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hi everybody! my name is Camila and i am physical education teacher and i am twenty three years old. i have to promote a healthy life to my students and i have to take care them too.

for this position i need to know how to do exercise correctly and basic theory from some sports.

i am going to keep working and keep learning English to be a little better in that everyday.

Studying in Platzi it is being a challeging, rewarding and surprising experience because before studying here i had been studied English for six years, since i was 12 to 17 years old and i didn鈥檛 think that i remember a few of words, grammar, vocabulary etc鈥 i realized what i studied really worth it.

驴Alguien me puede confirmar si tienen un error con el quiz anterior y este que sigue? Espero sea cosa de mi compu y no del curso.

Hi everyone, my name is Brandon and I鈥檓 working as a financial agent for Western Union, here I have to give information about cost of international shipment and taxes as well.
I鈥檓 really good and fast with math, that could be one of my skills.
For my next goals I would like to improve my English skills like speaking, due to I want to change my job for one better paid.
Finally, I鈥檓 grateful with this classes because I have discovered another way to learn without schedule.

Hi everybody, Actualy im a senior backend developer.
For this position i need to know at diferents programming paradigm and diferents software architecture.
I am going to learn english and another programming language.
Studying at platzi I have been able to advance very quickly in my professional part.

oww, I didn鈥檛 expect this! I like this class 馃槂

Hi everyone!

My name is Emmanuel Chavez and my responsibilities are share the gospel and learn more about Jesus. This like my identity. I work in youtube creating content with my brothers as well.
For my actual position i need to know how to record, edit and upload videos in many different social medias. Also, i need to know how to create persuasive speeches to our youtube videos.
For the next few months, we search for monetize our youtube channel, also we gonna upload new trend videos to catch views and interested people in our products.
Has been really great! Since i study in platzi i have learned a lot of things and skills. It feels like an university, but better.

鈥i, My name is Luis Rodolfo i work on Sub-Zero de M茅xico on Marketing department, my responsabilities here are take care of the social media, content creations, administrate the content an check the design of the post, i also have to clasificate que data base of customers on our CRM.
鈥n my position you net to know a little of graphic design and knlowlage aboyt Zoho platform.
鈥ur next goals is implement better campains to get more customers on our e commerce and webpage.
鈥n my experience i feel like im reforcing cetrain skills on English and learning some new conceptr that i forget.

  1. Who are you and what are your responsibilities?
    My name is Rommel, I am a system engineer, I work with Dislicores like a Technology Director.
    I need to manage different technology projects for the differents areas of the organization.
    I need to look for the best technology with other directors to reach the company goals.
  2. What Skills are necessary for your position?
    I need to know how to communicate effectively with different teams of the company.
    Also, I need to know how to align the company goals with technology projects.
  3. What are your goals for the next few months
    I am going to finish all the english courses on platzi.
    I am going to certificate like a AWS practitioner
    I am going to travel to Cartagena.
  4. How would you describe your experience studying at platzi
    It has been interesting and challenging, because It has to many topics to study additional to English.

Buenas tardes. El quiz despues de esta clse me aparece en espa帽ol.

  • I鈥檓 Erik Romero and my responsabilities at my job are to help people to understand them bussiness.
  • The skills that are necessary to make my job are understand the bussiness world and how to make the basic activities that everybody need to know when are going to start a new bussiness.
  • I want to improve my english because i going to travel to USA by myself and i gonna find a new job in other company.
  • My experience studying in Platzi have been wonderful, i love all the activities that i have to do everyday also i think that it a lot of topics that i need to learn but it鈥檚 ok I really want to improve my english!

my name is andres
i麓m compliance officcer, i麓m going to write post in social media everday, i麓m going record at podcast the company

Who are you and what are your responsabilities?

I鈥檓 cristian contreras, a frontend developer. In this moment i鈥檓 just study in platzi every day, and when some times i get little jobs I take that, but I鈥檓 a student several hours at the days.

What skills are necessary for your position?

desire to learn and never stop to do that. Even a get a job, then I鈥檒l working a studying as well.

What are your goals for the next few months?

Get a job in the technology industry

How would you describe your experience studying in platzi?

Amazing. I meet wonderful people, a I鈥檓 learning a lot of interesting subjects like develop, marketing, english, content creation, etc鈥

Who are you and what are your responsibilities?

Hi, I鈥檓 Gualberto and for now, I鈥檓 actively looking for a job as a Frontend Developer.

What skills are necessary for your position?

Well, as a Frontend Developer, it鈥檚 necessary to understand HTML, CSS, JavaScript and frameworks like React.js or Vue.js, and to be able to solve problems using logic.

What are your goals for the next few months?

In the next few months, I have to find a job to pay my bills and practice a lot of my knowledge.

How would you describe your experience studying on Platzi?

It鈥檚 an awesome experience because it allows me to practice and study to improve my skills as a frontend developer.

Who are you and what are your responsibilities?

  • Hi, I鈥檓 Daniel Hern谩ndez, I鈥檓 a mechanical engineering recent graduate and gonna tell you about me as a learner and in a personal growth context (because I鈥檓 unemployed). My responsibilities are to wake up early (to optimize the time to study), read, write a cover letter and resume for a fellowship application. Also with my siblings we have a small digital fabrication business , so I鈥檓 responsable to post our products on social media. I need to be organized to achieve these duties during the day.

What skills are necessary for your position?

  • For this position you need to know hoy to manage your time, focus in the work you鈥檙e doing. Also, you need to know how to follow the guidelines (related to the fellowship application). For social media posting you need to know how to take pictures of your product and come up with posting ideas.

What are your goals for the next few months?

  • For the next few months I鈥檓 gonna apply to the E4C fellowship, sharp my skills in CAD/CAM softwares. Also I鈥檓 gonna get new clients and followers for our business.

How would you describe your experience studying in Platzi

  • Study in Platzi have been a great experience, the platform is very confortable to study everyday. The teachers have been excellent, they鈥檙e expert in their field. Related to English classes, it has been challenging for me but at the end of the session/day it鈥檚 very rewarding.

I am a psychologist, I am teaching in a University.
I need be creative, dedicated and and I have to be patient
I am going to find another job.
My experience studying in Platzy has been o.k.

HI My name is Daniela, I'm pricing Analyst and I have to do several, I have to share the sell rates to our sales team and I have to work from this company since 2021. We need to know how to use Excel, have good communication and know about the international commercial terms. For the next few months I'm going to develop the budget for this year. Studying in Platzi has been amazing and fun.

I`m Gheraldine, and I麓m copywriter for a digital agency. My responsabilities are writing all about new campains, advertising and social media. For my position are necessary pretty good orthography, creativity and patient. For the newxt months I want to learning about LEGO, the new client.
My experience studying in Plazi is great, I continue achieve new goals.

I麓m Oscar, im a marketing manager, and one of my favorite responsabilities is create different strategies to help the team of sales to eatn they goals. I have to apply differents skills in my job like responsability and creativity. I want to improve my english and make the tofel test. I thinks is very nice, i really like the classes and i think is very intuitive.
Hi, I'm Alex. I'm a UI designer, the skills I need for my position are, know how to design, create useful designs for our users and investigate what the users love about the industry. On the next months I want a new position as a UX researcher and Ui designer. Platzi change my life, I can change my job and knew a new world full of opportunities.
how are you and what are you? my name is Gisela I麓m student and work in my business from home, I have to making the production of soap for house clean also I take the counts and I am pending of my daughter what wkills are necesry for your position? for this position you need to take notes and organized the day, also to work with protection elements because you have handle are chemicals. what are you goals for the next few months? * going to get more clients * create the page web and gonna to sell on line * to continue learning english and gonna work remotely how woukd you describe your experience studying in platzi? study in platzzo it have gotten me know-how more about english I have improved my hear, an i麓ve got more vocabulary had been an experience very satisfying
Hello there! My name is Arianna. I am programming student and community manager on italcambio. As Programming Student i need to resolve problems and think logically. As a Community Manager I need to create the content and planner him. My goals for the next months are learn English constantly and study new programing architectures I start this school since 2 months, i really like the courses and the community
Hi, everybody! My name is Sergio and I'm full stack developer at C\&A. I've got to code solutions for company requirements like a API's, new features, microcservices and more.
Hello, my name is Estefania I'm forest engineer I'm 37 years old, I need to improve my skills english, because I want to get a better job, and I want to travel while I speak english , my goals for the next few months are lose weight, learn excel and finish my level b1. I am a new student in platzi, I am studying english an adobe indesign, and I think te topics are difficult for me, but the courses are fun
Howdy! my name is Camilo and I麓m a musician, I work for my own start up so my responsabilities are really wide like making the budgets and playing in the concerts as well, for doing what I do there are needed skills like management, clear comunication, financial sikills and you must know how to play some instruments and reading any music sheet as well my goals for the next few months are to get completed the christmas show for this year. My experience studying in platzi has been really amazing since i麓ve learned a lot
Nice interviews隆 I'm Juan MIguel, And I'm a bussines administrator. I'm really a soul with a human body, learnign abou how to live. I have a lot of responsabilities doing my Job, because Logistics are around all the company, I need to know everything about my operation, and I have to be many ideas in mind to always get better and improve day by day. My goals for the next few months are find a new job and start a new bussines, bcause i want to be my own boss. I'm extremely happy, it is a great experience studying here in platzy because is so challenging and all courses are very usefull in my life.
Howdy! I'm Jennifer. I work as a senior coordinator accountant. My main responsibilities are to prepare report statements for USA companies for a GBS and manage assets. I need to know how to analyze financial statements, mainly in International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS). I want to improve my communication skills, especially in English and German. On this platform, I have learned great skills in English for my job, and I am surprised at how I have improved my weaknesses with some of the classes here.
Hi everybody, my name is Carlos and I'm an economist. I'm 27 years old, I like different topics specially in business. In this moment, I would like to find a job in a tech company, like a Ux research or anything like that. In this moment, I am focused on English education, because I want to find better opportunities. I'm gonna find a job 100% sure.
I am Manager in a media marketing agency. My responsibilities are aligned and be clear with the information, ensure the execution and accomplishment of the tasks, team management, be the right hand of my line manager, and be a reference in technical knowledge. The necessary skills are: have a high technical knowledge about marketing digital and platforms, show a high level of soft skills, know what are the internal process of the company and be a reference communicating, being proactive and solving problems. They are being a reference as a manager, accomplish the functions first to move to the next level of being proactive and a technical expert in more digital marketing areas. My experience here have stimulated my interest to improve my English, starting from the bases to achieve more challenges like use more complex tools to keep learning.
Hello, I麓ma Emilia and I麓m a chemestry engnneer, I麓m 23 years old and I work in a food industry, I麓m a quality analyst For this position have to be an active person, with amability and steadiness, know how to make reductor sugars of product in process and finished product, and make some physicochemical test In a few months I gonna work in a tequila company and continius learning english but more constant Platzi is the best place to learn English, database, AI, etc, have a lot of tools to do the learning process de best ever.
Hi, my name is Margarita and I am a designer, although my profession or my diploma from the University says that I am an actress. Yes, I have other titles such as interior decorator and actress, but life led me to work in the digital world. I work at a digital design agency, and the necessary skills for my job are creativity, teamwork, and being self-taught, as there are new challenges to face every day. I have goals for the next few months, which include learning English and delving deeper into topics like programming and animation. For this reason, Platzi has been my main learning tool, and my experience there has been wonderful because it has helped me to surprise myself with what I can do thanks to what I learn there.
* **Who are you and what are your responsibilities?**My name is Erick Terrrazas, I麓m a systems Engineer from Bolivia, I have to create, update and manage web systems, * **What skills are necessary for your position ?**I have to very creative to code new things, I have to know how to create systems and update them using programing languages like php, python, javascript. And also I have to have a solid base of knowledge of arquitectural systems. * **What are your goals for the next few months?**I am going to create a new bill system and an academic system with some friends, I am going to sell them around my city. * **How would you describe your experience studying in Platzi?**I have to say that it contains a lot of courses, I really liked many of them that are very useful and I think I麓ve improve in many aspects.
Hi, I'm a student, and I'm going to get my degree in a few months. Currently, I'm not working, but four months ago I worked for a small company. Almost at the end of the university courses, everybody has to choose any program to implement everything that you learned, it can be in a company or in the school itself and I chose a company. I studied mechatronic engineering and in my job I had to use CNC machines, so to do that, I needed to know how to design parts (with the SolidWorks program) and measure with a vernier, also I had to use milling machines, for all of this it was necessary to work as a team and that is one of the main skills for this position as well as technical know-how about CNC machines. My goals for the next few months are to reach the level C2 in English, approve my test to get my degree, finish my courses and get a nice job in a foreign company. Studying in Platzi is fun and entertaining, but please if anybody can give some feedback to the recent comments in the comments section I would appreciate it
Hello, I麓m an Aupair in the USA and my principal responsability is to care of my host children. I have a schechudele that I complete every day making diferents activities with them. For this positions is important to be 18 at 26 years old, have 200 hours caring children, have a driver license, to have a level for speaking english, isn麓t necessary advance only to have basic coversation. I hope to practice driving so I can get de statal licence, I麓d like to imrove my english that is the most impotant thing how i麓m doing this cultural exchange program and to travel to the LA, Miami, Arizona, Utah and finally Japan to visit my brother. It's comfortable because, in my case, I have a demanding schedule and I decided to study only two days in the week in the nights that is when I have free time, but if I'm immersed in the language every day, then I feel that it is important to study and take the time to practice the new topics in my daily life and to make them part of my routine as much as possible.
Hi everyone! I'm Mario Hidalgo, an industrial engineer specializing in finance. For the moment I'm not working, so my current responsibilities are limited to studying every day. However, I can talk to you about the main skills I have to know for a job in the finance field. In any position in finance, I must know how to make financial analysis, financial modeling, company and assets valuation, and data analysis. My goals for the next 6-9 months are to finish B1, B2, and C1 level English courses, and Data Analysis with Python path. I'm going to achieve these goals by studying 1-1.5 hours per day per path My experience studying in Platzi has been amazing. I love that Platzi English Academy has a lot of ways to practice.
Hello, my name is Hernan, I'm a student of industrial engineering in a virtual University called UNAD, my principal responsability is that I have to send the homeworks on time, because there is a specific date to do and I have to dedicate time to do the homeworks during the weeks this is avaible, I have to administrate the time efficient, the skill more important in this position is the autonomy because you are practicaly alone in the classroom that is your home, I'm going to be graduated in the next few months that is my principal goal, I love study in platzi that is so good, the content is so clear an easy to understand.
Hello. My name is Mariana and I am an UX/UI Designer. In my current position my responsibilities include design wireframes, create prototipes and design user interfaces for mobile games. For this position you need good skills with design softwares, specially those like Figma, but also, this position requires sensibility to understand the user necessities and creativity to make solutions. In the nexts months, I want to get a new job and left behind te videogame industry, I want to go back to the world of web and app design. My experience with Platzi have been pretty nice. I need to be more dedicated to my courses.
Hi, my name is Hugo, in the position I now have as an inventory and menu manager in a food and beverage restaurant, my responsibility is to carry out a correct classification of the goods, supplies, articles and products of the establishment together with a dedicated software for our specialty restaurant. The skills necessary for this position include knowledge about databases, logistics, statistics, finances, computing, among others. My goals for the next few months are: continue learning English, Machine Learning and publish an article about Neural Networks. My experience using platzi so far has been good, yes. It takes discipline, self-motivation and good time management. :)
Hello every one. My name is Neptali and i am a medicine student. I have studied medicine for six years and it had benn a challenge. My responsabilities are study hard, read a lot of and i need to know how the human body works and gets sick. For the next few month i'm going to continue my estudies in the hospital and i gonna take good care of each patient in my shif.
Hi! My name is Laura Cervantes, analytical consultant for Supertiendas Olimpica. As an analytical consultant I have to create and plan strategies to increase sales and clients in the company. I have worked for Supertiendas Olimpica for more than a year, during this time I have created differente strategies and I have learned about retail marketing. For this position, you need to know about analysis of data, use database and you need to know how to find creative ways to stimulate the shopper to buy and you need to know about marketing. For the next few months, I'm going to continue creating and planning great strategies. Studying in Platzi, have been an interesting experience.

I`m yesid, and I鈥檓 a graphic designer, I work at siigo company as UX designer, and also a graphic designer. I work with the product team, also the ecommerce team, and I have to do several things, I am in charger of doing the tasks, for instance, create a new website of siigo colombia, and mexico, and also to do differents market research, benchmark, user flows, wireframes, chart mockups, etc. I need to be creative every day at work, and I also have many tasks to do, in other company I am graphic designer for multiple brands, and I need to do some post design for social media.

I have worked at Siigo since 2022 and I have done several things since then, I have created several product detail page for our website in mexico, as well known as aspel .com.

for this position you need to know how to patient, because it may a little bit stressful, you need to know how to design, how to manage some programs of design for example, illustrator, figma, visual study code, etc. also manage different platforms, like miro, jira, trello, etc.

I鈥檓 going to create more designs for the next country website, it鈥檚 uruguay or argentina, so This will be the homologation of the experiences of other countries.

Working for Siigo is challenging but it鈥檚 also fun, I learned some things of my colleagues, it鈥檚 the most important thing for me.

Hi, my name is Armando and I have been worked as QA Tester at a tech company since 2020, and my responsibilities are testing the software every day, make a log with all the tests and results and give some feedback to the devs. You need to know a programming language, more specifically Python, also you need to know about the SDLC (Software Development Life Cycle) and the testing tools that there are many, and finally as a QA you must have attention to detail. I'm going to keep learning English and get a better job or get a better position in my current. Studying in Platzi has been amazing because the study path is perfect, you have all the courses in order to start learning from zero to advanced, the teachers are wonderful, they are really professional, and each class has activities to keep me practicing.
I'm Jose, I'm electronic engineer, I work in the gas industry, I'm in charge of electronic department, I need to coordinate the human for assembly new gas plants, also I have to design electrical plans, set a materials list, and also everything relate with electronic field. Is neccesary know how to work the electricity , also I need to lead my work group and, I have to establish communication with others company dependencys involve in the assembly. We are gonig to assembly a new plant in north of country, and y two months we have to installe minimal the 50% of the devices at the field. I never study english formaly, and now studying en Platzi I really enjoy this learning time, I feel I have learned a lot, but I need more practice on the text production issue.
Hellow everbody, mi Name is Pablo, i am a service executive at a Contact Center and BPO, as a service executive i have to keep the ralationship with our clients who are interested in our services of collections and keep a healthy payments of their clients. I have to give instructions, collect strategy, automation and all current communication channels. I love creating new strategies and ways of doing things and solve highly complex problems.
Hi everybody, I am Jes煤s, I am a sociologist, and I have been working as a consultant in some museums. Some of my responsibilities are to conduct and develop research about the visitor's experience. I gotta to know how to research, analyze and, show the results to museum workers. In the next months, I am going to design a system research for the National Museum in my country. Studying in Platzi has been a great experience, I lost my fear to learning English, and I have been learning according to my times and my needs.
Hello everybody my name is Julian. I'm sales assistant. I have to meet the costumer, answer questions and obviously sell the products. I think active listening, patience, good verbal comunication, accurate know-how about your products and some strategies of selling. I gonna be honest, I'm want to leave sales assistance works. I feel really tired by people. I gonna travel to Australia and migrate there. I start study in Platzi at 2020 and in that time I loved it. From one day to next changed all English Academy and I felt frustrated, I tought I lost all my progress. Obviously I was wrong. For me Platzi means hope. The oportunity of improve my skills and gonna be better a bit everyday.
Hi everyone! I'm Glenda this year I decided to take a break from the job I've been doing to capacite myself and taking another job, more challenging and rewarding. After some years, being an student again has been complicated, especially because I'm an old fashion student, I finished my degree before the corona but I've always be autodidact, so here I am becoming an online student now. Some of the skills that are required to became an student again are commitment and discipline otherwise it's gonna be more difficult to create an habit and evolve. My goals for the next months are complete all the B1-B2 courses that Platzi offers and take a certificate english test that's required by my college. About my experience in Platzi I'd say that has been challenging already because of my lack of discipline at first by not having any schedule or apoinment to attend but also has been rewarding to every day put effort and take some classes, take notes, do the activities and I notice that everything that already knew is here and it was time to stop rusting my knowledge.
Hi, my name is Xavier i am aeronautic engineer estuden. I am 20 years old. My responsibilities at Platzi is learning relevant courses that I like, improving my level of English. I also want to make a habit of learning English or some relevant course such as programming.
Hi, I am Javier, I am a doctor and bioinformatic student. Every day I have to work 6 hours per day (Monday to friday) in the afternoon I work at an EPS doing outpatient medical consultation. Currenly, I am doing my master`s thesis therefore I try to study in the morning during the week and a few hour in the weekend. In my job as a doctor, I have to know how to figure out patient's diseases. Being a doctor in medicine is like to being a detective; I have to know how to ask specific questions and compare different answers to reach a solution. As a bioinformatics student, I need to know python and R programming because these programs are used to read DNA. I want to support a master`s thesis, and then I would like find a job with the pharmaceutical industry. Meanwhile, I should learn different programming languages and other skill such as statiscs, algebra. etc.

I鈥檓 web developer, my responsibilities are transform designs to code like landing pages, websites, emails, update web apps, content management, applying best practices to maintain the web standards up to date.

The skills necessary for this position are, time management, communication, design principles, coding skills, passion about the latest trends in web design.

My goals in the next few months are to finish a bootcamp about advance Frontend level and develop an MVP with my learnings,

The learning paths in Platzi have been improving as the quality as well, so I enjoy learning with this amazing community.

* Who are you and what are your responsibilities ? Im diego and as a growth manager I have to work with other teams for example comercial and product. I have to create strategies for increase sales * What skills are necessary for your position? I have to know how to comunicate with my team, I need to know how to build growth machine * What are your goals for the next few months? Im going to continue learn new things about growth and im goint to create new strategies with my team * How would you describe your experience studying in platzi ? Studying in platzi has been challenge as well wonderfull experience
* I鈥檓 Daniel and i鈥檓 real estate entrepreneur. My responsabilities are design the properties鈥 ads, capture new business opportunities and close sales when it鈥檚 necessary. * I think when you work at realtor the attitude and speech are very important. Every day you need to motivate yourself to learn and investigate the market. * I want to sell all the properties that i have gotten. I want to rent an office and hire my first employee. * I really enjoy the experience and the time that i spend in platzi. I鈥檓 very proud for my progress and my achievement.
Hi, my name is Alejo, i`m a Soccer, not-professional player, I love soccer and I want to play at Real Madrid, but before that i``ll say one thing. BELLIGOOOOOOL!!!!!! BELLIGOOOOOOL!!!!! BELLLIGOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL!!!!!!!!!!!
I am Anderson from cali currently i am working as delivery man and i have to deliver products to the costumer篓s house about necessary skills, you shoud be a honest and responsible person but also to know the city even the addresses, my gouls is to get another job, i would like to work in aplace where i can practice English all the time . my experience in platzi is good but there are too boring teachers, i think you should enhance that they are as robots or iA, look if i am getting classes online it should be funny, but platzi has a really good courses just please deal with the teachers
* Who are you and what are your responsabilities? I麓m a software developer, In my job I have to desing and implement software solutions for several problems related with customers麓s needs * How long have you worked for your last job and what have you achieved since you started ? * I worked about one year and half, I reached to improve performance of the application, also I learned a lot of cloud services so curretly I feel confortable working with them * What skills are necessary for your position ? * You need both, the experience and technicall knowlende, but also you need to develop your soft skills beacause you need to communicate as well as you coding * what are your goals for the next few months ? * I am going to get a new job as a software developer, so I need to achieve a good level on spoken english, so I have to finish the b1 english level * How would you describe your experience studying in platzi ? * So interesting and rewarding, I have learned a lot
**Who are you and what are your responsibilities?** *Hi! Everyone. I am Alberto Duque Villegas, a senior psychologist and Platzi student. I am working part-time with the ethics committee for psychology practitioners. In this work, I have to know the complaints from the users of psychological services and decide if the behavior of the psychologist is an ethical matter or not; if yes, I have to investigate the real behavior of the practitioner and decide if he, or she, must be sanctioned and which must it the sanction.* **What Skills are necessary for your position?** *As a member of the ethics committee for psychology practitioners, I need to use these skills: analysis and problem solving, analytic and synthetic thinking, objectivity, comprehension of reading, writing, and, principally, knowing the Code of Ethics for Psychology.* **What are your goals for the next few months?** *In 2024, I plan to become fluent in English, finish my courses in Data Science, and travel with my wife.* **How would you describe your experience studying in Platzi?** *I am very satisfied with the quality of the courses, including the quality of the teachers.*
  • I麓m Carlos Redondo, but you can call me Neco, as my mon and friends. Am an actor and dancer. I麓m part of two theatrical groups at Bogot谩 DC. My responsibilities are training everyday to keep my body in shape and my creativitie mind. I have to learn about Dramatic Arts and Performing Arts. I have to practice all time my texts and choreography. I need to know how to change my emotions and actions in relation with the imaginary circumstances in a play or a show.
  • I have to know how to dance. I need to be in total control of my body and imagination. I have to be capable to memorize text and moves. I need to have a strong voice and know how to play with it. I have to know how to make up and understand a character in an internal and external way.
  • I麓m going to keep train my body. I麓m gonna study a lot of about write and storytelling. I鈥檓 going to control my animal impulses to be more professional. I麓m going to eat healthy. I鈥檓 going to learn English everyday to be valuable for my team and me.
    -It麓s going great! I still have to learn a lot of, but I麓m happy to be here. So thank you to all the team. I麓m going to keep learn. Cause I love this platform, is awesome. I can learn and put all my knowledge on practice.
I am John Aguirre, telecommunications engineer, currently I am an information security administrator in a company, my main responsibility is to test and manage the public key infrastructure - PKI, and I am security auditor. The main skill is to be an ISO 27001 security auditor, you need to be an engineer and want to learn every day. The most important goal, for the next month is to learn about ethical hacking and to start with my studies in forense informatic
Hi guys! My name is Rosario, I am a Dietitian and I work as a researcher in a University. My responsibilities are to read and write research studies about my investigation camp. This is about the food security and the sustainability. The skills necessary for my position are creative and organized. Moreover, It is important to know about how to work our body and brain, It is necessary to know about the behavior of people. My goal for the next few months is to a lot my English abilities. My experience studying in Platzi has been nice because the methodology lets me adapt my schedule. Also, I can find a lot of content about different topics. Thanks for reading me.
Hi! My name is Karen and i'm a Brand Manager in a agency in Bogot谩, my responsabilitis are mantein the communication and the information between client and agency very clear and organizated, i think that is very necesary be orderly because, sometime you have a lot of requirements and information to give to the team, also you need to have skills and experience in Marketing, Creativity and a lot of patiente. Im going to change my position, expect to work in houde with a brand with the area of marketing
hi people i鈥檓 a criminology assistant in Cali Colombia i鈥檓 31 years old, i studied systems technologie in Antonio Jose Camacho university for 3 years. for my position is necessary to have knowledge about computing and criminology. for the next months i want to improve my english skills to reach at least the b2 level also i鈥檓 going to prepare to get a new best job. i really liked so much my experience with platzi i think that the platform is very intuitive to use and all of the teachers are very prepared and intelligents.
  • Who are you and what are your responsibilities?

I鈥檓 Diego Castro. My responsibilities are designing sounds, leveling and cleaning vocals. for a reality show on a television channel in colombia.

  • What skills are necessary for your position?

There are many but the most important are:
Protools software management.
Audio and music concepts.
postproduction concepts.
and lots and lots of creativity.

  • What are your goals for the next few months?

I want a lot of work and I want to be better day by day.
I want to be well recognized in the audiovisual environment and create a good name to be able to continue advancing and working in this industry that I love so much.

  • How would you describe your experience studying at platzi?

Very gratifying.
I have been able to learn a lot besides English. I have been able to expand my capabilities as a professional in the audiovisual industry.
It has helped me grow as a person and professional.
I am very happy to belong to this community and I hope one day to be able to contribute my help to this great team of professionals.

Hi! I鈥檓 Erika, it is a pleasure for me to meet you. Currently, I am a business administration student but I also managed a business that promotes student proffesional growth.
To assume my position, it鈥檚 necessary to know how to manage teems, develope growth strategies and provide direction to my team.
For the next months, I鈥檓 going to restructure our marketing strategy and also improve our service to get more clients.

Hi, my name is Angel. I am a Full-Stack Developer. My work consist in write and analyse code from my clients for your web applications. In my position, i need to know about PHP and Javascript language. My goal is gonna learn english to get better comunications skills with other countries oportunities. My experience with plarzi is very rewarding, is the fast way that i found to lear new skills.
Hi, I'm Rodrigo, and I am a chemestry, I work in the farmaceutical industry animal health in the sales division. I'm am the responsible to positioned the brands with our clients, promote the sales and, implement the marketing strategy at the time. The necessary skills are: be outgoing, be tolerant to frustration, like sales, negotiation capacity among others. I like studying at platzi because it adapts to my schedule and I take other curses at the platform
Hi everyone, my name is N茅stor Cort茅s, im a electronic engineerwith a bachelor degree on project Managment, i also have a certification as PMP. I am responsable for the execution and implementation of the security systems of the new Ikea's store in Envigado, that's my only project by now. The skill i need to have are customer communication, active listening to my team work and a huge knowledge about different technologies i'm responsable for implement. For the few next months i hope to finish the project in a satisfactory way which means deliery the scope hired by the customer with the schedule and cost required by the customer.
My name is Pame and I麓m a grafic nesigner student. My responsabilities are study, take care of my four pets, As a future grafic designer I fing PLatzi a perfect platafom to improve my skills like Desing, Marketing, Software, IA and also English
My name is Sara Gaitan, I'm an accountant, in my job I have to do and present taxes, make the reports of the company, register all information in the accounting system. The skill necessary for my job.... I have to be so retailer, and work in team. I'm going to travel for give capacitation in other city. It's very easy learn English in this app, I hope knowhow speak English very well soon
i am abraham miranda ,i am an entrepreneur , i have started a digital margenting agency in peru , i have a collaborator , i am a charge of sales , planning digital campaings and presenting reports to clients i need to how digital markeitng trends and the most effective tools for online advertising increase the client portfloio by 100%in the next three months i like to study in platzi , the quality of the content is good and i hope they continue to improve every day
My name is juan pablo, Im a professional cylist i have to train every single day of the week I have just one rest day, is normaly on monday. to be a professional cyclist you need to be an dedicated, responsable, and havfe a lot of discipline, you need also to be strong physically and mentally, I would want to win 2 stages and win 1 big race called vuelta de la juventud. Studying in platzy have been really interesting, because of my profession is better to study online, the courses are really complete and they have really interesting teachers.
鈥 Who are you and what are your responsibilities? My name is Harold. I am an industrial engineer, and I have been working in the sustainability area since 2020. My responsibility at APSCOLOMBIA CORPORATION is to collaborate with a team in the development of the sustainable palm oil protocol. Additionally, I aim to enhance sustainable production conditions for small-scale growers in Colombia. 鈥 What skills are necessary for your position? I need to be a person with good relationship skills. I am always disposed to teamwork. I have analytical skills and technological proficiency. My communication should be friendly and truthful. 鈥 What are your goals for the next few months? In the next few months, I aim to complete my master's degree and experience professional growth. I also intend to contribute to the corporation's goals and enhance the stability of my family. Furthermore, I aspire to prosper and continue learning on Platzi. 鈥 How would you describe your experience studying in Platzi? It has been a very positive experience. The courses are well-structured and comprehensive, and having the content readily available is an opportunity for continuous growth. I always have the resources at hand, contributing to my ongoing learning journey. Congratulations, PLATZI.

My name is Benjamin and I鈥檓 a seller in a technology store. For this position I have know a lot about smartphones and technology (headphones, computer, etc) Also I have to know how to sell a product and convince people to buy it.
In the next months I will start to study cibersecurity so I want to learn more about networks and hacking. Also I want to continue with my Platzi courses like this one.
My experience studying in Platzi is very interesting. I have never been in a course platform like this. So I鈥檓 very excited to continue with the courses and keep learning everyday.

Who are you and what are your responsibilities? Hi study partners, this is Oscar. I'm a marketer at a marketing agency. My responsibilities are to prepare strategic marketing plans for our clients and guide the team to create marketing campaigns with great results for our costumers. The skills for my position are: Marketing knowledge, especially in digital marketing. Leadership to connect and guide the team. Capacity to constantly acquire new knowledge. My goals for the next few months are: Improve my English level because we are going to open a new branch in the United States. Help new clients in the United States. I need to find clients in this country. My experience at Platzi is greatly beneficial, especially in managing my own time for study

Hi everyone. My name is Felipe and I鈥檓 maintenance analyst, I have to do analysis for failures in machines. For this job I need to know how the machines work and their components. In the next month I鈥檓 going to trying reduce number of breakdowns
My experience in Platzi has been motivating, I have enjoyed the courses, however I鈥檝e had problems for studying with constancy

Hi there! My name is Jonathan Ruiz. I麓m a trader and this implies several responsibilities as my own boss. I have to plan my operative and i need to choose the markets and instruments that i will work on. I have to pay a loto of attention to the time every moment. and, i have to be sure that my internet signal is stable all the day. A lot of skills are required to be a day trader as me. You need to know about mathematics, statistics, probably, risk management and over all you have to know how to create and respect an emergency exit and know how to mange your emotions. For the next month i envision myself as a founded trader, with the capability and metrics that evidence my accurate operation, well risk management, focus serious, and show that i know how to manage and drive a positive and constant average. My experience studying in Platzi has enriched my life, has helped me to find the path that let me to link what i need to do to make what i like.
Hey there! My name is Leonel and I'm from Caracas Venezuela, right now i'm working at home doing remittances from other countries to Venezuela. I also invest on Crypto Currencies When it comes to remittances, you need to communicate with customers, so you have to give the best attention possible to them. My goals for next few months are quite simple. First of all i want to keep improving my English at Platzi, I eed to get C1 level, and probably start learning something new My experience at Plarzi it's been amazing, I understand a lot the classes, I'm very excited about what's comming next
I'm leader projects. I'm responsible for compliance with schedule and budget, elicitation of requirements, relationship with stakeholders and quality control of development software projects. Teamwork, planning strategic, anticipation and leadership are the necessary skills for my role. My goals for the next few months are to lead more projects and to learn about srum and ia. My experience in platzi is gratifying because the videos are shorts and interesting and you have hmany resources
Hi, i have learned too much. this type of video is amazing. Thanks a lot platzi team.
* Hi to everybody community of english class i'm Valeria i have 14 years old i am student of a bilingual school and i have some projects to my life in a future * My responsabilities are that we need to do and answers to all the study for example to have a conversation in english normal like a conversation to all the days * The skills i dont now exactly but i have a dicipline whit my goals also responsability and interaction whit the things that you like * My goals are to learn a new idiom and see what university career i like also complete my bachiller and have a recognition for all the goals academic in the last years * My experience are exciting because is a thing that i Don't imagine because is a plataform for a persons whit many experience than me but my parents saw me that i was gonna do a oportunity to platzi and it's was a good deccision
Hi! my name is Raul i'm painter and i have a gallery. To be an "art dealer" I need to know how to sell not only to customers in the gallery but also i need to know how to sell online. i hope to increase my online sales in the coming months using all the e-commerce knowledge I have acquired by studying at Platzi
Hi! My name is Habana and I am student of Environmental Engineering; just like any other stundent, my responsabilities are studies, homework, proyects, etc. On my position, you need to have already complete high shool and have a taste for a career, ths last one, because is very difficult. My nest goals are pass all my school subjects, lear english and start learning German. My experience in Platzi has been very good, I麓ve working for a year now, I love it.
Hello, mi name is Christopher I鈥檓 a python software developer, and another technologies, I鈥檓 38 years old, happily married with two children, I work on a Spain company giving support to USA customers My job needs skills like a good understanding of business process, programming in odoo framework, a good level of English, a lot of patience to hear and understand problems of final user In few months I should prepare my next year presentation, I have possibility to expose in a international event, is very important to me learn English to make a great presentations I have much experience in development, but always is better know about new technologies, and is a great place to get some updates in the market, I think Platzi make a great effort to help young people to enter in technology world, please keep doing it despite critics or misleading about your mission, thank you so much for everything, Never stop learning!
Hey!! I'm Cristian Camilo Bulla. As an App Power Platform developer I have to work with different programming languages and integrate them to make a large variety of applications for my clients. For the next few months, I am going to work on creating an app to register process indicators. After that, I'm gonna take the data to make a dashboard with the most valuable insights. Studying in Platzi has been nice, but at the same time, it's been challenging, because learning online is difficult and requires a lot of resilience and you need to be very strict yourself.

1.- Who are you and what are your responsibilities?
My name is Evelyn. I am a manager at a fast food restaurant. I have many responsibilities, such as cooking, serving customers and keeping accounts.
2. What skills are necessary for your position?
The skills I have are speed in delivering orders, mental agility and good treatment of people.
**3. **What are your goals for the next few months?
My goal is to change jobs, since my dream is to become a freelancer and work in digital marketing, as well as learn English for my new career.
4. How would you describe your experience studying in Platzi?
I really liked this experience of studying at Platzi, the courses are complete and there are many that will surely help me with my new career

hi Everyone, I am Antonia i work in a Financial company as a human resources director, my main responsibility ir ensure the company complains the labor law, guarantee the hires cover all positions, create strategies to attract and engage human talent. and create procedures and policies to manage all HR functions. Hr director must be a person with great communication skills, a people person, and a good administrator to plan, organize, direct, perform and control processes. as the HR Director must be the creative and recursive person to come up with new ideas and strategies to improve labor environment. My goals for the next few months are to develop a new website to employees can automanage their request referents to payroll and labor relations. and on the other hand establish new alliances with external companies to recruit more people and better profiles. I am a new English Student in Platzy, I have tried all the courses in Colombia. I think these kinds of courses are good for teaching grammar and vocabulary, but the most important is speaking, if you don't speak never English will be your second language. I would like Platzy to have spaces where students can interact with teachers, receive feedback about pronunciation, etc. Thanks.

Hello, I麓m Emmanuel Vergara, I麓m a co-director of XOLO restaurant, at this position I have the responsabilitie to manage, guide and lead all the workers in the way to develope their best version for XOLO.Also I麓m the main person responsible for the sales in XOLO.
The skills necessary was going to a variety of soft skills to a numerous hard skills, Like give feedbak, control de inventory, make de purchase, search a good supplier, hire and fire workers, training new workers.
For the next months we have the clear objetive to overcome $ 150,000.00 pesos in sales by month, and at the same time we open the caffeteria concept inside XOLO.

In the begining it was a little boring because I don麓t have a real time feedback, and I feel the necesity of that, but during the time I麓m found in the necesity to develope a strong skills to built my own knowledges and at the same time play the rol of student and teacher with the guide of virtual class in PLATZI.

Hi everyone, I am Antonia i am a Business Administrator, i work in a Financial company as an HR manager, and my main responsibility is to ensure the company complies with its legal duties to employees. Guarantee the hires to cover all positions in the company and create and supervise procedures and policies references with managing the human talent. I have to be a good administrator to plan, organize, perform, and control all programs and projects. As well in this position is necessary to like to work with people, have excellent communication skills, resolutions of problems, and team working.
Hi, My name es Diego, I麓m a consultor in Marketing Digital and customer success. I make campaigns of marketing in facebook ads and review the customer experiences. For my position I need a good listening of customers to understand their real problemas, with this information I can create solutions. In few months I will work in technology company like a customer success team lead. My experience in this 5 years studying in platzi was amazing. I learn too much about marketing digital, business and english.
Hello! My name is Brenda. I'm an English teacher and a bilingual agent. I work for two different companies and my jobs responsibilities are completely different from each one. First of all, I work as a teacher for over a year in an incredible Academy. Even though it has been only one year, I have more than 12 years of teaching experience. I got my bachelor degree in 2012 and it's been great since that moment. On the other hand, my responsibilities in this job are the following: I need to follow a specific method to teach English and a lot of vocabularies every single week, also I take notes and correct them as much as I can. My second job which looks easy, however, it is not. I have experienced providing customer service for more than 5 years. One of my responsibility is to help customers with resolutions in any issue they can deal with. I love both of my jobs, nevertheless, I wish I could have just one to have much time to spend with my beautiful daughter. Moreover, my goals for the next few months are to practice the four English skills to pass the TOEFL test, pay all debts (LOL), and finally to plan my trip to Germany. About Platzi, it's been great these four days of practicing. Today I participated in a live class which was great, however, I wish I could express myself not just typing but also speaking to able to talk to anyone here (teachers) and practice all four skills throughout.

Hello, my name is Patricia and I am a freelance marketing analyst. Most of my clients are in Argentina, but I also have some international clients.

Some of my daily tasks are creating content such as blog posts, email marketing copy, social media copy, and business strategy.

I have a lot of responsibilities such as delivering my work on time, managing the budget and attending meetings with potential clients.

In terms of skills, if you want to do my job, you need to be creative, punctual, and organized.

My goal for the next few months is to get more foreign clients.

1. For now I am a student interesed in programming, UX/UI Design, and English Topics 2. Responsability, patience, curiosity, dicipline 3. do the toufel test an have a good score 4. usefull and interesing
Hi everybody, my name is Johanna Andrade. I'm finishing my career as Systems Engineer. I'm twenty five years old. Currently, I'm working in a branch of Banco Davivienda in Colombia as an Operating Analyst where I have to take look on the process that my area workn on and try to improve and automatizate them. This English course and the other help us a lot to improve our knowlege and our abilities of English, for our jobs and for our studies. 馃槑
Hi!, My name is Daniel, im a Student from de Gran colombia's university. I am studying the sixth semester of my economics degree. my responsabilities are basically put attention in classs and make the homeworks properly. the skills that you must have to be a good student i think that are know how to manage your time and how to be disciplined to learn fast In the few moths im gonna learn english and, make money working with my dad I think that Platzi is very usefull to learn basic things, but maybe there is not a lot of courses as i expected
hi, my name is Daniel, and i work as an android developer. my responsabilities include creating, inproving and maintaining mobile aplications using the Android operating system. the skills necessary for my position include having knowledge in developing applications using Android Studio, wich is the IDE used to create apps for android devices my goals for the next few months are to work for a big development company, learn English and improve my skills I enjoy studying at platzi because the content of all the courses is very interesting and enjoyable.
Unfortunately at this moment I don't have a job, but... I am a technology engineer, my responsibilities are to design websites, provide support to companies. My experience studying at Platzi has been great for me, because I love learning English.

Hello, everybody my name is Daniela I am 29 years old, I am a teacher to kids, and the Requirements to have the positions are have a patient, creativity, discipline, and the motivation to change the thought and perspective about the life.
My goals of few months are get a job, and do the master, and work with my boyfriend.

My experience in platzi have been very enrich, and I have learned a lot things about the language and I have understood that English is a tool I where every day it鈥檚 necessary training and implement to improve the life.

Thanks for this opportunity and impact the positive way my life.

Hi everybody! I麓m Pablo an argentinian living in Porto. As bikes mechanic my responsibilities are clean, check and make the service at all of bikes. So for this position I need to know basic bike mechanic, lubrication and a little bit of paint. In the next few months I麓m going to learn about AI and english but also I麓m going to move to a new home with my friend Facundo. "The Platzi experience" was the best one, because I changed my life with the online content. I really love studiying here.
Hello! I'm a Spanish teacher. The skills for my position is create and evaluate differents topics about literature and hispanic grammatic. My goals are improve communicative abilities in my students. Also I'm gonna to promote new generations. Finally, my experience have been grateful because I have practicing a lot of grammatic rules in english.

Who are you and what are your responsibilities?
Hello everyone, my name is Daniel Cifuentes and currently I鈥檓 working as a Mechanical Project Engineer. Some of my responsibilities are:
鈥 I鈥檓 the responsible of the mechanical designs needed for current projects and other technical documentation like drawings, manuals, reports, and brochures.
鈥 Also, I鈥檓 in charge of the quotations for new upcoming projects.
What skills are necessary for your position?
Been a Mechanical Project Engineer here is not complicated, but you need to know how to design mechanical products like steel structures, machinery to convey bulk materials, and storage bins. Also, you need the knowledge to make structural calculations, power calculations and knowledge about steel formats for sheets, structural shapes, and mechanisms for power transmission.
What are your goals for the next few months?
I want a fresh air, so, I鈥檓 studying programming languages for my change career and seeking new job opportunities in programming field.
How would you describe your experience studying in Platzi?
Studying here is good, but it鈥檚 also challenging, because you need to stay focused when you鈥檙e here, and you need to be consistent, because Platzi it鈥檚 somehow a self-learning platform with tools that makes your learning process much easer than doing just with online documentation and watching videos in YouTube.