibility of solving the different problems in the Fintech sector in the country, and in this way contribute with better and more practical solutions for all users of the financial system at the national level.

When I get the opportunity to apply for a change in my role in the company that I work for, or for a new company in the same industry I would like to comment the next.

How do you want to grow in this company?
What opportunities does this job offer besides your current position?

I am dedicated to enhancing my skills in data analysis, statistical modeling, and machine learning techniques to uncover meaningful insights from complex data sets.

What goals do you want to achieve in your career?
What is something you can do that will make you feel accomplished?

I am driven by the opportunity to turn raw data into actionable recommendations that can optimize processes, improve efficiency, and generate valuable insight for business growth based on the data to transform industries and contribute to decision-making supported by evidence.

What type of impact do you want to have on your industry?
What do you value? How does that connect to the impact you want to make in the future?

In 5 years, I see myself managing a research team and knowing new technologies in this industry

I see myself achievement my career like software development, and growing in the soft-skills guys won鈥檛 be easy, but I know that with high-worth keep in mind my dreams and all that I want鈥 I can do it
I鈥檓 only 17 years, and sometimes I believe that is late to me, but I won鈥檛 continue comparing my life with others, only live and be happy with my own decisions.

Good lecture

I really love learn new things about technology, I love programming and maths. In 5 years I want to finish my career as Data scientist obtaining a masters degree on Data science, make more investigations about data analysis and study of behavior customers or something else that it takes Data. As a Data Scientist I want to resolve real problems with maths and Technology.

Being a profesional teacher I鈥檇 apply for a visa to work in the US and start up to work in a Christian school and that will help me to get a permanent residence for living in the US

I like work in sales, have the thinking of that all days I learn new think. I can looking new solutions for me customers, check your trouble and I design proposals that can help them. in the future I want arrived to do the commercial manager and I can teach , me experience to everyone.

Hi everyone! I want to tell you more about myself and what I want my future to look like in 5 years.
I鈥檒l be an expert in business intelligence, strategy, and project management, and my main skills will be strong communication, public speaking, and leadership. My goal is to work with a company where I have the opportunity to develop a great career, adding value and delivering excellent results daily.
I see myself as a c-suite manager of this company, leading a big team, and inspiring and motivating others to be the best version of themselves.

I am Data Analytics, i love the numbers and the analysis. y goals in the company is grow professionaly. My dream is to learn to master the language English in my carrer.

In my role, I have to talk, listen to customers and establish good and long commercial relationships.
This gives me a sense of satisfaction when I can provide them with effective solutions. I love to communicate and serve others with my abilities and talents. I see myself in a short term as a head of HR of my company or leading a customer service team.

I am a Biomedical Engineering, but I like data science because I think that this area is a great revolution in our world and the programming in general. In 5 years, I see myself like an excellent Data Engineer working in a prestigious company. This role would give me the chance to learn from the best and be successfully.

**In five years: **
I want to be a Coaching Business Analysts Professional in IT (in English and Spanish language) and help to improve the new perspectives on how Industry 4.0 and digital transformation can change the game for your company (with my podcast TDI 4.0) and be a professional in how providing business solutions in IT (With my own company o services).

I love logistics and distribution, now I鈥檓 taking courses to form myself as a frontend dev. In five years I would like to be designing web logistics sites for emerging logistics companies. I would like to be part of a team that put into practice my knowledge and experience in logistics to show customers how dynamic logistics can be. I would like to build a product where the customer could feel confident about hiring shipments and moves with any specific company and on the company鈥檚 side that they feel they are engaging customers correctly and for long periods of time.

I love the developing world, specially thinking about the opportunity of building a better environment for the nature and for us. I want to build green solutions through technology. (for example, like the reforestation with drones).
In five years I see myself leading a team working hard in sustainable alternatives for the environment

I have great talent for telecommunications. I love them, and the way they connect the world. I like the idea of work in a great telecom company, improve the way it works, achieve many goals and finish many projects. In 5 years I see myself in front of a division in a Telecom Company. My role, making, executing many projects of data cabling, network cabling, installations, supervision of the projects in wich the company is working!

I love being an explorer of unknown places. Through my work I help the world to know new places in the world, that people do not dare to go, also they can see many new animals, understand more how the world works. Thank you very much for what I do to encourage one day to explore new places in the world.

enjoy business development coordinator because i can development teams with smart work, focus in innovation to reach goals, i want to make my impact leading big teams of the comercial teams, in 5 years u see my self being strategy comercial manager.

im so curios and i enjoy analyzing of data because i need to understand the markets behaviors, So as to, i am able to have an explication o take a decision about something. its pretty important to the companies know about metrics and result depend of decisions. Therefore in 5 years, i see myself like a manager of market research or pricing leader where i can support other process on the company.

Perhaps I麓m not doing the role of my carreer,but I enjoy to help the company to organice and optimize it麓s differents process ,this is why in 5 years I would like to be more involved in the strategic part with my experience I could contribute more effectively in the decisions. And in 5 years I would be a biling没al person in which case I will be able to manage international customers.


*Only I would like that the company values each one for performance and outcomes, because I effort more than any other person in this organization for to be better every day in each aspects of my jobs.
*I would like the chairman of this company, and I know that is an ambitious answer but I believe that all we would have that think this form for every day the work become in a challenge constant and all this effort in the finish be reflected in the outcome that we achieve it.
*To me there are many values that it have many worth, for example, I believe that in an important company should have a great laboral ambient, each department should be a family for that all leave fine. The company should have a lot transparency in each level of its organization.

*I would like that the role that in this moment I have in my company allow me strongher my knowledge of this beautiful language and this form I can to achieve a great performance in my professional carreer, as manager of high seats in the organization.

I want to keep growing and learning new things,so That鈥檚 why I see my self in the project management area, where everyday is a new adventure but at the same time full of passion, knowledge and with a social purpose. I want to make my impact working on projects that are helping the communities in needs, surrounded by a team with different expertise but we come at one when it comes to work for others and the communities.

I really love creating, building, solving problems, and be in touch with different cultures, so, Maybe in other country working as a head of PMs, managing an entire product, end to end, with a community to support, with a side hustle working and growing, and enjoying my life family with more opportunities for them, helping my wife to boost her veterinary business to internationalization, with my tow kids speaking fluent English

I love software development because the users can have a more easy life. I want to make my impact developing a innovative product that helps colombians farmers to produce crops in more quality and they have less effort. In 5 years, I see myself creating my company, improving the quality life鈥檚 farmers and helping growth colombian economy.

I'm systems engineer, but I want to work like a Data scientist if I can choose the field I prefer astros, biological o medical.

I would like to continue learning about technology, a year ago I decided to change the course of my life, change my career, now I would like to learn about technology, be a master in programming, find a good job when I can be a very competent person in personal life and business, provide valuable services for the company, be honest, I will be a full stack and an expert in java.

I love help each other people, specially about achieve theirs goals. I want to impact in my area such human righs. I wish to have my own fundation

I鈥檓 a person who loves to know and learn how things work, I love to be constantly learning about technological topics and think about how the new inventions or discoveries in this field can help others or give them what they want.
I want to contribute to the electronic field by researching more about new technologies which can Improve the audio products that already exist, and using reverse engineering to discover other ways to make the sound feel more embracing to the user.
This role would give me the opportunity to learn about the technologies that you use, also to be more in touch with new trends in this field, and learn more about programming languages that are used for programming. Besides, it would be great to contribute with the ideas and knowledge that I already have, to make better your products.

I like to solve the companies problems with automatization process throw technology solutions, because it will have an importan impact on the companie operation making them more efficiently and effective, in 5 year, i see my self managing a developer team in an important technology company as Google, Microsoft, IBM, this role in your company would improve my knowledge in the software area.

I love working on start-ups because every day you鈥檙e able to learn new things. After covid, market and consumer behavior have had many changes. In 5 years I see myself getting a master鈥檚 degree in business administration and running my own company.

Your future plans

Behavioral interview question.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years

Think about:

  • longevity
    The lenght to train versus cost to retain
  • Company direction
    Companies can change directions

With this 2 points in mind we have to think about a future plan and to create it we have to include our values and impact

Here鈥檚 my answer (I know it can be a bit vague any feedback is well appreciated)

I have a goal which is to help people through data. For a better explaining in this era big companies compete between them to catch the users attention, I want to be part of a companie which uses big amounts of data to attrach people and give them something valuable in exchange , like a knowledge a skill something that help them growth as human beings instead of just instant gratification

I want to continue learning and in five years I hope to be a very competent person who provides valuable services to the community, I would like to awaken my curiosity every day for what I am passionate about, I want to be the leader of a project like a startup, I also project myself with good health and better habits.