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Paga en 4 cuotas sin intereses

Paga en 4 cuotas sin intereses

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Episodio 4: Nuevos retos profesionales


**Welcome to Episode 4:

Make sure you download the map mentioned by the teacher.
This map will help you track your journey and see how far you have come!
If you did not download the map, please do it now!

Interactive classes focused on listening and vocabulary
This course has 4 special classes (episodes) at the beginning of each module. They tell a story of Ximena and they provide a great opportunity to practice listening & vocabulary. Please download the worksheets for each of those episodes from the resource section of each of these classes.

The idea is for you to follow the conversation and fill in the gaps.
This will help you in practicing listening and learn new vocabulary at the same time!

The worksheet will be named: 鈥淟istening & Vocabulary Practice鈥.
You can check your answers from the full scripts provided in each class too!

All the best! Make sure you have everything you need to make the most from this course.

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Thanks for offer me a position, I like to accept the offer!

The terminator, hahaha

Good lecture


Hello, Mrs. Martina
I accept you offer, I wait learn much.
Thank you
Best regards

Hello thanks for offering the job that i need, I am so thankful for I鈥檝e waited so long and right now I鈥檓 so excited, alright thanks a lot.

I鈥檒l back ! - Terminator

this teacher is amazing, thanks more courses how this

Stirr, thank you for offering me a position at your Exploration Team. I鈥檇
like to accept your offer. I sent you the scan of the signed contract by email. I will go to check the facilities of the exploration center and check the equipment they have to improve my work.
Best Regards,
Denis Tello

  • You need to look through the details of the contract they are offering you.
  • Medical benefits
  • Health insurance.
  • Four weeks of pay time off.