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I traveled to Cuba in 2012. I thought that Cuba鈥檚 territory is short and beautiful. I reached my annual sales and then I did that trip. I found a collection of interesting things at museam. I was attack in Havana for a dog. People in there have a special connection with music.


  1. Accommodation
  2. Annual
  3. Territory
  4. Correspond
  5. Attack
  6. Collective
  7. Biggest

Once upon a time we were with my friends in an adventure, late at night we decides to go out the house toward a near park. When a van appears in front of us and looks like they did want attack us. Aforntanaly nothing happens but we back to our accommodation and talk about the our biggest scared moment.

Annually I go to Chipata territory to visit my family. Chipata is the biggest town and corresponds to the Santander city. When I went in Santander I attacked the mosquitoes
Last year in my annual vacation I went to the territory of Peru, It was a great trip, I had a good connection with people, nobody attacks me, I found a nice Hotel with double accommodation, and I went to the south of Peru it corresponds to the Arequipa area, there I made a good collection of photographs
I was in mexican territory last year.I saw one of the biggest pyramids in that country. I feel a real connection with that culture. The hotel had a great accommodation, it was one of the best hotels I've ever been
My sentences> I'm taking English lesson and I'm learning so fast. Glad to see you, and no worries, this meeting will be short and sweet. But we need to talk about some things that concerns us. I would like to be free. Every morning, the train arrives at 7, at station near my house, and then, leaves when all the passengers arrive. I think you should teach her how to cut her hair. I can't believe you could make that!

In the summer, I took my annual international trip. In 2023, the travel destination was Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. The accommodation was comfortable and warm, and I visited the second-biggest Ferris wheel in South America. The best part was that I made a lot of connections during this travel.

  • Commit

  • Less

  • Access to the internet is vital for people nowadays.
  • Annual
  • Corresponds
  • Attack
  • Accommodation
  • Intellectuals
  • It is hard to schedule a meeting with my boss.
    Accommodation a hotel, apartment, room where you stay when you travel.
    Annual is something you do once a year




My sister and I always try to have an annual trip. Last year we couldn't do that so we planned 2024's trip in advance. For this year we will go to Barichara, have double accommodation and we will go by plane. We are thrilled about this trip because we plan to do some native activities and strenghthen our connection as sisters
in my next vacations I plan to visit my grandmother with the company ofrece my familywe usually go there in ofrece familiar anual trip in the summers there house is near to us and habe a lot of space so we don't have to look for accommodation. I have a great connection with her and i want to listen the histories about the biggest ceramic collection that i had ever seen again
When i was young my paretns always prepared an **anual** trip because they worked in tourism, so every year i visited Mexican **territory.** I remember that sometimes I played on the beach with water guns and my friends **attacked,** I stayed in the **biggest** hotel and i went to slept early because i was tired but my father didn't sleep because he was doing **intellectual** things.

The memorable trip I made was to Villa de Leyva, which is a place very unique where you can make a connection within yourself. The accommodations are very traditional and that really matches the vibe. Since that trip, I have made a photo collection to never forget the finest days there.

Pillow - willow - finally - strawberries 馃崜

I will do my annual travel to San Franciso, USA. That territory belongs to California. I reserved a hotel for a cosy accommodation. There is a connection of history and the biggest discover about the gold I want to know deeper.

Some years ago . Despite my fear of flying, I decided to take 鈥渢he biggest step鈥 and board the plane to embark on an unforgettable adventure. Looking out the window, I marveled at the vast territory below, wondering about the lives unfolding far beneath the plane.
Suddenly, the plane entered a big cloud and a turbulence jolted the plane, making passengers grip their seats, fearing an imminent attack by the stormy skies. Luckily this bad moment did not correspond to a long time but it was too much for me. After the flight, finding comfortable accommodation was a relief for this exhausted traveler.
Today I am no longer afraid of flying and when turbulence occurs I laugh at that big scare.

Here are some words that I was thinking that have double consonant:

  1. Hello

  2. Poll

  3. Pill

  4. Pull

  5. Sell

  6. Well

  7. Really

  8. Tell

  9. Challenge

  10. Yellow

  11. Shipping

  12. Shopping

  13. Dropping

  • biggest

  • annual

  • accommodation

  • connection

  • territory

I got my annual family trip the last year. We went to South Korea in november, It is a great territory to travel. I was sure that it was the biggest trip ever. My family and I, got better connections and we got accommodation in a beautiful place!

The annual vacation travel for this year its Medellin,Colombia,now, I need to find accommodation at hotel for three person, but i dont like attack of mosquitoes, this reason convenience to stay in the most biggest pool and relax.

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