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Paga en 4 cuotas sin intereses

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For Ximena:
Expirience in Building web sites using HTML + css development
Expireince in back-end development using JAVA.
Be proficient using spanish as a second language in the job.

For Ximena, a developer should be the best.

  1. Aknowledge on Java
  2. Aknowledge on Css
  3. Experience with Programming Lenguajes
  4. Experience with OSs: Lynux, Windows, Red Hat, Ubuntu
  5. Experience with Git.
Experience looking for clients Always quality I speak France also I do whatever I want

For Ximena
She is bilingual person, she can speak English and Spanish very well. Spanish is the second language.
She has experience in HTML, CSS and Java. She can build Front App to solve any require to the clients.

Good lecture

She needs a remote job, were she can be creaive and innovative

For Ximena
She have experience in develop Hava, html.
too she is good communication with your partners.

Job description for Ximena:

  • Experience building websites using HTML + CSS
  • Experience in backend development with JAVA
  • Good communication with their partners, preferably in Spanish
  1. Some words most common in job descriptions could be: results-oriented, degree, compensation, retention, passionate, hands-on , motivated, outsourcing , fit ,qualified.
  2. Job description for Ximena:
    Our innovative and growing company is looking for a junior web developer.
    Work on frontend HTML/CSS code.
    Work with the functional lead and technical lead to understand the requirements and design and write code, support testing, fix defects and help deliver the release on time to enhance the Hub system.
    Help the production support team to resolve production issues as needed.
    Regular exposure to business stakeholders, the authority and scope to apply your expertise to many interesting technical problems.
    Develop skeletons for website development.
    Provide documentation of all executed development work.
    Provide production support to country offices and HQ users, for issues that require more technical expertise.
    Bachelor’s degree in a corresponding field related to Computer Science or minimum two (2) years of increasingly responsible experience related to web development.
    1+years of experience with object-oriented programming, including Java.
    1+years of experience with SQL relational databases.
    BA or BS degree CS, EE, Computer Engineering, or Mathematics.

Experience in create web sites using HTML and CSS development.
She must to have background in backend development using JAVA.
Be expressive using Spanish to communicate with Spanish speakers

Look for repetition and synonyms because are the most important skills that a job is looking for.

What job would be best for someone like Ximena, why?
Ximena could work as a web developer for her strengths in HTML and CSS. And also she could work as backend developer or mobile android developer with java.

Good advice:

  • Look for repeated words, that can give you a better understanding of what they need you to do for that position.
  • Use synonyms, so you can know what soft or hard skills are needed.
  • Ximena is looking for a job as a developer, because, she has the three main hard skills to design web pages, and also she can communicate with people that are from LATAM or the USA.

I’ve read ,many job descriptions (sadly not with scripts which I would love to do that in a future)
But the most common ones IMO are

  • Write quality code
  • Explore
  • Design or develop (Solutions to problems )
  • Apply ( means to applyting the insights that you get from the previous process )

Note: Different works may have different results this is my insight for front-end developed. The languages and packcages may change