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The problem was she wasnt convinced of her skills and capacity. She didnt know how to start.

In my case, the section experience takes me more time to write. I think the reason is that in my country, never explains how to write a Job Application and I have never searched for this information. But, I appreciate learning this.

The experience for me take more time the reason is because this year I decided to change my caree, in this moment I am new in this way without experience.

The experience and personal description part take the most time for me.

The part which takes me more time on an application is the experience part too. I try to express what were my most important achievements and sometimes is complicated to summarize them.

The self-description of my strengths and weaknesses is the part where I take more time to describe because sometimes I don’t see my own skills as advantages and my weakness as something to improve.

The experience part takes the most time for me because I have to adapt my experience according to the job requirements.

I also thing the experience, as my classmates, but it’s more challenging when we don’t have previuos experiences.

The experience and references are for me, because these things are difficult choice, the person needs, select what’s the best option.

What was the problem with Ximena’s job application?

There was an error in submitting the application.
Her interest letter was not convincing enough for them.

The hardest part for me is summarizing all the experiences I’ve had exploring the world. In just a few words, put everything I found from such great places and the benefit it brought to the whole world.

The problem that Ximena had with the job application was she hadn’t put an interest letter in the first submit.
The experience is the part that takes more time. I think that there are various causes. For example:

  1. You need to explain in a simple way what you want to explain.
  2. You need to summarize this part to make it easy and fast to read.
  3. Your experience must be focused on each job application in a specific way. You need to change it. The other parts of CV are less changing than this.
  4. You always must update your CV experience.

The experience section is the most difficult for me. The reason is I need to adapt my experience to be understood in another companies. Due to some processes are very specific for industry or company.
In my case it’s necessary to traduce this tasks into a vocabulary that can be understood by any company.

The experiences part takes the most time for me.

Using PAR metodology to write my resume Is one of the most difficult part, because.. well I have some experience working with customers un differents industries, however as customer representative, sometimes I justo have to follow some rules and there is not space to make changes or track my impact in business performance.

Ximena’s applications were such a long to read.

Good lecture

Same as you, experience is pretty hard when you’re trying to align what you have done with what the job posting requires.

I take much time for write about me experience and skills

The same topic about experience, is the takes most time for me. I have 12 years experiencie then I have many things for write, but today I learned about the method PAR, Its the better option for resume my experiencel

I’d say experience too because I haven’t had a job in tech yet. So I’m planning to work on projects and show them in a portfolio along with my web page to say that those are the things I’ve worked with and accomplished.

Also for me, the experience part is the part that takes the most time for me. That is because I like to make sure I’m customizing my experience the most to give the employer all the reasons why I’m an excellent option for the role, the skills I gained, and the accomplishments I did.

For me also the expirience part is the most complicated and it takes me more time to review and complete.

The summary of my skills takes the most time form me, I’m very insecure. 😔

What was the problem with Ximena’s job application?

  • There was an error in submitting the application.
  • Her interest letter was not convincing enough.