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Hello! I live in a small town in Colombia, the name is Valledupar, this City has a lot of thing to do also It鈥檚 very hot! I鈥檓 a born in that city and for that reason all the people form Colombia tell to us Coste帽os. Coste帽os are fun people, we love to dace a lot and always want enjoy the life.

Hi, my name is Fanny, I am 52 years old, I麓m medium heigth, my eyes and my hair are dark brown. I am from Peru, and I live in Lima city. I have a family very nice . I have two sons and one daugther They are all adults, my husband is tall and he works in a blue berry import company in the north of the country.
As I said before, I live in Lima, it is a city with a lot of humidity, and mostly it has cloudy skies, it has beautiful places to visit such as El Paseo de las Aguas, and its beaches, etc.
I work at home, apart from being a housewife, I have a small crochet business called A Crochet Fanny, I can make amigurumis, crafts and clothing for children and adults.

1. I consider myself a commitment person. I like to be organized. 2. Currently I'm living in a small city called Aguazul, this is in Colombia. I think is a nice and calm place to live, eventhough it's hot at noon. 3. For me, my job is challenging but it is very rewarding. I enjoy it very much.

Hi everyone! I come from a small town in Colombia,
surrounded by mountains and palms. A lot of people say that we can have marvelous coffee and also have great weather. Our city is gorgeous because is small you can go out without much money. A few people say we are paisas because of our accent but we prefer to call ourselves pereiranos.

Hello, my name is Gabriel. I think I鈥檓 handsome and intelligent because my friends have never told me otherwise. My friends love me very much. I live in the huge Buenos Aires. A charming and mysterious city. My work is demanding, challenging and remote most of the time. This last feature allows me to have more time to enjoy my city.

Hi, I live in Mexico City, all my live i been live here, the City are amazing, We have many places to fun, for example, cinemas, restaurants, entertainment places, big buildings and museums, also have a one of the biggest park in the world, it name鈥檚 Chapultepec.

Hi! my name is Nelson. I麓m Venezuelan. I麓m creative, friendly, and adventurous. I live in Santiago de Chile, it麓s a big city with beautiful views and modern buildings. The climate in the city is usually extreme, in winter very cold and in summer very hot. I work as an academic and content writer. My job is remote, and I love it.

  1. Myself 鈫 I鈥檓 Juan Jose Garcia Pinzon, almost 19 years old, I am currently working on a machine learning project.
  2. City 鈫 I live in Bogot谩 Colombia, here sometimes its cold and others its very hot, we can have very different weathers in just one day.
  3. Job 鈫 I work for a company that is called Glamper, his mission is to being able to offer a new different way to travel with a very custom experience.

Hello, I live in Monterrey, a big city in M茅xico. The city has a lot of beautiful places for examples mountains, buildings, rivers, etc. The weather is very hot in summer and very cold in winter, but I love it.

Hi everyone, I am a person who likes to learn about many subjects, but I am focusing on few, now, I am trying to complete my education in English and improve my skills and knowledge about visual arts, illustration, painting and design.
I live in Bogota, Colombia, a medium size city with 7.2 million inhabitants. The city has a lot of noise, smog, and the accumulated stress of its citizens can be touched, in spite of that, the people are very friendly, helpful and warm.
My work consists of creating illustrations, designs and teaching about it, as my university degree has a pedagogical approach from five axes of the arts: literature, plastic and visual arts, music, theater and dance.

  1. I am a guy from argentina I like to practice sports and have fun.
  2. My city have a lot of activities, it has a nice weather and it has the mountain near for everybody.
  3. My job is to be a front end developer which is very funny you should optimise or create things in the web like a painter and scientist at the same time.

Hi everyone!! My name is Kevin, i am 21 and i麓am an creative and passionate person, like to learn everything relable to Tech industry. RN, i live in Angel Fire, NM, it麓s a cold a lonely place in NM, there no much to do here. I work at Angel Fire麓s Resort, it麓s a nice place to work.

Hey, Mi name is Jeison, I'm nineteen years old, I'm a nice guy, and my family are too. I live in Bogota, Colombia, and it's an incredible city,.
Hello, my name is Vanessa, i have 29 years old and I am living in a house with 5 dogs. My city is really huge and dangerous, this is Bogot谩. I am an artist, copywriter and a creative person, my work is very demanding, but is fun.

Hi! My name is Karen, I consider myself as a hard-working, patient and easy-going person, I live in Bucaramanga, here the weather is changeable, some days is sunny and others is cloudy, but I like it because even though we鈥檙e located far from the sea, the breeze always feels fresh and somehow wet. Also, I like it here because is not a huge city so you can still use a bicycle to go almost anywhere or depending on the place even you can walk. For the moment I don鈥檛 have a job, but I would like to have a rewarding job so I could feel I鈥檓 doing something meaningful with my life.

Hi, my name is Isabel. I don鈥檛 like to describe myself, but I鈥檒l give it a try. Firstly, I am an emotional person who always wants to help people. For this reason, I often get emotional about things that I can鈥檛 control. Additionally, I consider myself an intelligent individual. I enjoy studying and learning something new every day. I am also environmentally conscious and strive to make a positive impact on the world. I live in Palma de Mallorca, a beautiful island on the Mediterranean coast. This city is cozy and safe, but during the summer, tourists from different parts of the world come to the island, making it impossible to walk around the historic city. However, I still like this place because it is an international city. I can practice my English and other languages such as Italian or Portuguese. Actually, I am a teacher. I teach math, physics, and chemistry to school and university students. It鈥檚 a demanding job because I need to study new methods and stay updated. However, I consider this job extremely rewarding because the new generation often lacks interest in studying. So, if I can spark their interest, I feel truly happy.

My colleague has a well-paid job, he has been working there for years so I guess it鈥檚 also a rewarding experience.
My favorite household objects are my computer and my camera both are heavy and expensive.
I am living in Las Vegas, right now but I would love to visit Thailand because I鈥檝e seen it鈥檚 a safe place to go on Vacation.

Descriptive Words

Instructions: What are we talking about? Select the correct option.

  1. Heavy and expensive.
    a. A restaurant.
    b. A lawyer.
    c. A piano.
    d. A cat.

  2. Huge and modern.
    b. A motorcycle.
    b. A job.
    b. An architect.
    b. A building.

  3. Challenging but rewarding.
    b. A job
    b. A doctor.
    b. A smartphone.
    b. A library.

  4. Loving and committed.
    b. A chair.
    b. A mother.
    b. A hospital.
    b. An astronaut.


Hi everyone, I鈥檓 seventeen years old, I was born in Colombia and in the city I live It鈥檚 very hot but close to my city be a town and in this place is less hot.

Actually I don麓t work because I鈥檓 studying, I love the publicity, digital marketing and the finances.


  1. I describe myself as an outgoing person. I鈥檓 very talkative and I enjoy spending time with my friends, it鈥檚 so fun!
  2. My city is gorgeous! It鈥檚 Guatemala City!! We have many great nature reserves and ecological parks!!
  3. I have a great job at the church, serving Jesus is so rewarding cause you know that what you鈥檙e doing is for an eternal purpose!

Let鈥檚 Practice

Describe Yourself:
I am an active person. I like to ride a bike. I like reading books. committed with my family.

Describe your City:
My city is amazing. It鈥檚 Medellin, Colombia. The city more innovator in the world.

Describe your Job:
My job is interesting. I am a Computer Engineer and Business Intelligence specialist.

I there! My name is Olivia, I鈥檓 from Guatemala 馃嚞馃嚬 a little country in Central Am茅rica, I love to have fun seeing an awesome landscape located where I live, it鈥檚 well-known as a nice place worlwide because of the beautiful Lake called Atitl谩n and his three volcanos called San Pedro, Santiago and Toliman which make this an unique attractive place. Sometimes we hang out with friends or sisters to have funny times along the Beach, here you can find cheap and expensives restaurants and hotel. In the lake you can also have challeging aquatic sports.

Heavy and expensive.
A piano.

Huge and modern.
A building.

Challenging but rewarding.
A job

Loving and committed.
A mother.

I鈥檓 a student very committed with my academic training and my job, because I want for my future have a important contruction company. Every step I take to get closer to my goal is rewarding and I鈥檓 sohappy about that

  1. I鈥檓 a little shay and enthusiastic man.
  2. I currently live in a small town, it鈥檚 called Villavicencio, this city is peacefully.
  3. I鈥檓 working in a office so my job is quite bored.


Hello everyone, my name is Jorge. It isn't easy to describe myself, but I'll try. In my opinion, I'm a committed person. I enjoy studying and reading. I'm a little shy and don't speak a lot. I live in Ibagu茅. It's a small city but it's cozy, with excellent weather. Some places can be dangerous, but most are safe. My job is rewarding because I'm always learning. Some days it's demanding because technology changes all the time.
Im Oscar, i think I am a very nice person, I love marketing, family, my dog, help others and Coca cola brand and corona brand. My city is a chaos with the traffic but has a lot beautiful things like the nature and people. I think my job is a little exhausting because is so demanding, but is very nice, I have been met different cities and towns, and now i麓m learning about marketing too.
Hey! My name is Paola. I can describe myself as an empathetic person and very outgoing. I currently live in Valencia, Venezuela. I think it is a cozy place to live. I'm working now as a QA in a development company. My job is nice.
what's up! I'm Camilo , a shy guy... But when I find a nice group I'm really funny. It's weird and usually happens at the University and rarely with my family. lol on the other hand, I've spent all my life in Bogot谩, and at the end you enjoy the chaos of this city... I suppose it's because don't know other places like this. and still I don't a job but I'm studying a lot to get one of them
Hello! I live in Mendoza, Argentina, mi city is very beautiful, there are mountains and many places to go to get a wonderful day, and many activities to do here!.
Hi, I'm Mart铆n, I want to describe myself, my city and my job. First, me... I am 28 years old, I am a short guy, but I'm funny,I love when people laugh with my jokes. Where I live is a very small city, and is dirty, in so many places you can look trash on the streets. And my job, I love my job I'm a designer and is very fun, I love what I do.
Hi, my name is Rachel, I am 20 years old. I'm responsable and nice person. Now I'm living in Lima, Peru. Lima is a city with a lot of culture and delicious food, the people of here are very kind. I don't have a job but I'm looking for a programming job. Proggraming is a challeging but it can bring a lot of hapinness

Hi, my name is Cata, i鈥檓 a very introvert person but when you get to know me i can be quite diferent and funny, i live in Cartagena a city in Colombia, Cartagena is a city full of culture and is a caribean city with beaches and a warm weather

# Descriptive Words - Practice Hello everyone! My name is Camila, I am a business administrator from Bogot谩. I am an **organized** and **strategic** person when it comes to planning my activities. My city is **bustling**, **diverse** and **dynamic**, but you can always find a **cozy** place. My work environment is flexible, which requires me to work on being **self-sufficient** and **versatile**. Thanks for Reading. //////////////////// 隆Hola a tod@s! Mi nombre es Camila, soy administradora de empresas de Bogot谩. Soy una persona organizada y estrat茅gica a la hora de planear mis actividades. Mi ciudad es bulliciosa, diversa y din谩mica, donde siempre puedes encontrar un lugar acogedor. Mi ambiente laboral es flexible, lo que requiere que trabaje en ser autosuficiente y vers谩til. Saludos
hi my name is Gisela I have a daughther very gorgeous she is 2 years old, and also a husband very nice, I like to walk with my baby, and we go to the park the weekend, and is very fun when we traveling, I live in Bogota is a very cozy big city, there it can do a lot of things, how go to the movies, go to the park, go do work out, and many things more, my job is in my house and is very challenging because sometimes I cannot to support tidy the apartment and also I am studing I want have a better job and well paid.
My city es a medium city, named Medell铆n, it is a really cozy place for its weather and nice and handsome people. In Medell铆 you also can find a lot of nature, trees and birds in the middle of the city.
1. I'm Lennart Monta帽ez, a dedicated and hard-working person who is also enthusiastic and curious. 2. I live in Cali, a big and warm city, but if you're in the south of the city and it rains, it becomes hectic. 3. My job is wonderful, I get to travel, learn and it's well-paid. But now, I want more.
I'm a commited person, I enjoy working and taking care my baby, I live in Bogota with my husband and my son. I have had many jobs so demanding, but now I am going to have another job because I need to have more time with my baby. I have had to stay in some dangerous places when I was working.
1\. I am a person on the move, always looking for personal growth. I am a curious person, I like continuous learning. I am a dedicated and organized person. I like to share my time with my family, friends and pets. 2\. I live in Bogota, the capital of Colombia. Bogota is a wonderful city because it is a great place to study and start a professional career. In Bogota there are many opportunities for different professional profiles. 3\. I really like my job. Thought my role can be challenger, i really enjoy it. I am in charge of negotiating sponsorships for an airline company. I have had the opportunity to manage interesting projects with big brands.
Hi, my name is Camilo i麓m 33 year old and I describe myself as a committed person, I live in in a beautiful, cozy, safe and tiny city of Manizales in Caldas ,Colombia, my job is is a really fun one as Mayra said is fun but no funny I麓m a musician, me and my crew always do our best's but it麓s a bit challenging to be well-paided for our work.
Hello! I am from Venezuela, I live in San Fernando, Apure State, this is a small town with an amazing river called as the same as the State, this city is hoy and people are kind
This is my homework: A colleague and his job. My friend is a good man because constantly is gorgeous with his knowledge, each week he tries to share some technology news, he is committed to the community technology. Your favorite household object: My favorite household object is the popcorn machine because it is cheaper than buying a microwave, and it's easier to use. The country where you would like to live: I would like to live in Canada because I feel is beautiful in the forest in that country. It's as safe and Huge as M茅xico.
Hello! My name is Santiago. I'm 29 years old, my height is 170 cm, and my weight is 78 kg. I live in Colombia in a city called Manizales. This city is small but very nice. It has many historic monuments and very beautiful landscapes. It's located on a mountain, and its temperature is about 20掳C
**<u>Practice</u>** **1. Describe yourself.** I am fifty three years old. I am balanced, courageous, energetic, methodical, organised, positive and collaborative person. I am a Senior System Engineer. **2. Describe your city.** I am from Cali, Valle del Cauca, Colombia. Cali is a big, beautiful and multicultural city. Cali is the third city in Colombia. **3. Describe your job.** At the momento, I don鈥檛 have a job. I am currently looking for new job opportunities and I am studying many courses in Platzi.
Hello People隆 I live in Barraquilla, Colombia's Golden Door. They said is the best place to live, we are happy by nature and love to dance and make jokes to every one. I'm Juan, a very happy person, love to help people. Actually I have no Job, but my Job is search a Job. I'm a Platzi student and I am so happy to learn everyday.
1.I麓m a senior executive that work very hard in a huge company that operates in 8 countries. 2.I麓m from Buenos aires a chaotic and beatiful city at the same time. 3.My job is a challenging role, I麓m in charge of the sales department.
Hi my name is Erick I麓m Bolivian, I麓m a **creative** person that likes to solve problems that麓s the reason I麓m a **smart** systems engineer, I麓m also **strong** and I麓m a **good speaker**. I live in Cochabamba, Bolivia. The city is **beautiful** and **very big**, I like all the places that it has and also I love its **kind** people. Currently I麓m working in my projects as a systems engineer, I am creating **useful** systems for the businesses in my city, I麓m creating **innovative** solutions for electronic bills and academic systems.
Hi, my mane is Daniel and I live in Bogot谩 D.C. On my perspective Bogot谩 is a Huge place, with many happy people, it is too a cold place but is good to live here. I like to go out and go to party with my friends, I think they are really nice people. By the other hand I was working on a restaurant doing excellent dishes for our customers, the restaurant is a huge and a nice place fully of beautiful decorations and staff that you can ask for help.
Hi, I am from Venezuela. I was born in a small city, it is not hue, but it is cozy. The name of this city is Coro. And the weather is hot. You can find a lot of beaches in this place, and people are very nice. Nowadays I am living in Houston. It is a nice place too, but actually I miss living in Coro with my family. Because we are a happy family
hi, mi name is mileidy mina, i am from colombia but living in chile, this country is beautiful but i miss mine.
Hello! My name is Alejandro, i麓m like Young麓s Councillor in my city, i麓m studying laws and i love work. My city is Honda, with a great history, heritage and culture. It麓s called "The Bridges City" because we have 40 bridges. Actually my job is just for social things.
im oscar, im tall and handosme,(my mom say this) im live in coyoacan, mexico city, this place is very quiet, and nice,
Hi everyone! My name is Mario. I'm 25 years old and I live in Caracas, Venezuela. This city has a lot of things to do. I've been living here since 2016 and the things that I love about Caracas are the mountains, the views, the skyline, and beautiful neighborhoods like Los Palos Grandes.
My name is Daniel Torres and I live in Colombia in the Capital City of Bogot谩 D.C. I like to have fun on weekends at some parties, on the other hand I enjoy watching funny movies or funny shows and of course much more if it is with good food and good company. My city is a bit cold, but everything is good in general, the food, the people, and the places, I love to enjoy Bogota because I feel that there is something mysterious about this city. At night could be transform on a very magic or dangerous place, HAHA :(, Anyways Bogota is a nice place to stay or visit. About my job, I was working in a michellin star restaurant, there I met a lot of interesting people, beautiful girls and some good colleagues, although now I am looking for everything related to technology since it attracts me a lot, and I know it will be much better paid than my previous profession. That's why I'm learning English, I know that by improving my English I could have more job opportunities. Keep doing a HUGE effort colleagues!.
Hello, my name is Hernan, I'm tall, I live in a small city in colombia called Popay谩n, actually I don't have a job but I'am interesting in learning and consequently get a nice job for me and my family.
Hello! I was born in Mexico but since three years now I live in an city in Colombia named Cali. Cali is a city of intermediate size, with a warm weather and nice people. I am architect and I think design buildings is very complex and interesting job. I am an honest, responsable and creative person.
Hi! I live in Mexico city in a neighborhood called "El Capulin" I am 27 years old and i finished my career in architecture, I am always looking to innovate so I took a a bim methodology course to push me in the world of architecture
1-Heavy and expensive a piano 2-Huge and modern a vuilding 3-Challenging but rewarding. a job 4-Loving and committed. a mother B A colleague and his/her job Challenging well paid demanding Your favorite household object commited gorgeous The country where you would like to live dangerous
Hi!, my name is Paula Andrea, I'm a bit shy, I'm adventurous, athletic and strong person; I was born in Bogot谩/ Colombia. My city is a cold one most of the time, though, this 2024 has been very warm. Bogot谩 has eastern hills, where you can find a lot of wild animals, also the city have lakes, streams, rivers, wetlands and the largest moor in the world, Sumapaz. Bogot谩 is diverse and the locals are known聽as "Rolos" or "Cachacos". In the end, my country is gorgeous and is one of the countries with the greastest biodiverity聽in聽the聽world.
Hi Everyone, My name is Marcelo, and I'm from Paraguay i am a good software engineer but I need to learn English hahaha. I live in a small apartment in Rio de Janeiro, actually, I am here because I am doing a Ph.D in Mathematics Modeling. I mean, I am a funny man, I have a lovely family and I am so happy to be here in Rio because a lot of people are funny. Also, I learning Portuguese too because my classes are in Portuguese but my research work is in English
Howdy! I'm Laura, from Colombia. I'm a kind and commitment girl who tries to learn English. I have an international business degree and have interest in learning programming and data analysis. I live in a small industrial city close to Bogot谩. Now I'm not working however I'm doing many interesting courses
I'm a nice person and a little lazy, but when I'm at my job I really like to put a lot of effort in those challenging tasks, so I'm also a committed person My city is huge and sometimes you can get lost but that is not a problem because there are a lot of nice people who can tell you where to go, obviously there are some dangerous places like any other city in the world that you can notice from the moment you arrive. My job can be boring sometimes because it's repetitive but, when someone gives me a new task to do, that boredom turns into excitement also I earn a lot of money so, I have a challenging and well paid job
Hello! My name is Cristian and I live in Bogota, Colombia, the biggest city in my country, also it is the capital of Colombia. Bogot谩 is a massive and cosmopolitan place in Latin America with excellent weather ( I mean if you prefer cold), where many different cultures of the country can share the same space and interact. I work remotely from Bogota for a company in Santiago, Chile. I'm a graphic designer specializing in art direction and, my job is to create the visual language for the company and execute ideas in terms of narrative and graphic language to communicate all the ideas of the digital products developed in-house. I'm 37 years old, middle height, around 1.75 m, brown-short hair, with a huge sense of humor and a massive love for cinema, art, and videogames.
Hello, I am a normal person, I am 1.65 centimeters tall, i have the hair brown and the eyes same color, im work every week in an industrial company in the area of high performans teams and training, i really like my job altought i dont have a permanent job im an intern for my company and that makes me nervous because in a month my contract ends. My city is really boring, there is noting to do, altougth there is a cinem, i like watch movie in the cinema and eat fast food the fidays
I am tall, handsome but not too handsome and a committed person. My city is big but not too much like New York for example, it is crowded with a lot of traffic during rush hour, but people are very friendly. My job is challenging, offers a lot of knowledge and is well paid.

Hi, my name is Joseph Pi帽ango, proudly venezuelan. I grew up in a small town where the people are friendly and can make you feel like a part of the family. I studied systems engineering for six years. Due to the current situation in my country, my girlfriend and I decided to move to Chile in 2018. Nowadays, my wife and I live in Chile. We enjoy the country and its people, but there鈥檚 nowhere quite like our own country, and we hope that the situation in Venezuela improves. I work in the banking sector, specifically in the testing department. It鈥檚 a challenging and demanding job, but I enjoy great part of it. I have excellent coworkers and a great boss.

Well, I live in Cali, Colombia Cali is the third most important city in Colombia (Or so I think). The city is of intermediate size, you can cross it in an hour and a half, there isn't a lot to see. Cali is the world capital of salsa, so yeah, you can dance everywhere; but you find it at nigth. Recently smalls restaraunts have opened and brought a huge variety of food.
Hi everyone, I am Jes煤s, I live in Bogot谩, a big city in Colombia, which the economic and political center of my country, Bo ot谩 is a cold city, colder than Medell铆n or Cali, other cities in Colombia. Although, Bogot谩 is less cold than in past years, every year the weather is hotter than at other times. I work in a museum, I do visitor studies, Is a position in some museums, about the experience in the museum. I am a shy person, I have some good friends, I have a daughter and I love board games.
Hi, my name is Tetsu, I'm a UX Designer, I'm small, but I can learn faster when i got that obsession in my mind. My city is Mexico City. I love my city beacuse is very colorful, they're so many people and many activities to do. They love to work, beacuse my city is workaholic. My job is Marketing Specialist, is very exciting to see how to convert that emotion of an ad to numbers and convertions. Sometimes, like any other job, can be stressful, but I'm stronger and I can handle it.

I am yesid and I am 32 years old, i love trainer in my free time, I am a fun person, because I like go out with my friends and my parents, my hight is 1.68cm and my hair and my eyes are dark brown, I live in bogota city, this city is a big place, i live in the north in the address 170, I have an apartment and i bought a car the last year, my car is beautiful, is a Mercedes benz, it鈥檚 blue and is expensive, I love it. I work at Siigo company, and this company I work in the product area, I do all the technology topic, I am UX designer, my work is focuses on the user experience with the Siigo website.

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Hi, I'm Glenda and I'm 25 years old, I consider myself as a kind and introverted person. I live in the city of Veracruz, Mexico, Here the weather it's very hot almost all of the year but our coast has nice beaches where everyone can have fun on sunny and warmy days, also we have an interesting reef system called "Parque Nacional Sistema Arrecifal Veracruzano", this National Park has many Islands closed for public but some of them can be visited by tourist while everyone has their permitions on rule and can do activities as snorkelling or diving. Off seas are a lot of Palapas that offers food and drinks, souvenirs and bikinis and some others offers W.C. and showers. If being a mermaid person is not your thing, you can also visit San Juan de Ulua, it used to be a fort defense, eventually a jail and nowadays it's an historyc monument. I recommend to wear comfy clothes and accesories as sunglasses, hat or cap and not forget to use sunscreen. Last but not least, there's a great activity indoors to do and it's visit the aquarium. There're a lof of georgeous marine animals like fishes, corals, jellyfishes, otters, sharks, manatees, even penguins.
Hi my name is Dago , I'm a shy person when I meet new people , I live in Mexico in a city very close from US , Currently I'm studying at University as a System Enginner , I really like everything about computers, programming, etc.
* My colleague Vanessa has a very well-paid job but it's too demanding. She always leaves the office late at night and sometimes has to accomplish very challenging tasks but she says that she loves her job and it's rewarding at the end of the day. * My favorite objects in my home are my books some of them are cheap and others are a little bit expensive. My heavy couch is another of my favorite things, its neutral color can be combined with almost whatever decoration. * I would love to live in a huge city with cozy libraries and cafes. A city that is safe, especially at night, and doesn't have many dangerous streets.
Hello everyone! My name is Diego Im from Colombia and I am living in Bogot谩, My personality is friendly and funny. I am curious and so kind. I like meet with new people and cultures. Bogot谩 is a large city is recognized for its cultural places and its cozy weather. Have many international restaurants and places outside for practicing sports outdoors. I am business consutand for pymes. My job is challenging but well paid.

Hi, I live in Ica, a small city in Peru. I鈥檓 happy to live there because it鈥檚 sunny most of the year. There are tourist places like Huacachina Lagoon, las brujas de Cachiche, Stone Forest and others. You can drink wine or pisco that are made of grapes. In fact, in March we celebrate Vintage Festival in which misses step on the grapes to produce wine.

describying me: My name is Juan David Rinc贸n im 29 years old. Its fun to be with me, i love to have a good time with friends and familiy. Im smart enough to understand that i need to improve on daily basis. Im so disciplined and passionate with every aspect of my life. City: I live in Bogot谩 one of the most chaotic cities in the world, the traffic jams occur very often and in many places around the city. However, its an amazing city with a lot of cultural offer and surrounded by amazing mountains that make very sunrise something amazing. Job: Im a commercial pilot, one of the most challenging jobs in the world. it was my dream since i was 12 years old and i love every day i go to work. The proffesion is very demanding, sometimes i can not be with my friends and family to go to my job, but its very rewarding in personal satisfaction and of course is a well paid job.

Howdy! My name is Carlos, I consider myself a person very kind and fun, I like to help others. I live in Pereira, it麓s a very cozy and beauty city. Regarding my job, i鈥檓 a civil engineer and i鈥檓 studying programming and english at the moment

Hello, my name is Juan, I'm a tall person and sporty person, I think that I a nice man, I like so much work hard and smart, creating companies to resolve problems. I'm living in Cali, Colombia, It's a huge city with different cultures and ethnicities. It's a great city to live, it's cheap for shop anything, however it麓s dangerous, the insecurity has increased. In this moment I work in my own company about AI and living the process. Of course, learning English as my native languag3e
Hello! I live in Bogot脿 Colombia, this city has a lot of buildings, malls and parks, like Simon Bolivar park, it has so many events, like Megaland, or Estereo Picnic, I was born in Bogot脿 and I lived 8 years in Popay脿n, Cauca, I love to play soccer and I want to be a soccer player like Bellingham, D矛az and Haaland, the people here unfornately is not very nice, but I wish that it were. One day it will pass, meanwhile, I`m gonna continue practicing English, Bye Siuuuuuuuu
Hi, my name is Stephanie, in this moment, i am living in Spain, but i am from Colombia, I miss many things about Colombia, like the coffee, the arepitas con queso y aguapanela. and the weather. Spain is ok, but some times, the adaptation for the stations is difficult. this city has a lot of beauty in the arquitecture,
Hi, I am Santiago Hernandez. I麓m 24 years old. I live in Armenia, Colombia, I am student of Engginering Systems 10th semester and I麓m looking formy first a job
Descriptive Words. 1- Heavy and Expensive: A piano 2- Huge and Modern: A building 3- Challenging but Rewardering: A job 4- Loving and Committed: A mother
HI. I'm 53 years old, I live in Bogot谩, Colombia, is a ver big city; I have brown eyes and I'm 1,60 m tall; I love to go to the cinema with my husband and I have a dog who's name is Tango and he's 7 years old. also I have a daughter who's name is Maria Camila and she's is 26 years old ad she lives in Vancouver, Canada. My city es normally cold but now is more hot tan another years, has a lot of malls where people can go shopping, traffic is terrible because there're a lot of motocicles and bicicles that makes very difficult to the cars circulate in the streets. Now i'm not working but I'm waiting a reason form a job; I worked all my life in different banks.
I am Enrique and I consider myself a cheerful person, honest and I like to enjoy life, I have light eyes and light brown hair, I am married, I am the father of two children. I live in the city of Cuernavaca, Mexico, which is also known as the city of eternal spring, compared to Mexico City, about an hour 30 minutes away, the weather is warmer and it is a much smaller city. I work for a technology company, my job is remote, it is challenging but well paid.
Hi, I'm Camilo Ruiz, a Graphic Designer, motion grapher, and illustrator. I live in Cajic谩, Cundinamarca. It's near Bogota city. I enjoy living here. Cajic谩 is peaceful, cozy, and modern. I work remotely, that's why I live here. My job is fun. I like to give movement to the graphics and tell a story from that.
Hi! I live in Mexico City; it is a noisy and chaotic place to live, but despite that, there are many incredible things to do. One of my favorites is walking around the historical center, listening at those beautiful songs on the huge barrel organ. And of course, as a Mexican, I love eating some delicious Tacos al pastor!!!
Hi! My name is Angie, I'm a very positive and energetic person, I'm 23 years old. Actually, i'm living in Bogot谩, a huge city with a lot of activities to do, although it's turning a little dangerous, I would like to live in a safe and quiet place. About my job I manage the social media of a sport retail brand, from me is rewarding because my main responsibility is the content creation and I love it ! And I think I'm learning a lot in this job too
I live in Bogot谩, however I will describe the town of Santa Rosa de Cabal, it is a beautiful place, the people, the weather, the sunsets, and the typical food is sensational. You can see birds, rivers and have a good coffee. My job is very interesting, it is rewarding, I have several challenges every day, but I am happy because I can help different users in technological support cases.
I'm Enzo, a 25 year-old-man from Paraguay, I enjoy doing sports and currently I practice CrossFit and sometimes go running. Mi city's name is Mariano Roque Alonso, Is not one of the most popular cities in my country but we have a lot of buildings and shopping centers. We also have the Expo, which is a kind of exposition where many important brands participates to showcase their new products and services. Currently work at a company called Ecop as a programmer, Ecop is amazing because they care about us, our health, education and happiness, is because of them that I can take this course :)
I am wise, I'm not tall, my hair and my eyes are brown. I live in Bogot谩. Bogot谩 is a very huge city, it is crowded and some caotic, but I like it. My job is well paid, and changelling too
Hello! I live in Barranquilla, the city where Shakira and Sofia Vergara were born. It is a small city with a beautiful culture, lots of trees, flowers, colorful streets, and people. I work in retail as a data analyst. Every day, I work with a lot of data that I transform into information. I am a cheerful person; I have many friends with whom I enjoy traveling
  1. Hello everyone! I am Carlos, I麓m a handsome person, am not wise at all, cause I鈥檓 very spontaneous and wild. I鈥檓 committed with my studies, I love learn about everything.
  2. I live in Bogot谩 a very huge and crowded city. The people here is weird and anxious. They don麓t have time to joy the life. The climate is cold most of the time and I like it.
  3. I麓m an actor. I can play theater and everything about tell a story. I love my job cause I can be everyone in different situations. Its Challenging everytime, I have to study all the character an personalities. It麓s rewarnding and most of the time well paid.
Hi, i live in Armenia, Armenia is a small town of Colombia in the Quindio departament, this city has a lot of thing to do also its very nice and very calm, and all people of Colombia call us paisas or cafeteros or cuyabros.
Sorry, i麓ve got a question. If I wanna say something like: * In my city there are a lot of **cozies places.** Is this correct? Or I must say * In my city there are **cozy places**.
Hi! Mi name is Karen & i live in Bogot谩, the principal city of Colombia, the capital, i am a creative and curious person, that always or most of the time search to learn new things and change the chip. Bogot谩 it's a chaotic city but has its charm, with a tor of things & activitys to do, in my opinion its a expensive city, with traffic jam. But is my city and a part of me love Bogot谩