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Going to the Doctor's


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I know that the proyect should be on a video, but I don’t have (yet) the skills to produce and edit a video.
Instead I did my best with a recording. ūüĎá

Final project

It is not a video, it is like a roleplay.

Here is my challenge, I did it in audio:

It was a bit hard, but it was really useful to use the vocabulary we saw and also used the different expressions.My visit to the doctor

<> Doctor: Good morning, Mr. Johnson. How are you feeling today? Patient: Good morning, Doctor. I'm doing better, but I still have some pain in my leg. Doctor: I understand. Let's take a look at your X-rays first. (After examining the X-rays) Doctor: It looks like the fracture is healing well. Have you been taking your pain medication regularly? Patient: Yes, I've been taking it as prescribed. Sometimes the pain is manageable, but other times it's quite intense. Doctor: I see. It's normal to experience some discomfort during the healing process. Have you noticed any swelling or redness around the injury site? Patient: No, not really. Just some occasional throbbing pain. Doctor: Okay. I'll prescribe a stronger pain reliever to help you manage the discomfort. Also, make sure to elevate your leg and apply ice packs as needed to reduce swelling. Patient: Will do, Doctor. Thank you. Doctor: You're welcome. Now, let's check your range of motion. Can you try to bend your knee for me? Patient: Sure. (The patient tries to bend his knee but struggles) Patient: I'm having difficulty bending it fully. Doctor: It's expected after a fracture. We'll work on improving your range of motion through physical therapy. I'll refer you to a physiotherapist who will guide you through exercises to strengthen your leg muscles. Patient: Sounds good. How long do you think it will take for me to recover fully? Doctor: It varies from patient to patient, but with proper care and rehabilitation, you should be able to regain full function within a few months. Patient: Thank you, Doctor. I'll follow your advice closely. Doctor: You're welcome. If you experience any sudden pain or unusual symptoms, don't hesitate to contact us immediately.
# Going to the Doctor's. My Final proyect: <>
-Good morning doctor -Can I help you? -Yes, Doctor, I had an accident in my job, I am a warehouse assistent, I lifted a a lot of heavy boxes for 1 hours alone!. Currently we are in christmas season, there is so job and the enterprise didn't have more personal. I have a terrible backeche, in adition I can't walk fast and I feel very tired. \- ok I understand, I am going to examine you, we need a x-ray from your back, the dolor is strange. \- is it serious? \- we need the x-ray, ( he did the x-ray) \- Unfortunately, we need to perform surgery on your back. \- oh my god! Will I pull through after the surgery? \- of course, It is a simple procedure, You Will be alive and kicking in 15 days. I recommend physiotherapy for your back and less stress.
Here is my projetc :) <>

"Going to the doctor’s "

it was hurt to do it, but i could

Hi doctor, I’m hear because I flared up with the backache.

For example when I finished the day all of a sudden I felt a little pain in my back and nape, then start me a headache and this becomes in migraine.

Since I was teeneger.

It is in 9

Yes doctor, how long I have to take de medication?

Thanks doctor, please help me!