Refuerza tu ortografía y puntuación en inglés


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I think learning spelling and punctuation is important because it helps us to explain better our ideas to others when we write them.

The correct spelling and punctuation is important because it helps me to have a better communication in English

Personally, I think the spelling and punctuation can be extra points in the work environment. It could also be useful if you apply for a job .😃

I believe spelling and punctuation are important to communicate better you ideas.
Spelling and punctuation is essential to communicate ideas and thoughts about a certain topic in an effective way.

In my opinion, learning spelling and punctuation is important because shows the professionally and knowledge that you have. Also, if you write in the correct form, the people that receive the message they will understand it.

I am very excited to learn

Let’s go!

I think is such important because it permit us to express ourself better and correctly, but also understand sounds and pronunciation. I am exited because we’ll review the uses of apostrophe I’ve to recognize that I forget a little about the topic. Thank you so much!

Spelling and punctuation are important for overall writing. One of the most significant reasons you should care about this is that you formalize your English knowledge; moreover you improve your communication. I signed up for this course since I want to be more effective sharing my ideas.
good class

It is important to learn writing and punctuation in English, to improve our technical skills in managing the language, project a professional image and acquire excellent communication skills in the new language learned.

I think learning spelling and punctuation is important to write and communicate correctly because it helps us to avoid misunderstandings and also convey our ideas clearly

Here we go! To improve our grammar

In my opinion, learning spelling and punctuation is essential because it enhances clear communication and conveys meaning accurately. This is a great initiative, a course directed to this topic. Thanks!

Punctuation, spelling, and grammar in English are essential to communicate our ideas adequately.

It helps to comunicate better ideas, and been more professional.

I think that proper spelling and punctuation contribute to your ability to convey ideas effectively and make a positive impression. Whether you’re writing an email, an essay, a report, or any other form of communication. It’s about improving professionalism, and overall language proficiency.

It is important to be understood the way you want to be understood. It is also important to communicate effectively and clearly.

Learning spelling and punctuation is essential because it helps us communicate effectively.

Good grammar is important to better convey the ideas one wants to express.

Spelling and punctuation is so important since in a professional or academic level is required. Furthermore, you can express yourself fluent and accurate each time you interact with other. And last but not least, it shows your mastering talking a foreign language 🤓

Good lecture

Punctuation and spelling if very important. Not long ago I was helping my son with an English homework translating the text, sometimes it was hard for me to understand what he was writing because he couldn’t correctly put the copy of what he was writing with the punctuation marks. The lack of a correctly placed comma can imply something quite different.

In one of the texts that my son posted about the seasons of the year, he wrote it as follows: SUMMER: It’s a very hot people go on vacation. I thought how is it that a school text says that hot people go on vacation, until I read the original text that says: SUMMER: It’s very hot. People go on vacation. So I told my son: Punctuation is very important, don’t forget it.