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Conditional Conjunctions


Las conjunciones condicionales permiten hablar sobre cosas que suceder谩n si otra se cumple previamente. Expresan que determinada circunstancia debe suceder para que otra se cumpla o no.

Conjunciones condicionales

En el idioma ingl茅s, existen una serie de palabras que te permitir谩n hablar de forma condicional para expresar lo que suceder谩, o no, si otros hechos ocurren antes, o de hechos que sucedieron como consecuencia de otros hechos previos. Algunas de estas palabras seguro ya las conoces:

  • If
  • Unless
  • As long as
  • Provided
  • Seeing that
  • Given that
  • Regardless of
  • In light of
  • Considering that

Veamos algunos ejemplos: - We will be able to increase our sales in these months if we manage to acquire new suppliers. - Unless* the supplier agrees to this price, we won鈥檛 be able to continue with our expansion plan. - There will be an added bonus as long as everyone on the team completes the project. - Unless* management gets back to us today with the results, we'll be falling behind!

Veamos ejemplos del roleplay: - As long as we keep our loyal clients engaged with our new products through social media, we probably don't have to send them emails, right? - Seeing that our investment in the social media and inbound marketing team has proven so successful, I鈥檇 say we should focus entirely on that strategy

Este vocabulario avanzado es ideal para analizar hechos y crear estrategias laborales para indicar cu谩l ser谩 el camino que el equipo tome dependiendo los hechos.

Es muy importante poder expresar condici贸n al construir oraciones y poder hablar de que una cosa depende de otra. El If es el primer condicional que todos aprendemos y el m谩s f谩cil de usar. Puedes ampliar tu vocabulario y llevarlo a otro nivel utilizando otra serie de palabras que tambi茅n expresan condici贸n.

Contribuci贸n creada por: Kevin Fiorentino (Platzi Contributor).

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o inicia sesi贸n.

Given that in the analysis of the last results of our company we could observe that people usually increase their buy tendency to products as catnip products in dates close to holiday and Christmas. Having cleared this information , we can start with the elaboration of campaigns that can allow us to encourage people within more contact with this product type. In light of improving our sales I consider that this information really is very important to have in account at the moment to think about new sale campaigns because it can give us better directions in our campaigns.

My data analysis:
Catnip sales increases on christmas given that our customers want to feed their cats when there鈥檙e visitors at home, since they want to show their pets. In light of this patron, our company should enhance the marketing, looking for engage new customers, through advertising that encourages people to continue with this pattern. As long as people still love petting cats at Christmas, we can expect that our sales will be high. Regardless of people who prefer dogs over cats, we don鈥檛 need to be worried about sales because most of our clients have cats.

Given that our catnip products are sold around the holidays, I was thinking of making a campaing on social media promoting our cat food with descaount if they buy their catnip.

Good morning team In light of the data analysis seen previously we can conclude that our customers loves give holidays gifts to his cats given that they tend to buy our product exponently in december, the sales are quite good on that season but regardless of that we need increase the sales in every season of the year, try and get more incomes throughout of the year and of course the comming year too, as long as we can develop a new strategy we麓ll be fine, talking about it i have a few ideas like a pascua鈥檚 cover design, do this to halloween too and of course make their respective campaign, another idea is contact to a tv channel to promote the product but first we gonna need make a flashy video, that would be job for marketing team.

HI John, I'm Agust铆n, the Data Analyst from CutieMiau. In light of the provided results from the last Quarter of the Company, we've discovered that our clients tend to buy more Catnip products on Christmas. Last year we reached 20 Million dollars in revenue and this year we grasped 30 Million. Given that people love the Christmas section, we are looking to implement a new strategic partner specialized on special dates promotions for the next year, regardless of how much money it can cost. This is planned assuming the CEO will agree with us on the need of always finding out new ways to increase sales, as long as we maintain the quality and professionalism of the Company.
  • As long as be Christmas, we must offer discounts on catnip products.
  • In light of that our clients buy more catnip during Christmas, we need to have more products availables during these days.
  • Given that people tend to buy more catnip products around the holidays, we must place more orders.
  • Regardless of how much people purchase, we鈥檒l offer a 2x1 deal on catnip products
* <u>Unless </u>managment gets back to us today with the resuts, we'll be falling behind! * <u>Seeing that </u>Billy has been an exceptional worker, i'd say he deserves to lead the team. * <u>Provided </u> that our competitors see our new model as a threat, we may see some attempt to copy our designs. * <u>In light of </u> our previous analysis from last year regarding our investment in campaigns for this holiday to expand the numbers of sales. * <u>Given that </u>our product has had more sales, we need to increase the quantity of the product. * We will invest the profits from our product, regardless of whether we meet the target or not. * <u>As long as </u> we invest our capital in a strong social media campaign, we can expect to earn a substantial amount of money.

In ligth of tha last data analyst we can find the result of the big sales that our company had in the last 2 year鈥檚 we, given that the most of our product was sould in christmas, we deside to innovate with new cat foods as soon as the christmas start we launch the new products, we had a very thorough study regardless of the results we will have gains.

Given that our sales were likely to be made at Christmas, we have decided to focus on developing a three-month strategy, just before Christmas, which means we will start in September.
As long as we are going to receive more demand, we will buy more stocks. In light of not only increasing our numbers but also demonstrating to our clients that we care for them.
Regardless of how many people prefer having dogs, we鈥檒l continue with cat products.

In light of the data analysis at our cat company, it鈥檚 evident that our catnip products experience increased purchases during holidays, particularly Christmas. As long as we keep making marketing on the holidays season, mainly in Christmas, we will have great sales this year. Given that it doesn鈥檛 mother what we do, cat鈥檚 owners like to include the felines to their festivities. Regardless of this, we should keep doing marketing on Christmas including cats as a part of the family to celebrate holidays.

In light of the conclusion of the data analysis, it appears that catnip products have high vacation sales. Given that result, it is decisive to increase the quantity of the product and to evaluate the offers for Christmas. Regardless of having fewer products for other seasons, it is worthwhile as long as they are profitable.

In light of the last analysis of the company鈥檚 sales, we know certainly when the buying peeks it happens. Given that the holidays are our boiling point for the catnip we need to push our weak products by giving them promotions and advertising, as long as our customers come to us for catnips we have an opportunity to increase the sale. Regardless of what products they ask for, we need to keep in mind our week products because they need to know them.

In light of the recent stadistics we have to consider a new strategy for this upcoming christmas, regardless of the increase of the production during holidays and given that we have ran out of time to make the report then we will have to move faster than ever as long as this celebration is finished

Given that our catnip products are the most popular ones during the holidays, we need to focus our advertisement on them. In light of outbound marketing not being effective nowadays, should prioritize inbound marketing. As long as this idea is successful, we will implement it more in the future. So, regardless of our prior marketing strategies, our company will focus on data-driven decisions.

In light of we discovered that our caatnip are more sold in the holidays we took on the task of discovering the cause. Given that the highest sales were in holidays we have to develop a strategy I would like to do it online with facebook and google ads regardless of we have to improve the sales as long as carry out the strategy

Given that the latest analysis have found that Christmas seems to be the perfect date for customers to buy our catnip products, regardless of the low sales of our other stock, we should center at least a half of our warehouse in winter times, stocking this well sold product. As long as catnip in winter times by itself sells more than 60% of the total, it would be feasible to keep this strategy, otherwise, in light of the high costs of inventory and storage, we would need to reduce it to 40%.

in light of christmas is coming, should be taken advantage that our clients buy 3 times more catnip than the buy regularly. So, given that the last year sales was excellent, it have to do a similar strategy, as long as do not exceed the budget. Regardless of the result of this year, this strategy will have to be improve for the next years

In light of last year鈥檚 sales results, our team has concluded three important points to improve and develop a more profitable strategy for the future:

  1. Given that our customers tend to buy catnip on Christmas, we should amplify this particular product鈥檚 production mass and fortify the marketing campaign around their social media and local business.

  2. As long as we continued to improve our seasonal product with organic marketing, I estimate catnip will be two times more profitable by this time next year.

  3. Regardless of our competition rebranding, we have sustained our sales, so we may focus in retain costumers.

In light of the results that we see its necessary to incress the production of catnip, given that we are gonna sell this product more than any other product. As long as we produce the double amount we are gonna gave better results that the last year

In light of our customer buy more of our products on holidays, we have to work to discover why this behaviour. As long as our data analytic study the data to reach an understanding, Regardless of the fidelity of each customer we have with the brand, we need to expand the business to normal weeks.

Having been working in sales analysis reflexes that our costumers buy catnips as long as they are on holidays. Given this factor, I would like to recommend marketing manager to create an aggressive strategy when these holidays are coming. Regardless of what method or decided, I strongly believe this is a opportunity we can seize.

Given that people tend to buy catnip for their cats, we are capable to sell and increase our profits. So we need to plan our strategy, regardless of our data upshot we see that holidays are key days to hook potential clients, as long as our competitors are innovating their products as well and In light of they are going to release an aggressive strategy we need to keep work and don鈥檛 keep our hands down.

Given that in my analysis I found that people tend to purchase catnip products more frequently around the holidays to give to their cats during Christmas. To capitalize on this trend, I suggest implementing a new strategy during the holiday season. This could include creating new products bundles that include the items customers typically purchase, allowing them to take advantage of multiple products at once.

Seeing that: a fact.
In light of: a fact.
As long as: We use as long as to refer to the intended duration of a plan or idea, most commonly referring to the future. We always use the present simple to refer to the future after as long as:

We are very happy for you to stay at our house as long as you like.

I鈥檒l remember that film as long as I live.

Not: 鈥 a潭s潭 l潭o潭n潭g潭 a潭s潭 I潭 w潭i潭l潭l潭 l潭i潭v潭e潭.
Unless: except if.
Regardless of: in spite of, despite, although.
Provided that = as long as: only if, providing that.
Disregarding: ignoring.
As long so: a little more informal that as long as.

Given that our company increase the gains due to masive sales of catnip around the holidays, while in the same moment decrease other products sale鈥檚, something that we can verify in our contabiling book, regardless of this increase we had have lose from the other products. So in order to avoid more losses in this special days we just will producering catnip

Conditional Conjunctions

Used to connect words, phrases and clauses

Examples: If, unless, as long as, provided, given than, regardless of, in light of, considering that

  • When to use:-
    • Advanced conjunctions are used mainly in analytical speech
    • Try using more advanced conjunctions to create a better portrait of business strategy
  • Unless management gets back to us today with the results, we鈥檒l be falling behind!
  • Seeing that Billy has been an exceptional worker, I鈥檇 say he deserves to lead the team.
  • Provided that our competitors see our new model as a threat, we may see some attempts to copy our designs.
  • As long as the situation with the supply chain continues, the increase of prices in technology products will continue reaching higher levels.
  • In light of the new market needs, we鈥檒l open a new area focusing on electric chargers.
  • Given that the company is running out of money, is time to have a brainstorming session to see how we can improve.
  • Regardless of the problem with the license, we鈥檒l have to try another software.

In light of our competitors are making big online campaings for these season, we need to improve our products. Given that our clients tend to buy our catnip products around the holidays we can create new online comercials for this season, as long as we keep our catnip as our main product and regardless of their catnip product.

Given that our clients tend to buy the catnip products around holidays to feed their cats on Christmas, regardless of the spending of money in social media and inbound maketing strategies, so as long as we keep doing that the budget for that department will be run out, and we will lost.

**In light of **that we have create more products in that season related with ones that already are, and design other productos to sell in the outside the holydays, like pet toys, or pet snacks,

Provided that our competitors see our new model as a threat, we may see some attempts to our designs.

  • Disregarding that our competitors see our new model as a threat, we may see some attempts to our designs.
  • Seeing that Billy has been an exeptional worker, i鈥檇 say he deserves to lead the team.
  • Unless management gets back to us today with the results, we will be falling behind

The explanation of the results is as follows:
AS LONG AS the children of the families are on vacation, they spend more time playing with their cats. GIVEN THAT they aren鈥檛 going to school, they spend more time in their homes. IN LIGHT OF this affective union, children ask their parents for more catnip to give it to their dear cats. REGARDLESS OF spending more money buying things for cats, parents agree because the time that children spend with their cats, parents are calmer because they know where their children are. For this reason, parents especially buy catnip at Christmas, an epoch with many obligations, things to do and distractions.
The strategy that I would adopt is to sell more products related to cat food: containers to eat , cushions where cats sleep after eating , containers for pebbles, etc. All these articles with Christmas motives.

In light of the past holidays, we鈥檝e seen an increase in sales given that people tend to go on vacation and hire a caregiver with all the supplies they need. Regardless of the data we鈥檝e gathered, we will start planning new marketing strategies and campaigns focusing on many holidays, such as Christmas or Easter Week. As long as people keep planning vacation trips, we expect success on our product over the other brands.

As long as we know the fact that in holiday our numbers in clients increase, we must to pay attention in how we going to grow temporally our team in sales, delivery and marketing. Given that one of our main supplier stops working because of the pandemic, we need to find a new one for the end of the month. Regardless of the chanllenge we got, we going to focus most of our resurces in marketing and sales, last but no less, the delivery team needs keep working in grow and train the delivery team.