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Gerunds in the Passive Form


Los gerundios son realmente muy utilizados en el idioma ingl茅s de varias maneras. Desde formas sencillas que seguro ya conoces, hasta pueden ser utilizados en estructuras gramaticales m谩s avanzadas.

Formas de utilizar gerundios

Sabemos que un gerundio es un verbo con -ing que funciona como sustantivo. La forma m谩s sencilla de utilizarlos, se denomina Active Simple, en donde simplemente se le agrega ese sufijo al verbo.

  • Debating on which programming language to learn is a moot point without a particular goal in mind.

Busquemos un ejemplo del roleplay visto en la clase pasada: In our department, we find that deciding on the proper action always requires careful analysis.

Otra forma de utilizar gerundios, se denomina Active Past donde utilizamos la estructura having + past participle.

  • Having created the new user interface was a huge step for the company in achieving their goals.
  • Having lost six matches in a row, Denise quit tennis forever.

Una tercera forma de utilizar gerundios, es llamada Passive Simple con la estructura being + past participle:

  • Being hired by Platzi was a great step towards achieving his goals.
  • Being pressured to improve was key to the success of the experimental futuristic techno-bachata artist.

Veamos si encontramos un ejemplo en el roleplay anterior: Being appointed to this position is a serious honor. Se trata de una forma muy formal de expresar que est谩s agradecido de formar parte de algo.

Finalmente, una cuarta forma de utilizar gerundios de forma algo m谩s compleja es con Passive Past con la estructura having + been + past participle:

  • The experimental, futuristic techno-bachata artist was ecstatic for having been nominated for a Grammy.
  • Having been punished by his teacher, Billy finally started to behave better.


Finalicemos con un resumen de las cuatro formas de utilizar gerundios que hemos explorado:

  • Active simple gerunds consist of verb + ing
  • Active past gerunds consist of having + past participle
  • Passive simple gerunds consist of being + past participle
  • Passive past gerunds consist of having + been + past participle

Cada una te permite expresarte de diversas maneras. De forma activa, de forma pasiva, en presente o en pasado. Explora cada una para que los gerundios formen parte de tu vocabulario diario.

Contribuci贸n creada por: Kevin Fiorentino (Platzi Contributor).

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ACTIVE SIMPLE (verb + ing)
-Various scientific studies had demonstrated that by activating the left side of your brain, you could avoid Alzheimer鈥檚.
-My teacher said that by investigating more profoundly, I will become a big reference for the new generations.

ACTIVE PAST (having + pst participle)
-Having resolved this inconvenience with the warehouse allows the company to win more profits.

  • By Having analyzed our sales I can determine that we are going to have closed the Miamis branch for an unterminated period of time.

PASSIVE SIMPLE (Being + pst participle)
-Being this confused makes me wanna go back to therapy ASAP.
-Being inspired by him in his pep talk, changed my life completely.

PASSIVE PAST (having+ been+ past participle)
-Having been promoted was one the best moments of my adult life.

Techno-bachata is the future! 馃槑馃幎

  1. Active simple: verb + ing
  • Activating the machine is totally neccesary
  • In order to finish the homework, we麓re going to be investigating the main points of the project
  1. Active past: having + past participle
  • Having analized the stadistics, it麓s time to start!
  • Having resolved the homework we just need to send it
  1. Passive simple: being + past participle
  • Being confused is totally normal when you麓re learning new things
  • Being inspired with the project is going to be your main engine to finish it
  1. Passive past: having been + past participle
  • Having been promoted was not enough for him to be happy with his job
  • Having been investing in the house for so many years made him the owner of the house

Useful Vocabulary

Moot: Discutible

Ecstatiz: Euf贸rico

Active Simple

  1. Activating our five senses we can focus better on this recipe.
  2. Investigating the history will be the best way for getting better grades.

Active Past

  1. Having resolved the issue you can go home.
  2. Having analyzed her labs we could determine a good advance.

Passive Simple

  1. Being confused in my data I get the wrong document.
  2. Being inspired by the book I decided to change some habits.

Passive Past

  1. He felt great for having been promoted.
  2. Havin been invested the stocks brought me really good profits.
  1. Active simple:
  • I am work as a frontend developer, but I want to do a PhD, investigating about science computer is something that I always have wanted to do
  • Activating your body every day in the morning can help to get a better life quality
  1. Active Past
  • Having resolved the first 10 questions, the other 10 will be easy
  • Having analyzed the problem, we can start working
  1. Passive Simple
  • Being confused by the plot, I could not enjoy the movie
  • Being inspired by our boss, the developer team could finish the tickets on time
  1. Passive Past
  • Having been promoted beginning of the year, the company has been better results
  • Having been invested, they criminals had to flee

Hi, Cole!

Looking forward for your feedback! Thanks in advance

  • Activanting your energy all day with a big cup of coffe is a great idea
  • Having resolve the challenge means a large goal in my career
  • Being confuse is not ideal to go forward to next level
  • All this effort help her having been promoted
  • Investigating is a good way to find best solutions
  • Having analyze the situation made her feel better
  • Seating in the forest, is good for being inspired
  • I regret having been invest in that business
  • Activating the battery saving mode allows you to use your smartphone longer than estimated.
  • If you want to know a topic, investigating on your own could be a good decision.
  • Having resolved this problem, then move on the next.
  • Having analyzed a lot of possibilities, we decided to increase our productivity.
  • Being confused from the begging is a serious problem.
  • Being inspired by the soft light of the moon, it fills you with determination.
  • Having been promoted last week, he decided to take a break because of his hard work.
  • After having been invested with a large amount of money, it is expected to meet all quality standards.
\- Active Simple Activating this serial key you have access to windows for free Investigating you get everything \- Active Past Having solved the math exercises, you will be ready for the exam. Having analyzed the match was a way to fix our mistakes \- Passive simple Being confused by my teacher was a setback in my career Being inspired by god is the best way to continue in life. \- Passive past Having been promoted in my job was a great news in this week
  • At our university, Investigating about a vaccine to the virus AHN1.
  • Having analyzed the performance in the test. you will have the job.
  • Being inspired by your love, I can do anything
  • Having been invested in the restaurant, you had a really good revenue.
  • Activating the new plan it was a good idea
  • Having resolved the problem in the code was a huge step to end the project
  • I don鈥檛 like being confused with other people
  • Having been promoted by my boss, I started to earn more money
ACTIVE SIMPLE: Activating the command voice I can ask for some task to the phone when I can't use it. ACTIVE PAST: Having analyzed all the people in the party I can feel safe there. PASSIVE SIMPLE: Being inspired by my bf I want to focus even more on me. PASSIVE PAST: The money has grown having been invested on Bitcoin.
* Having lost six matches in a row, Denise quit tennis forever. (Active past) * Having been punished by his teacher, Billy finally started to behave better. (passive past) * Being pressured to improve was key to the success of the experimental futuristic techno-bachata artist. (Passive simple)

Active simple (verb + ing)

  • Activating the key in the next hours is essential in order to use the program
  • Investigating the case is the only way to resolve the suit

**Active past gerunds (having + past participle) **
Having resolved the schedule, is time to set the activities
Having analyzed the electrical problem, we have to replace all this machines
**Passive simple (being + past participle)
All this time I been confused by the variety of opinions
I been inspired by this community to develop mi next course.

**Passive past (having + been + past participle) **
Is an honor having been promoted this years.
Having been invested considerable time and resources in the preparation, is time to launch the new product.

Active Simple:

  • Activating the mechanism to the robot we can see the functions.

  • In the college we鈥檙e going investigating about the social life of dolphins.

Active Past:

  • Having resolved the problem of the internet I can to continue with my online course.

  • Having analyzed the situation we can intervene correctly.

Passive Simple:

  • Being confused when arrive to my college in first day.

  • Being confused with my location I think the gps have an error.

Passive Past:

  • Having been promoted in my job I need to prepare for moving to other city.

  • Having been invested in crypto I won a lot of money and I think to reinvest again.

  • Activating your Platzi subscription is the best thing you can do now.

  • Investigating criminals is what he does in his job.

  • Having resolved the case was her sentence of death.

  • Having analyzed the data, he earned a lot of money.

  • Being confused was a constant during his game.

  • Being ashamed of where she came from was never an option for her.

  • He鈥檚 getting fame cause of having been promoted a viral trend on social media.

  • He improved his endurance by having been trained hard.

Activating the reactro was not a good idea.

Investigating the room was funny, because we ended up playing videogames.

Having resolved the puzzle, Brian passed the exam.

Having analyzed the workbook, Steve felt sad for having so much homework.

Being confused by the students was not as funny as I thought.

Being inspired is not the key, consistency is the real key.

Having been promoted by her boss. Judith finally was happy and better.

Having been invested with a lot of money, he just started a new business.

My examples:
Active simple: Activate, Investigate

  • Activating the premium video game plan, allows you to unlock special features and skins.

  • Our teacher became famous for investigating about artificial intelligence.

Active past: Resolve, Analyze

  • Having resolved the bug of that complex code was the most difficult thing that I鈥檝e done in my job.

  • After having analyzed your work performance, we鈥檝e decided to promote you.

Passive simple: Confuse, Inspire

  • Being confused about what to do after breaking up with someone is really normal.

  • Being inspired after a moment of silence is normal for my boss.

Passive past: Promote, Invest

  • Having been promoted for his boss, allowed him to give a better lifestyle to his family

  • Having been invested all his money in that business was his worst decision.

Let鈥檚 practice!
1.- Active simple

  • Investigating is essential when you are writing a paper.
  • Activating the code is necessary to log in.
    2.- Active past
  • Having resolved the issue, it is necessary to evaluate the situation periodically.
  • Analyzing reported data is crucial to gain new insights about the problem.
    3.- Passive simple
  • Being confused at the beginning is normal when you are new.
  • Being inspired is really helpful when you are creating art.
    4.- Passive past
  • I was excited about having been promoted the last month.
  • Sara was happy because she had been invested in NVIDIA stock with significant profits.

By activating the update, the problem will be solved.
we can come to a conclusion by investigating what happened.

Having solved the dilemma, the answer is quite simple.
Having analyzed the datasheet, I must use a formal model.

being confused by my doubts, an idea occurred to me
being inspired to make a difference, I will improve my data skills.

having been promoted to CEO, I have a huge responsibility to the company.

having been invested my friends doesn鈥檛 like me anymore.

  • For our project we are investigating the reason for global warming.
  • Having resolved the counts we will finished the report.
  • I am in the concert for being inspired for the artist.
  • Thanks for the excellent proposal we are having been invested for the company.

Active simple:

  • You should do more physical exercises for activating your energy and increasing your happiness.
  • The informatic team found the answer after investigating a long time at night.
    Active past:
  • I鈥檓 proud for having resolved by myself the math homework.
  • Having analyzed the evidence, the judge could give his veredict.
    Passive simple:
  • Being confused by their questions, I started to doubt about my knowledge.
  • Being inspired by his words, I try to paint again.
    Passive past:
  • Our advertising was benefict for having been promoted by the marketing team and their effective strategies.
  • He ruined his life by having been invested without the necessary bussiness knowledge.

-Activating is the state that you want to search for improve you mind, body, life and Soul.
-Investigating is the key for the succes for the country, but with any good purpose is waste of money.

-Having resolved many problems with IA is only the beggining of the road.
-Having analized the metrics of the business is a key for the success.


-being confused is a normal part of the life, dont stress.
-being Inspired is great but you have to do the work without inspiration.


-My partner is so happy since having been promoted to a leader, he is brillant like Xi Jinping.
-having been Invested is a great step for a country, bu we need first have potable water and roads.

  • Investigating was an essential factor in arresting the murderer.
  • Activating before doing exercise prevents injuries.
  • Having resolved the case, they all celebrate.
  • Having analyzed the strategies helped them to understand.
  • Being confused leads you to reflect on what you are doing.
  • Being inspired by Kobe Bryant was why every kid wanted to play basketball.
  • Having been promoted to senior was the most incredible thing that happened to her.
  • Having been invested can triplicate the first investment.

Here are my examples:

  • Active Simple
    • For a good health, activating is important.
    • Investigating is the most important part of the educational system of the Metropolitan Autonomous University.
  • Active past
    • Having resolved the schema, we鈥檙e ready to move to modeling the database.
    • After we made the survey, and having analyzed the market, the next step is changing the marketing promotion.
  • Passive simple
    • Being confused with syntaxes could happen when you move from Python to JavaScript.
    • Being inspired by a museum is something that happens to artists
  • Passive past
    • Having been promoted, I have more responsibilities.
    • My savings, having been invested, will let me live from my returns.
  • Activating our brain can be possible with exercise and a lot of water.

  • Investigating is the best way to open a book of questions.

  • Having resolved the entire Platzi School was a significant achievement for me.

  • Having analyzed all the options was the best way to choose my career.

  • Being confused about the market is the best way to start trading.

  • Being inspired by my team is the strength of going to the office

  • Having been promoted in his dream job wasn鈥檛 enough and he quit this year.

  • Having been invested, the company made its achievements over.

Hi, Cole
i let you here mi sentences for the activity:
Active Simple: -Chris im already in the place, im activing the elevator state be aware and wait for it.
-This is kinda strange鈥 we never saw something like that鈥ut theres no time to lose the mankind need an answer now! so im still investigating the molecular sequence from it.
Active Past: -Ahh finally im finished my homework, eh? your not finished yet? oh i see you dont understand this point鈥ut having resolved this one you should be able to understand the others.
-Look at this graphics! how it suppose we are going to overcome them鈥 i mean obviously not is impossible but having analyzed his strategy before i thought we will win for a lot.
Passive Simple: - Hi good morning you finally awake, hey hey calm down im not gonna hurt you its normal being confused.
-i just came out of the cinema and now im walking to home, i must admit after watch the movie i鈥檓 being inspired, i鈥檓 going to fight for my dreams and i鈥檓 not gonna stop till the end.
Passive Past: - phone calling Hi mom how are you? Guess who is having been promoted to marketing direction leader?..yes im so happy鈥 really? My favorite dish? ahhh im looking forward for tonight鈥 sure mom bye love u. call end
-Ahh (oh not again) thanks for the offer but im not interest i having been invested in something who looks exacly equal before and i dont had a happily end, so thanks but no thanks.

  1. seeking data I could find a structural change in a Serie data
  2. Dancing Salsa I could notice I need warm up before.
  3. Having studied in Platzi I can see my progress in englis
  4. Having studied in Platzi I could notice that I dont have enoguh time to study all want I do
  5. being awared in a new job then I am sure the importance having a new job
  6. being confused with the behavour of my parents
  7. having been promoted I could notice I am very ambicious.
  8. having been reflexin about my history I could notice that I am brave and risky
  • Activating your day going to the gym in the morning
  • Investigating concept you don鈥檛 now in class makes you learn faster
  • Having resolve a problem in my company helps to my team
  • having Analyze the data makes having best results
  • being confuse is my speciality
  • being inspire is my goal
  • After having been promote, she was more motivated
  • if i would having been investing since i was 20 years i would have best finance
  • Investigating about this new technology the whole day.
  • Having analyzed this new technology, I realized that 鈥
  • Being inspired to learn new technologies makes me feel 鈥
  • Having been promoted to learn this new technology.
  1. active simple:
  • Investigating on treatments based on cells of own patients, FDA said that is a new method against leukemia.
  • Activating your neurons helps to maintain cognitive develop. A way to do this is once a week should do everything with a hand we don鈥檛 use habitually.
  1. Active past:
  • Having analyzed witch cause COVID-19, scientists achieved to create a vacuum for the virus.
  • Having resolved the way how they robbed the bank, police caught robbers downtown.
  1. Passive past:
    Having been promoted by her manager, she will earn more money and won鈥檛 have to move.
  2. pasive simple:
  • Being confused by your boss is a common situation when you are new in your job.
  • Being inspired means that you find something that motivates you to work with passion.

Active Simple
Activating a good social media campaign is key to increasing sales this month
Investigating about covid-19 is necessary to find a vaccine

Active Past
Having resolved the differences between them was key to find a solution to the problem
Having analyzed the situation helped us to find a solution

Passive Simple
Being confused by the teacher is a common situation in the school
Being inspired by my father was of the best things about my childhood

Passive Past
Having been promoted in my work made me happy
Having been invested in cripto last month was a big error.

i just realized that the teacher is actually, Magnus Carlsen! 馃槂

Active simple: activate, investigate
Activating the alarm system, the house will be safe
Investigating this topic, you will achieve many results

Active past: resolve, analyze
Having resolved the issue, they started the work
Having analyzed this event, he understood the results

Passive simple: confuse, inspire
Being confused for the mathematical problem is frustrating
Being inspired by nature is great

Passive past: promote, invest
Having been promoted in my work, I started to work better
Having been invested all my capital, I felt very scared

  • Active simple
    *Activating a server isn鈥檛 a big deal when you鈥檙e a long-experienced system engineer.
    *Investigating this very kind of murky cases is Detective Taylor鈥檚 specialty.
  • Active past
    *Having resolved the problem with the sewing machine, she was able to finish the job.
    *Having analyzed each and every possible angle, I think this is the best solution.
  • Passive simple
    *Being confused by the circumstances and the context is highly likely to happen when it comes to learning a whole new language.
    *Being inspired by your boss isn鈥檛 as common a thing as you may think.
  • passive past
    *having been promoted to R&D manager is one of the most rewarding things that have ever happend to me
    *having been invested on new equipment was the best thing we could have done with our money. (i don鈥檛 exactly know how to put the verb to invest this way, so i鈥檇 appreciate if you could explain that).
no entiendo porque en todos los v铆deos en vez de mostrar esa imagen de pausa el v铆deo, simplemente dejan el texto para que uno pueda alcanzar a leer durante esos segundos y ya despu茅s que diga el profesor la respuesta. A veces me toca devolver el v铆deo y como el reproductor no tiene para devolver 10 segundos pierdo en que minuto exacto estaba.
When should we use this type of gerunds?

Active Simple:
Activating the alarm is what will keep this place safe.
He does not like investigating a lot.
Active Past:
I felt great after having resolved the puzzle.
Having analyzed the data, I think we are ready to make a decision.
Passive Simple:
Being confused, she started acting funny.
Being inspired, he started his new business.
Passive Past:
After having been promoted, she felt fulfilled.
He felt really lucky after having been invested in the new company.

  • Having been selected to record the course was amazing.
  • Having been robbed was an experience to learn to not use my cellphone in the streets of Bogota.
  • Being updated, was the worst thing that I could do to my PC.
  • Active past.
  • Passive past.
  • Passive simple.
  • Activating the account was necessary to make the transaction.
  • Having resolved the issue, was key to the company鈥檚 success.
  • Being inspired was all that he needs.
  • Having been promoted was essential to continue growing inside the company.

-Activating my patience I can improve my English skills.
-Investigating other sources I found more information.
-Having resolved the homework I could go to the play.
-Having analyzed the 4 gerund types I could get it.
-Being confused about this class I sought more information.
-Being inspired by Cole I understood that I need to practice more.
-Having been promoted I need to work harder.
-Having been invested in my home I need to pay the mortgage.

Active simple:
Activating seismic alarms could save many human lives
Investigating narcissism people could save years of fighting, wasting time, discussions and depression for near people who are.

Active past:
Having resolved this math exercise everyone is ready to take a test.
Analyzing conducted could see if she has anemy.

Passive simple:
Being confused by posts on Twitter increment doubts to buy the new product.
Being inspired is the result of having slept.

Passive Past:
Having been promoted at work is the best thing that has happened to me in a long time.
Having been invested in food trucks was the worst decision in my life because I spent all my savings.

Passive simple.

Passive past

Active past

  • In our house, my family think that delegating tasks is good choice to keep the house clean.

  • At my work, my boss think that, cleaning the bathroom is proper to take care our health.

  • Writing about politics in Colombia, can be dangerous.

  1. Active simple - Activate, investigate
    1.1 When i arrived to the office, i notice that the air was activating the alarm
    1.2 We could reinforce our english knowledge by investigating more about the topics

  2. Active past - Resolve, Analyze
    2.1 Having resolved the problems between the coworkers, now we all can go back to work
    2.2 Having analized the economy situation, i decide not to buy that house

  3. Passive simple - Confuse, inspire
    3.1 Being confused by the gerunds is not good for my relationship with the exam
    3.2 Being inspired on movies, books, pictures, doesn鈥檛 mean you have to copy

  4. Passive past - Promote, Invest
    4.1 Having been promoted on the work because of finishing the english Platzi course
    4.2 Having been invested in work material was the best decision

By Investigating the case more deep they find the criminal鈥

Activating the alarm was the key for the police to come quickly.

Having resolved the situation without any help was so difficult.

Having analized the test was easy for him.

Being inspired by that movie was so helpful to create my play.

I was being confused because math is not my cup of tea.

Having been promoted was something iIdidn鈥檛 expected.

Having been invested in this project was a mistake from the beginning.

Active simple:

  • Activating the panic bottom was key to catch the robbers.
  • Investigating about the violent acts, police determinated to ask for help to others departments.

Active past:

  • Having resolved the case, everyone is really happy to notify the family麓s victim.
  • Analyzing their behavior, they were not allowed to go the park.

Passive simple:

  • Being confused by the scammers is a good strategy, obviously for them.
  • Inspirng in his new project, he realized to change some detailts.

Passive past:

  • Having been promoted was the best decision the company ever made.
  • Having been invested in gold was a bad choice for the company.

Passive simple: gerunds consist of (being + past participle).
Being hired by platzi was a great step towards achieving his goals.
Being appointed to this position is a serious honor.

Passive past: gerunds consist of (having + been + past participle).
The experimental, futuristic techno-bachata artist was ecstatic for having nominated for a Grammy.

Active past:
Having lost six matches in a row, Denise quit tennis forever.

Passive past:
Having been punished by his teacher, Billy finally started to behave better.

Passive simple:
Being pressured to improve was key to the success of the experiemental futuristic techno-bachata artist

  1. The play role was about a meeting, people were discussing about sales, about the applied strategy that did not work, because they did an anonymous survey, it were not well revecived by clients, so one of them suggest to focus on the strategy based on social media and inbound marketing.

  2. It is important because it can give you all the data related with applied strategy, making know about the positive or negative results, and the efectiveness of it.

  1. Active simple:
    I will call you before getting on the plane. Activating airplane mode, I won鈥檛 be able to do it.
    The company got high profit by investigating what the market wanted
  2. Active Past:
    Everyone understood that having resolved the conflicts inside the team improved work efficiency.
    Having analyzing the problem, he estimated how long it would take to resolve it.
  3. Passive Simple:
    Not being confused by the questions in her job interview is one of the most important.
    Being inspired by Jimmy Hendrix was essential for Ana to get the scholarship.
  4. Passive Past:
    Not increase her salary, having been promoted. It is a bad decision
    All of the time that having been invested by Juan in his project paid off.
  1. -Activating mood is better for every place where I can be.
    -Investigating the problem I can decide that the fault is in the construction process.

  2. -Having resolved this situation is very important that we can continue with the next goal.
    -Having analyzed all the information in this report I believe that we can reach several conclusions.

  3. -Being confused with the different sources of the information there are many probabilities to make bad decisions.
    -Being inspired by great sportsmen of this country is very easy to motivate me.

  4. -Having been promoted in this job I am really very excited because I have worked a lot towards this goal.
    -Having been invested in many serious organizations I could prove that I didn鈥檛 do something bad.

    -Activating the alarm was a good way to alert others
    -Investigating how women are so cute is impossible

    -Having resolved the problem is easy to understand
    -Having analyzed a lot of possibilities there is only one chance

    -Being confused is so embarrassing
    -Being inspired by my parents is really important to me

    -I am so happy for having been promoted
    -The business is growing for having been invested

Gerunds in the Passive Form

Review: Active simple gerunds

  • Gerunds are words that function as a noun but are derived form verbd
  • Active single gerunds consist of (werb + ing)

Active past gerunds

  • Active past gerunds consist of (having + past participle)

Passive Simple Gerunds

  • Passive simple gerunds consist of (being + past participle)

Passive Past Gerunds

  • Passive past gerunds consist of (having + been + past participle)

Review: Four types of Gerunds

  • Active simple gerunds consist of (verb + ing)
  • Active past gerunds consist of (having + past participle)

-Activating the machine is the best way to do the job.
-Investigating the situation, we鈥檒l know who鈥檚 guilty.
-Having resolved the conflict, we鈥檝e determined is your fault.
-Having analized your essay, I believe you copy from internet.
-Being confused with my girlfriend told me las night.
-Being inspired to create an art master piece.
-Having been promoted by my succesfull work since six months ago.
-Having been invested my saves, I鈥檒l believe I could travel with my parents.