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you've got to be mentally prepared since this exam it's quite demanding!

the passage tells the story of a controversial historian who allegedly kept memories of famous people from the 18th century, the problem with these facts is that his memories were written some time later, so their accuracy is in question, on the other hand a professor cited in the document offers arguments in favor of the precision of his memory, which would rescue those passages in order to understand the social processes of the 18th century

this was my answer, I hope to recevie some feedback:
the chavelier was a controversial figure because the memories he wrote very specific details that no one can remember and also wrote very adventures that may be could be true but not at all, it had some specific details that are exaggerated, according to critics and historians.
First, the chavelier life is presented as a glamourous and extravagant life with parties and gambling where he loses a lot of amounts of money, this fact happened in Switzerland, but many critics say that if he was so rich and abundant, why he usually borrowed money and never paid.
Second, he wrote about many adventures, one specific is about when he escaped from a prisi贸n in Venice, Italy. He wrote that he escaped by doing a hole in the prisi贸n roof using just a piece of metal and he bribed some guardians. But the critics say that he had some political Friends that helped him to escape.
Third, the talk that he had with Voltier. Without ignoring that once they actually met, it is impossible to remember a complete talk with someone, even if he wrote the memory the same day that they met.

Here's my answer (167 words) In the lecture is presented two opposed points of view of the memoirs written by the Chevalier, so I鈥檓 going two present both. First, in the lecture the speaker is in the position to defend that his memoir was accurate. In the case of his wealth, she explains that he had many assets and in the process of the transaction to sell it, he doesn鈥檛 have money and ask for the Swiss merchant to borrow money, but he wasn鈥檛 really poor. In the case of the conversations with Voltaire, he was every night journaling his experiences; it鈥檚 very possible to recall those conversations. In the other hand, the critics says that wasn鈥檛 true. They defend that he really need that money in order to do his extravagancies. In the case with Voltaire they reaffirm that he can鈥檛 recall all those conversations after many years. Finally, because this was a long time ago, they will keep debating whether the facts mentioned in his memoir where true or false.
The Chevalier de Seingalt to the historians is a controversial and enigmatic person, due to in his writings there are some inconsistencies about his life and events; at first, the Chevalier said that he is a wealthy man, he spent the money in glambings and parties , but according with a register he had borrowed money to a swiss merchant; on the other hand, the conversation between Chevalier and Voltaire look unreliable, when he described the conversation he used many specific words and details, and he wrote about this happening years later; finally,聽 the escape from Venice prison is being questioned by the critics, he claims that he escaped by climbing the roof, the critics mentioned that perhaps how he was good connected his friends paid a bribe to the guards. In conclusion, although the chevalier was well-connected with the famous people in 18 century European society, that does not mean everything that he wrote was true.
The passage states some critics regarding the controversial figure: 鈥淐hevalier鈥, in order to consider him as a reliable historical source. Though the affirmations made in the passage, the professor has another position to consider him as an important ancient source. While the passage mentions that he was not rich due to his money borrowing need, this does not mean that he wolud lack of being a wealthy person. On the contrary and as the professor says he had many assets that were not reflected in cash, therefore he used to borrow cash that after he wolud return by inference. The second passage's piece critics the accuracy of Chevalier麓S conversations sustained with Voltaire, the famous writer, by indicating that Chevalier's writings were made many years later after the talks took place. Nevertheless the professor puts the fact that Chevalier and Voltaire discussions were written down each night by the controversious figure each night. The final piece of the passage establishes that Chevalier麓s scape from prison in Venice, was a result of a bribe to the joilers that let him out. On the contrary the professor points out that there were more powerfull prisioners able to bribe the guards but it didnt happened, moreover evidence from old venitian governmets found the cealing with damages and they had to repaired it. Overall the position manifested by the professor casts doubt about what is stablished in the passage, thus the fact of considering Chevalier as relaiable historical source makes all sense to the educator.
The accuracy of chevalier麓s memoirs There is a memoir from a particular chevalier that are pretty valuable for some historians because of their description of European society during the 18th century. This is the chevalier Sengalt麓s memoirs. The value of theirs notes relies on the events and experiences recorded with several important of that century such as kings and writers. Nonetheless, as polemic this knight as polemic his memoir is a well. There are some doubts in regards the accuracy of his tales. Some point out that his notes on his staying in Switzerland are not true at all as the knight affirms he was rich and used to spend lots of money in parties and gambling. Despite this, there is evidence that the knight borrowed money from a merchant making these affirmations to tremble. We need to consider though, that his wealth was based on properties that needed to be sold first before obtaining the effective and it could take time, so the knight might have borrowed money in the meantime of these transactions. In the other hand, some doubt about the accuracy of the notes from his arguments with the writer Voltaire. This is mainly because, they were written many years after the actual conversations, making difficult to fully capture the ideas an phrases expressed. Nonetheless, there knight himself manifested he used to take notes the nights after their conversations, and many close friends confirmed he used to consult many notes during the memoir redaction. Finally, the event of the venetian escape is one of the most polemic ones as the knights states he use a piece of metal to make a hole in the ceiling and climbing up the rooftop to escape. But some argues that it is most likely he managed to bribe the jailers. An argument that defends the knight麓s version is that there are official records from the Venetian government at that time talking about some repairs for the ceiling during that time.

This is my answer:
The chevalier.
The passage is talking about a very iconic person named The Chevalier, he was a figure of European society in the 18th century and his memoirs of a very exciting life.
Critics sustain that his memoirs are not very accurate, the passage analyzes three of his writings.
The first one refers to the Chevalier period living in Switzerland, his wealth and his adventures while parting and gambling. The critics say that the Chevalier wasn鈥檛 actually a very wealthy person, it is said that he borrowed larges amount of money in order to sustain his parting and gambling habits. They don鈥檛 agree because they say that a rich person doesn鈥檛 have to borrow money. On the contrary, it is also said that back in the day it was normal for people to change assets to cash in order to gamble, so other people believe this is what he used to do.
Secondly, the critics talk about the conversations he sustained with Voltaire. The critics say they are not accurate because these writings were done many years after the conversations were held so, there is not much accuracy, things tend to be distorted. However, it is believed that the Chevalier used to write down every night right after he talked to Voltaire to keep record of all these conversations that he refers in his memoirs.
Lastly, the famous scape from the prison in Venice. It is said that he made a hole on the ceiling to scape. The critics say that it was impossible and that it was most likely happened to be a bribe to one of the guards with the help of one or some of his powerful friends in the high European society, instead of an intrepid scape. The thing is that back in that time it would have been very difficult to bribe the guards, they were very extract and also there is a record that the ceiling of his cell had to be repaired so, despite of what the critics say, there is evidence and counter arguments to defend the Chevalier鈥檚 memoirs.