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I think that one of the most important inventions or discoveries in human history from the las two hundred years is the photo camera and photography. Nowadays we give for granted the possibility to record something through a photo from a device pocket sized and at our hands. Maybe because of this we usually we do not give the proper fascination to the possibility to “catch” the image of something to posterity. We just have to think on some few examples to notice the importance of the photo. Thanks to photography we are able to see things that are far away from us almost as it we were there. We right now know how does a Rhyno look like, a big sized animal nearly shaped as a hippo with big horn on his forehead. Nonetheless, for people before photography, imagining that kind of animal would be impossible to figure in accuracy, some actually argues that the myth of the unicorn comes from the description of the Rhyno. Something that is actually important in regards to the photography is that lets you have proof of events and situations. Some time ago, new would be difficult to properly cover without recording the current events graphically, and actually this would let space to fake news easily. Today, the only way we believe something is only if see it and despite it is relatively easy to manipulate pictures, the mere existence of pictures makes more difficult to hoax without a minimum of technical knowledge, shrinking the space for fraud. Thanks to something we have always next to us the way we see the world has changed literally, and there is no way back fortunately.
Here's my answer: I believe the internet is one of the most important inventions because it has allowed us to connect with different cultures and learn from them. One of the many examples of how this happens is YouTube this platform allows people around the world to share their perspectives on many different topics through videos. On the other hand, our multicultural knowledge and abilities can be maximized with remote work (independently and freelancing; although there are many different options nowadays), now you don’t need to travel to work with different peers around the globe. For those reasons, I think the Internet is one of the best inventions.
Currently, every technological and electronic device contains transistors. This component functions like a switch, controlling the flow of energy within micro and nanochips. The first computer, known as ENIAC, was created in 1945 during the context of the Second World War. This machine occupied a large room and was used primarily for performing arithmetic and logical operations, requiring the opening and closing of different pathways inside the circuit. Hence, transistors play a fundamental role; their small size allows for less space occupation and enhanced efficiency. Presently, scientists are striving to build smaller transistors and integrate more of them inside nanochips. Perhaps the limit lies within the atomic scale.
In my opinion, I agree that there are inventions that have changed the world a lot that not neccesarily are recognized as such. For example, one of these inventions is the plastic that now is used in almost all the things that we use in our our life like cellphones, cars, for package food, medical tools, etc. In this way, plastic have become an essential material for the modern life for the advantages that have, at the point that also has become a problem because we are drowning ourselves in plastics which is a problem that 200 thousand years ago did not exist. Now the challenge is to reduce the production of plastic and start to think of a life without it.
There are many advances and discoveries we can mention about the last hundred years all around the world, especially in fields such as epigenetics, development of DNA vaccines such as those of Moderna and Pfizer, the possibility of colonize Mars in the coming decades, thanks to scientific advances in space exploration and travel, all of the above without leaving aside the latest great technological revolution that is bringing advances in artificial intelligence, data sciences, machine learning, the Internet of Things, among other recognized and promising technological advances of today.

I think that the most important discovery of the last 2000 years is electricity because the electricity helps to make more inventions, the majority of products use electricity to work and helps to develop technologies like communication

From my point of view, transportation has had an incredible technological and scientific development to what nowdays we enjoy. I consider that it has been one of the most revolutionary points that has made our lives easier. Just consider how two centuries before, our ancestors had to transport themselves: by wlaking, riding horses or even dunkies, moreover how much time they used to take going from one place to another. Fortunatelly today we are able to go by flying from one country to another in just hours, also we can use the massive methods of transportation such as metro, trains, etc that allows us go thorugh the cities and moreover that allows to take from one place to another goods, food, electronics, and diferent merchandises.
I think that agriculture is one of the disciplines that have had a lot of changes and all of these discoveries have changed not just the way we produce our food but the wee we eat, the way we live and think, for example, 200 years ago we didn't have all the technology we use today with the big computed tractors and machines has lead us to even change the regular population diet, in some parts of the world for example in Japan you wouldn't even think about eaten and they had even a fruit that comes from Central America, nowadays it's possible, and they had even invented new kinds of those fruits and vegetables.

Im my opinion, transportation is one of the most important technological avdances in the last 200 hundred years because before we depend only for the animals or boats but now we have many differents way to transport. All of this innovations has an impact on the security, time, confortability, costs, and other things that make it very important for humanity.

In the last 200 years of advances, a lot of useful technologies for our life have been discovered that are now used in an indispensable way, advances in the automobile industry, improvements in medical treatments, the creation and rapid increase of telecommunications, the which built a second digital life for millions of people, among other types of technological events that changed our lives