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Countables vs. Uncountables


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The other day I went to buy some new furniture, I was super excited because you could see beautiful pieces everywhere in the store until I started touching some of them, there was some Dust over and I am an allergic person, so at the end, I only bought one chair and returned to my house, not very happy because I knew at the next day I would have to go again to a different furniture place to search what it was missing to buy. you know what they say, TIME IS GOLD!

My contribution to the class:
The chairs in the school are filled with dust, also they don鈥檛 take care of the young children as well as in the nursery, they also don鈥檛 love dogs, if the dogs come close, the teachers let the kids throw stones and even toys at them, then the dogs have to take shelter behind the trees or sometimes behind the bikes. Some people who live near the school fill with anger when this happens, they try to give them something to eat, like rice and they have places for them to be warm and especially in winter when it snows.


Countable Nouns

  • There are 20 chairs in the classroom
  • There is a bag in the living room
  • Where I live, you can find different important buildings
  • For breakfast, I eat a banana, an egg a coffe.

Uncountable Nouns

  • For this recipe you need some milk, salt and water.
  • There is sand in my shoes.
  • I alway express my love to my family


Countable: Chair, Kid, Stone, Tree, Bike, Toy,Dog

Uncountable: Dust,Love,Furniture, Rice, Heat, Anger, Snow

  • The chair is blue

  • The Kid鈥檚 are happy

  • The stone is like a donut

  • The tree is very big

  • The bike is color blue

  • The toy is awesome

  • The dog is very cute

  • The dust danced in the sunlight streaming through the window.

  • She felt a warm glow of love in her heart as she looked at him.

  • The furniture in the room was old and worn, but still held a certain charm.

  • The pot of rice on the stove was starting to boil over, filling the kitchen with steam.

  • The heat of the day was oppressive, making it hard to think or move.

  • His anger was palpable as he slammed the door on his way out.

  • The snow was falling softly, creating a peaceful and serene atmosphere.

Sentences with the nouns shown in class

  1. CNCs machines are capable to cut pieces for chair.
  2. My dog鈥檚 name is Spooky.
  3. I don鈥檛 have kids.
  4. The river makes stones roll over their path,.
  5. I only have a few of my childhood鈥檚 toys in my room.
  6. I have heard that in Amsterdam are more bikes than people!
  7. I love my dog :3.
  8. My eye hurts, maybe is some dust there.
  9. Some of my furniture is old.
  10. I like rice and beans dish!
  11. Anger is a bad hat to use.
  12. I haven鈥檛 seen snow in the real world :c.
  13. I can鈥檛 tolerate this heat anymore!!!

Countable: Star, Number, Door, Pen, Laptop and Place.
Uncountable: Hope, Glue, Sugar, Corn, Joy and Patience.

The furniture is built with the wood of the trees.
The dog does not eat any rice.
A toy turned to dust.
The doll was made with snow by that child
Carlos鈥檚 anger was great when he fell off his bike.
Julia鈥檚 love for wooden chairs is enormous.
The heat of the sun warmed the stones of the desert.

Computer, Laptop, Processor, Fan, Graphic Card, Memory, Hard Drive, Cable, Case, Monitor, Speaker, Mouse, Keyboard

Sound, Light, Intelligence, Emotion, Happiness, Speed, Cozy, Friendly, Universe

I don understand why the Furniture are uncontable.
In my office, there are 3 chairs. There is dust in my room.

countable sentences

  1. I can麓t move all of the chairs by myself, will you help me?
  2. my neighbor has three dogs one of them is tall, the other one is short and the last one is furry.
  3. my sister worked as a babysitter the last year, she had to look after many kids.
  4. we spent the afternoon over the hills, playing with the stones, and throwing them down the hill.
  5. my nephew was playing with his toys but when getting the moment to keep them he didn麓t help.
  6. the field is full of trees.
  7. I don麓t want to go to the center, cause there are many beautiful and modern bikes and I can鈥檛 buy anything.


  1. My mom cooks a good rice with chicken every weekend for all my family.
  2. In my house I have two little dogs that i found in the street.
  3. My **love ** for my pets is so big such as my love for my favorite football team.

Both countable and uncountable nouns:

  • light: If you turn on many lights there will be too much light.

  • science: A person who knows a lot of science studies many sciences.

Do you know another example?


Rice Anger

A place when you can find dust is on the beach.
Riding a bike is one of my favorites sports.
Heat make the days more brilliant.

Uncountable: love, dust, snow, rice, anger, heat, furniture
Countable: toy, tree, bike, dog, chair, kid, stone

Uncountable nouns:

Countable nouns:

Uncountable nouns:
Love is in the air.
All of the furniture is covered with dust.
I like to eat rice, rice with something else.
My anger is growing.
All the snow that fell yesterday was a placer to my eyes.
The heat is increese with the climatic changes.

Countable nouns:
My chair is broken.
My pet is a lovely dog.
All of kids are noisy
Most of the stones that I bring with me are white.
Those kinds of toys aren鈥檛 good for their range- age.
I鈥檇 like to put a tree in my garden, I鈥檇 like to put a lot of trees in my garden鈥 I鈥檇 like to have a place to put a tree鈥
My bike was stolen

Countable: chair, dog, kid, stone, toy, tree,bikes
Uncountable: love, dust, furniture, rice, anger, snow, heat



1. I would like to have modern furniture in my own home 2. The dust in my bedroom is cleaned every day 3. There are six chairs in my living room 4. I had two bikes in my childhood, but my mom gave them to someone because I didn't know how to ride it
# **Countables vs. Uncountables:** homework 1- *countable* * I bought three new books to read during the holidays. * They found some sunglasses on the beach. *uncountable* * We need more flour to make the cake. * Love is a feeling that we all experience. 2- **Countable**: star, number, door, pen, laptop and pen. **Uncontable**: place, hope, glue, corn, sugar, patience and joy. ![](
In my house, there are four chairs. Currently, we don't have a dog because our apartment is small. It's on the fifth floor and dust comes in from everywhere. For now, we avoid eating rice because it's not good for our health. We usually don't have children around, except for my two-year-old nephew who visits during vacations and enjoys playing with stones and toys. My furniture provides a good place to rest when I feel angry at work. You can also enjoy the view of the trees while sitting, or if you prefer, you can go outside and ride a bike.
Countable: kids stone toy dog bike tree chair Uncountable: love rice snow anger furniture dust heat
* In my neighborhood there are so many dogs, they could be annoying some times. * My love for you is so uncountable * The furniture is precious but really expensive * My boyfriend wants to buy two bikes to work out during weekends * The glue spilled out for all over the desk
**Countables** Dog - Chair - Kid - Toy - Tree - Bike - Stone - Furniture **Uncountables** Love - Dust - Rice - Anger - Snow - Heat
Yesterday, I woke up at 12 AM because my son wanted some milk. I went to the stove and put my hand on it, but I couldn't feel the heat of the fire because I was so sleepy. After that, my hand was burned, and I had to put Desitin cream on it. I was really angry because my son didn't drink the milk.
Please set up a table with two chairs, obviously my dog doesn麓t needs one, it麓s only for my two kids, i麓ll prepare a surprise to show them all the love i have for them, and don麓t forguet to bring the rice so I can cook their special dinner
Countables: Door, pen, laptop, place, joy, number Uncountable: hope, glue, corn, sugar, patience, star
![]( ```js ```
First exercise: Countable: Toy, Dog, Chair, furniture, Tree, kid, stone, bike Uncountable: Love, Rice, Snow, Anger, Heat, Dust
Countable: Chair Dog Kid Stone Toy Tree Bike Uncountable: Love Dust Forniture Rice Anger Snow Heat
Hi everybody! Sentences with NOUNS "*Countables vs. Uncountables*" **CONTABLE:** *dog(s), kid(s), stone(s)* **UNCONTABLE:** *snow, dust* * Yesterday I went for a run with my **dog** * That's great! Did you see the **snow** this morning? * Yes, it was beautiful. My **kid** and I threw **stones** in the **snow**. * How fun. I spent the morning cleaning the **dust** at home. Thanks for reading.
Countables * Chair * Dog * Kid * Stone * Toy * Tree * Bike Uncountables * love * Dust * Furniture * Rice * Anger * Snow * Heat
The other day I was with some kids and they asked me for some toys. They where playing at snow and counting stones.
My answers: ![](
When i was a kid, my mother told me "You are not spiderman", but i was in my mind, with my spiderman dress. I loved climbing trees, feeling the heat in my city and runing for dogs across the streets.
Countable: On a dark night I can see many stars. Uncountable: I love seeing the waves of the sea on the white sand
My new desk chair is really comfortable, but yesterday one of my dogs bit it and three days ago my daugther麓s son used it to play witth his toys (AI don麓t like kids). I don麓t like when people use my personal furniture because is for work and because after they use it they left dirt and a lot of dust. When I was a child I loved to eat rice, I ate a lot day after riding my bike through the forest I decided to have lunch under a nearby tree, I don麓t know when it happened but two little stones fell into my rice, when I bit it I broke my tooth and I felt anger and pain, my head beccame heating up with rage and I threw away my food. I remember seeing all the food fall to the ground like snow in winter.
I have so much love for my dog The furniture in the store is cheap That kid is vere crybaby My sister counted all those stones from the lake I haven麓t used my bike for a long time I think the snow is very beautiful I have never seen it
**Dogs** bark. **Trees** provide shade. **Chairs** support us. **Stones** lie on the ground. **Bikes** roll on the road. **Love** brings happiness. **Dust** settles on surfaces. **Furniture** decorates our homes. **Snow** falls in winter.
"The neighbor's kid loves stones and rocks. Her name is Andromeda, like the galaxy. She especially loves the asteroids. One night the ground was snowy, however, she took her bike and ran away very fast, trying to reach the moon. Her dogs, Laika and Hubble, followed her, sadly, she tripped on a stone and fell on the asphalt. She was confined to the house for a few weeks, one day she was sitting in a chair looking at my treehouse. She told me she wanted to meet it. My thoughts were 'everything is full of dust, especially my toys', and that day, it was very hot, so I felt a bit angry because I didn't want her to see聽my聽treehouse. But then, I changed my mind, and we both cooked some rice and watched the stars from the treehouse windows."
Last word patience. Good lesson! ![](![]()
\ \Countable\ \Uncountable\ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \
My dog M谩laga loves to play at the streest when I ride my bike but there are some times I don't like to go out with her because she barks when she sees a kid or she likes to play with the stones or wooden sticks. But I love when the heat and the wind combine and we can fall down in the trees, having toys for her and maybe cook some rice to eat in the park.
I love so much my wife and my daughter even the toys are strewn across the house.
I used to work in a factory, there were a few chairs in that place because most of the time we had to walk around. Inside the factory there weren't any kid, it was very dangerous as well as boring for them. When people arrived at the factory, some of them arrived by bike and the others by car. The factory was always full of dust, and on weekends everybody had to sweep the floor and clean all the furniture.
I love my dog when he sits on chairs. I prefer cold to heat, even though I've never known snow. Furniture only collects dust if no one buys it.
I remember the house of my grandma with some differences, chairs was not always full of dust, dog used to live and play with toys and snow. I remember when a child ran over her with his bicycle and then with all anger grandma threw a rock at him but it didn't hit him. Hope that rest in peace.
**Activity** 1. Create different sentences with the previous nouns: <u>Countable nouns</u> a, My uncle has 5 dogs and 2 cats at his farm. b. I have many toys from my childhood that I no longer use. c. I only have 4 chairs in my dining room. d. While I'm traveling, I like to see the trees outside my window. e. I'm not a kid person. f. My sister hates stones. g. I'd love to ride a bike down this hill. <u>Uncountable nouns</u> a. My love for you burns with the intensity of a thousand suns. b. For lunch i'll make white rice with banana on top of it. c. I just saw snow once in my life. d. Yesterday I barely controlled the anger in front of my boss. e. There's so many dust on the table, we must clean it before eating. f. On days with this heat my energy drops to the floor. g. I need to buy furniture for my new house. 1. Complete the woksheet:![](
  • there are many sugar in my coffee
  • I don`t have patience today
  • when you look up, you can see the stars
  • I am very hope for you, you did awesome
  • in this shop I bought many glues for my project
  • in the recipes it says that we need some corns
  • i feel completely joy
Last night i was counting the stars in the sky. I realized that i dont have the patience to count them all. Them are infinite, and infinite involes a lot of numbers. Nonetheless, i felt a great joy just looking at them. The light of those stars was so powerfull, that it illuminated the sky and a corn field that was in front of me, and many places more. I took out my laptop to write something about it. But, instead i took my pen. I love handwriting. And with a cup of coffee, of course without sugar, i crossed the doors of my imagination and i catch some hope in this scene.
Countable Nouns There are 10 dogs on the road There is a stone in the pool There are 25 kids in my classroom I would like plant two trees in my yard I have a bike Uncountable Nouns For this recipe we need some rice There is snow in my yard I am anger with my boyfriend I want recorder the furniture of my beedroom
My love and I recently moved to our new apartment, but we don麓t have any furniture, and look for it in this heat its exhausting, sometimes I get so much anger for thjs search because much of times we don麓t buy more than a chair, that麓s when me and my dog go out for a walk and see the trees, my little Lula is so cute that now a little kid is her new friend, he passes in his bike everyday and brings her something, sometimes are toys or treats. After the walk we are more relaxed and that麓s when I start to prepare dinner, my husband loves the rice i cook, so I think i麓m going to prepare that. Something funny with us is thath even we don麓t have where to sit, what we do have are some stone ornaments for the outside, that will look fantastic por the snow season.
Uncountable: Love, Rice, Snow, Dust, Anger, Heat Countable: Chair, Dog, Kid, Stone, Bike, Toy, Tree
Countable: When you can count an object, like the players in the soccer camp. Uncountable: When you can`t count the object because there are so many of them, like the salt
My mother give me some of her forniture My nice love me so much I have three kids
![]( Countables Star, number, door, glue, laptop, pen, place Unconutables Sugar, patience, hope, joy, corn,
Countable Uncontable Chair Love Dog Dust Kid Furniture Toy Rice Tree Anger Bike Snow Stone Heat
Mayra, where canI find the worksheet? Im new
My practice of the class: **Countable:** *it is known that there are more <u>stars</u> in the universe than grains of sand on the world's <u>beaches</u>* **Uncountable:** it is predicted to have an increases in <u>rainfall</u> for the month of april.
A little story using the nouns learned in class: Today, I was with my mom looking a lot of **furniture** in the new store, Ikea, she **loves** a lot of things there, specially the different designs of **chairs**. The place was full of **kids,** **toys** and **dogs.** We walked a lot, after two hours I was a little **anger,** my feet can't more and the **heat** was increasing. Finally, we go out, and we could breathe, see **trees** and **stones** in the park and some people in their **bikes** enjoying the Sunday, we take a taxi, that certainly had some **dust**, and finally ate **rice** in home.
![]( ```js ```

Countable nouns (Plural and singular)

  • I have 2 chairs in my bedroom
  • I love my dog
  • You are going to do many kids
  • I wana walk through the forest and see the trees
  • I need to repare my bike
  • The mans are happy when they throw stones

Uncountables nouns (Singular)

  • They share a lot of love
  • We have too much dust here
  • I wana buy some forniture
  • I always cook rice
  • Lion is anger everytime
  • The show is coming
  • I hate the heat climate
Countable noums * There are 3 worms on earth. * For dinner, I eat a chiken with white rice and soda. * I have one chair in my room. * Uncountable nouns: * I hope to get a job. * She spilled a lot of sugar in the office. * I'm angry with him.
PRACTICE. COUNTABLES: chair, dog, kid, stone, toy, tree, bike UNCOUN TABLES: love, dust, rice, snow, anger, heat, forniture
1. conuntable: markerts, table, drugstore, apple 2. love cean heat , angry



Uncountable * love * rice * snow * furniture * anger * dust * heat Countable * toy * dog * chair * tree * kid * stone * bike
I always drink some water while doing exercise
-There are 50 chairs in the dinning room. -Thare are dust in the table Countable: Chairs, tables, pieces Uncoutable: Dust, Love, Air,


  1. I want to buy new furniture for my bedroom.
  2. Rice with chicken is my favorite food.
  3. You have 3 dogs.
  4. We saw some stones in the river.
  5. My cousin doesn鈥檛 need more toys.
  6. Paola鈥檚 bike is red.
  7. Some restaurants don鈥檛 allow kids.
  8. There weren鈥檛 enough chairs in the classroom.
  9. Many trees are cut down every day.
Hi! This is my worksheet answer Countable : Pen, Door, Laptop , place, Number, Star Incontable : Hope, Suggar, Patience, Corn, Joy ![](

One day, there were two boys playing in the school. Both were sitting in their chairs when suddenly a big dog named Princesa appeared in front of them. The kids were confused because dogs were supposed to be forbidden in the school. Carlitos, one of the kids, took out a big stone and a toy from his backpack. The boys quickly ran out of the classroom and climbed a tree. The dog barked a lot, and nobody knew what to do. Finally, the dog got tired, and they could escape on their bikes

Some of my Sentences with nouns: 1-Is too much love in the air 2-the dust is everywhere in this house, you need to clean it 3-this beach is nice but there are a lot of stones and is not comfortable without shoes 4- Did you cook your rice before to come?, don't forget to bring me some 5-The heat every summer is increase because the global warming
**Countable:** * Tree * Toy * Bike * Dog * Chair * Kid * Stone **Uncountable:** * Love * Rice * Snow * Furniture * Anger * Dust * Heat

C: Number, Laptop, Pen, Glue, Door

UN: Hope, Star, Place, Corn, Sugar, Joy, Patience

Love is immeasurable. I feel how my anger takes control of me. I walked in the desert with the dust on my face. My living room is a mess; I need new forniture. Please turn off the heat! I'm boiling! Peruvians love rice. I've never seen snow in my life. My classroom doesn't have enough chairs. I'd like to have many dogs, but I can only manage one. I have one kid, maybe I'll have more in a few years. I like skipping stones on the river When I was a child I used to love toy guns. One day I crashed my bike against a tree.
**<u>Countable nouns:</u>** \- In muy kitchen, there are four chairs. \- Yesterday, i saw a lot of dogs. \- Tonight, i麓m going to the cinema with a kid. He has a lot of toys. \- The another day, i bought two bikes. I drived one of them and i crashed with the trees because there were a lot of stones. **<u>Uncountable nouns:</u>** \- I love my family and my pets. \- I cleaned the furniture, yesterday. There was a lot of dust. \- I don麓t like rice in my food. \- You need to express your anger because you went to somewhere and there was snow but you wanted heat.
Sentences with Countable nouns -None of the pens have been used yet. -All of my family members have visited that place except me. -Some of the laptops at the office need to be replaced. -Does anyone leaved the door open? -There are just 10 number symbols but you can combine all of them infinitely. -Some of the Stars at the space are very important to maintain a position while sailing. Sentences with uncountable nouns. -A lot of patience is required to job with a team. -You can't joy your life if you let everyone's thoughts affect you. -Everybody who eat less sugar can bring benefits to their health. -Nothing is lost while everyone keep having hope to others. -A bit amount of glue is important to still a letter close before to been readed. -Don't forget that a good bowl of popcorn is crusial to enjoy a good film.
Yestertday I saw some trees, I love to see them, then I went home and I start playing with my toys in the backyard but the snow appear, so I went inside my home and it was really heat, but I didnt care about that and I started to play with my dogs
He was sitting in a chair while waiting for the rice to finish cooking. She goes to the beach by bike because of the heat. I love to my 4 dogs. The forest at night is dangerous for children because they can trip over stones and the trees do not allow them to see well, which is why mothers get angry when they go to the forest at night.