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Ho you started / Notable achievements
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My pleasure Andres
Its for me a good oportunity for express a warm greeting. Today I saw a position on linkendlin and the skills required are my major strengths, I have developing for my last 12 years, are my fields. I am intesrested have a interview with you. Let me tell you, how I can add worth to your company.


Hello there this is Bryan West and this time i decided to write to you all because I’m so interested and the developers area, so as not to speak very much I have years of experience and i am getting more knowledge. None of this was interesting for me but i began to live in this city and i decided to get a carrier and this about, so I’d like to know if you all are hiring. Alright thanks a lot for reading this letter.

Hello Gustavo.
I want congratulation you company for you new get in the car show.
I am a expert in the several cars brand and I winner several show of know rally cars.
Too I studied in the Germany cars University . I will liking work with your company. for this reason I send my resume and I hope you can gift me a oportunity. thank you
Alberto lennis

Good lecture

Hello Michael Bern,
Your latest research on the boreal zones was incredible. I will explain how my ability to explore began, the first time I discovered something was in a forest that no one used to explore, there I found some ruins of a new culture, I reported it to the archaeologists, being registered as the discoverer. Then I got a degree in geography at the university, a master’s degree in LIDAR exploration. I discovered and mapped some still unknown mountains in the middle of the Indonesian jungle. Would you give me a chance to join the exploration team on the unexplored islands in the Indian Ocean?
Best regards,
Denis Tello

Hello sandra,

My name is Alex we met at an Intel OpenHouse, at that time I was doing my research in artificial intelligence for my master’s degree. Now I am interested in starting my professional career in the research and development area and I would like to join the IntelLabs team. Would you consider giving me the opportunity to interview for this role?

Best regards,
Alejandro Sánchez

Hello Mr Brown:

First of all I have to say that the video from the ast week was incredible, the way you face tht problem was unique. I started in education since I was 16 years old, my first student was a kid of 7 years old. Now I have been the opportunity to direct an orquest in my town. I apreciate a lot how you love education and think in your students, what I see we have the same values and that is amazing. Can I work with you I really love do that.
Sinceryly, Sofia

Hi, I would like to share with you all my possible letter for a job interview:


First of all, thank you for reading my LinkedIn profile. I can tell you that my experience in data analysis could be engaging for your company, furthermore, I have tried to increase these skills based on some academic courses that allowed me to improve several daily activities in my current job. I would like to participate in this selection for the position you have in the data science area. So, would you allow me for a job interview to learn more about this role? I could tell you more about what I can offer to your company.

Thanks in advance and, best regards.

Hello dear Mr. Company X…

I allow myself to make my professional career available to you, in accordance with the requirements of training, experience, competencies and other skills required for good performance in this position.

Given my extensive professional background, I have had the opportunity to work in both public and private sector companies, thus acquiring excellent knowledge of different areas of law such as: Accounting, tax, labor, commercial, financial and administrative.

Based on the aforementioned, I consider that I have the necessary tools and skills to achieve the objectives set through the reference position.

Therefore, I reiterate my desire to have the opportunity to form part of your great work team, and thus contribute all my knowledge and expertise in the matter.

Waiting for your valuable comments and observations, I look forward to hearing from you and the next steps in the selection process. It will be an honor for me to have this great opportunity.

Sincerely, so-and-so.

Structure of how to write a letter of interest

Hello, Platzi Academy.

I hope that all is going well.

In this opportunity i am writing with a huge interest in the vacant laboral that you have posted in the main website. The offer said that you are in searching a person with many wishes of grow up in the company and that the level english it’s for up the b1 and I am between yours parameters. I applied for the coordinate at Colombia at Platzi. You can’t imagine the desire of i have of able take this opportunity and to do many good things.

I would like know of you soon.
Cristian Gomez

-How do you connect with this person?
I believe that is important to be very clear with my wishes for that the recruiter can sees at me a person that can to be line up with the laboral vacant that he has. So, I should to be able to demonstrate that I have many knowledge that can to be useful for yours company.

-How did you enter your field?
I started with my desire of English learn for to be honest when identify that in this world I was going to raise my earn. But, not only was the economic fact, with the pass the time I went taking it much love to the English process learn, and it got me to here.

-Why are you contacting this person?
When this person give me the opportunity of speak about my fortalezas I will tell it all about me including my aspirations in my life, and as to take this job help me to be more close to this wishes.

Good afternoon Melisa Osorio,
I found your perfil in LinkedIn I have been following the progress of you company, I would like to be part of your team contribute to the growth, I am a development professional in Java I have been 5 years the experience working for a bank, I will be happy to share my knowledge in your company.
I am interesting to have an interview with you.
Look forward
Attach my resume.
Warm regards.

Hello Alejandra!
I have been following the growth process of your company while I was at college. I am a passionate electrical engineer about electronics, at the university, I started with some projects related to analog electronics, and I knew that I wanted to continue in that field for my professional career.
I recently applied for the electronic junior engineer position at K.
It would be great to know you and talk about the position. I look forward to your answer.
Best regards,
Santiago Tellez

How to write an interest letter:

  1. Greeting
  2. Connection
  3. Ho you started / Notable achievements
  4. Transition
  5. Call to Action
  6. Closing

Good afternoon Mrs. Jeff Bezos

Your last blog post in the offical page of Amazon it was incredible amuse. It remember me the time when I made my final project at the university, I worked on the developing pilot program with small comunites and encorage people to belive in them dreams. Well, I I just finished to aplly for your job offer, about the teaching possition at Amazon. would you consider giving me the opportunity to interview for this role?

                                  Kind regards
                              Guadalupe Pérez
  • “Hello” is more “formal”,

  • “Hi” is a friendly term. It is an “informal” way to greet someone in English.

  • “Hi there” is a common “informal” greeting in English. We often use hi there when we are a little bit surprised to see someone because we didn’t see them at first.