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**FYI** I will not be in the city soon, so if you need any help or assistance please contact me **ASAP**. This is your monthly report, you did really great, **BTW** you still need to improve your listening and writing skills.

OOO = Out Of the Office
EOD = End Of Day

Hi Ana,
I hope this email finds you well. I wanted to discuss our upcoming project meeting. As of now, the time and location are still “TBA” (To Be Announced). I’m waiting for confirmation, so the exact details are “TBC” (To Be Confirmed).
In the meantime, I wanted to “LMK” (Let Me Know) your availability and any preferences you might have regarding the meeting time and place. Your input is important, and “IMO” (In My Opinion), it would be great to have a “F2F” (Face to Face) discussion to ensure clarity and effective communication.
I’m aiming for an “ETA” (Estimated Time of Arrival) on the final details by tomorrow morning. “KISS” (Keep It Short and Simple), I’ll send out a follow-up email as soon as I receive confirmation.
Looking forward to your response.
Best regards,


Good morning Maria.
FYI the report is required for the CEO to create a FAQ document.
I want to talk to you F2F for read it before.

Hi, dear friend…

I am very attentive to the meeting that is about TBC by our boss for next week. I hope that this meeting will be F2F due to the importance of the issues TBA. I’ll be watching, regards.

Some acronym *TBC: to be confirmed* *TBD: to be discussed* *ETA: estimated time of arrival*
Hi maria, I'd like to have a meeting **F2F** with you, **RE** of the upcoming event, **LMK** if you are available anyway we'll **KISS.**
Hi Mark I hope to see you the next week for the companies reestructure at the TBC how you expect we are going to change your job as a costumer IMO we needed to do it a lot of months ago BTW. I hope that the next week our last F2F interaction happen in the next week. thanks for everything and for significa the Hearst donation kisses and Hugs for the family but not for you.
Hi Mat! I´m writing you ATM cause we need to organize a meeting with the company CEO ASAP, but IDK, when is better, so just let me know.

My personal favorite is YOLO
(You Only Live Once)

IDC: I don’t care
I thought that ATM was at the moment.
LOL: Laugh out loud.
OMG: Oh My God.
TGIF: Thank God it’s Friday
LMK: Let me know

I have applied for a job abroad, the decision is TBA, but IMO maybe they will discard me. Anyways, I hope everything goes well, I tried to KISS the interview.

FYI: It’s time to BID (Break it down) your diet with the BOGO (Buy One, get one) hamburger, It’s BAE (Before Anyone Else). 😁

Hi, IMO I don’t use acronyms, so this is the first time.
It is better to use acronyms writing and not F2F.
LMK if I can improve.
See you soon.

Good morning Ana.
FYI at 9:00 a.m. I have a meeting with the marketing department. They want a list of the clients´ FAQs. The CMO is interested in that information. Please, send it to me in a Microsoft Word file ASAP.

TYIA, Nelson.

New acronyms:
CMO = Chief Marketing Officer
TYIA = Thank You In Advance.

Hi Caterina,
My name is Jenniffer, and I’m so happy to be here.
TBH, I had never thought that learn English was so awesome BC my last experience in others courses not was the best.
I consider that I will learn a lot in this curse OFC.
XO, Jenni

At my job is common that most of the people use in emails FYI, sometimes there are some people that need things ASAP, and when a project is starting the release and construction date needs TBD

Good lecture