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Your interview mindset

We need to develop an interview mindset because rejection is a normal part of the process.


  • They are used to motivating you, when you are struggling
  • Use the verb CAN to express your affirmations. Remember that CAN, can be used to express: possibility, ability en permission.

Ask yourself

  • What is possible for you?
  • What can you do?
  • What are your main abilities?

How to build affirmations?

I + can + verb in base form

  • I can do this.
  • I can make progress.
  • I can get hired by the right company.
  • I can speak the English I need for this job.

I can manage a development team towards the goals of a project.
I can prepare technical solutions proposals.

I can improve my techincal skills to get the job I wish
I can show off my talent as an engineer

Let鈥檚 go for it!!!

I can teach about algoritmic trading
I can build systems and models base on data prices.
I can read the markets behavior

The past year, I have been rejected from many offers, the anxiety and the frustration have been increasing throughout the year, and it was awkward. I鈥檓 34 years old, the pressure of the age and some bad desicions make me feel sad and anguished. Although, something inside me told me that the English in a certain time, will be the key of my professional redesign. Eventually, I began to study English, I was struggling with my education. Then, I applied to a campaign in Teleperformance, they offered a plan specially for B1 level, that was a good new for me because I had this level. And now, I thrive on study English, I will be working in TP the next week, and I began to develop a passion for the languages. The English definitely turn the things around, that鈥檚 for sure

I can make new sells
I can negotiate appropriately

I can leader a communication team I can be the best option for this job I can development a communication strategic in this company
I can speak ENGLIS very well, so I can get hired for a new company. SIIIII, I feel motivated. Thanks, Kyra. I can speak English. I can create balance sheets and profit/loss statements So let麓s move on
  • I can put aside people鈥檚 views.
  • I can be patient

Ximena鈥檚 affirmation was 鈥淚 can get the job鈥

I can improve processes based on studying the steps already established.
I can deal with troubles through situations doing negotiations with the people involved and understanding their interests.

I can get this job
I can speak fluenty english

  • I can prepare numbers and information relevant for taking decisions in the Organization
  • I can have a fluent conversation in English
  • I can explain the YE results.

Good lecture

I can manage a team in financial processes to support the users with any technical issues.

I can lead projects related to customer payments, automating financial processes, and improving the customer experience.

I can speak both french, English and Spanish.
I can create, hire and manage a team.
I can communicate efficiently with my team.
I can be a training manger.
I can analyse to needs of the company or of the client.
I can give or suggest some ideas.

I can do anything I can speak the necessary English that I need for working

I can business and close sales b2b with big companies.
I can manage sales teams.

  • I can get a remote job.
  • I can find the right company for me.

I can learn more than a second language

I can learn faster how to code in different languages.

I can lead sales teams.
I can training sales teams in tactic of persuasion for get more customer

  1. I can build algorithmic trading systems in Python and C#
  2. I can build models of pairs trading systems or statistical arbitrage using data science skills with Python

I can identify all risks of company
I can make the presentatio of culture talks

I can combine two skills:

  • my commercial skills: working with and leading teams
  • my development skills: logic thought, creativity and software solutions

I Can Learn to code and increase my knowledge and incomes
I Can improve my English skills to apply for my dream job!
I can do this! 馃ぉ

  1. I can make the best data cabling.
  2. I can fufill the companie鈥檚 requerimients.
  1. My two affirmations:
    I can get to write in English quickly and correctly.
    I can get to speak English as if I were a native person.
  2. Ximena鈥檚 affirmation:
    I can get this job.

I can map extensive places of mountainous and jungle relief.
I can use my drone with LIDAR technology to see what the foliage has covered and show off those new discoveries.

I can speak English for my new job.
I can write fast because it will part of my new job.

I can manage and work with eCommerce built on Shopify. Also, I can create content for social media through tools such as CANVA, CapCut, and Audacity. Besides, I can develop marketing strategies using email such as email marketing.

I can make my work more efficiently I can reduce the time response in my job

My affirmations are quite similar as Ximena,

I can get this Job would be the #1
I can improve my English in a short time in order to get the job that I want would be the #2

I can develop mobile apps.
I can write formal english letters. (I hope!)

I can speak english with other people! I can learn english and more skills that I want!

I can learn Business Intelligence and get a job in this industry by studying every day and practicing in my current job. I can enhance my career by adding new skills to my portfolio to be more competent in the market, being more attractive for recruiters, and having the opportunity to have better incomes.

*I can communicate highly technical concepts to all kinds of audiences.

  • I can use creativity to solve all kinds of challenges

I can speak the English I need to work in an international company.
I can approve technical backend tests.

  • I can learn every day more.

  • I can practice more time.

  • I can speak fluently English.

  • I can improve my soft skills.

I can improve my code abilities to apply for tech jobs, focusing on electronic design and code.
I can reach a higher level inside the company I work for, or also apply to other companies to improve my salary even more.

I can cook. I can understand English.

I can learn english, I can hired in the international ONG