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Variable Indefinite Pronouns


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activity wizard:

  1. Wizard: All of the people in earth are weak.
  2. Me: Yes, that鈥檚 what make us humans, anyway, some of your clothes are dirty, do you want me to wash it?
  3. Wizard: None of my problems are of your concern.
  4. Me: Alright, it seems like, Most of the wizards are rude.

haha, I hope you like it!

Wizard: Boom!!! Hello I am Platzi The Wizard from the future web. I can teach you MOST of the courses on design web, marketing, programming and much more!

Me: Wow!!! ALL the time, I am thinking about my future.

Wizard: Great!!! I appear in the right moment. You can try SOME free classes and if you like it I will give you my magic wand to start learning.

Me: I promise NONE of the students will know that I have your magic wand.

Variable indefinite pronouns:

  1. Else: is used to refer to other people, other places or other things. The structure is this:

Combination of the prefix and suffix + else

  1. Singular and plural variable indefinite pronouns
    The variable indefinite pronouns works as the subject of the sentence.
  • All
  • Most
  • Some
  • None

All/most/some/none + prepositional phrase + Verb + complement

Example: All of the students here are dedicated

If the noun is uncountable the conjugation is in the singular form

Example: Most of the information is clear

a Wizard appears in front of me

-Me: How do you enter in my room?

-Wizard: I don鈥檛 need to enter to your room, just appear.

-Me: Well, why do you appear here? all my life I 鈥榲e thinking thar wizards don鈥檛 exist and now all of that thoughts just are disappear.

-Wizard: hahaha, I came here to make your wishes come true!, well most of them if they aren鈥檛 too crazy!

-Me: Hahaha I鈥檝e thinking that some of them are crazy! So, do you mind if you can tell me where do you live and if there is more people like you in the world?

-Wizard: Sorry but I can鈥檛 tell you that, I鈥檒l just say that none of the people isn鈥檛 too curious.

  • Hello, I am The Wizard. Most of the people know me.
  • I鈥檓 here because some of your situations are uncertain.
  • Hi wizard, can you tell me if all of my problems have been solved?
  • Well, maybe i can fix that, but none of these problems can be solved.
  1. Wizard: Hi my name is Toto and I have can give you anything you want but in the next 2 minutes.
  2. Me: Most of the histories that I know ask more wishes, but I want what you want.
  3. Wizard wife: None of the time Toto is not at home.
  4. Wizard: Hi love, I missed you.

My eleven years old version made this conversation 馃槄馃槄馃槄

  • Wizard 馃馃徏鈥嶁檪锔: Hello Paho!
  • Young Me 馃檰馃徏鈥嶁檧锔: Um! Hi 馃Hummm, I think I鈥檝e seen you before.
  • Wizard 馃馃徏鈥嶁檪锔: Oh maybe, All of people have ever heard my name or seen a picture of me at least on time in their lives. Do you know why?
  • Young Me 馃檰馃徏鈥嶁檧锔: Of course I know why, you are Albus Percival Wulfric Brian Dumbledore! the head master of Hogwarts 馃獎 馃ぉ
  • Wizard 馃馃徏鈥嶁檪锔: That鈥檚 right, it鈥檚 me! And I鈥檓 here to deliver your Hogwarts letter 鉁夛笍 in person.
  • Young Me 馃檰馃徏鈥嶁檧锔: OMG! It鈥檚 unbelievable, That makes me really happy, but, why were you coming until here just to give the letter? What happen with most of the owls in the wizarding world?.
  • Wizard 馃馃徏鈥嶁檪锔: Well, none of them are free, these days were too busy to them and the next ones too. I was free and bored, so I decided to come here in person, but now I have to go.
  • Young Me 馃檰馃徏鈥嶁檧锔: Okay, be careful that some of muggles won鈥檛 see you.
  • Wizard 馃馃徏鈥嶁檪锔: Don鈥檛 worry about it, Harry borrowed me his invisible coat. See you soon at school, nice to met you Paho! 馃獎
  • Young Me 馃檰馃徏鈥嶁檧锔: It鈥檚 my pleasure, we will see again in the great hall for the sorting hat鈥檚 event. 馃挄
  • All 100%
  • Most 70 - 90%
  • Some 10 - 40%
  • None 0%

Variable Indefinite Pronouns
Subject + Plural Plural
Some of the students hera are dedicated

Subject + Singular Singular
Some of the information is clear


  1. Some of the furniture is old
  2. None of the employees are absent
  3. All of the information is useful
  4. Are most of my answers correct?

All wizards want to travel to London, but none of them want to travel by plane. Most of the wizards want to travel by train, but some want to travel by bicycle.

Wizard: Hello, I鈥檓 the best wizard in the world, none is better than me, and I know all the tricks what you would like to see
Me: Okey, but I don鈥檛 know if you are the best, I know some wizards that says the same. I will believe in you if you do the most hards tricks in this moment.

Wizard activity: W: well, well well, ALL of the WORDS that you say are ARE so annoying. Why do you want more power? ME: i dont want more power, i need it, my love, my pride, my future all of this THINGS are important for me. W: but darling, you have all the power inside of you, if i be honest with you some of the creatures are noticed about their own power, you can be one of them, i believe in you ME: its real? i want to change mi life.. changer the world, so please tell me that is real. W: my sweetheart ALL of my WORDS are true, i hope to see you when you change the world
Activity Wizard: \*Wizard: Look at this little boy, All of the people in the mortal world are evil. \*Wizard麓s son: All of them? I don麓t think so, I mean, I have seen some of people that are really good. \*Wizard: How can you say that? None of them care about life, they only think about death and destruction. \*Wizard麓s son: You麓re right most of them think that way, but there are people that really care about life and the beautiful things of the world.
**Practice:** 1. Some of the furniture is old. 2. None of the employees are absent. 3. All of the information is useful. 4. Are most of my answer correct? **Creative activity:** **A wizard appeared in front of me in a dark night. I feel fear for that reason but i try to talk with him.** **Me: hey if you are a wizard, why you dont have a wand? because all of tales says that all of the wizards needs a wand.** **He: that is a lie, it's no necesary in all cases. But most of them use one.** **Me: ok, I undertand. and it's true that some of creatures could learn to be a wizard?** **He: in some cases it could happen but for none of them are easy.** Me: I will like to learn magic, could you train me? He: I can't but try to search a class on Platzi. :)
Creative activity: Me: Hi, who are you? You look queer... Wizard: I am a wizard Me: A wizard? Like Harry Potter Wizard: Mmmm no, a real wizard, no one wizard looks like Harry Potter Me: You can do somethinhg magic? Like make everyone bilingual? Wizard: Would everyone like that Me: Of course, If everyone were bilingual they could travel to any part of the world without problems And also no one would have to take courses to learn other languages Wizard: Mmm sounds interesting, but if I do it, all the language schools would disappear and I don't want anyone to be left without a job. Me: You're right, it's better to grant that magical wish only to me.
-I麓m a wizard, I麓ll give you one wish -Wow, that麓s pretty cool, okay, let me think鈥 can I wish **<u>some of</u>** information? -Yeah, you can wish **<u>all of</u>** you want, but you have only one wish -Perfect, i would like to know **<u>all of</u>** the secrets of the universe -Okay, there you go鈥 Our character learned about our evolution and now he wants to be an astronaut
1. Wizard: all of you are in terrible danger! 2. Girl: No one cares about most of your little lies, Johnny! 3. Wizard: Johnny is dead. Some of this wine bottle looks like poison... 4. Wizard: and you drink it all. You're completely drunk and none of my powers can help you...

Wizard: Greetings, traveler!

Girl: Whoa, a wizard!

Wizard: All of those who wander here find me eventually.

Girl: Most of them must be surprised to see you.

Wizard: Some of them seek my guidance and wisdom.

Girl: None of them expected to encounter a wizard today.

Wizard: Come, let me show you the wonders of my magic.

Wizard: Where are all of the boxes of my room? Me: What are you talking about? I gave them away and decorated. None of that space is empty now. Wizard: Most of the things inside there are bewitched. Me: That could be a problem because some of the devices are in my children's tree house.
My Activity: \*Wizard: Hello, I麓m confused, I don麓t recognice none of this time \*Me: Welcome tot he 2024, All of the tecnology advances changed the world \*W: Most of the world, I can see fruits, some trees and humans yet \*M: Some humans, nowadays people don麓t like to hace kids, our people will be desapear soon \*W. Ohh, this is sad, I麓m going to return again and fix it. Bye
W (Wizard) M (Me) W: Greetings regular person, do you think all the people over there look suspicious? M: None of them look suspicious to Me but most of them are looking at us right now W: Thats because I teleported here out of nowhere! anyway, want to go eat some pizza ? wizards love pizza!
Wizard: all my tricks are amazing. Me: no trick is a lie? Wizard: Some but most are purely incredible. Me: ok I believe you. show me some trick.
Wizard: All of my coworkers are sleeping. I thing that today I'm going to work alone. (Look for a person to help with his wishes) Me: I would like to won the lottary (thinks) Wizard: Hey! I can that a reality (appears in front of me) Me: Really???! Wizard: Yes, you only need to give me some of that drink, maybe a candies and none of your friends and family can now about his. Me: but I usually tell most of my days to my friends. Wizard: If you need at least some of the wishes that you are thinking, you need to do that. Me: Ok!, is a deal.
Me - Hello, dear Wizard. Wizard - What's going on, mate? Me - I want to discuss some of my wishes. Wizard - Most of your wishes are nasty. Me - No, none of my wishes are nasty.
**Wizard's Activity** -**Me**: Who are you? -**Wizard**: I can't tell you who i'm now, but I'm Houdini and I've came for you. -**Me**: What? Wow! **Some of** the coincidences I experienced today **are** connected with you appeared. -Wizard: Oh, no! **None of** the coincidences **are** meaning with my appeared! I've came for take you with me and teach my magic tricks -Me: :')! Are you Crazy? I'm too scared. I'll need to know **all of** your information before **is** going to anywhere. -Wizard: Sorry! But, i can鈥檛 tell you that at the moment, I鈥檒l just say that **most of** the doubts that you have **are** answer at the place where you will come with me. Please, if you will look a mistake, only let me your comment. :)

Wizard: Hello my name is Martin, I was looking for you everywhere
Me: Hello I鈥檓 Rafael, what a surprise. I鈥檓 doing nothing at this moment what do you want for me
Wizard: I have to teach you everything about your English course
Me: Oh thank you, I need to learn and teach to everybody all my knowledge
Wizard: That sounds great, we can go everywhere around the world and practice
Me: Great, I think we should speak everything in English, everyone here speaks in that language
Wizard: It is a good idea, nobody in my land does it

Wizard: Hello Brenda! Do you want a magic trick?
Me: I don鈥檛 believe in magic but you can try
Wizard: can you look you purse? None of you credit cards are there
Me: wow, how do you do that? It麓s awesome but now you can give me back my credit cards
Wizard: disappear

There was a day when I was bored so i decided to start to learn english on Platzi, then a Wizard appears
Me: Hi?..
Wizard: Do you have any wish? is something that you want?
Me: umm, maybe if I could learn a new Language would be great.
Wizard: Why did you wish to learn only a language if you can only wish to know ** all of them?**
Me: I do not know** most of ** names for languages in the world, so I could not wish it if I can not tell you what language it is, so I think that if I know none of them I won鈥檛 receive my wish.
Wizard: umm You麓re difficult, it鈥檚 time to say goodbye.

wizard: Hey i鈥檓 the most powerful wizand around the word.
wizard: you can ask whaever your want
eliza: whatevener i want?
wizard: sure, common tell me what is one of the most thing that you ever wanted?
eliza: okey, some of my biggest trowble that i have is that i don鈥檛 earn too much at my current job, so i don鈥檛 want to keep working and insted i wish be the most richest woman in the earth.
wizard: i鈥檓 sorry but you just showed me that you鈥檙e not pure person of heart, most of the people that i gave the same oportunity choice the same thing, get a better job and start to study instead.

some of the forniture is old
none of the empleyees are absent
all of the information is useful
are most of my answers correct?


wizard: the magic is a gift.
me: it seems so, but none of all the magicians can do like you.
wizard: everyone is a magician in some part of himself.
me: do you think? most of the humans waste his talent.
wizard: yes, i know but, everyone has an infinite power inside.
me: I鈥檓 agree with that but how i can use it mine?
wizard: most of the time you use it when you love what you do.
me: i don鈥檛 understand wizard, some part of me tells me that but, the other part tells me another thing.
wizard: that鈥檚 happen because you are very young, you need focus an improve your natural talents, and show and give to all the people this precious gift you have鈥

Wizard : Shazam!!
Me: Wow! A Wizard! Are all of your magic tricks this cool?
Can you show me how to appear like you just did?
Wizard : Howdy young man! Of course no.
Some of my tricks are secret.
Me: I can pay you.
Wizard: None of my magic tricks are for sale!
Me: Really? Most of the things are for sale, I guess you鈥檙e a fool.


Wizard activity:

(1) Hi everyone! i鈥檓 here because someone called me. (in his mind) - (2) Great!.. I guess was a mistake and no one called me. (5 seconds after) (3) Oh!.. All of that man鈥檚 suit is like i wanted, i must call him. (4) (after a long chat) Yeah! Most of people are unserious with my hard work鈥 I wait for you aren鈥檛.


  1. Some of the furniture is old.
  2. None of the employees are absent.
  3. All of the information ++is ++ useful.
  4. Are most of my answers correct?
  1. Some of the furniture is old
  2. None of the employees are absent
  3. All of the information is useful
  4. Are most of my answers correct?

Wizard: NONE of my powers seem to work to improve my english.
Wizard: ALL of my friends speaks english very well, like that guy behind me.
Woman: Don鈥檛 worry, SOME people takes more time, the important thing is, don鈥檛 give up.
Wirzard: Ok, I just realized that MOST of the time I like to play videogames with my friends, but that鈥檚 not the real problem, the clue is to organize my time, in order to do all the things I like, even learn english

  1. Some of the furniture is old (is in singular because furniture is an uncountable nouns)
  2. None of the employees are absent
  3. All of the information is useful (is the same, uncountable nouns)
  4. Are most of my answer correct?

All of the people are enjoying the party, I am bored鈥 walking around鈥 Most of the guests are drunk and laughing loudly鈥 None of them talk with me.
Some of the cocktails are with alcohol, most of them鈥 and the other are virgin (without alcohol)
Wizards do not exist, even though in the imagination all of thought are possible


  1. Some of the furniture is old.
  2. None of the employees are absent.
  3. All of the information is useful.
  4. Are most of my answers correct?
    Me: Hi Wizard, nice to meet you
    Did you know that all of whishes coming true?
    He: No, I didn鈥檛 know. Actually, I never know what happen next
    Me: OMG, so鈥re most of the wizards don鈥檛 know if whishes come true?
    He: None of the wizards are sure what happen next
    But I鈥檓 sure that some of the whishes are amazing and have to come true.
  • A Wizard kick the door of the house*
    Me: 馃槷
    The Wizard: You are a wizard and you will learn all the magic in this world.
    Me: 馃槷
    The Wizard: Do you heard anything I said?
    Me: Yes, but i think do you made a mistake.
    The Wizard: Most of people are happy with this news
    Me: I agrew, but this house isn鈥檛 mine
    The Wizard: So, What are you doing here? None of the things you hold in your arms are yours.
    Me: Yes they are not. I am stealing them.
    The Wizard: 馃槷

Wizard: Hi! I need to tell you that all of the people are sleeping
Me: Ok鈥 None of the people are awake soo鈥
Wizard: Yess, Some of you need to wake up and save the world.
Me: Ok鈥 I catch you鈥 Most of this conversation is too weird my friend.

Wizard: Hi! Why most of you are sleeping?
Me: Oh, Who are you?
Wizard: A Wizard clearly.
Me: I鈥檓 sorry, most of us are sleeping because a Witch enchanted them.
Wizard: So, I appeared at the right moment.
Me: You do
Wizard: But, it is probably that none of them remember this.
Me: Oh, no problem. I think that none want to remember.

Why I鈥檓 all of a sudden speaking in English, you may ask? Well, I don鈥檛 remember exactly how it happened, but all started when, in one usual my walks in the nearby park, a guy appeared out of nowhere claiming to be some kind of wizard. He straight shouted out to me: 鈥 Behold! 鈥 Huh? -I quietly said while confused 鈥 You are in the presence of me! The Greatest of all Wizards, and I came here to make sure you meet your destiny 鈥 Sure鈥 -I said while trying to avoid him and continue with my walk 鈥 All of my magic will be at your service to complete this important task! At this point, I wasn鈥檛 sure what to say, none of what he鈥檚 saying makes sense to me. What task? Why it is important? Before I could say something, he continues: 鈥 Everyone that have been destined to complete this task have been greatly rewarded with knowledge! To none of them I鈥檝e fail! 鈥 *So this man has been bothered other people* -I thought to myself Oh, one thing that's important to mention is that all of this wasn鈥檛 happening when we were alone there. There were a lot of people around. Not that near to us, mind you, but close enough to hear us. I think most of them were thinking that this was some kind of acting. But I was curious, what was this important task? So, I ask him, following his game: 鈥 Oh, Great Wizard, what鈥檚 this important task that you are referring to? 鈥 To complete this Activity! To gain knowledge in the English language and to demonstrate to all the people around here that none of them can stand in the way of your learning journey. Most of them might not understand the significance now, but some of them will eventually appreciate the beauty of mastering a new language.
**Wizard:** Hi Alejandro, do you know that the magic exists? **Me:** <u>None of </u>people I meet, knows about magic, why should I think that exist? **Wizard:** Magic is not about incredible things, magic is about **<u>most of </u>**the things that you can watch, listen, write, and think, that is magic, it鈥檚 the universe wondering for itself. **Me:** Ok, I hadn鈥檛 thought it, you鈥檙e right. Some people like me, we ignore **<u>all of </u>**the awesome things that we can do and seeing around us. **Wizard:** That鈥檚 it Alejandro, you can learn about this magical world everyday from now, outside and inside of you. See you another day. Good luck!!
Wizard: Is there someone else here? \*None of my partners are here Wizard: I see, hey! all of the simple mortals would be scared \*I'm not a simple mortal my friend, you should know some of the humans are not scary of that kind of things, anyways, do you want coffee? Wizard: Most of the people call the police, this is new. And yes, I want a coffee
1) Wizard: All of you would die if you see my dragon! 2) Wizard: He has defeated most of the enemies he has fought. 3) Woman: I'm very sure some of us want to meet him. 4) Wizard: Oh, mere mortals, he hates all of the humans he has met before.
Wizard: **All of** the girls are always late, I have to go for a walk and see if I can find Alice. 10 minutes after.... Wizard: I can't find Alice, and is too strange that **none of** the women who were invited are here. Alice appears... Alice: Hi Wizard, **most of the glasses** have evil potions, **some of** the women were turned into a men. Wizard: Oh! I understand why I didn麓t see them.
**Wizard:** I hope, some of you can understand the power of magic, maybe someday... Me: All of your magic stuff are a trick, magic is a fraud Wizard: Oh, I see most people think that about things they can not see, that shows me, you won't be a real wizard Me: Then none of us are gonna be a wizard, anyone can see that's a scam
ChatGPT le puso 67.5% a mi actividad: Rize the wizard: Hahah, I鈥檓 Rize! Rize the wizard: \*All of league of legends players who call me\*, are the most desperate people in the world! Me: Ahh, okay but \*none of us invoked you at the summoner's rift\* Rize the wizard: Here most be a mistake because鈥 if someone call me, \*most of the times is why I鈥檓 here\* Me: Maybe, \*Some of the times is okay but today happens a mistake\*
Hello Wizard, How is it going? In my case, all of my things are going well, None of my studies is going bad, most of my time i am being very productive, and some of my task i am doing veru quickly
Wizard: MOST of the humankind is desiring something that really they have, what is your desire? me: Like SOME of them is desiring, I desire won't to feel loneness Wizard: ALL of company that you want is in you, nobody else can't change that. me: NONE of us want to hear that, if I will desire love, will you answer me the same? Affirmation
A wizard appeared to me this morning and asked me: Wizard: Hello, Tiffany. My name is Merlin, today I will grant you all of your wishes. Me: Oh, I can't believe none of the words you have said could be possible, magic doesn't exist. Merlin: Ok, that could be truth most of the times, but...驴How do you explain my apparition? Me: I think I could be probably dreaming. Some of my dreams could include stranger things...
**<u>Creative Activity:</u>** **Wizard**: Hey you, excuse me, I鈥檓 lost and all the people that I try to talk to just walk away. **Me**: Maybe it鈥檚 because you look like a freak with that costume. Most people don鈥檛 dress like that unless it鈥檚 Halloween. **Wizard**: But it鈥檚 because I鈥檓 a wizard. Can none of you understand that? **Me**: Well, it鈥檚 not common, but maybe some people at that comic store can understand it.
Wizard: Hello, I can giuve you some magicals things if you like them Me: Thanks, I don't want them. Most of magical things could makes me troubles. Wizard: I haven't had any troubles with that, none of my magical thing causes problems Me: all things easy to get after cause problems later
Wizard: Hi everyone , 驴Why none of you are using a broom? Me: Hi miss Wizard , we are not using a broom because we don麓t want to sweep nor do the cleaning. Wizard: ha ha ha ha 鈥 i am not talking about sweeping or cleaning, I think the most of people has to use a broom like a transport. Me: Sorry miss Wizard , some of us prefer to walk.
me: All of the wizards are imaginary friends (Suddenly a wizard appears) wizard: what did you just said me: I麓ve just said most of the wizards are are really handsome wizard: I thought i麓d heard wrong, cause none of the muggles know how to speak correctly me: are you talking about me? because most of the people knows me as a good preacher (mainwhile behind the door, my wife was listening to me speaking alone)
Wizard: Would you like a wish? I: No, I don't likes a wish Wizard: No?, Why?, All the people want a wish...., why do you not like it? I: Because I麓m a different person
Me: Oh! are you a wizard? Wizard: Yeah! how did you know? Me: Well, it's pretty simple, all of the wizards use that strange hat. Wizard: Oh, that makes sense, but not all of the wizards use it. I think most of them do, there are some wizards that don't like that traditional things. Me: Oh, that is curious. Wizard: yes, none of normal people know it
Practice: 1. is 2. are 1. is 2. Are
activity wizard 1. Wizard: hello my friend. i came in a mission to teach **all** of the magic known in my kingdom 2. Me: wow, that's will be amazing , **some** of us arent prepare for so much knowledge 3. Wizard: dont worry **none** of my lesson are hard to get, in fact magic is so magic that is easy for those who want to learn 4. Me: Alright, it seems like, **Most** us will enjoy learning from you.
1. is 2. are 3. is 4. are
Creative Activity: -Wizard: Hi Francesco, how are you? -Me: Very good thanks! I'm on the way to go at office and I'm quite late . I don't remembar that I sow you before, did we? -Wizard: No we didn't. I'm a wizard and I'm here to tell you that is posible to do MOST of jobs from home. -Me: Wizard??? And where the magic cloak,hat and wand are??? All of them wear that things. Wizard: No Most of them are wearing that things, some of us are in Secret service. -Me: Ok, secret wizard I'm very glade for this information because I hate wake up eaely in the morning -Wizard: I know it1
* Wizard: Hi boy I'm a powerful wizard so be careful with me * Me: Hi wizard I'm Darien... * Wizard: Did you hear me? I said that I'm dangerous... None of that information sounds important for you? * Me: All the information is important for me, but first I need to know your name * Wizard: Most of the people get scared after I said those words... why didn't you? * Me: Well some customers say strange things but normally they just order. * Wizard: mmmm but why do.... wait... what? customers? where am I? this is not Vormir? * Me: No Mr. Wizard... this is Mcdonald's are you going to order or not? Please feel free to correct my grammar errors.
Hi Everybody! #### Variable Indefinite Pronouns **IS/ARE** 1. *S*ome of the furnuture is old 2. None of the employees are absent 3. All of the information is usefull 4. Are most of my answers correct? Thanks for reading.
Hi Everybody! ### Varuable Indefinite Pronouns **IS/ARE** 1. *S*ome of the furnuture is old 2. None of the employees are absent 3. All of the information is usefull 4. Are most of my answers correct? Thanks for reading.
Activity: Wizard: All of the people in England know who Harry Potter is. Me: Some of the muggles don't know him, but they know Frodo from Elden ring. Wizard: Don麓t talk to me about Elden ring. None of the actors in the movie remember my appareances in the movie.
-Wow, a wizard just appeared in front of me! Who are you? -Greetings. I am Alaric, a wizard from the ancient lands. **All of** the magic in this world flows through me. -That's incredible! What kind of magic do you know? -I know many spells, but **most of** them are too powerful to show you here. However, **some of** my simpler spells can be used for small wonders. -Can you show me **some** magic? Maybe something simple? -Certainly. Let me show you a trick. (The wizard waves his hand and a bouquet of flowers appears out of thin air.) -See? **None of** these flowers are ordinary; they all have magical properties. -That's amazing! Can **all of** them do something special? -Yes, **all of** them have unique abilities. **Some of** these flowers can heal, while others can reveal hidden truths. -I wish I had **some** magic too. It must be so exciting! -Magic can be both a blessing and a burden. **Most of** those who seek it do not understand its true nature. Remember, not all of life鈥檚 mysteries need to be solved by magic. -That鈥檚 true. I guess not **all of** us are meant to wield such power. -Indeed. Wisdom comes in knowing when to use magic and when to rely on your own strengths. Now, is there anything specific you wish to ask or learn? -I鈥檇 love to know if you have any advice for someone trying to improve their skills, like learning a new language. -Patience and practice are key. **Some of** your efforts will yield immediate results, while others will take time. None of your practice will be in vain, as **all of** it contributes to your growth. -Thank you, Alaric. That鈥檚 very helpful advice. -You are most welcome. Remember, young one, the true magic lies within you. Farewell, and may your journey be filled with wonder and wisdom. (The wizard vanishes in a swirl of light, leaving me with a newfound sense of inspiration.)
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Me: It's not working, the magic only seems to work on some people, and I don't understand why. Wizard: Mar, what did you do? Me: Ahh, no worries. I applied your dust magic to all the people I hate so they'd lose their hair! HAHAHA! Wizard: Oh, Mar, the most important thing in magic is to use it for good! None deserves to lose their hair. Me: Alright, fine. But I admit, it was tempting.
Activity Create to Dialogue Wizard: 1. **Wizard:** All of the humans are stranger 2. **Me:** None of the wizards lives here! Are you real? 3. **Wizard:** hahaha. Human idiot! But you see me. Some of the humans can see me. 4. **4. Me:** But what a rude wizard. I know why no one else sees you.
Wizard: Where is all of the gold? Priest: Who are you? Get out of here. Most of the people who dress like you were burned. Wizard: Oh God! This is the wrong place. Some of the spells are very difficult to pronounce. Oh wait a minute. What are you doing? Thats my book!!! Priest: All of the pages of this thing are cursed. Whats the meaning of RAKATA RAKATA... Wizard: Shut up! None of those spells should be read. Its dangerous Priest: Esta noche quiero... Plof OMG IM RICH
**Wizard:** Excuse me villager, I麓m looking for **some of the strongest people in this village.** **Erick:** Mmmm I can麓t help you wizard, **most of my friends** are very weak people, we麓re farmers. **Wizard:** Are you sure that **none of them** can help me ? **Erick:** Yes I am, well you should travel to the East, Wizard **all of the bravest warriors** are in the East. **Wizard:** OK villager I麓ll take your word for it.
**Wizard:** Excuse me villager, I麓m looking for **some of the strongest people in the world.** **Erick:** Mmmm I can麓t help you wizard, **most of my friends** are very weak people. **Wizard:** Are you sure that **none of them** can help me ? **Erick:** Yes I am, well you should travel to the East, Wizard **all of the bravest warriors** are in the East. **Wizard:** OK villager I麓ll take your word for it.
Me: I need a wizard appears right now in front of me Wizard: Did you say 鈥渨izard鈥? Me: OMG. Most of my wishes are not anwereded Wizard: Some of wizards are busy today, but not me. Me: I want to be a wizard. It is my desire. Wizard: All of your desires will be done, starting today.
Person 1: Wow, all of these people are beautiful. I think they are humans. Person 2: Yes, they are humans; they do not have three eyes. Person 3: Despite none of them having three eyes, most of them have strange behavior, and some of them look like they're from another universe.
wizard: Hi my love !! do you like my Gandalf custom? while he approached walking he said wizard: <u>Most of</u> times I find another kind of custom! Jenny: Wow is awsome! but the custom store doesn't have anything else? Wizzard: Yes, he has an amazing DarthVader costume, but someone took it before I got there, however, I didn't like none to of the other costumes except this wizard Jenny: <u>None</u> of the employees helps you? Wizard, Not really, but this wizard custom is all that I need for the party Jenny: Alright I love it
Wizard: You have awakened NONE other than the Greatest Wizard, unrivaled by any other. At this juncture, you are granted three wishes. Me: Truly, SOME of my wishes are my greatest dreams that would become reality. Wizard: Please, share with me ALL of your wishes. Me: MOST of them revolve around attaining wealth.
The Wizard and the guy. Wizard: All of the people should know this: the biggest history lection is... People never understood their own history. Guy: Well, i think you are right, but... can a wizard do something for? Wizard: None of my human friends hear this... I麓m telling you 麓cause you are the solution. Guy: What do you try to say? Wizard: Some people admire you... But all of your people need you.
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Wizard= I'm here to clear up all of the comments about wizards Me= It's so good but I don't know none about that Wizard= I heard, that the most of the questions about wizards are about the clothes that we use. Me= Maybe, yuo can ask to anyone
Activity of wizard 1: Any of here want to participate in the act of magic 2: I can it, if some of want to help me with my vine 3: Ok, no problem most people like drink it 4: Already, I've finished my wine
1. Today I will amaze all with my tricks of magic 2. Listen, everyone! Tonight I'll disappear all cups of wine. 3. Listen! Please, remove everything else relationship with the wine. For example my couple! Jajaja 4. I'm sorry! Only can remove something no live.
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W: hello, did someone call me? me: Hi, yes I called you because I need a favor W: remember, I can only do some of the magic tricks when they help someone me: of course, what happens is that most of my friends lost their joy W: And how could I help you? me: None of them have seen a magician doing magic, I think that might cheer them up a bit. W: I see, of course I will help you. all your friends will be happy
Creative wizard * wizard: all of people believes in magic? * Me: I think none of people thinks magic exists * wizard: you麓re wrong most of people goes to magiz shows everytime, so they do believe * Me: mmm, ok, some of people thinks the same like you, but i don麓t
Wednesday i was walking when suddenly a wizard appeared in front of me and told me: +I have come from the future and all of the problems are because of you -what!, but most of my actions are very good. +You are a liar! none of your action are good, and in the future it only get worse. -i can call some people and they could tell you the excellent person i am. +SHUT UP. \*Wave his wand And thats the story of how i became a cockroach.
-Wizard: Hi Julian, nice to meet you, i will fulfill **<u>all</u>** of your wishes. \~Me: How do you know my name? **<u>None</u>** of the people here know me. -Wizard: That鈥檚 why i am a wizard unlike you鈥 Nah, it鈥檚 just a joke, i know **<u>most</u>** of the people who live here. \~Me: Okay 鈥渨izard鈥, just fulfill **<u>some</u>** of my wishes and let me finish my meal.
Este es mi resultado final usando chatGTP para corregir algunas errores gramaticales y fluidez en la lectura. Utilice el siguiente prompt ay煤dame a practicar ingl茅s, voy a escribir una corta historia acerca de un mago llamado Merl铆n, podr铆as darme feedback acerca de gram谩tica y writing None of the other wizards were as strong and powerful as Merlin. All the citizens of the city named Mondragon were proud of him, since Merlin was born in this city. Certain days of the year attracted visitors from around the world. However, he was difficult to spot because he was very discreet. Once the wizard had made the decision to start a new journey because he began to lose most of his powers, he was sad and down. He thought and believed that he needed a new adventure in his life.
Wizard: All of cards are different, please can you select any and sign it? ME: Sure, but some of my pens don't have ink Wizard: Don't worry, most of people don't have a pen, take this better ME: Are none of other cards signed? I don't know if I did it good.
**Wizard**: Hi, I am the most powerful wizard you'll ever know. I am here to bring to life ***all of*** your wishes. **Me**: Hey, is this a dream? I thought the only existing wizards are the ones in Harry Potter haha. ***None of*** this seems real. **Wizard**: Believe it or not, I am pretty real. ***Some of*** you humans are pretty mistrutful. Me**:** Great, ***none of*** us would have thougth you were real. ***Most of*** my wishes are simple so let's go!
Creative Activity Me: Omg! are you a wizard!! Wizard: Most of people they call me that Me: Oh okay, all of people should call you that, because you are a wizard Wizard: Yes, that's true, but some of don't belive in wizards Me: that's a good point Wizard: none of believes me totally Me: its okay, you are a good wizard
Many centuries ago there were wizards in the world, all of them were known by their greats powers and nost of the humans belief that wizards were good people but some of the humans leaders thought that they could be dangerous ans started to kill them. Nowaday none of wizards have been seen again.
me: are you a real wizard or do most of the actors represent them? wirzard: yes, I am a real one, like none of the citizens have seen for a long time? me: Really? I don't know Rick, you seem like most of the cheaters that usually walk by this area. wizard: I usually don't take care of guys like you, but your tone challenges me, as none of my previous meetings. I will show you my masterpiece. The trick that most of the wizards envy. me: ok, show me all of your power, please like Gandalf. wizard: all of this power, that no one has seen for a while, is covering all of the room and making you rich and smarter, with one condition, you must be in here forever. hahahaha. me: I opened my eyes, just realizing that all the time the wizard's room was my head and the stories I share are my wealth.
Wizard: Hello, what is the most popular music in heart? Me: Could be in China, All of the people there heard China麓s music. Wizard: I love it! I would wish go to China to can listed some music. Me: Alright, we will go.
* Wizard: Where are all of the other wizards? * Me: None of the wizards are here, I have no idea what you're talking about. * Wizard: Isn't this the council of magic and sorcery? I think some of them gave me the wrong address. * Me: I think so, most of the wizards are old and have bad memory.
1. Wizard: All of the wizards in the world are excentrics. 2. Wizard: None of the magicians are common people. 3. Me: Most of the people are different, even when looks similar. 4. Wizar: Really? Some of you are different? Do you really think that? 5. Me: Yes, I do. Even when the people try to fit in the common appeareance.
1. Are all of the people delayed? 2. Oh, I think some of the people are like that guy, being late all the time 3. Do most of the wizards make bunnies appear? 4. Please tell me that most of the people are not similar to you