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Hello, here are my questions:

Will I have the opportunity to grow in my professional area to reach a higher position?
What are the benefits of this job?
How does the company inform me, if I was selected for this job position?

Thank you very much.

Ximena asked, what are the types of projects a front-end developer work on?

My questions:

  • What are the benefits for the employees who work with you?
  • How do you handle employees鈥 failures when they鈥檙e trying to achieve your goals?

Some examples of questions in an interview:

  1. Mr. Thomson. Who would I report to, in this position?
  2. What kind of tasks do they usually do in this role?
  3. When are begin in the new building?
  4. Where do you like that I focus my job?

Where is the office?
Who is my manager?
How do I have to dress?
Who are conform me team?
What is my main role?

Good lecture

How can apport to this company?
What you expected of me for this role
if I haven鈥檛 a specific skill for this job, what is it?

* Why your's would like hiring me? :P * What is the objective of this role? * How is the work enviroment here?

Who would directly address me?

What types of projects does the frontend developer typically work on?

How the company manage the time that we have to spend at week?
When we receive supporting meetings?
Why is important follow the rule number three?

What would be the professional challenge I would face when occupying this position in the company?

What are the expected results of my management in approximately 3 months?

What kind of soft and hard skills are fundamental from your point of view to be successful in the performance in this position?

I鈥檇 like to know what kind of software currently use for working. Can i come to remind everyone their job. Could i work on my house What is that project for?

when do we start wirh this project?
How is the labour environment?
What are the values on the job?

Where is the area that we are going to make the installations?
What are the technologies we are going to install?
Who are the clients we are attending?

How much time will they give me to explore?
What are you looking for in this exploration as a priority?
What equipment will you offer for exploration?

Hi there!
These are my three questions:
-How is the training process?
-How long does the training process take?
-What are the company values?

What holiday day we celebrate?
Is allowed to hear music while we鈥檙e coding ?
How does the company measure our development in our team ?

Summary of the class:
Who: refers is asking about people. It might refer to who is the person that I should report my performance and work.
What: I can ask about so many things, such as What type, what kind, what time, and more.
when: refers to the time
Where: is asking for a location or a destination.
Why: is looking for a reason.
How: the way something is done.
moving on to how to use "how"
how is the word that talks about the way something is done.

what is the benefits of the company.
how many days is allowed to work from home?
what is the timing of the campy?

  • What types of study materials can the company offer?
  • How is the growing path in the company?
  • How many time wait the company develop a minimum viable product (MVP)?
  • What kind of projects go according to the role?
  • How can I improve the times?
  • When can I schedule another meeting?
  • Ximena ask about the projects she will develop
  • What are the most challenging tasks of this role?
  • What are the opportunities to grow inside the team?
  • What is the most difficult technology you work with?

Ximena: What types of projects does a Frontend Developer at Platzi typically work on?
My 3 questions for my next interview.
What kind of request are made to a Data Analyst in this company?
How is the teamwork at the company ?
and I鈥檒l take the same question as sergio here What are the benefits for this job?