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Vocabulario del contrato en inglés


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Interesting vocabulary, thank you.

For me, the most important part of the contract is: termination and wrongful termination because I know when can finish my contact for my actions and when not.

I think the most important part of the contract is the details, because you can find all your responsibilities, your salary and other different benefits.

I think there are multiple factors to take into consideration when a contract is being signed, most important for me are:
Responsibilities to know what I’d be accountable for, or the rules I should follow.
The Benefits I’ll receive working for the company like salary, PTO, health insurance, vacations, etc.

For me the most important part of the contract is: Stock options and PTO.

  1. The Salary
  2. Motivation aspects, such a heatlh insurance.
  3. Benefits

I receive a monthly payment

I receive monthly payment plus benefits for success projects results

Good lecture

part of the contract wheere

The most important part of the vontract for me is compensation.

I get paid per week

The most important Salary, schedules of job and benefits

I think all parts of the contract are important. However, I believe that the compensation, benefits, and termination clause are the most important.

*To me all parts are very important because it’s compromising me with a company to do many thing and if something in this contract isn’t well, I can pay it very expensive.

for me the most important is the insurance due I live in another country far to my home, everything relate with the health is so expensive, I prefer a good insurance for me and for my family. (Husband or kids)

The most important part of the contract is benefits because it is what mainly difference between a company and another.

I get paid each fifteen days.

  • The essential part to me is the salary. and professional development. I think that a company that helps you in your career path providing or assisting you with education, is one of the best things.

Due to my lack of knowledge I want to know about the compensation the most and how does a contract for a remote job works