Prepárate para un ambiente laboral en inglés


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Love you Platzi 💚

Now I work in a company related to healthcare in English since Colombia, thanks Platzi ❤️

Hi everyone. I’m very excited to learn more about it. I will search for a job in the USA, so I’m started learning English in Platzi. I hope to find a job quickly.

Let´s do it

I didn’t know about the word “dean”, so I looked it up and I found this:
“​a person in a university who is in charge of a department of studies”.
Nice 😀

Amazing teacher and wonderful introduction.

Let’s go!!.

Hola! No hablo bien el ingles, pero le entendi a todo lo que dijo el maestro, este pasado 2022 entre a trabajar a honeywell como Advanced Application Engineer, atiendo a clientes en ingles (por telefono) y creo que este curso va a ser estupendo para mejorar en mi trabajo. De antemano gracias Platzi por este gran curso.

Here we go, to gather more knowledge to help the company that I work for. 😃

You will learn:

  • Different Industries
  • Departments
  • Positions at work
  • Cultural differences
  • Correct pronoun use
  • Corporate email structure
  • Essential phrasal verbs
  • Business expressions
  • Business-related vocabulary

I’m excited for this course! 😃

I am ready

the best teacher !

I’m really excited to acquire this new vocabulary. I hope to learn enough to put my knowledge into practice and secure my dream job by the end of this year!

love it, i will try this course for sure!!!
let’s go!!!

Let’s go!

different industries such as technology, healthcare, education, different departments at work, such as human resources and technology, different positions, cultural differences, high and low context cultures, the correct use of pronouns, how to structure corporate emails, essential phrasal verbs.

Expressions and vocabulary related to work

Good lecture

Let’s learn

A really-groovy man once says: “Pay attention to your well-groomed teacher if you wanna really-groovy well-groomed man once be”.

Good to see you again teacher Jess. Here, ready to review some knowledge and update some others.

  • #nsl$$$

hello, I’m so happy to start this cours, thanks in advance.

Hi everyone, I'm so excited for this course, let's learn more about vocabulary for bussines.

All the people are involved in business.

Let’s go! 💚

Hi everyone, this is my first class and I hope don’t leave this course because my discipline in english is really bad and I’m bored much in english class 🤷🏻‍♂️

All ready for never stop learning

let’s begin!!

Lear in community is better . Love it
I am going to watch this course for the second time. It''s very well structured and so usefull. In addition, the teacher is great, he is full of energy and it's very good explaining.

Here we go…

I like his shirt. It’s very elegant 😃

Let’s start!

thanks teacher for this course, I'm very interesting aprender English sumercé<3

Hack: To watch the video in 1.25x for more pleasure.

I have a dream, Mr. Pool

I see interesting. this course.

I really needed this course

Let’s begin!

No matter what level you are at, business English will always be relevant and always be useful.

Here we go again!!! 😁💪🏻

Amazing! 😃

Ready for the course

I am ready for this new course.

Hi there…Alek here ready to begin and enjoy this journey


I am ready for this new course.


This is the way!

Here we are.