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Gerunds with "Need"


Si llevas alg煤n tiempo estudiando ingl茅s, conocer谩s la importancia de los gerundios y las diferentes maneras de utilizar estos. Quiz谩s no conoc铆as c贸mo expresar necesidad con los gerundios.

Expresando necesidad con los gerundios

Recordemos brevemente qu茅 es un gerundio. Estas son palabras que funcionan como sustantivo; pero derivan de un verbo terminado con -ing. Veamos sencillos ejemplos de c贸mo utilizarlos:

  • Drinking tea always puts me in a good mood.
  • Studying English is important for your career.
  • Collaborating with different people is an essential part of our job.

Los gerundios pueden ser combinados con la palabra "need" para expresar que algo necesita ser mejorado de alguna manera. La oraci贸n se centra en la acci贸n y se transforma en voz pasiva.

Veamos algunos ejemplos: - The project needs funding before we can get started. - The proposal is good, but the slides definitely need editing. (Ejemplo del roleplay visto anteriormente) - This code is not working, it needs debugging. - Your essay sounds unnatural, it needs some revising. - Darcy and Meredith's friendship is really toxic, it probably needs some reflecting.

En algunas situaciones y contextos, puede sonar poco natural utilizar esta gram谩tica. Si decimos "These clothes need cleaning", suena algo extra帽o. En esta ocasi贸n, si quedar铆a mejor decir "These clothes need to be cleaned." La pr谩ctica te llevar谩 a darte cuenta cu谩ndo utilizar una estructura y otra.

Practica esta gram谩tica y continua expandiendo tu vocabulario en ingl茅s.

Contribuci贸n creada por: Kevin Fiorentino (Platzi Contributor).

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1- The mayor isn鈥檛 doing the better job, he needs planning his strategies.
2- The house looks so basi, it needs decorating.
3- The app is very slow, it needs some updating.
4- You鈥檙e very stressfull, you need some purifying.
5- The car is unbalanced, it needs some adjusting.

My own examples

  • Before we start a coffee shop in the town, we must make a business model and it needs some planning for days.
  • I don鈥檛 really like this carpet, it needs redecorating.
  • I have this phone since the high school and I鈥檝e not changed until. it just needs some updating regularly.
  • In the Amazon Region of Ecuador, there is not enough potable water, thus most of the people needs purifying water before they can drink. Normally, they boil the water.
  • Once I bought my new laptop I realize that it needs adjusting.


  1. It needs debugging.
  2. It needs some revising.
  3. it probably needs some reflecting on.
Now, create your own examples using: * plan * The project won鈥檛 be finished on this schedule, it **needs some planning** * decorate * The house is not ready yet, it **needs some decorating.** * update * The phone doesn鈥檛 have latest software version, it **needs** some **updating** * purify * This water is not completely clean, it **needs** some **purifying**聽 * adjust These engine is not working properly, it **needs** some **adjusting**

The house looks so boring, it needs decorating

* i really wanna go out with my friends on this weekend, but the date needs more planning * teacher told me my code wasn't bad, it just needs some updating * their new room looks awful, it needs decorating
The party needs planning. This house needs decorating. Your cv needs updating. The water needs purifing.
If you want to profit your weeks you need some planning. Definitely my room needs some decorating. My computer is very slow , it needs a good updating. i need purifying, i麓m feeling myself heavy. My bike doesn麓t brake anymore, it nedds some adjusting.
* My project strategy is a complex task, it needs planning. * The entire house is the opposite of flawless, It needs decoration. * The outdoor features of the house are aging, it need some updating. * The city's air should be the duty of every citizen, it needs some purifying. * My routine is constantly changing, it need some adjusting.
The project we are working on needs more planning At first sight, you can tell the building needs some decorating The project library needs updating to be usable The water I was drinking needs purifying The feature I developed needs some adjusting before pushing the changes
\- This project is a disaster, it needs planning \- Your new home has many empty places, it needs decorating \- Updating your knowledge, you will have a lot of job opportunities \- This needs purification, it tastes bad.
  • I do a lot of things, I need planning my schedule
  • My house is awful, it needs decorating
  • He doesn鈥檛 know of the news technologies, he needs updating
  • The water is dirty, it needs purifying
  • Your schedule is awful, it needs some adjusting

Introducing a new product requires careful market analysis.

We currently reside in Bogota, but we need to create a new plan for moving to Buenos Aires, For this, we need to decorate a new home there and sell everything in our current house. We need to update our curriculum to better align with new job opportunities,It's great that we're making this change; we need to purify our minds and lives and And it's necessary to adjust ourselves for new projects and the growth that is required.
my day needs planning to can have more time. my room needs new decorating its a mess. the water needs purifying to can be drinked. My answers needs some adjusting, not sure if I'm ok.
* This code in not working, it needs to be debugged. ++needs debugging++ * Your essay sounds unnatural,++it needs revising++(some) * Darcy and Meredith's friendship is really toxic, it ++ probably needs (some) reflecting ++ *
  • This project is a mess. It needs planning.
  • The house was empty. I think it needs some decorating.
  • The app does not work. It probably needs updating.
  • The water smells bad. It seems like it needs purifying.
  • This oven does not heat. It needs some adjusting.
  • It seems that our project is not working anymore. We think it
    just needs more planning.

  • My living room is a mess, it needs decorating and cleaning.

  • Your phone needs updating before being used.

  • Do not drink this water, it needs purifying first.

  • The volume is louder than before, it needs adjusting.

  • The girl can鈥檛 pass the exam, she needs planning a better study strategy.

  • I don鈥檛 like the bedrrom style, it needs decorating.

  • The game don鈥檛 have the new items, it needs updating.

  • The river water don鈥檛 see clean, it needs purifying.

  • My bike look old and rusty, it needs adjusting.

  • I need planning my birthday party.
  • When I moved to my new house I already know It needs some decorating.
  • She needs updating for her new computer program.
    *We need purifying the house afther that exorcisim.
    *He was having the best notes in the group but he needs to adjust his schedule.
  • My next vacation will be amazing despite the brief time, however, it needs planning.
  • I鈥檓 not sure I feel comfortable enough at my new office, it needs decorating.
  • Juan鈥檚 computer is not working well anymore, it needs updating.
  • The air inside this room is very unpleasant, it needs purifying.
  • Ali cannot work with the lamp at that height, it needs adjusting.
  1. The project needs planning before tomorrow.
  2. This house needs some decorating, it doesn鈥檛 look great.
  3. These app needs updating before the end of the month.
  4. The water needs purifying, it looks dirty.
  5. The radio it鈥檚 too loud, it needs adjusting.

Let鈥檚 practice!

  • The deadline is near, and the project needs detailed planning to finish before the deadline ends.
  • The living room looks empty; it needs some decorating.
  • The app doesn鈥檛 work; it needs updating.
  • Water is unclean; it needs purifying.
  • The website doesn鈥檛 work; it needs some adjusting.

I need some adjusting in my agenda for the next weekend.

I plan studying for more time on Platzi.

I鈥檓 decorating some arranges of the essay.

Adjusting to the new technologies advances are hard.

Project schedule needs planning.
My mother鈥檚 house is too old, it needs decorating.
The web server is slow, it needs upgrading.
My heart is filled with pain, it needs purifying.
The Graphic design is unappropriated, it needs adjusting.

My answers:
The project has several problems, it needs more planning
The new office is bare, it needs decorating
The database needs updating before we develop the new app.
This room needs purifying before open the new coffee shop.
The proposal is not clear, it needs adjusting before the meeting.

We can麓t start a project without a plan, we need planning now

Your home looks terrible, you need decorating

The app is too slow, we need updating

The taste of the water is disgusting, we need purifying it

You鈥檝e been working a lot of time, you need adjusting your schedule

  • I didn麓t know that my car was going to be crashed and now I don麓t know what to do, I need a better planning
  • The party is today and I鈥檓 going to need some decorating
  • Do I really need updating my operating system?
  • In order to drink some water after the running we鈥檙e going to need some purifying because this bottle looks dirty
  • I麓m going to present my project next week but I麓m going to need some adjusting to clear up details

The goal was not accomplished, we need planning better steps to action.
the house looks grey and a little sad, we need some decorating right here.
the last update of the database was one month ago, we need updating it.
the last walking made by some tourist left some residuals in the reserve, we need to purifying the environment.
the painting does not fit with what we want it, the artist needs some adjusting of the painting

  • In order to make a successful project, it needs planning.

  • My mom doens鈥檛 like my house, she thinks it needs some decorating.

  • Oh, this course book is so old! It needs some updating.

  • This room needs purifying.

  • The schedule is just not fine. It needs some adjusting.

The Supervisor needs planning the schedule again.
The house looks boring, it needs some decorating.
My cellphone isn鈥檛 working, it needs updating.
The water looks dirty, it needs purifying.
My blouse is loose, it needs some adjusting.

"this table looks so empty. definitely needs some decorating" "next time when we will travel needs some planning that way we can visit more places "

My examples:

  • Most of my life needs planning.
  • When I take notes, I do it in a simple way, but some people have told me my notes need - decorating.
  • In the job, my boss told me they want to present the report, so I need updating the data.
  • Lately, air quality in Mexico needs purifying by increasing the eco energy.
  • My debit account had been reminding me I need adjusting my bills, I listened to it, and now I have more money.

The activities for the independence day isn鈥檛 easy to organize, it needs planning.
The tree crithsmas doesn麓t have any decoration, it needs decorating.
The system of my computer is obsolete, it needs some udpating.
My Boos looks like a grouch person, he heeds some purifying.
The bright of my new tv looks very dark, it needs some adjunsting.

That isn鈥檛 working it needs planning on the estructure of the job.
The BAKERY has our cake, they just need decorating the final floor.
The Essay needs updating the right topics.
I tried to understand how the filter works, it needs purifying all the water until let us drink it.
The project is so wrong, we need adjusting it now.!

-I want to improve my english skills, I need planning a Schedule.
-My work鈥檚 Desktop is so sad, It needs decorating.
-The git hub repositoy is empty, it needs updating.
-My lower soul is dense, its needs purifying.
-While I get better incomes I need adjusting my budget.

  • For the final, the strategy needs planning carefully
  • the cake is so good but it needs decorating
  • My phone is slow i think that needs updating
  • once time a year our body needs purifying
  • the new Budget is expensive, it needs adjusting

The vacation trip needs some planning.
The school needs decorating.
The computer is fantastic though the code definitely needs updating.
The water is natural, but it needs purifying.
Your place is extraordinary though the kitchen needs some adjusting.

. The travel needs planning before I get the airplane
. The project many unfunctional code , it needs some refactoring
. Some feature of this project is not working, it needs updating
. Your dreams need boosting before you give up

  • You can鈥檛 start a business like this. It needs some planning, strategy, and finance.

  • My studio is gross. It needs decorating urgently.

  • Wow, Photoshop has a new 鈥渁i鈥 right now. It needs updating soon.

It probably needs to be reflected on = It probably needs some reflecting.

This wedding surely needs lots of financial planning.
Sarah鈥檚 new apartment desperately needs decorating. The company鈥檚 software needs a little updating.
Our building tank water needs some purifying.
The insurance company needs lots of adjuting in its car accident policies.

  1. If you want to be successful your dreams needs planning
    2.This room looks outdated, it needs decorating
    3.Your resume is incomplete, it needs updating
    4.This place make me feel weird and looks hunted, it needs puriying.
  2. Those wireframes are unclear, it needs adjusting.
  1. the trip could not doing we sould need planing again
  2. We need decoring our living room and dining room with a flowers
  3. I need updating my knoledge
  4. you can麓t drink tap water you need purifying water before.
  5. Yuo need adjusting your schedule in order to we can meet up
  • This project needs more planning.
  • That room is awful, it needs some decorating.
  • That report needs updating.
  • The environment needs purifying.
  • This computer needs adjusting.

I love gerunds! I always use it as a noun.

The first time I wanted to travel overseas, I tried to find air flights, therefore I searched on some websites and I noticed there weren鈥檛 a good offer, it was only one flight, those airlines need some planning and availability.

My mom鈥檚 room hasn鈥檛 been opened in some years, it needs decorating.

Which is really important to mention is that my computer is really ancient, and It needs updating.

When I visited some places in Colombia, I realized in some little towns the water quality is not the best, which implies it needs purifying.

My agenda is full of meetings, tomorrow will be the prime minister, I need adjusting it.

We have to build a warehouse, but it needs some planning
They have a new house, and It needs some decorating.
The ERP software has some bugs, It needs some updating
There is too much smok in the office, It needs some purifing
My bike has a strange sound, it needs some adjusting.

Decorating the entrance is what still misses from the list.

My own examples:

-The day before yesterday we wanted organize the new advertising for our shop but we don鈥檛 really know how. that鈥檚 why we needs planning it better to doing right.

  • The Other night i invited my friends to my house because i bought a lot things to my room and i need their help, my room really needs be decorating.
    -a long time ago i created a web page, i created that page for a highschool homework, yesterday i found it and i notice how much my page needs be updating
    -constantly all the time we needs purifying water because the water its essencial to our life but everyone knew that,since a year ago i knew that the process to purify the water its so complicated and a longer but its interesting the lot of things that they do to purify the water.
  • my mom called me yesterday she wanted to show me her new tv, and when i was looking i notice that his new tv needs be adjusting.
My vacations are coming, they definitely need planning This bedroom is kind of boring, it needs some decorating Data is our more valuable asset, need to be updated In Mexico, you can not drink sink water, needs purified The music video is delayed, needs some adjusting
Car emissions are contaminating the air . It needs purifying before it affects our wellbeing.
  • My husband鈥檚 Birthday is the next week, we need planning the party.
  • Your room is almost empty, its needs decorating.
  • My closet is outdated, it needs updating.
  • The river water is dirty, it needs Purifying
  • The KPIs are wrong, they need some adjusting.
  • The idea to travel to Colombia needs some planing in order to do it.
  • In case that we buy a new house, it will need decorating.
  • The Weekly Design System needs updating in all the fields.
  • The water filter needs purifying better.
  • The presentation needs some adjusting before noon.
  • This term is almost done, the last presentation needs some planning
  • The architect did a great job, but this living room needs some decorating before we move in
  • The computer is running slower than ever, it needs updating afetr this working day
  • The water coming out of the faucet looks clean, but it needs purifing before we start drinking it.
  • That clock is out of order it needs some adjusting before we rely on it
  • The project of the company needs to be planning in this week with urgency.
  • My setup looks boring, needs to decorating a little bit.
  • The database needs to be updated before the next semester, to avoid any losses.
  • His company is wasting money on ads, its marketing team needs plannig a new strategy.
  • The corredor at the hotel looks so basi, it needs decorating.
  • My computer is not working well, It needs some updating.
  • My wife came to home so irritable, I told her she needs some purifying.
  • My bike has a tire out of adjustment, it needs some adjusting.
  • Maybe his life needs planning
  • My room doesn麓t look pretty, it needs decorating
  • My password is insecure, it needs updating
  • All water needs purify
  • Sometimes in the year a motorcycle needs adjusting
  • This code is not working, it needs debugging.
  • Your essay sounds unnatural, it needs some revising.
  • Darcy and Meredith鈥檚 friendship is really toxic, it probably needs reflecting.
  • Their strategy has not worked, it needs detailed planning.
  • His house looks awful, he needs decorating it better.

This song sounds terrible, it needs some adjusting.

  • It definetly needs planning.
  • The wedding needs decoratering .
  • The app needs updating.
  • The project needs some adjusting.
  • The room needs purifying.
  • It probably needs some reflecting
  • It probably needs reflecting on.

It needs some revising

  • It needs debugging.

The code needs debugging, becuase it is not working.

-Collaborating with different people is an essencial part of out job.

What are Gerund?

  • Gerunds are words that function as a noun but are derived from verbs.

  • Drinking tea always puts me in a good mood.

  • Studyin English is important for your career.

They are losing the game, they need planning a new strategy.

That鈥檚 awful, you need decorating better you house.

That鈥檚 an old program it needs updating as soon as posible.

You can鈥檛 drink the water, it needs to ve purified.

My pants don鈥檛 fit in, they need some adjusting.

  • The current project needs more planning

  • His home needs some decorating

  • This Ubuntu version needs updating

  • The rivers need purifying

  • After those changes, the schedule needs adjusting

  • You needs planning your days to truly enjoy them.

  • Our friends will come here next week, this place needs better decorating.

  • His jokes are always the same, it needs updating to the next meeting.

  • The room was closed for various weeks, it needs purifying. Please open the windows.

  • The model is overfitting, it needs adjusting before the next run.

This code is not working, it needs debugging.
It needs some revising.
It probably needs some reflecting.

Future tickets need planning carefully in order to get better results.
Decorating the room could give them more attention to rent that it.
Our database needs updating by the time when the client test his features.
Purifying could be an strange activity if you have a different point of view.
My client told told me that the modal need adjusting its position.

I believe that this strategy isn鈥檛 functioning, it needs to change planning.
Tomorrow will be my mom鈥檚 birthday, the house needs decorating.
This program didn鈥檛 function all this week, it needs updating.
This water is dirty, it needs purifying.
That shirt is very big to me, it needs adjusting.

* My project needs some more planning before it's realize. * For this party, it's need decorating the entire house. * This company needs updating all it's electronic devices. * How dirty is this water, it needs purification. * To have an open mind, we need to adjust our point of view about things.