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Adverbial Phrases


Las oraciones en el idioma ingl茅s pueden ser enriquecidas haciendo uso de las frases adverbiales para agregar informaci贸n de lo que quieres expresar.

驴Qu茅 son las frases adverbiales?

Las frases adverbiales son un conjunto de dos o m谩s palabras que funcionan como un adverbio. Por su parte, recordar谩s que los adverbios son elementos gramaticales para modificar verbos, adjetivos, otros adverbios u oraciones enteras. Veamos algunos primeros ejemplos:

  • The sculptor did exceptionally well on his art exhibition.
  • She didn't want to be too anxious for the meeting, so she drank coffee earlier in the morning.

Tenemos que diferenciar entre tres tipos de frases adverbiales diferentes:

Frases adverbiales de grado

Las frases adverbiales de grado indican la intensidad de una acci贸n. Puedes utilizar palabras como:

  • Highly
  • Very
  • Barely
  • Quickly
  • Pretty
  • Almost
  • Perfectly

Un ejemplo de este tipo de frase adverbial podr铆a ser: She hand-drew the Christmas tree very meticulously**.

Frases adverbiales modificadoras

Las frases adverbiales modificadoras dan informaci贸n extra en una oraci贸n. El significado de dicha oraci贸n podr谩 estar completo y comprenderse completamente sin necesidad de este agregado.

Veamos un ejemplo de este tipo de frase adverbial: Now we just have to make sure we finish our proposal before the meeting. La oraci贸n podr铆a ser simplemente Now we just have to make sure we finish our proposal y su significado estar铆a correcto.

Frases adverbiales complementarias

Las frases adverbiales complementarias, a diferencia de las modificadoras, agregan informaci贸n necesaria para completar una oraci贸n. La misma no tendr铆a el mismo significado sin este agregado.

Tomemos un ejemplo visto en el roleplay Let's Work Together With Commands de la clase pasada: We'll be presenting our ideas separately from the other departments, right?

En este caso, la oraci贸n no se comprender铆a sin la frase adverbial.


Las frases adverbiales agregan vocabulario a tus oraciones para llevarlas a otro nivel. Ya sea indicando intensidad, agregando informaci贸n o modificando por completo el significado. Utiliza este recurso para complementar tus oraciones y profundizar tu nivel de ingl茅s.

Contribuci贸n creada por: Kevin Fiorentino (Platzi Contributor).

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My own examples

  • At the bike competition, I almost won the first place.
  • Now I鈥檓 practicing to take an international exam at Fulbright commission. Besides this, I have to finish my listening practice before Saturday.
  • I am learning writing simultaneously with speaking during this amazing course.
  • I ought to finish the consultancy final report alongside my coworker Lisseth.
  • As compensation for the car accident, he gave us $10 000


  • How am I supposed to learn JavaScript?
    I barely have time to learn Python!

  • My family is coming to visit me in three days.

  • Independently of the results of your entrance exam for this institution, you have to stay ambitious and keep applying to different programs.

My examples for the practice:

  • Yesterday, when I was swimming, I almost hit my distance record, which is 2.4 km.
  • I practice swimming and I, before Saturday, need to have gone 3 times in the week.
  • I study English simultaneously with the Data Analyst Route from Platzi
  • During the university, I worked as a bartender and, alongside my coworker, learned how to prepare mojitos.
  • The LED lights I bought arrived broken, and Amazon gave me others as compensation for.
almost forgot to practice English this week. I need to finish one more course before Saturday.
I almost always practice my english using Platzi. We have to deploy the project before saturday. The english test is going to be taken simultaneously with the math test Alongside my coworker I'm going to develop the fix. The bond was transferred as compensation for the extra work

I almost avoid this course to run into another one.
Before Saturday, I need to solve time-sensitive bugs on the code.
I鈥檓 learnign Javascript simultaneously with some people from the community.
I have been working hard alongside my coworker, so as to close all setbacks thinking in the long run.
They were well-paid as compensation for increasing wothwhile investments.

\- Currently my phone doesn't have a good camera, that's why I almost bought a new phone \- I have to buy a pizza before Saturday. \- We climb the mateo snowy simultaneously with my friends \- i completed the project alongside my coworker \- My mom bought me a coffee as compensation for my good grades.
* I **almost** understood the whole English class. * I have to finish this English course **before saturday.** * On these vacations. I'm studying English **simltaneously with** my brother. * During the year, I learned C++ **alongside my coworker.** * My neighbor apologized **as compensation for** the noise from the party last night.
  • We almost complete the homework
  • I need to complete my homework before saturday
  • I have to do my exam simultaneously with my classmate
  • I have to present slides for the meeting alongside my coworker
  • My mom give me a ice cream as compensation for complete my homework
I barely have time to learn python. My family is coming to visit me in three days Indenpendently of the results of your entrance......................... I almost every saturday take a nap after the lunch . before saturday I clean my house and on weekend i have free time. In the morning simultaneausly with my jobs I take breakfast on my desk. Alongside my coworker I learned about marketing digital
* OMG, that car almost ran over me. * I need to eat everything in the fridge before Saturday, otherwise, it's going to rot * Tomorrow, I will have to attend the meeting simultaneously with my other activities so I can finish the project on time. * I really enjoyed working alongside my coworker, sadly, he is leaving the company by the end of this month. * Temu gave me a $5 USD coupon as compensation for the delay in the delivery of my last purchase

Alongside my coworker, I am working on a challenging project that requires strong teamwork.

Almost: She almost missed her flight due to heavy traffic.

Before Saturday: We need to finish the project before Saturday to meet the deadline.

Simultaneously with: The two teams worked simultaneously with great coordination.

Alongside my coworker: I worked alongside my coworker to complete the report efficiently.

As compensation for: They offered a bonus as compensation for the extra hours we worked last week.

* I ++barely++ have time to learn Python! * My familiy is coming to visit me in three days. * Independently of the results of yourentrance exam for this institution, you have to stay ambitious and keep applying to different programs.

I almost forgot to do this homework.
I鈥檓 sure I鈥檒l have this thing done before Saturday.
Simultaneously with the music I鈥檓 listenting right now, I鈥檓 writing down these words.
Alongside my coworker, I鈥檓 cheating using ChatGPT.
As compensation for my effort, I lied on the previous sentence.

I almost get a tech job. I have to finish this project before Saturday. simultaneously with my current job, I'm still seeking for a job. I need to work alongside my coworker. I have a salary as compensation for my job. I'll appreciate any feedback.
  • I麓m sad because I almost aprove the test
  • I have to complet all the units of the english course before saturday
  • Simultaneously with the work, I study english at Platzi
  • Alongside my coworker, we did a great presentaci贸n
  • As compensation for your services, we give you this weekend off

I almost finish my job here
I will complete the course before Saturday
I can not complete my work simultaneously with having pending task in the other project.
alongside my coworker we made a great job
I have 10 bucks as compensation for the tour

Here are my examples

  • I sang pretty well, but I got some cracks in my voice, so it was almost beautifully.
  • My boss wants me to complete the project before Saturday. This is why I won鈥檛 be able to help you tonight
  • I鈥檓 learning English simultaneously with Web Development
  • As compensation for my fault, I鈥檒l cook for the rest of the week

I almost aprovee the exam for the institute.
Before Saturday i won麓t have much money.
Simultaneously with English Class I麓m learning python.
Alongside my cowoker is also learning in Platzi.
They give 3k as a compensation for the damages.

  1. I鈥檓 almost done cleaning the bathroom
  2. I hope to fix my bicycle before Saturday to be ready for the race
  3. I鈥檓 simultaneously studying English and data science
  4. At the headquarters, I try to work alongside my coworker
  5. I received a dog and 3 million as compensation for reaching the targets faster than anyone
  • Almost can鈥檛 finish my gym routine this morning.

  • I want to go to the cinema before saturday.

  • I wait for the appointment with the dentist simultaneously with listen a podcast.

  • Alongside my coworker we did a great job this month.

  • As compensation for my great job I have a pay rise.

I almost fell on a garbage can yesterday.
We need to come up with a solution** before Saturday**.
Argentina鈥檚 match will start simultaneously with Colombia鈥檚.
I did especially well at work alongside my coworker.
They paid for his bills, as compensation for the accident caused.

I almost missed the flight this morning. There was a lot of traffic at Americas Avenue.
Edward, please make sure these reports are ready before Saturday.
I suggest we can advance in the suits simultaneously with the Transmissi贸n-line design.
There鈥檚 a lot of work we have done alongside my coworker over the last two years.
As compensation for its non-fulfillment of our requirements, this supplier ought to help us with another topography for free.

  • I b- arely have time to learn Python
  • My family is coming to visit me in three days

At a hackathon, I almost won the first place.

I鈥檒l be going to the gym before saturday.

I was doing my homework somultaneously with my friend.

I should finishe the report alongside my coworker.

As compensation for participating, they gave me a cool mousepad.


  • I almost fell in love with you.
  • I need to buy the groceries before saturday.
  • I was watching my kdrama simultaneously with Naruto.
  • Alongside my coworker I did a great presentation.
  • As a compensation for losing your purse I麓ll buy you some candies.
I study in platzi so as study simultaniously with my cello

Let鈥檚 practice!
1.- She eats almost everything.
2.- I have to send my homework before Saturday
3.- I鈥檓 working simultaneously with copywriting and social media.
4.- Alongside my coworker, I tackled the challenging project and successfully met the tight deadline.
5.- She got a promotion as compensation for her hard work.

I almost have time for studying on Platzi.

Before Saturday I worked a lot.

Simultaneously with my coworker we鈥檝e had a lot of experience.

Alongside my coworker we help on our projects.

As compensation for studying hard I got a certificate

I almost forgot my car keys at the gym.
I have to finish the project before Saturday.
The computer can open multiple windows simultaneously with the processor running.
I created a computer program alongside with my co-worker.
They gave me a hundred dollars as compensation for the trouble.

My examples:
I almost win the lottery yesterday
I have to do my homework before Saturday because I have a party!
My friend jumped simultaneously with me
We did a great presentation alongside my coworker
My boss gave me a day-off as compensation for my hard work on saturday

Hello Cole! these are my own examples.

  • I almost didn鈥檛 get the job. However, they liked the way I answered the questions.
    -We have to summit the essay before saturday. If we don鈥檛, we won鈥檛 pass the subject.
  • I am taking english classes simultaneously with my part-time job.
  • Alongside my coworker, we are preparing a new proposal for the company鈥檚 marketing plan.
  • I got 300 dollars as compensation for taking care of her pets while she was traveling.

I almost forgot to answer the mail.
Before Saturday, I鈥檓 going to prepare the shopping list.
I arrived at the house simultaneously with my boyfriend.
I enjoy drinking coffee alongside my coworker.
As compensation for my effort, my boss gave me the day off.

Hi, there are my own sentences:

  • I almost always listen to music whille I麓m on the public transport
  • Before Saturday I have to finish all my projects so I will be able to enjoy my weekend
  • Simultaneously with my dad鈥檚 call, my rice was burned
  • Alongside my coworker I took the responsability of buying candies for all of us
  • As compensation for the burned rice I took my dad to his favorite restaurant

My own examples:
I鈥檓 taking classes on Open English simultaneously with classes at the university.
A few weeks ago, I almost won the lottery. I only needed one more number on the ticket.
I will be dancing alongside my coworkers at my work for the Independence Day
I received a lot of money as compensation for my arbitrary dismissal.
I will go to the party before Saturday.

I was so tired that I almost fell asleep standing on the bus.
I expect to finish this module before saturday.
I cooked the potatoes simulstaneously with the beef.
I am going to finish this proyect alongside with my coworker Luis
The company will provide a day off as a compensation for working on saturday.

I consider that I am almost to finish this lesson.
I would like to end this course before Saturday.
I am taking another course simultaneously with this amazing course.
I am practicing my English speaking alongside my coworker.
As compensation for all your sacrifices you鈥檒l get a reward.

I Almost forgot that i had to complete this task.
There are a lot of situations that will came _Before saturday _so, i need to plan my responses to those and be ready for the saturday dinner, wish me luck.
Simultaneously with my career i need to work instead of having fun, so i could pay the tuition fee.
WE have decided Alongside my coworker to create a new project to benefict the company.
As compensation for all the hard work we ordered pizza, enjoy it!

  • I had to run to the book store that almost closed

  • It鈥檚 the last days at school so we have to doing a lot of homework before Saturday

  • I am learnnig nextJS simultaneously with the AWS developer associate

  • I am developing a web app alongside my coworker cesar

  • amazon gives me $100 dollar as compensation for a delay of a shippong.

new vocabulary: scarcely: apenas

I almost never see her.
I need to rent a car before Saturday.
I am working simultaneously with learning.

  • Today at work, I almost broke my favorite mug.

  • I want to go to repair my motorcycle before Saturday.

  • I was watching the soccer match simultaneously with my work tutorial.

  • In my daily routine, I almost don鈥檛 drink water. I鈥檓 going to start it

  • I finished to work, barely I have the enough time to lunch before the meeting.

  • I鈥檓 going to improve my English skills alongside the platzi community


  1. **Almost **no believe in yourself
  2. I cook **almost **everyday
  3. I am going to tidy my room before saturday
  4. I do want to see my mam before saturday
  5. I will call you before Satruday wont get much out of doing your homework if you are watch tb simultaneously
  6. I was working very har alonside my coworker so as to finish the presentation.
  7. I recieved more earnings as a compesation for work very hard.

Almost every day I wake up at the same hour simultaneously with my boyfriend.

I barely have time to learn Python
My family is coming to visit me in three days
Independently of the results of your entrance exam for this institution, you have to stay ambitious and keep applying to different programs.

I began to study Portuguese almost one year ago
We need to meet before Saturday
I am studying simultaneously two languages
I am working in the office alongside my coworker
I gave him two days free as compensation for his commitment to us during the pandemic

  • I almost finish my work today.
  • Before Saturday, I have to finish my work.
  • I am working simultaneously in two jobs.
  • We resolved the problems working alongside my coworker.
  • For resolved that issue, my coworker and I received extra money as compensation for.
  • I will go to the grocery store before Saturday because I have to prepare breakfast for my nephews.
  • As compensation for your proactivity and commitment, you will get a promotion.
  • I almost forgot to turn off the lights when I went out of the conference room.

Hi mate, this are my examples:

  • When I woke up in the morning to go a work I almost forgot to clean my teeth , because I was in a hurry!

  • We have make sure we finish the FTTH proyect before saturday if we don鈥檛 are fired.

  • As I listen to you, I try to repeat each and every example you鈥檝e said out loud simultaneously with the ones I learn.

  • I currently work in a telecommunications company with my coworker in an amezing project.

  • Due the fact that I didn鈥檛 call my girlfriend yesterday I bought her a present as compensation for my bad.

In my trip to Japan, I Almost lose the fly.
I neef to upload my results before saturday.
Your should take english clases simultaneusly with your wife.
A few das ago, I went to a job fair and collect a lot of resumes alongside my coworker.
Then as conpensation for our effort, the department give us a raise.

  • My mother almost fell because she is very tired.

  • I need to submit my homework before saturday.

  • Simultaneously with my leg training. I mustn鈥檛 stop running.

  • The report will be delivered alongside my coworker.

  • As compensation for your job. I鈥檒l give you a raise.

Hi cole, i hope you are doing great, ok, these are my examples:
*I almost caught the ball the first time
*We need to be in New York before saturday
*I鈥檓 learning english simultaneously with russian
*Next month, i鈥檓 going to be working on a new network design alongside my coworker Peter
*They helpped Mar铆a with her duties as compansation for not attending yesterdays鈥檚 meeting.
Tell me what you think of those, thank you and keep going because you鈥檙e doing an incredible job

鈥淚magine that!鈥 Hahaha

  • I don麓t know how arrive early to the meeting today if the traffic jam almost doesn麓t let me move forward.

  • i have to finish my project before saturday.

  • I should work alongside my coworker to make him learn faster.

  • I will give a preset to my son as compensation for his good academic results.

-The Other night i was playing league of legends with my friends and in the last minutes of the game i almost do a pentakill
-My parents should have ready the presentation before the Saturday
-its amazing how everything in this universe is chaos but sometimes its a perfectly order and that both things are working simultaneously with the nature of the universe

  • The other day i was talking alongside my coworker planning the way to make our dreams come true
  • Our boss gave us two free days as compensation for the hard day鈥檚 work in the industry

-Yesterday I was so busy during the day that I almost forgot to send my homework to my teacher
-I鈥檓 supposed to done this landing page before Saturday
-In my personal opinion I like to work in teams, because that means you can end the project faster, since every body is working simultaneously with others
-I鈥檓 working all day and all night alongside my coworker
-Yesterday the school gave to all the students hotdogs as compensations for the problems with the administration department

  • I almost reach my goal at studying but I failed the exam
  • We have to finish the final project before saturday or we wont be able to enroll in the next course
  • I麓m taking English classes at Platzy simultaneously with my vacation trip
  • I麓m designing a building alongside my coworker
  • We were encouraged to take the day off as a compensation for yesterday麓s hard work
  • I almost missed my doctor鈥檚 appointment yesterday, because the traffic was very bad.
  • I have to pick up the dress before Saturday because the tailor is traveling on Monday
  • I am studying English Simultaneously with Assertive communication.
  • Alongside my coworker, we are taking the digital transformation project forward
  • As compensation for the days worked until 10 o鈥檆lock, you can rest next week.
  • The dinner is almost ready
  • I need to finish the job before saturday
  • This event It鈥檚 been transmited simultaneously with the national network
  • Alongside my coworker, we made a great discovery
  • All the passengers, as compensation for the delay, will have a ticket discount for their next fligth.
  • Before of the Saturday party, I need to study for the math test.

  • The weather almost becomes a heavy for the day

  • I have a date with my my husband almost every two days.
  • The results for the exams will be available before Saturday,
  • Today I changed desks and worked alongside my coworker
  • Yesterday I got a free hour paid as compensation for my hard work.

I have a question please. In the example of 鈥渃omplement adverbial phrase鈥 Coleyboi boi boi on the Beats said that the structure of this adverbial phrase takes prepositional phrase complements, what is that? and where do we see that on the example sentence? Tks


  • I almost have no time to learn python
  • I have to create a new choreography before Saturday.
  • I鈥檓 learning English simultaneously with digital marketing
  • I鈥檓 trying to make a plan alongside my coworker
  • I received a prize as compensation for my job

Adverbial heads

  • I麓m thinking about the future of my life almost all the time
  • I have to work a lot before Saturday
  • I practice sports simultaneously with my girlfriend
  • I have to be almost all the day alongside my coworker
  • I should work harder as compensation for vacations days
  • I almost accomplish my mission when I was playing videogames.
  • I need to pay my credit card before Saturday.
  • I was giving a videocoference in my University simultaneously with another University in Colombia.
  • The ticket for her was alongside my coworker.
  • He has to work extra hours as compensation for being late.
  • I almost break the mom麓s jar
  • I need to buy new sneakers before Saturday
  • The parade will be performed simultaneously with the marathon
  • The printer is alongside my coworker
  • She must pay the bill as compensation for being late
  • I barely have time time to learn python!
  • My family is coming to visit me in three days.
  • Independently of the results of your entrance exam for this institution, you have to stay ambitious and keep applying to different programs.
  • I was almost to finish the exam when she catch me using my cellphone.
  • Before Saturday I need to finish the project, the deadline is coming.
  • I love to work alongside my coworker.

I ride my bike almost three miles every day
I have to do all my job before Saturday.
I am working on two different reports simultaneously with my colleague
I am working on this project alongside my coworker, who has been a great help
I receive a salary increase as compensation for my hard work.

Independently of the results for your entrance exam for this institution, you have to stay ambicious and keep aplying to different programs.

My family is coming to visit me in three days

I barely have time to learn Python

ADVERBIAL PHRASE (AF) are two or more words combined that serve to modify verbs, adjectives, other adverbs and sentences, as adverbs.
We give extra information about the situation through an AF.
There are three types AF (in conjunction with other words to create an adverbial phrase) :

  • Degree AF: intensity (highly, very, barely, quickly, pretty, slight, scarcely, almost, perfectly, etc)

  • Modifier AF: additional information not fundamental.

  • Complement AF: prepositional phrases add necessary information.

She was almost perfect in the job interview to work in technology. Almost surely she will get that vacancy.
We should buy the present for Ana before Saturday. That day is her birthday and I won鈥檛 be able to take care of that.
George crossed the final line simultaneously with John. Still nobody knows who won from them.
I presented the project alongside my coworker.
She won鈥檛 come to work on Monday as compensation for the extra hours worked this week.

I am almost there.
Before Saturday I鈥檓 goingo to talk with Jorge.
I will be getting ahead of my goals simultaneosly with working at the Gym.
I am studying alongside my coworker is working.
I will keep trainning as compensation for my sacrificies.

I almost finished studying for the exam I have.
I鈥檓 going to the barber before saturday.
I鈥檓 training in the gym simultaneously with playing tennis in the evenings.
I use to serve beers Alongside my coworker.
I should try harder at job as compensation for the pay I鈥檓 receiving.

Hi Cole and everyone!

  • I understand every word you said almost perfectly
  • I need to have clear all the topic before saturday, because they鈥檒l ask me about it
  • I鈥檓 currently reading 鈥淥ne hundred years of solitude鈥 simultaneously with 鈥淪alem鈥檚 Lot鈥
  • I was in that congress alongside my coworker
  • I was working on sunday as compensation for the day I requested last month

Thanks in advance for your comments and feedback 馃槂

I almost lost the plain, but i could be on time.

I have to finish my homework before saturday so i can have free time on sunday.

He finished the race simultaneously with the other competitor.

My boss give me this task alongside with my coworker.

As a compensation for the damage they did to my car, they give me ten thousand dollars.

1- I was on 2nd place in the race, I almost win.
2- I hope my package be deliver before saturday.
3- Simultaneouly with learning english, I鈥檓 taking Python classes.
4- I鈥檓 creating my first web app alongside my coworker.
5- My boss gimme a salary raise as compensation for my hard work.

Don鈥檛 give up! You鈥檙e almost there.
Before Saturday I need to clean up my room
Simultaneously with the UX course, I鈥檓 taking a Javascript course trying to complete one project for my portfolio
They鈥檝e聽almost no聽confidence that they can use the new computer properly
To sit alongside the river is dangerous
Alongside by coworker went to eat at that new restaurant
As compensation for testing in record time we got out early of the job

-I almost every day take out time to give me my feedback on all that I have done during the day.
-I have to finish this essay before Saturday because the teacher put a deadline on that day.
-I was watching the soccer game on the tv and simultaneously with my brother I was talking on the cell phone.
-I am in the top of the best salesmen in my company alongside my coworker.
-I remember that my mom gave me a cell phone in December as compensation for having won my scholar year.