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Complex Comparisons


Existen diversas formas de realizar comparaciones entre dos cosas. Veremos una serie de formas que pueden emplear para realizar comparaciones complejas y elaboradas.

Comparaciones complejas en ingl茅s

Si quieres comparar dos objetos, situaciones, lugares, etc. tienes que ser claro y efectivo. Puedes destacar importantes detalles. Este tipo de expresiones puede ayudarte a evitar confusiones o para ilustrar conceptos abstractos concretos.

Comparaciones de dos palabras

Cuando el adjetivo o el adverbio que quieres utilizar para comparar tiene m谩s de dos s铆labas, puedes utilizar la f贸rmula 鈥渕ore/less + adjective/adverb鈥.

Veamos algunos ejemplos: - Last year鈥檚 numbers were more successful than this year鈥檚 results. - This strategy is less effective than the one I have proposed.

Veamos un ejemplo del roleplay visto anteriormente: It appears that our Halloween sale was far less effective than anticipated.

Comparaci贸n de m煤ltiples n煤meros

Si deseas realizar comparaciones con n煤meros o cantidades, puedes utilizar palabras como 鈥渉alf鈥, 鈥渢wice鈥, 鈥渢hree times鈥, 鈥渢en times鈥 y la f贸rmula 鈥渘umber + as much/many + (noun) + as鈥

Veamos algunos ejemplos: - The team works ten times as much as the leader does. - He has half as many reports as Maria.

Ejemplo del roleplay: Our competitor, Gorilla Products Inc., sold nearly twice as many units as we did.

Doble comparativa

Puedes llegar a necesitar una segunda comparaci贸n para explicar la primera o para aclarar la situaci贸n. Utiliza la f贸rmula 鈥淭he + comparative A + subject + verb + the + comparative B + subject + verb鈥

Veamos algunos ejemplos: - The longer you procrastinate on this task, the more difficult it will be for you to keep up. - The more time he spends with his children, the happier he feels.

Veamos dos ejemplos m谩s del roleplay: - The more we use invasive marketing techniques, the less likely clients are to purchase our products.. - The longer we spend* bothering people with these outdate methods, the less resources we'll have* to invest in more efficient techniques.


Has visto en esta clase tres formas distintas de elaborar comparaciones complejas que desde ahora puedes comenzar a practicar y utilizar para mejorar tu vocabulario de ingl茅s.

Contribuci贸n creada por: Kevin Fiorentino (Platzi Contributor).

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Good morning team:
The last annual balance has been finished. The results have shown a fall in the profitability of our company. It鈥檚 evident that our sales strategies this year were less productive than the year before. For the market, our company is less reliable than competition.
The most important aspects are:

  1. Our estimations show that the profit in this year was nearly a quarter as many dollars as the year before.
  2. Our statistics found that the proportion of fixed costs in the last quarter was approximately twice as many units as the year before.
    Sales strategy change is necessary. The identification of inefficiencies must be resolved the following days by meetings between us. But the more time passes, the more problems we have with our company.
    I think that in this way we will find the solution.
    Thank you very much.

Analysis of the business in CRISIS:
The effort and hard work for the project were less valuable than we thought, the project now is shut down.
The more work we put the less we received.
So, now I need you guys to work ten times as much as the Ompa Loompas.
Every project we do has to be more effective than the last one. So please promise that you will give your 100%.
We need to sell twice as many sell we had last month.
I know you can help me. After we get out of this crisis, you will be very much appreciated with a promotion in your salary.

Good morning guys, today we鈥檙e gonna talk about company鈥檚 situation, as you know we鈥檝e lost more than 1 million dollars in less than 2 months, that鈥檚 a terrible scenary and I thought on a strategy to improve our sales and customers.
1- We have to modify pur website and do it more creative and colorful, because I read last night thaht colorful websited attract more costumers.
2- We need to spend at least $ 500 dollars less than the last month, with this saved money we can invest in socialmedia marketing.
3- We need to stop use cellphones in office, we鈥檙e spending more than 3 hours just in social media, is scare.
4- We need to beat PLOT.S company, they鈥檙e higher than us in the top ranking companies in the city.

Our competitor line has fewer quality products than our line of Halloween.
The application has twice users as many users on Twitter.
The more time I spend listening to English, the more I have vocabulary.

  • The products were more expensive that the other company.
  • We have fired three times as many workers in sales as workers in technology.
  • The more we send emails to the customers, the less customers we obtein
**Double word** * The new system appears to be less effective and more boring for operators than we thought. * Paper prices are way higher than last year. **Multiple number** * We are selling the same amount, but our costs are three times bigger than last year. * When I was 20 I used to party at least twice as much as I do on a Friday night nowadays. (NOTHING TO DO WITH COMPANY CRISIS BUT LIFE CRISIS) **Double** * The closer and better trained the people is when they join the company the less we have to oversee them in doing their job after 3 months.
* Solar energy is more eco-friendly than coal energy. * Tom can eat three times more food than Wendy.(as much food as) * If we more practice these comparatives we will get more understanding. (The more you practice these comparatives, the more you will undestand them.) * Writnig is more memorable than listening. * Tkaing classes in Platzi is more is more effective than taking classes in school. * The way we speaking english in the United States is less formal than the way they speak in the UK. * <u>Multiple number comparasions. </u> * The blue bar is fouble as many as the yellow bar. * The yellow bar is half sice than the blue one. * If this trends continues the next bar will be three times longer than the orange bar.

Good morning, everybody. I have some points to analyze about the current sales campaign:

-The TV ads were less effective than we thought. We have to stop and try social media strategies, which were more successful this year.

I put this in numbers for better comprehension:

  • We sold half as many units as last year, and we needed to sell three times more.

Honestly, I think the longer we wait, the more difficult it will be to reach our goals.

So, hands-on, we have a lot of work to do!

Welcome to the meeting guys, in this time we need to analyze our data, because in the last month the strategy to attract new customers it鈥檚 not working well.

Double word:

  • Last year鈥檚 numbers were more successful than the last month results.

  • This new actualization is less effective than the one last strategy.

Multiple number:

  • Guys in this month we need to work as many as the last week.

  • This strategy needs to be 60% as much as effective than the last.

Double comparative:

  • The more time we spend in thinking about the different strategies that we can use, were feeling more comfortable implementing them.

Since the sales are way down and it is hard to attract new customers for us, The corporation has decided to create a new marketing and sales strategy.
These are going to be our new goals and objectives for the next campaign:

  • We ought to sell three times as many products as our competitors.

  • Enhance our customer service on social media.

  • Being way more productive than the last campaign.

Also, there are some tips that I wish to mention

  1. The more we cut corners, the less the quality of our products and services will be, so I would appreciate it if you all give it your best.

  2. Customized service was more effective than the standard one, for this strategy, it is required to focus on what people desire and what people enjoy the most.

  3. Despite the horrible results, we have five times as many sales as we had by this time last year. That demonstrates your tremendous efforts and values.

Thanks to you all and let鈥檚 be a game-changer.

Data analysis:
The sales for the next month are less promising than current, it鈥檚 expected that they don鈥檛 reach more than half of last month. Besides, the interest of the customers about our products are considerably less intensive than the last year.
Our competitors have sold three times as many units as we did, and our best product has been requested just half as many times as the last semester.
Finally, based on the data analysis, we can conclude that the more we promote our products, the less our customers want to buy them. Our recommendation, is to invest in new and more efficient marketing techniques and stops immediately the actual marketing methods.

It appears that Black Friday sales were far way less effective than anticipated, and the icecream we sold this year was way less delicious than last year.

If you see our competitor sold twice as many units as we did, and we spent three times more than them.

The longer we spend releasing our products, the less interest we get from our clients.

The more he spend on marketing, the more people we get.

It seems clear to me, we should invest more in marketing, and aslo we should release our productsa as fast as possible.

Analysing a crisis time on business in a meeting adding what I have learned about this topic would be 馃憞 : - My dear associates I'm afraid to inform that our sales are less competitive than our companies competitors', so I propose a quick solving for our ones to rise up......( He shows the proposal)......By applying this form to business, sales would increase three times as much average as they were last year, Getting better our situation by far, for this quest, constance is key, the more we work on it, the better income we'll have, I must remain you that apple increased its revenue twice the amount of sales since they have done this way during 3 months

Last time revenues were higher than now, advertising is less attractive to customers. Sales fell as much as profitability and productivity is half of what it was before. The faster we analyze the company鈥檚 data, the shorter the crisis period will be.

If the client attention don鈥檛 get better less sales we going to have.
Fish restaurant is having twice as many clients as we are having.
So, the more delay in change the problem the less sales we going to have.

  • Solar energy is more eco-friendly thsn cosl energy.
  • Tom can eat three times as much food as Wendy can.
  • The more you practice these comparatives, the more you will understand them.

Hello everyone,

As all of you know in our annual analysis we could see that things aren鈥檛 good. First of all, the sales are far less than the last year. We have to level our numbers and for that, we have to sell twice as many units as the last year. Remember, the more we attend to our clients the fewer complaints we will get.

It鈥檚 up to us.

  • Traveling is way more memorable than buying things
  • Taking classes on Platzi is more useful than taking classes in school
  • The way we speak English in the United States is slower than the way they speak in the UK

  • The blue bar is twice as many as the yellow bar
  • The yellow is half the size of the yellow bar
  • is this tren continues, the next bar will be three times as many as the orange bar
  • Nowadays, the company鈥檚 sales are much worse than they were three years ago.
  • Inbound marketing can be more successful than outbound marketing.
  • Our competitor has three times as many sales as us.
  • Our social media statistics show that our followers are half as engaged as they were some months ago.
  • The less we focus on client satisfaction, the more we lose them.

Tom can eat three times as much food as Wendy can.

The longer we practice these comparatives the more we understand.

Good morning you all, perhaps you will may asking why we are here鈥 well the main reason is because we have a significant decrease in our sales and its a priority rise it up again, having said that we are going to starts the next estrategies:

  1. The analysis data report show us: how our costumers buy more of the merchandise in physical stores than the web store , so we are going to implement more advertising and marketing strategies to focus in the physical area.
  2. but that dont mean we are gonna left behind the web store, the last year the page reach twice as many buyers and visitor as this year鈥 and taking a look on it the web store need a necessary and constantly updates, i going to take borrow one of you to help us with this, and dont worry not gonna be alone we have the programming team.
  3. i ve looking for the advertising emails too and鈥 they are too many, they already look like a spam emails, so we going to send less emails than we used to do, to be especific i mean twice less.
  4. don鈥檛 get discouraged guys not everything are bad news, our new product has been received by our customers in a positive way, we sold more half as many units as we did with our last product, look at me is better if i show you the graphic about this, see? The more we sell our new product the less customer will bought the old product.

well i thinks thats all, lets execute this strategies
come un team cheers up, we are gonna do it great.

Nowadays is more dificult attract new customers than 10 years ago!
The data grows 10 times as much the data servers as can storage.
The more we sells more services, the more the company will be better

As a consequence of our annual data analysis, we have concluded that:

  1. Our new sales campaigns are less effective than the ones made up for us last year, so we have to recontact our last marketing agency again.
  2. Our old customers are not buying as much as in the past years, so we have to compensate it by attracting new clients.
  3. On-site work is causing late arrivals and a deterioration of mental health among our employees, so we麓re going to start trying remote work again in so as to end this problem. The less stressed our employees are, the more productive they get.

Hi team ,

Last month was hard for our sales, the ecommerce strategy has been less effective than the store strategy. Institutional channel was more productive than others. We decresed twice as some competitors, but our budget was three times as much as last year. The more we work this month the more we will stay in our Job.


Our business had a bad last month, we have to work hard to improve it. I took the decision to hire more employees and less cadets to expand the team staff. Our principal competitor is selling his products on TV with commercial, we have to reach this marketing strategy as soon as possible. Twice a week we will get together as much as we need to speak about that strategy. Finally, More effort we spend for these circumstances, less work we will have on summer.

  • Our sales are less competitive than new麓s store sales.
  • The annual results show sales are way down three times as many sales as the marketing area.
  • The more we analyze these results, the more we will create strategies to improve your results and attract new customers. Otherwise, we will have to reduce staff.

鈥淚 think it鈥檚 time for鈥 An activity!鈥 Hahaha

Since March most of the possible potencial clients have refused to close the contract. The finance department stimates that profits will decrease in 15% in the next two weeks. Social networks are moe feasible than any TV advertisement.
Since March most of the possible potencial clients have refused to close the contract. The finance department stimates that profits will decrease in 15% in the next two weeks. Social networks are moe feasible than any TV advertisement.

Hello Team.
I have been analysing the last balance of sales and I noticed that our sales have way down since 6 mount past, past year we got gain twice as much as this year, this is very worrying, so evidently the new strategies that we have implemented are less efficien than we used past year.
So from the next Monday we will start again with the past estrategies wich I will remember you guys through of PDF attached.
Thanks for your attention and don鈥檛 forget that The more effort, the more gains for all!

  • Solar energy can be more eco-friendly than coal.
  • Tom can eat 3 times more food than Wendy can.
  • The more you practice these comparatives the more you understand them.
  • The more you study, the better for your curriculum.
  • They can buy as many products as I can
  • The more we spend on new marketing strategies, the fewer clients we can attract.
  • The number of clients is twice less than the number of clients compared to last year.

Hello team,

Here you can find the annual analysis of our Fast Food Business: Papa Brava Inc.

Nowadays, as you already know the first quarter of each beginning year is less profit than other three quarters, yet we usually renovate our: menu, prices, and branding.

On one hand, our famous hamburger 鈥1/4 de libra鈥 is sold nearly four times as many hamburgers as the other dishes, so withdrawal the less sold is needed.

On the other hand, our most famous dink 鈥渃af茅 lojano鈥 is sold twice time as many coffees as the other drinks, thus removing our frozen tea is a good idea due to low sales of it.

Finally, do not forget team, the more you are prepare for the working days, the more we can sell our products.

Have a great week and see you on Thursday.

Best regards,
Eduardo H.

Took some ideas from other students so here is my example of meeting:

Good morning colleagues,

This meeting has been convocated in order to review quickly improvements to recover sales in the company. As longer as we spend not to change our strategies our losses will increase.

As you know we receive less income equivalent to 2 million dollars per month for the last two so we analyzed our strategies and process finding some issues will have been corrected until the last day of this month.


Our recent marketing campaign sales were less effective than we expected in the last two months.

Segmenting the market more effectively we will decrease by 500 USD on social media and we will obtain the same results so this money quantity will be invested in research marketing.

The marketing team should increase engagement by twice as possible clients as we have at this moment.

The longer we spend on keeping the same kind of designs in our products, the fewer sales we are going to have by the end of this year. So we need to communicate with our clients by Instagram and do some surveys.

As you can see, there are so few guidelines we are going to work on immediately, so for tomorrow we need the new detailed work plans to get them in action immediately.

Thanks to all for coming and put in your hands at work

Coal energy can be more polluting than the eco-friendly solar energy.

Tom can eat three times as much food as Wendy can.

The more you practice these comparatives, the more easy for you to understand them.

Our recent t-shirts sale was less effective than we expected. We reviewed our competitor鈥檚 social media and they did a more investment in marketing their products. They received five times views as many as we did, and they are selling now three times more than us. The more time we spend our time in keeping the same kind of desings, the less sales we are going to have by the end of this year.

The bussiness is less profitable than the last two years, so the social media and outbound marketing team need to create a three times as much strategy as the last year to improve the sales, and incomes, because the more we invest and social media strategies the less losses we have.

隆Your bussiness is in crisis! Sales are way down, it麓s hard to attrack new customers, and now you have to analyze your data. Write and example analysis of the bussiness that contains:

  • Two double word comparisons.
  • Two multiple number comparatives
  • One double comparative.
  • Tom can eat three times as much food as Wendy can.
  • Tom can eat three times more food than Wendy.
  • Solar energy is more eco-friendly than energy

The more we keep the windows close, the less likely employess are getting alone with the enviroment.

  • it appears that our Halloween sale was far less effective than anticipated.

  • Our competitor, Gorilla Products Inc., sold nearly twice as many as we did.

Double Comparisons

  • This is more likely to happen.
  • Bringing a knife with you is less dangerous to bring nothing.

Multiple Number Comparisons

  • This new PC is way three times better than the old one.
  • You are not even half of what I am. (just an example, don鈥檛 be that kind of person)

Double Comparisons

  • The less you use Instagram, the more you focus on your tasks.
  • The nicer you are with other people, the nicer the life becomes.

We are going to analyze our data related to sales, we find out that we have red numbers.
The last sales suggest that we were less proactive getting clients that the competence, as a result of that, we have 2 times less as many sold as the principal competitor.
We need some changes, so since tomorrow we are going to put on the shirt and achieve more sell than the competence.
Indeed, we are going to work 2 times as much as the last trimester, but is necessary.
Nevertheless, The less quote of market will be dangerous, so the need to aim more products sold to our clients, I trust in we can do it.

Complex Comparisons

Types of Complex Comparisons

  • Double word comparisons

Uses when adjective/adverb has more than two syllables

Formula: more/less + adjective/adverb

  • Multiple number comparisons

Used to compare numbers and quantities

Number words: twice, ten times, half, etc

Formula: number word + as much/as many + (noun) + as

  • Double comparisons

Takes another comparative to complete comparisons

Formula: The + comparative A + subject + verb + the + comparative B + subject + verb