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6 words with irregular consonants combinations:

  • knows
  • castled
  • knights
  • doubts
  • Isles
  • thought

And here are 4 sentences using some of the words with irregular consonants combinations:

  • He knows that I am the best soccer player.
  • White has not castled or moved the king or rook yet in this chess game.
  • The princess was rescued by two brave knights.
  • She‚Äôs having doubts about his ability to do the job.
Nobody **knows** where his body is. I've just traveled to an **island** once in my entire life. The big boss **thought** you were going to quit. I don't **know** how to make an appointment with a doctor without my mom.

I’ve never been in an isle.
She knows that I’m going to be her next boyfriend.
I know a few things about life.
I fought every day to improve my quality of life.
In my next holiday I’m going to visit a castle.
I have a lot of doubts about many topics.
I love stories about knights and medieval battles.
I’m going to write a subtle example to define this word.
I thought you were joking.
I have been in Margarita, a beautiful island.

Here are some of the exercises that I did during the class:
When I am at the kitchen, I am in alert mode when someone is using the knife.
Fought is the past tense of fight.
Thought is the past tense of think.
I recommend to my friends to do not have doubts of their credit card.

6 words with irregular consonants: Knows, Batles, Castle, Doubts, Thought, Island.

4 sentences using some of the words you identified:

a) When you asume a new job position, it is common to have doubts about certain duties.

b) I **thought **was late when I wake up today in the morning.

c) In the San Andres** Island** there are amazing places to visit there like the Morgan museum.

d) She** knows** is the best student in the maths class.

Thanks in advance for your comments!!


I know what I capable of.
They thought they would never run out of money
I dreamed that I was on a beautiful castle
I have no doubts about my goals.


Today I have learned that exist a word that sounds similar to nights but means such different, and the other word is knight.

Last week I was to see a movie with a friend. She knows I had invited last days. I had doubts invite her to see either a isles castled movie or medievals knights. So I thought and invited a see a King Arthur movie
Island :  In Colombia we have an archipelago and San Andres is one of his islands  Subtle : The thief acted in a subtle way and stole the wallet Knights : During the crusades in the XII century there was a lot of knights  Doubts : My cousin has a lot of doubts
**Sentences:** 1. I'd like to visit an **island** in the sea 2. My brother and i like stories about **knight** 3. I **thought** of my younger days playing videogames everyday. 4. i fought with my enemy on top of the mountain

My sentences:

  • All of us knows that platzi is the best platform to learn.

  • I would like, in the future, to travel to an island.

  • I love the medieval castles.

  • Would rather that you paint the wall with subtlety.

  • Girls comb their hair in the morning.
  • Medieval times were famous for their knights.
  • At work, we have some debts to pay.
  • I thought you were going to be late.
  • In new york you whistle to stop a taxi.
    Words of the listening exercise:
  • Fought
  • Castle
  • Doubts
  • Thought
  • Island


The artificial islands in Dubai are quite a challenge and a marvel of modern engineering.

I know and I also consider that artificial intelligence is a great opportunity to excel professionally today.

The Creoles fought more than two hundred years ago for the liberation of the South American peoples from the yoke of the Spanish.

If you don’t know the castled city of Cartagena, you should.

I have many questions and doubts regarding the future of the regulation of drug use in the country.

Medieval knights used large metal armor and very sharp and pointed swords.

I am here, mon!!


mb kn debt thought stl
knows subtle island know doubts castled

Irregular consonant combinations

Know Isle Tomb Doubt Castle
Knock Aisle Comb Subtle Whistle
Knife Islet Lamb Debt Bristle
Kight Island Thumb ------ Apostle
porque quitaron los subtitulos en ingles?

6 Words with irregular consonant combinations:

  • Isles

  • Legend.

  • Knights.

  • Subtle.

  • Central.

  • Rest.

4 sentences using some of these words:

  • The British Isles are a collection of islands located off the northwestern coast of Europe.

  • The legend of King Arthur has captured the imaginations of people for centuries.

  • The round table in Camelot was said to host 150 knights, each with their own stories and quests.

  • There are subtle references scattered throughout history about King Arthur‚Äôs final resting place.

Irregular consonants

  1. Isles

  2. knows

  3. fought

  4. castled

  5. thought

  6. Island


  1. The isles are so far away.

  2. He knows the truth.

  3. They thought you found a new house.

  4. I watched a series called Island

Good lecture

That island is very beautiful
I Know you
She Knows her
He fought with his enemys
She has many doubts
They thought that theirs live was ended


  • Everybody knows Madonna.
  • The president fought against corruption.
  • Medieval knights were physically strong.
  • Greenland is the biggest island in the world.