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Course Name: Curso de Ingl茅s Intermedio B1: Expresiones de Tiempo y Cantidad
English School Owner: Jhon Carvajal
Teacher: Mayra Triana
Course Direction: Andr茅s Blanco
Production OPS: Lizeth C谩ceres
Audiovisual Creator: Sergio Navas
Video Editor: Diana Capote
Audio Post Production: Santiago Guar铆n Su谩rez
Graphic Design: Amelia Am贸rtegui
Coordination: Andr茅s Arizmendy, Daniel Guti茅rrez, Carol Baquero, Carlos C茅spedes & Sura Cede帽o.
Revision: Brian Pajares, Jo茫o Guilherme Vieira J贸fili y Reinaldo Espinoza

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鈥淭hank you so much, this course is very good and has helped me improve my English skills.鈥

Los quices fallan, una vez se han respondido todas las preguntas vuelven a empezar.

Great course! I`ve learned a lot!

How I mentioned in some past class, all my english learning process has been empiric before Platzi. So, this course (specially the first module) has helped me with some tricky words and mistakes that I usually make.
It was a great course and thank you teacher, I鈥檝e learned a lot!

It was an amazing course, not to mention the teacher, who was also excellent.


Mayra is the better English teacher that I麓ve ever seem on platzi. We need more course made by her.

Great course and teacher!!!
I have learned a lot, especially about prepositions, tricky nouns, countable and uncountable and to practice the things that I have learned before, but didn鈥檛 remember, as well.
Also, I think that this course gave me some more confidence.

I鈥檓 going to continue practicing all this by reading, listening, and writing.

The most interestingt thing I learned from this course was the differences between 鈥榤any鈥, 鈥榤uch鈥 and 鈥榓 lot鈥

All this is useful for me to express myself at work when talking about time or about a person.

I am going to continue practicing all this by reading books and writting my own stories.

Thank you for this amazing course Mayra.

One of the most interesting things I鈥檝e learned in this course was Prepositions of time.
All of this is useful for speaking fluently.
I鈥檓 going to continue practicing all this by reading and listening to different topics in English every day.

Thank you, Mayra.

Thanks for the Course Teacher Mayra!

Thank you Mayra you are an excellent teacher!

I learned so much in this course, the teacher is amazing

It was a great course, thank you Mayra for this amazing course.

It was a great course, well organized and a lot of practice.
Thank you teacher Mayra !!

Amazing course, thank you so much Mayra and Platzi team

  1. I鈥檝e learnt tat the present perfect is easier than I belived before. I`ve just wanted prectice and learn more about English.
  2. All this knowledge is useful to practice and correct my grammar mistakes, learning every day to enhance myself.
  3. I`m going to continue practicing all this by speaking and reading new books.

Yeaaaah!! Finally鈥 I鈥檝e learning so much in this course. I鈥檓 going to practice everything, thank you so much profe Mayra.

She鈥檚 a great English pronunciation, and that allowed me to improve both my English listening and speaking skills. 馃槑

This is a really powerful course. I鈥檝e been delayed more than I thought but I鈥檓 glad for all the practices and classes. Thank a ton Mayra.

Great course!

good course

thank you very much for this course I have advanced a lot and with pride I am moving forward and fulfilling my dream of being a polyglot.

Thank you teacher Mayra!!!

Your class was very good!!

what a great course, thank you so much. i麓ve learnead a lot of new things

One of the most intersenting things i鈥檝e learned in this course was the use of the present perfect. I remember when i was in the school and this topic was a head-breaker for me.

All of this is useful for me because i want to talk to native americans and sure i will use it many times.

I鈥檓 going ro continue practicing all this by set specific days to study and don鈥檛 leave it like simple knowledge.

Great course! Thank you!

thanks to this course i have learned lots of important thing about the language and correct some mistakes that i was making , thanks a ton

It was a great course, thank you!

Thanks a ton! I learned a lot.

Great course, thank you so much Mayra! 馃檶馃徑 馃檶馃徑

What an amazing course, thank you

Una excelente profesora explica super bien, es muy did谩ctica en el curso.

Thank you very much Mayra! Great course!

Hi Mayra and friends, let me tell you that one of the most interesting things I鈥檝e learned in this course was the alerts like " We don鈥檛 use nobody, no one or nothing in negative clauses " all those tricky words/expressions. All the content is this course is useful for expressing ourselves in a working environment and also to express sur goals and the this we have to do to achieve them. I鈥檓 gonna continue practicing all this by writing my professional experience and to describe my last job with other people.

Really nice cousre!! I liked it all!!
The most interesting thing for me was the uses for with and by, I learned a lot, and it's useful for my live and my goals now and in the future, I'm going to continue practicin all this by platzi and autonomous learning.
One of the most interesting things i`ve learned was SINCE and FOR All of htis is useful if one day I travel to Englabnd, Australia or the US I`m going to continue practicing all this by myself
jajajaja, it`s very good this Spider meme,
thak you so much Mayra! you are a very good teacher, i have learn many things easily!

It麓s Has been a great course, I hope continue improving my English, never was important for me, but today I need to learning it very well, because I dream managing an important company in USA , and to aplicate all knowlegde learned in the University.

good course, i think the most important topic is Present perfect, I'll try to use more often now
i like the woorksheets and the listenings comprehension
1. In this course I have learned about expresions of time and cuantity, Some thing I have already hear, but this course help me to review this, and, also, to learn more things. Also I learned to write so much than in the past. 2. All of this course is useful for the basics conversations that I will have. 3. I am going to continue practicing by Platzi and Coursera.
1. One of the most interesting things I've practiced in this course was the indefinite pronouns. I think it is important to understand the differences. 2. All of this is useful for my English classes and my international exam. 3. I'm going to continue practicing all this by listening English grammar.

I love this course. Mayra explains incredible and it鈥檚 easy to understand when she is talking.


Great course! 5/5

Thanks for the course! I really enjoyed it a lot with a very nice teacher 馃槂

Thank you very much. I have learned several new things.

Thank you teacher Mayra!

Thank you, this course is well explained.
The platform is so slowly! I'm tired to try see the videos, but it's impossible to take a good study rhythm with this limitation.
thank you

nouns and pronouns, indefinite pronouns, reflexive, countable and uncountable pronouns and even the difficult countable and uncountable nouns.

descriptions and we learned new adjectives to describe people, places, things and our jobs.
time, experiences correctly use the present perfect simple

  1. One of the most interesting things I鈥檝e learned in this course was the expressions of time and, of course, the present perfect.
  2. All of this is useful for my future and projects.
  3. I鈥檓 going to continue practicing all this by reading comprehensible books and articles.

Thanks very much, This course was interesting.

the Lesson about Describe as good as the lesson about prepositions of time.

This course is very useful for describe ourselves and we talk about ours jobs and hobbies

I am going to continue practicing all this by platzi and youtube.

At last!

The most interesting thing I have learned has been the grammatical structures, especially the comparative forms. As a suggestion, I would like to have in Platzi a space to practice speaking.
I want to use all this knowledge in my daily life and in my work. Then I plan to continue to the next level.

It was a nice coruse but I have problems several times with quitz and now with the exam. The page doesn鈥檛 work well.

I have learned a lot with your classes. There are many things I already knew, but some tricks I didn't knew.