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Going to and "Gonna"


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Whatcha = What are you

How to Use 鈥淕oing to鈥

  • Moving in relation to a place (present)
    For example: I am going to the office
  • Plans we had and may have changed (past)
    For example: I was going to travel but the flight was cancelled
  • Plans and intentions (future)
    For example: I am going to visit my mom

What鈥檚 "Gonna"
Gonna = going to
in informal contexts, especially in speaking and in song lyrics

  • One day I鈥檓 gonna be a star

Moving in relation to a Place (Present)
Subject + verb to be + GOING TO + place

  • He鈥檚 going to the supermarket
  • We鈥檙e going to Mary鈥檚 house

Plans we had and may have changed (past)
Subject + verb to be (in past) + GOING TO + verb

  • She was going to sell her car but she changed her mind.
  • They were going to travel next month but they decided not to.

Plans and intentions (Future)
Subject + verb to be + GOING TO + verb

  • My sister is going to plan my wedding.
  • I鈥檓 going to travel next week.
  • We aren鈥檛 gonna go to that restaurant.

My plans:

  • Tomorrow I鈥檓 gonna practice my speaking English skills in a conversation club. 馃槃
  • Tomorrow I鈥檓 gonna do some workout.
  • This weekend I鈥檓 gonna climb a mountain with my siblings and pets.
  • I鈥檓 gonna see a movie this weekend.
  • I鈥檓 gonna keep my study plan next week.
  • I鈥檓 gonna hang out with my friends next Wednesday.

Hi everybody.
tomorrow i鈥檓 going to visit my parents because they were takin vacations. so, i麓m going to travel the next month too with my family. we aren麓t going to Europe becase is very expensive, but at leat we are going to Merida.

The whatcha reduction make reference to the 鈥淲hat are you鈥

Tomorrow I鈥檓 going to be here at home. In the morning I鈥檓 going to continue my route to becoming a Data Analyst. After that, I鈥檓 gonna keep learning and practicing my English by watching these videos of teacher Mayra.

On Saturday I鈥檓 going to the university because I have an English class. (Yes, I study English by myself thanks to Platzi and on weekends I attend another course, but this last one is face-to-face haha).

On Sunday, I鈥檓 going to attend my cousin鈥檚 baby shower. The celebration is going to be here at my house, so I won鈥檛 need to move to another place.

Next week, Carnaval is going to take place on Monday and Tuesday. I don鈥檛 have anything planned yet. Surely I鈥檓 going to keep studying haha.


I`m going to do the homework for Sistemas Dinamicos.

I`m gonna read the book for Etica y Bioetica.

This weekend

I`m gonna dance with my friends and family.

I`m going to eat tacos and Suchi.

Next week

I`m going to study a lot.

I`m gonna start a business.

Let鈥檚 Practice

  • I鈥檓 going to the beach.
  • She was going to the pool.
  • He鈥檚 going to the market.
  • You鈥檙e going to eat.
  • We麓re going to dance.
  • They were going to the cinema.
  • She鈥檚 going to sing.
  • He was going to the market.
  • I was going to eat.
  • We鈥檙e going to the pool.
  • Tomorrow: I鈥檓 gonna launch the MVP of my project
  • This weekend: I鈥檓 going to the park
  • Next: week: I鈥檓 going to add features to my project

Tomorrow, I鈥檓 gonna work hard in my projects as I always do it, also I鈥檓 gonna try to wake up early in the morning to completed my journey plans.
I have interesting plans this weekend, first, I鈥檓 gonna change my schedule and adapt new strategies to be more productive.
I鈥檓 gonna maintain my consistency next week, probably.


鈥淲hatcha鈥 es una contracci贸n coloquial en ingles que significa 鈥渨hat are you鈥 en espa帽ol. Por ejemplo, 鈥淲hatcha doing?鈥 se traducir铆a como 鈥溌縌ue estas haciendo?鈥.

My excersises:

I am gonna eat in McDonals

She was gonna sing in the Church.

He is going to the market alone

You are going to the beach on wednesday

We were gonna dance in the bar last friday.

They are going to the pool to swim.

It鈥檚 gonna rain a lot.

I am going to the cinema this Thursday.

She is gonna sing 鈥淏ohemian鈥

He was going to the beach on afternoon.

  1. I麓m goint to the beach
  2. She is going to the market buy food.
  3. He wasn麓t going to the pool, He was going to the school.
  4. He鈥檚 going to sing on stage right now.
  5. you are** going to** eat
  6. we were going to the cinema.
  7. They were going to dance all night.
  8. We are going to the beach this weekend.
  9. They are going to eat together.
  10. It were going to rain yesterday.

I麓m gonna watch netflix all weekend.
My brother麓s gonna go to the university today
My mom麓s going to grandma麓house tomorrow.

GOING TO can be used in three different scenarios.

  1. Moving in relation to a place (present). For example: I鈥檓 going to the office or I鈥檓 going to my mom鈥檚 house.
    We cannot use the reduction gonna when we鈥檙e talking about moving in relation to a place.
  2. Past intentions or past plans that might have changed. For example: I was going to travel but the flight was canceled.
  3. Plans and intentions for the future. For example: I am going to visit my mom or My sister is going to plan my wedding.
    We can replace GOING TO with the reduction GONNA in the second example. For example: My sister is gonna plan my wedding.

GONNA is the reduction of GOING TO. It is usually used in a very informal context.
GONNA is not applicable for all instances of GOING TO. It is only used when the next word is an action. For example: I鈥檓 gonna study or I鈥檓 gonna work.
GONNA can be found in many more songs.

I鈥檓 gonna visit my mother in law tomorrow
I鈥檓 going to do excercise this weekend
I鈥檓 gonna go to my office next week.

The next weekend I鈥檓 gonna develop my IoT project and clean my workspace
I am going to the mall to shop new clothes.
I鈥檓 gonna finish my english courses to get a better job.
I鈥檓 going to cinema to see a move with my friend

Moving in Relation to a Place (Present)

Subject + verb to be + GOING TO + place

He鈥檚 going to the supermarket
We鈥檙e going to Mary鈥檚 house
I鈥檓 gonna the movies

Plans We Had and May Have Changed (Past)

Subject + verb to be (in past) + GOING TO + verb

She was going to sell her car but she changed her mind

They were going to travel next month but they decided not to

Plans and Intentions (Future)

Subject + verb to be + GOING TO + verb

My sister is going to plan my wedding

I鈥檓 going to travel next week

We aren鈥檛 gonna go to that restaurant

My plans:

Tomorrow I鈥檓 going to practice my English speaking skills on an app with AI.
Tomorrow I鈥檓 going to read a book.
This weekend I鈥檓 going to study a lot of programming.
I鈥檓 going to watch the Office series.
I鈥檓 going to eat delicious food.
I鈥檓 going to do exercise next week.

I鈥檓 gonna do a favor tomorrow.
I was gonna sell my motorcycle next week, but I regretted of it.
I鈥檓 gonna eat in a fancy restaurant in this week.

Tomorrow, I am gona visit a friend.
This weekend, I am gona take care my sister.
Next week, I am going to the zoo with my family.

Whatcha is another contraction that means: what are/do/did/have you

Reading the lyrics makes me want to listen to the song

I'm gonnna go to the gym very early during the week. I was going to travel the next friday, but i have a meeting on saturday. I am going to the cinema with my friends. I was going to stay my grandparent's house but I need to come back home.
I'm going to (gonna) rest tomorrow because it will be Sunday. I'm gonna buy some clothes with my mom at morning and then I'm gonna play with my cat. Next week, I'm gonna study for my exams. At weekend, I'm gonna visit my boyfriend's house
Hello. The correct way to say "I'm gonna the movies" will be "I'm gonna watch movies"? Thank you
Next week i am gonna go to the gym for first time.
Tjis week i am gonna stablish myself in mybnew home.
Tomorrow i'm gonna create the marketing strategy por the personal brand of a friend.
* I am going to continue learning english in platzi * I am going to go to and exposition this weekend * I'm gonna be B2


    • I鈥檓 gonna read some books.
    • I鈥檓 gonna clean my bedroom.
    • I鈥檓 going to Anita鈥檚 house.
    • I鈥檓 going to the hospital.
    • I鈥檓 gonna buy new headphones.
    • I鈥檓 gonna have my driver license.
    • I鈥檓 going to the gym.
    • I鈥檓 gonna take the TOEFL test.
    • I鈥檓 gonna visit my grandparents.
I麓m gonna finish this course by tomorrow This weekend i麓m going to my grandma麓s house and the next week i麓m gonna pay all my doubts
inner circle rulz!!
ABout my plans: Tomorrow I'm going to my fiance's place and we're gonna watch movies. I'm gonna dance this weekend with some friends. Next week I'll going to the church.
I'm gonna get some books I'm gonna study very hard I'm gonna be the best I'm going to the clinic
Tomorrow i'm gonna study for my english test. This weekend my brother gonna cook the dinner. Next week my father was going to the new museum, but he is going to the old museum instead, because it will be closed from monday.

Songs that have 鈥済onna鈥:

  1. Like I鈥檓 Gonna Lose You - Meghan Trainor
  2. Nothing鈥檚 Gonna Change My Love For You - Glenn Medeiros
  3. I鈥檓 Gonna Be - Post Malone
Tomorrow it is going to rain, so today I'm going to wash all my clothes I was going to the beach, but my car didn't work, and I had to stay home I'm going to go to school next week, but only on Monday and Wednesday
today im gonna go at gym because is legs day, then im going to do some food, and after that im gonna read my book because i was going to do it yesterday but was very busy.
Tomorrow, i gonna train my chest and my back. I really need to workout. This weekend i麓m going to make business. Next week, in Dreamers & Makers, we麓re going to the Bootcamp.
Tomorrow, I'm going to class at IESA This weekend, I'm gonna stay at home because I have to study a lot Next week I'm going to Maracay to visit my family
Tomorrow, I'm gonna work. This weekend, I'm going to the church. I'm goint to study English, next week.
I share me reading aloud! <>
I was gonna go to the pool tomorrow but I going to make some shopping I gonna have a date with a beautiful girl this weekend The next week I going to start a high proteins diet
What are my plans? Tomorrow: I麓m gonna go to my work. This weekend: I麓m gonna visit to my parents. Next week: My girlfriend and me are gonna go to the cinema.
tomorrow I gonna ride in bike with my girlfriend and this weekend we gonna to exercise in the gym and the next week I gonna study very hard in english
I'm gonna go to the gym early tomorrow. I'm going to my parent's house this weekend. I'm gonna travel to CDMX next week.
"Hey Mr. Scott, what you gonna do? What you gonna do? Make our dreams come true!" Scott's Tots
I'm going to my office tomorrow at the morning, and I'm going to finish a presentation for the gerency. The weekend with my family are gonna go a concert. The next week my daughter is going to her dance academy. And finally in two months I麓m going to travel my parents farm.
My record: <>
Tomorrow aerly in the morning I'm going to work. After the lunch I'm gonna go my daughter to childcare and going to work again. In this weekend I'm gonna play soccer with my frends. In the next week I gonna learn more English.
My Brother Robb Stark is going to plan his wedding, the theme of the party is red 馃拃
Tomorrow I am going to start the university. Next week I'm gonna make many friends Next year he's gonna travel to Per煤. I was feeling good with your visit but I'm gonna pass
**<u>My record</u>** <> **<u>Activity</u>** Tomorrow I鈥檓 gonna wake up at 8 o鈥檆lock then I鈥檓 gonna wash my face and brush my teeth after that I鈥檓 gonna feed my pets and do breakfast. At 10 AM I鈥檓 going to study English until 2 PM. Then I鈥檓 gonna take a break for about 30 minutes after that, I鈥檓 gonna prepare meal. Around 4 PM I鈥檓 gonna do the dishes and make sure the kitchen is clean by 6 PM. I鈥檓 gonna play some video games with friends on until 9 PM. Then I鈥檓 gonna make some dinner and about 30 minutes after I鈥檓 gonna brush my teeth and take a shower before sleep. This week I'm gonna study english every day, i'm going to workout and i'm gonna keep clean my house. I'm also going to my mom's house to take care of her pets while she's on vacation. Next week, I'm gonna travel about 2-3 days then I'm gonna return and do the usually I do as my daily routine. **<u>Worksheet</u>** ![]( ![](
Hi!, What are your plans? **- Tomorrow** I'm gonna run in the morning and after that, I'm gonna study English because I wanna improve my skills. **- This weekend** I was gonna travel to my parent's house, but I decided not to. **- Next week** I'm going to CrossFit on Tuesday and Wednesday, usually I go every day in the morning, but next week is the holy week.
* Im gonna fly an aircraft tomorrow * Me and my friends are going to estereo picnic festival on sunday * im gonna sleep all monday * im going to the movies with my girlfriend next weekand * He's going to marry her * You're gonna get drunk * She is gonna be a good wife * we are going to the football match *
My record [``](
Who Is Gonna Be the One by Jinjer
"If the pain goes on, I'm not gonna make it" Duality by Slipknot
im going to the airport by myself
What are your plans ? \*Tomorrow\* * Im going to go to the barber * Im going to go the gym *This weekend* * With my family We were going to travel this weekend but we decided not do * Im going to the Cousin麓s house Next week * Im going to play soccer * Im to meet with my boss

I have to study harder so that I麓m gonna have three Englist test tomorrow afternoon

Tomorrow I'm gonna finish a report for my company. This weekend, the plan is going to record some videos in a cute hotel in the city. Next week, I'm going to Cali in the morning for job
  • I麓m going to dance
  • I麓m going to the Arkham House
  • I麓m going to study english
  • I麓m gonna write some letters
  • He was goint to the market
  • I was going to eat
  • She was going to the beach
  • They were going to dance
  • You are going to the cinema
Tomorrow, I鈥檓 going to a medical date with my physiotherapist at nine o麓clock; then I鈥檓 going to get back to my home; then, I鈥檓 going to make lunch for the family; finally, I鈥檓 going to study English and Data Science in the afternoon. This weekend, I鈥檓 going to wake up one hour later and I鈥檓 going to make exercise in the gym and, probability, I鈥檓 going to run five kilometers. Next week, I鈥檓 going to travel to Medell铆n, with my wife and my son, to visit some friends that have lived there since one year ago.

Tomorrow I鈥檓 going to school.
This weekend I鈥檓 gonna play video games.
Next week I鈥檓 gonna be better.

I麓m gonna take a yoga class tomorrow This weekend I am going to work in my PhD again The next week I麓m gonna visit my grandmother
tomorrow i am going to the gym and after that i鈥檓 gonna read a book called atomic habits. i have planned to train 4 times next week also i鈥檓 gonna study a lot in platzi
Love this class , thank you.
1. how do you say? que vamos a hacer en plural, simpre utilizamos whatcha?
bad boys what are you going to do when they come for you? gonna is an informal way that american only use when they talk but if you like to use the expression "gonna" , you must pay attention when and where to use because in an office or formal meeting it is not too good to use this expression 鈥済onna鈥
Wanna = Want to be ... "Wanna be" --> If you wanna be my lover you gotta get with my friends, Spice GIrls..!!!
1. I'm going to the beach 2. She was going to the marker 3. He's going to the cinema 4. You are going to the pool 5. We are gonna sing 6. they are gonna eat at the restaurant 7. They were going to the cinema but was closed 8. I'm gonna dance 9. She going to the disco and she gonna dance all night 10. We were going to the beach but it's raining
> She was going to the cinema with her husband > I'm gonna eat every day without salt > He was going to the beach the last weekend with his parents and his dog > You are going to dance all night with your friends > We were going to the pool with our brothers > They are gonna sing in the concert of Coldplay
Tomorrow I'm gonna go to the office, I'm going to work with my friend. this week I'm gonna sell a couple bed cover. the next week I'm gonna visit to my grandma's and I'm going to take a English class
Whatcha = what's up???
What are your plans? I am gonna start the therapy tomorrow My job team is going to important meetings this week Jorge is going to fish the next week to Ancon 1. 聽She was going to the beach, but her car lose the gas聽 1. we are gonna the pool in two hours 1. They were going to the market but it was closed聽 1. I am gonna the pool for my therapy but the doctor tell me 鈥渨aite a week more鈥 1. He is a very good swimming he is going to beach the next week 1. It is going to snow聽 1. My dog was going to eat but my neighbor's cats steal it聽 1. Catalina was going to dance but she lose her special shoes聽 1. Pablo and Mauro are living in Barcelona, the are gonna sing to the bar every weekend 1. I am gonna ride a bike for a long road聽
-Im gonna play the guitar tomorrow with my cousins -Im going to the medical center the day past tomorrow because I need to take some blood test. -Im gonna ride my bike the next with with an Italian friend -I have class next week so im going to the college.

He said he鈥檚 gonna bring his guitar to the party.

I am going to attend a language course to improve my communication skills.

## *Read loud (Homework)* What are your plans ? Tomorrow聽 Tomorrow in the afternoon i麓m going to play tennis with my friends, in the night i麓m gonna dinner with my mom family for my birthday and at 10 pm i麓m gonna party with other friends in the house of one of them This weekend El s谩bado jugar茅 tenis, comer茅 e ir茅 de fiesta, el domingo organizar茅 la casa, la terraza e ir茅 a visitar a mi t铆a al hogar gereatrico In saturday i麓m gonna play tenis, dinner with my family and going to party. In sunday, i麓m going to clean the house and to visit my uncle in a gereatric home Next Week Next week i麓m going to work, have some meetings, going to selling an apartment, gonna have an event an tto be chill
hi , it is my worksheet answer ![](
Read aloud I have to take a big test next week, so I'm gonna study very hard because I'm gonna be the best doctor in the city anda after that, I'm going to the clinique to visit some patients
My plan for this week is to take as many Platzi classes as I can and finish Final Fantasy IX before school starts again netx monday.
Who else read "Bad Boys" by singing? :D
My recording exercise: <> My plans for tomorrow are: * I'm going to work in the office. * I'm going to make a presentation about an app updating. For this weekend: * I'm gonna text my girlfriend and we'll take a video call. * I am going to the mountains with my bike. Next week: * I'm gonna study in Platzi. * I am going to the mall for shopping.
I麓m gonna get some books from the library, I麓m gonna to study very hard because I麓m gonna to be the best doctor in the city and after that, I麓m going to the clinic to visit somo patients.
1. I'm going to the market to bay some groceries 2. I was going to eat but I remembered my wife cook the dinner 3. She was going to eat dinner alone but I finished my work early and I can go home 4. She is going to dance this night with her mom 5. He was going to the cinema but started to rain 6. You are going to the market, please bought some milk 7. We are going to sing in karaoke this night 8. They are going to the beach, this is the best time to go 9. They were going to the pool but someone feels sick and then canceled to go other day 10. He is going to sing in best conservatory at the city
What are your plans? Tomorrow 1. I'm gonna visit the dentist tomorrow morning. 2. I'm gonna show my friends my new soccer ball. 3. I'm going to the store to buy some groceries. 4. I'm going to the library as well. This weekend 1. I'm going to the river with my friends. 2. I'm gonna watch some movies. 3. I'm gonna go for a walk with my dog. 4. I'm gonna study English. Next week 1. I'm going to the barbershop to get a new haircut. 2. I'm going to the city to get some documents. 3. I'm gonna show my parents my new bike, next week.

My turn:

  • I鈥檓 going to have breakfast at my favorite caf茅 in the morning.
  • She鈥檚 going to go for a jog in the park in the early morning.
  • I鈥檓 gonna take a hike in the mountains on Saturday morning.
  • He鈥檚 gonna work on his car in the garage on Sunday morning.
  • I鈥檓 going to start a new workout routine at the gym next week.
  • She鈥檚 going to begin studying for her exams next week

My plans:

  • Tomorrow, I have to work, so I am going to cut a liquor store name in acrylic
  • This weekend is the same, because today is Saturday and I am going to work tomorrow Sunday
  • And for the next week I am going to go to an appointment on Monday, Tuesday I am going to the doctor and Wednesday I have to go to ccs to get some job finished

Tomorrow I am going to wake up early and started a new set of good habits.

This next weekend I am going to finish the process manual for my resaturant.

Next week I麓m gonna go to camping in el Salto hidalgo.

Ok, now I'm studying English, but tomorrow and the next day, and the next day, I'm going to study again, because I need to speak fluently, so next week I'm gonna studying very hard. Unfortunately this week I wasn't can't study everyday
* They were going to the beach * We are going to the cinema * He was going to the pool聽 * She was going to the market聽 * I鈥檓 going to dance
1. I'm gonna go to church tomorrow. 2. I'm going to stay at home this weekend. 3. I'm gonna go to somewhere next week.