Fundamentos de generación de imágenes con texto


¿Qué es text-to-Image en inteligencia artificial?


Cómo funciona text-to-Image: difussion


Exponentes de IA generativa: DALL·E 2, Midjourney y Stable Difussion



Generación de imágenes con DALL·E 2


Restricciones y limitantes de DALL·E 2


Prompt tuning: luces, detalles, sombras y perspectivas


Prompt tuning en DALL·E 2: práctica


Prompt tuning: estilos y artistas


Prompt tuning en DALL·E 2: práctica de estilos y artistas


Uso de API de DALL·E 2 con Python



Generación de imágenes con Midjourney


Prompt tuning con Midjourney


Prompt tuning con Midjourney: práctica


Image-to-Image y Blend con Midjourney

Stable Diffusion


Stable Diffusion con Google Colab y DreamStudio


Instalación de AUTOMATIC 1111


AUTOMATIC 1111: interfaz web de Stable Diffusion


Prompt tuning con Stable Diffusion


Prompt tuning con Stable Diffusion: práctica

Inpainting y outpainting


DALL·E 2: Inpainting


Stable Diffusion: Inpainting


DALL·E 2: Outpainting


Instalación de PaintHua


Stable Diffusion: Outpainting con PaintHua

Stable Diffusion features


Upscale: escalado de imágenes






¿Cómo funciona DreamBooth?


DreamBooth: fine-tuning


Merge models: combinar modelos de difussion

Implicaciones éticas y económicas de imágenes con inteligencia artificial


Sesgos y bias en modelos de generación de imágenes


¿Cómo afecta la generación de imágenes con IA a otras profesiones?


Impacto de arte y diseño con IA: entrevista con Daniel Torres Buriel


Perspectiva de artistas y diseñadoras: entrevista con Juan Dávila


Perspectiva de artistas y diseñadoras: entrevista con Amelia Amórtegui



¿Qué nos deparará el futuro de la IA generativa?

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Prompt tuning en DALL·E 2: práctica de estilos y artistas


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A painting of a narrow alley with two people under the rain. Boticelli style. PD: Parece mas una pintura impresionista pero valore el esfuerzo de DallE

Prompt: an alley with open plan with a dramatic scene in the rain, with birds in the sky, in 4k by style renancense , excelente aprendizaje en estas clases.

“A 3D render, Grim and gloomy cyberpunk city alley, with low light and rain, some neon, high quality and resolution, style digital art”

“A horse in a Grim and gloomy cyberpunk city alley, with low light and rain, neon light and hyper realistic style, by Kilian Eng”

An open dark alley at night in the rain, a person crying in the middle of the alley, scratch art , foil art, gold and black. Le borre algunas palabras de la imagen anterior.

Hola [email protected] 😄!

Estan basadas en OP ART

  • Prompt: A screaming man sitting in the rain in the middle of the dark street holding his beloved lying on the floor in his arms, wide angle scene by Van Gogh.

Prompt: A painting of two futuristic androids fighting each other in a dark alley of a cyberpunk city while is raining, dark, dramatic feeling, wide, medieval style

“An old alley painting in shanghai where the downpour while flooding the corners, very dark and gloomy, by Paul Signac”

Young Korean couple, walking on the sidewalk together, wearing hanbok, sunny day, Expressionism style by Xooang Choi

La variación con fondo cyberpunk y estilo manga

prompt: A dramatic scene at night under the rain in a very wide dark alley , anxiety, despair, child’s drawing

a girl huggin an adorable dog painting by William-Adolphe Bouguereau

El mismo callejón, pero añadiendo “Banksy Style”

extreme wide view of a dark rainy alley in mexico city, tilted frame, “blue hour”, cubism style

Photo of a cat wearing a pink tshirt, sitting in a park whatching the wide sky, pixel art

Photo of a cat wearing a pink tshirt, sitting in a park whatching the wide sky

Prompt: alley in san cristobal de las casas, chiapas, with low light and rain, with two people kissing by Vincent van Gogh

Prompt: realistic cyberpunk illustration, an abandoned street in the rain, by Gustave Dore, very wide, 8K, 3D Redshit render.

Prompt: romantic couple, watercolor style, cinematic, alley in the dark night, wide open shot a dramatic scene in the rain

A musician in illuminated and desolate Mexico City without people at night and full noon melancholic, painting, cubism style

angel and devil argue in the middle of the night, in the rain, they meet in a very wide and very glowing alley, view from down, by Leonardo da Vinci

Prompt: a painting of an extremely wide dark and rainy alley, feeling very sad with a couple saying goodbye under an umbrella, the man gives a bouquet of roses to his girlfriend. by Pablo Picasso

Prompt: A scene of a street in the dark night, with a sinister and violent korean gang member in the middle of shadows and dense rain looking monsterously running behind a girl city in background diam lights, foreground dark shadows of evil ghost face by picasso

painting a big and cute yellow cat in an astronaut suit, by Fernando Botero

at night, very dark, open space in the streets, with a very dramatic scene of a man and a woman kissing in the rain, by Hajime Isayama

Prompt: A painting of a couple in a alley in the rain, inspiring sadness, with signs in pink neon, dark nigth by Eugène Delacroix

Portrait of an alley at night raining, very gloomy, extremely wide, extremely disappointed, baroque painting style

A dark painting of a red demon, walking in a very wide alley, by Francisco de goya

Picture of (An alley with merchant stalls) at night, a little rain, romantic emotions, top view, 4k quality, colonial style / fog, haze, people.

Yo solo quería un JoJo 😦

couple with umbrella in a wide alley, raining dramatic scene, dark at night with a full moon, hand drawn Steel Ball Run manga scene by Hirohiko Araki

Prompt: A painting of a narrow alley with two people under the rain. Stephan Martinière style

Prompt: urban dead end at night in a raining thunderous storm, horned devil is waiting on the shadows like a predator, by Zdzisław Beksiński

promt: A hostile villain on a dark street and a rainy day, by Kilian Eng

a drawing of a room where all the walls have red flowers and in the center a white heart bed and many low, comic book art

Prompt usado: “A photo of narrow alley rounded of publicity media, big city, neon lights, dark, 10k, by nicolas winding refn”