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How many years of professional experience does Ximena have?
Ximena has 4 years of experience.

4 years


  • Taught Math in 1st and 2nd year of high school.

  • Taught Spanish and literature in high school.

  • Saleswoman in a gift´s products shop.

  • Lead the faculty of the English Academy
  • I had to make different replacements at electrical substations between 230-500kV, in which the problem was to maintain or fit with the new standards from FPL. I used different standards and protection and control schemes, so, the new equipment could operate in the correct way, making use of the corresponding signals and protocols to communicate correctly among all the equipment.

Sang is gone insane 💀

It’s common that people start learning ny instrument and left it because they thing that music is not for theirs. I am working as music teacher since I was 16 years old. There was a long way to understand the problem, but finally I found it. When humans face an obstacule our tend is to stop, but people don’t know that this is normal and even important for the process, I can help you with that problem. I am going to be your guide throughout the process and I sure you that you can do it.

Ximena has 4 years of experience.

Resume is short and to the point, CV is long.

“What goals do you want to achieve in your career?”
“My objective in my professional career is to develop human and technical skills to apply strategies that contribute to the organization and improve the quality of life for individuals and families.”

How do you want to
grow in this company?

“My job is very interesting and innovative. My primary role involves developing people with digital skills and commercial methodology.”

n my usual role as an independent consultant, clients seek to satisfy their information requirements regarding their tax, labor, commercial and administrative obligations before the state.

I always try to offer the corresponding information with the legal obligations of each person responsible before the state, guiding and giving the guidelines to adequately and timely comply with each and every one of them.

The results in terms of legal compliance before the different state entities by the obligors have been very satisfactory to date, since valuable resources have been optimized in order to focus said efforts on improving comprehensive indicators in commercial, financial, administrative matters and business processes, once the legal obligations of the employer to the state have been fully complied with.

Ximena has 4 years of professional experience

Good lecture

In 2014, I was a Implantation analyst my role was present, understand and implantation a new web service product in different clients, I studied about Programacion languages and as a result I accomplished my job efficienty.

Ximena has fourt years of experience.

I was a Full Stack developer in charge of implementing cutting-edge technologies. I completed many side projects utilizing different technologies and learned new skills by taking online courses and watching YouTube videos. This led to the adoption of a new tech stack that utilizes the latest technologies in both front-end and back-end development.

Ximena have 4 year of experience

In 2022, I did an internship to Politechnic University of Valencia located in Spain. There, I worked on the development of an equipment. I programmed to improve the user interface , I worked with electronic and I designed and I printed in 3D.

Ximena has 4 years of experience.

I was training at risk. my role was to identify the risk of the company. I created a methodology to prevent risks and apply it in all processes. This result was to identify +1000 risks in the company.

She had 4 years of Experience.

Résumé or CV?
The CV is more favored in the UK and the résumé is preferred in the US. They serve different purposes.
A CV is long and very detailed and résumé is short and to the point.

  1. SIMPLE PAST or PAST TENSE is the tense corrected to write about our professional experience.
    Le’s how we can write someone’s professional experience according to these items:
    English Training Lead: you would say “I trained English teachers”.
    Account Manager: you would say “I managed an account”.
    Dean of English Academy: you would say “I led a team at the English Academy”.
  2. However, in an interview, if you want a compelling answer, you shouldn’t focus instead of your experience. You should really focus on your accomplishments.
    PAR METHOD is what help us do this:
    This method describe the problem, the action and the results
    For example, PAR method to describe Jess professional experience into accomplishments:
    Problem: training efficiency.
    Action: develop a training curriculum.
    Result: Onboarded 500 new teachers.

Your professional experience

How to show your experience?

CV is more favorite in the UK, on the other hand, in the USA a resume is preferred

  • CV is long and detailed
  • Resume is short and to the point

Advice or recommendations

  • Write our professional experience in using simple past.
  • Focus your experience in on your accomplishments.
  • Use the PAR Method: Problem + Actions + Results.


Problem: In 2016, I was the Training Lead at Platzi. My role was to improve training efficiency.
Actions: To strengthen our international team, I developed a training curriculum for the new teachers.
Results: This resulted in 500 newly on-boarded teachers.

The answer: She has 4 years of experience.
In my case : Are there unexplored places without mapping and seeing?
I go to those unexplored places with my instruments to see what they offer to the world, with the reliefs they may have.
The world has new cartographic places, with all their potential for biology, chemistry and understanding more about minerals that will help everyone.

The answer is: four years of experience of Ximena.

4 years of experience

the answer to Ximena Work experienced is 4 years.

she has 4 years of experience.

PAR method = Problem + Action + Results.

Your professional experience

Resume or CV?

The CV (Long and very detailed) is more favored in the UK

In the US a resume(short and to the point) is more preffered

  • Used in different parts of the world.
  • Serve different purposes

Write your experience using simple past!

Regular (normally ended in ed): Verbs

Irregular (don’t follow a pattern): Verbs

English training Lead >Trained english teachers

Account Manager > Managed an account

Dean of English Academy > led a team at the English Academy.

PAR Method

Experience ⇒ Accomplishment

PAR Method = Problem + Action + Results